Turning Effect

OP9 investigate the law of the lever; recall two everyday applications of levers

equilibrium, the law of the lever, everyday applications of levers

Moment of a force is the product of the force times the distance the force is applied from the fulcrum

The force Mutiplied by the distance

Equilibrium means balanced !

A Lever is a Rigid body free to move about a single point (the fulcrum) which may cause a load to move with an applied force.

Sum of moments Fendt demo http://www.walter-fendt.de/html5/phen/lever_en.htm

  1. all the masses are the same
  2. You may only Remove masses
  3. start on the right hand side
  4. how can we balance the meter stick,
  5. what happens next

There are 3 types of lever

The Fulcrum center Lever


The Load center Lever

Nutcracker wheelbarrow

The Effort center Lever

A bottle opener is a type of lever, which type of lever is it?