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To see what the future holds we can look back in history, the great explorers were financed by kings and countries that were willing to support men of vision and daring into the unknown and uncharted new worlds bringing back news of their discoveries and conquests with their new charts and knowledge inspired many.
Today history is repeating itself as man prepares to leave this cradle earth, we look forward to the future conquests of our quest to explore deeper into our future destiny as a space faring species.
Many of the great questions still remain unanswered.

A few visionaries led the way but the real technological push came in the dark times of the 20th century especially due to the second world war and then the cold war space race, this push for technology advancement led to the amazing feat of the moon landing of 1969.
After this spectacular feat of human endeavour, interest in the pursuit of pure exploration declined, but again the visionary few were truly inspired to reach out and to continue.

This site I hope will inspire and inform those fellow supporters of man's quest to reach for the stars and our destiny.

The great achievements of the nations particularly the American, Russian, European and now the Chinese space programs have provided the ground work to expand upon, but we are beginning to see that our future is not just going to be the preserve of nation states pushing for their own illogical glory, although this will still be a strong driving force particularly within emerging powers of China and India seeking to make a statement over the dominance of the West.
One hope is that it will not lead to the militarisation of space.

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Some pointers to the near future of the visionary entrepreneurial here are examples of such men Elon Musk of Spacex, Bigelow Aerospace, Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites with Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic), Alan Bond of Reaction Engines.  

Private space station lunch 2015-16 - Bigelow Aerospace

Dragon space capsule - Spacex

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