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Current Kukai Information

Dear Kukai Friends,
Welcome to the April 2016 Kukai

Please find below the topics for the April 2016 edition. Because this is the 20th year of the Shiki Kukai, I will be revisiting previous kukai themes from 1997 and 2000.

Submission deadline -- Noon, EST, Saturday, April 16th

Voting deadline -- Noon, EST, Saturday, April 23rd

Results will be posted no later than the following Thursday, April 28th

Participants may submit one entry for each section of
the kukai. 

Please do NOT enter any haiku previously published,
work-shopped or shared.

The haiku entries shall REMAIN ANONYMOUS until
results are posted.

Participants may vote in both sections of the kukai so long as
they have submitted an entry to at least one section of the kukai.


1) Address all Kukai correspondence to: shikimonthlykukai@gmail.com

2) PLEASE use the exact subject "KIGO ENTRY" or "FREE FORMAT ENTRY"
for the subject line of each submission.

3) Please sign your entries.  The name you use to sign your haiku
will be the name listed when the tallies are revealed and in the
archives, unless a change is requested. Please sign with the name you by which you wish to be identified.  We have several poets with the same first name. Please help us avoid confusion by not using a common first name as your only signature.

4) Please align your poem to the left margin. "Concrete" or "visual"
haiku do not present well in an email format. Plain text, tied-to-
the-left ensures that your haiku is judged for content. Haiku of 1 to 4 lines are acceptable,  and caesuras may be used for line-breaks.

5) Please send each entry separately.

6) Please do not send entries or votes in e-mail attachments.

7) During the voting phase, if you notice a similarity between a current
entry and a haiku you have read before, please let us know as soon as
possible so we can try to resolve the matter.

8) You may request anonymity in the kukai results if your haiku do not receive a certain number of votes. Your request will be added to a permanent anonymity list until you request otherwise.  You may change your anonymity conditions whenever you like.

A link to further guidelines on our Temporary Archives website:



The KIGO section requires a haiku using the designated seasonal theme.

Our kigo section theme for April is MIGRATION. The word 'MIGRATION' does not have to appear in kukai entries if it can be clearly image or implied. This kigo kukai can be about any kind of migration in any season, but please try to make your seasonal references clear in your entries.

Send entries to: shikimonthlykukai@gmail.com
Subject: Kigo Entry

The Kigo example this month is the winning entry in the kigo kukai: 3/12/00

withered field--
a mallard's head
the only green

m. cross



The FREE FORMAT section requires a haiku on a particular object,
theme, or setting that may occur at any time within a given year.
This is a free format haiku, in that the writer can compose and
include a season word or submit a poem without seasonal reference.

The free format theme for April is 'FRIEND'

The word 'FRIEND' does not have to appear in free format entries if it can be clearly imaged or implied.

Send entries to: shikimonthlykukai@gmail.com
Subject: Free Format Entry

The Free Format example for April is the winning entry in the 6/1/97 Free Format kukai:

room to let-
bending and unbending
photos of his friend



I look forward to receiving your submissions. Have fun!

If you have any questions, write to us at:

Thank you!

The Shiki Monthly Kukai Team

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