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Anything About Spring

anything about spring


_________First Place__________

an empty cocoon -
the old woman sweeps winter
off her front porch. 




 ________Second Place________

bird song --
where do they hide
in these bare branches?

-Jim Mullins 



 _________Third Place________

plum blossoms --
the clear blue sky is
part of the scent
Rob Scott

patches of snow-
the first lamb stumbles
to its mother


_________Below Third Place________


first picnic
a drooling toddler
holds half a worm

Carol Raisfeld 

gray day
against bare trees

Nancy Smith 


morning snow flurries
a spot or two of yellow
in the goldfinch flock



boat harbor
a blue kite out
from the cliff

o og aksnes 


spring morning
two seniors
share a croissant

Carmel C. Lively 


white clover
this waste area still
expects spring

kathi rudawsky 

spring snow
drifts of dandelion puffs
against the barbecue


in the morning breeze
plum petals


spring snow
robins and old apples
on the branch



stopped in our tracks
the first faltering steps
of a new born lamb

sheila windsor

white plum blossoms--
a toddler runs naked
through the sprinklers

Kathy Lippard Cobb 

swollen tips
on weathered branches-


waving on the line
Farmer Jones's
long red underwear



unripe plums -
a street cat defends
his turf
Laurene Post 


forgotten crocus
come out into the sun
no more hiding
Edith in Japan 

peeking through the leaves
that fell from last autumn's trees
harbingers of spring

Dana Florestano 

stepping on
shadows of clouds -
gathering greens

kim K 

Upon silent hills
yellow soldiers
Linda L. Creech 

soft morning breeze
the scent and touch
of early spring

Janet Parker

rain and mud
camellias blooming!

Marie Stutts 

green rain --
the garden drenched
with cucumbers

hortensia anderson

gathered storm
the rainbow swims
away from my hands

Earl Keener 

warming my heart--
a yellow-green flush
on the willow

Mary Lee McClure 


crows too
squabbling over twigs
- a sign of spring

doris kasson 


up close to the house
where the snow has melted -
new green shoots

MaryJane Turner 

Scattered on thick moss,
the bank of a slow-moving stream--
plum blossoms, just a few.

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk 

next to fence
cow keeps wet calf
to herself

Ellen Dodds 

that twig's
still not right !
coots are building

Hugh Waterhouse


my breath clouds
the pussy willow's
new litter

Mary Duggan 


spring wine
a bee lapping the rim
of her glass

Darrell Byrd 

sign of spring
purple crocus
by the tree
Patricia A. Laurent

so few berries left
yet the robin has returned
and his song is clear

jennie t. 

in the birdbath
melting ice -
el nino



first purple bud
babies hand grasps
she looks up and smiles

Carol Sircoulomb  


a flash of yellow
at the corner of my eye
first crocus

Marylouise Knight 


a sure sign of spring
my neighbour beats the carpet
as well as his wife
paul t conneally 

No sign of snow -
I guess it's spring
Or Christmas

Ghost Cat

On old folios
great pictures; at the window
the earlier sun.

Horst Ludwig 


red maple buds
how brave... to face
General Winter's army


erratic spring weather
confused daffodils sprout
with confused reluctance

David Wood 

warmer days
grandma replaces woolens
with pastel cottons

Carmen Sterba

a sign of spring -
rain on my newly cut hair
at the bus stop

alan j summers 

spring drought
the daffodil bloom's
withered petals


a first kiss
march in the city
taste of spring

emile molhuysen 

thoughts that had succumbed
late prolonged cold, now freesias...
all in their places


among  barren branches
scattered tufts of green
an orange butterfly
semi (AKA Terrie Relf)



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