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_________First Place__________

wild persimmons--
two old women speak
in foreign tongues

Kathy Lippard Cobb



 ________Second Place________

misty rain
a starling straddles
the persimmon

gary steinberg



 _________Third Place________

early morning
a blanket of fog above
persimmon trees

Earl Keener


_________Below Third Place________


small garden -
a propped tree heavy with


first date
a ripe persimmon
cools in the fridge



rush hour -
a persimmon scarf
in the snow

Carol Raisfeld


first light--
a hint of turning
in the persimmon



the last persimmon
cradled by the moon


from the temple roof
a monkey is eyeing
the last persimmon

Edith Muta

bitter tonic
sparrows have ravaged
the last persimmon

Darrell Byrd


on a gauzy bed
drying persimmons
covered with flies

emile molhuysen

not the neighbor's wife
but his persimmons

Bettina Davis


raining .....
using one hand as a cup
eating a persimmon

Rob Scott

persimmon tree
no one picking fruit
old farm

Patricia A. Laurent

haily moment
the last persimmon

pam molhuysen


squirrel hunting trip
ends early
ripe persimmons


chipmunks gather food
under the persimmon tree
winter's on its way


damp morning
she picks out the red
in the persimmon cookie

SUE Torres

cup-shaped flowers
i think of ripe persimmons
and smile


six ripe persimmons
above the graveyard wall -
late afternoon

Horst Ludwig

at farmer's market
biting unripe persimmon
lips pucker

Gene Williamson

autumn anticipation
Mom waits for wild
persimmons to drop

R. Marie Stutts

a persimmon -
I've never had one
how about some grapes?

Marylouise Knight

sweet fall
children gather persimmons
in snowy fields

ana b

bright fall morning
absorbed in Li-Young Lee's
Persimmons poem

Janet Parker

the wings, crow's next pass
scarce a leaf left thin branches...
late blush persimmons






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