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- the first of six special kukai honoring Masaoka Shiki -


_________First Place__________

afterlight. . .
the mountain on fire
with poppies

Kathy Lippard Cobb


 ________Second Place________

mountains in spring
overlapping bird songs
all around

Carol Raisfeld  



 _________Third Place________

in the mountains
walking into and out of
the sound of the river

Rob Scott 

_________Below Third Place________


butterfly migration
mountain stones
open and close

Lesley Dahl       

he cuts cherrywood
for the views: thirty-six
of Mount Fuji

mary seabright

the echo of
an elks bugle

Adam Loose

in my old eyes
what once was a mountain
is now a hill


ochre mountain
an elf owl looks
at me sideways


mountain air
the fire flares
as the fiddler plays

Earl Keener

mountain mist-
poised on each leaf tip
a clear droplet


mountain ~
the shadow spreading
on water

Martin Gottlieb Cohen

snow capped mountain
at its foot trees blossom
equally white

max verhart

thank you, dogwoods -
I was so tired of gazing
at that dark mountain


with each           step
up the mountain
father's arm in mine

-roberta beary

fine steady rain;
the branches of mountain ash
dip lower

Joe Kirschner

mountain climber
shouts at friend

Alan Wilde

hunter's blind
halfway up the mountain
a curtain of fog


just out of reach
that mountain

Maleti (Mary Lee McClure)

mountain high
all eyes following
the setting sun

Gene Williamson

splitting wood--
the mountain cool deepens
at sunset


mountain air
the goat above me
on a thin ledge

Cindy Tebo


noonday heat
the mountains recede
in pale blue

Maria Steyn

mountain brook
the stepping stones
hold a rainbow

MaryJane Turner

mountain climbing
cord snaps
ten thousand foot fall

lauren b. bennett

in the distance
behind the mountains

Becky Bunsic (Tukiko)

mountain backdrop --
slow windup of a southpaw
on the pitcher's mound


the mountain
is still standing
behind the fog

Bettina Davis

morning glory
sun peers over mountains
a tear in her eye


boys with a light
chuckle under a blanket
moving mountain


its shoreline
the mountain

Linda Robeck

escaping life's din
at a friend's mountain solace
throbbing silence


late afternoon -
the snow-capped mountain
turns silhouette

hortensia anderson

clouds hide the mountain
the sound of your plane


summer viewing...
giant mountain obscured
by leafy sapling

Jay Neville

mountain air
so fresh and clean
drifts around the great outdoors

Danielle Thomson

such tall mountains
seeming to reach
the seventh heaven


new mountain
two plates

-Paige Hudson-

morning rain
from behind the clouds
mountain peaks

James M. Thompson

snowy foothills
nestled like lambs
against the mountain's flank

Rose Marie Stutts

after downpour -
swollen mountain spring
comes in my yard

Jasminka Nadaskic Diordievic

to the top of a mountain -
the thermal

Alenka Zorman

mountain range
looms above the lake
hum of speedboats

Carmen Sterba

this crisscross of wires —
while mountain chickadee bears
no grudge moonviewing




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