OC6 recall that metals

Metals Conduct Heat

Metals conduct heat which is why

  • A spoon left in a hot drink gets hot taking heat out of the drink
  • A poker left in a fire becomes too hot to handle
  • We use metallic pans and pots

Metals allow heat energy to pass through them

conduct electricity and heat

Metals conduct Electricity

To determine the conducting / insulating property of a list of materials

  1. Gather up the apparatus you need for this experiment.
  2. At the end of each metal rod melt on some wax and attach a pin to the wax as it sets (or use vaseline)
  3. Fill the trough up with hot water
  4. Start a timer
  5. Wait and observe which pins fall off and when.
  6. Note down your observations
  7. You should be able to rank the various materials as to their heat conduction properties.
  1. Bring in some material that you want to check its conductivity
  2. Gather up the apparatus you need for this experiment.
  3. Connect your crocodile clips to the metal you are testing, observe to see if the light turns on.
  4. Try this with other materials besides metals too.
  5. Make up a table of materials and determine if they are conductors or insulators.