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Autumn Haze

autumn haze


_________First Place__________

Autumn haze -
a starling disappears
into the corn rows

Penelope Davis Greenwell

 ________Second Place________

autumn haze
the drum of acorns
on fallen leaves




 _________Third Place________

autumn haze
the drone
of a low-flying plane

Gene Williamson


_________Below Third Place________


autumn haze
my father wraps his hand
around the plum

Earl Keener 

slow steady flight
the heron fades deeper
into autumn haze



across the fence
autumn haze



autumn haze
an owl's slow glide
from sight

jennie townsend 


in the autumn haze
migrating geese
call each other


autumn haze -
mushrooms spring up
around the summerhouse

Tore Sverredal 

autumn haze
stalled horses snort
to those led out

Ellen Dodds 


Autumn haze
mourning veil circling
the hazel tree
Angèle Lux


the snap
of the roller blind
autumn haze
gary steinberg 

autumn haze
the crow's song deepens
with the light

Martin Gottlieb Cohen 

autumn haze
a roadrunner darts
through the cotton field

Becky Bunsic (tukiko) 


autumn haze--
the old quarter horse
given its head



memories packed
in autumn haze
the endless summer

Carol Raisfeld 


old man
puttering about his cabin --
autumn haze

Nancy Smith

morning jog
two white tails disappearing
into autumn haze


autumn haze
lovers show
no restraint

Carmel C. Lively


autumn haze. . .
sifting through the cedar chest
of memories and dust

Kathy Lippard Cobb 


early morning sun
shining through the autumn haze
koi pond reflections


autumn haze...
old caterpillar travelling
on her own waves

joyce maxner

autumn haze -

Ghost Cat

autumn haze
cricket sings tenor
in the bathroom

Carol Sircoulomb

the skyscraper
in the autumn haze up there
is happiness
Edith Muta 


autumn haze
out of it
at last

roberta beary 

sea ducks
beyond the rocky surf
autumn haze

Darrell Byrd

penetrating the autumn haze
a jack-o-lantern's grin

Eileen Blas Schaefer


Autumn haze --
his eyes veiled with
fog of forgetfulness
Angelika Kolompar Bygott 

autumn haze-
over the prairie dog holes


Autumn Haze
rolls across
a lake

James B-B 

autumn haze
from pep rallies and bonfires
spirals of smoke

doris kasson 


autumn haze
a spider's web hung
with small flies
paul t conneally 

trickling through
the autumn haze
Rob Scott 

September haze.
Two combines ready,
and I am, too.

Horst Ludwig 

autumn haze
dispersed by the sunlight
first cup of coffee


dinner's ready
plum colored sky
autumn haze
Patricia A. Laurent 

autumn haze
on the pavement
a raincoat belt
Daniel Py 


autumn haze
leaves swirl around
papers and glass



autumn haze
two streams of smoke
flow from the incense


a hot wind
blows out all those lights ~
autumn haze
Laurene  day