Vanilla Bean Grape-nut icecream


2 cups heavy cream

2 cup milk

¾ cup sugar

2 stalks vanilla beans

1 teaspoon nutmeg

2 tablespoons amaretto almond liqueur

2 tablespoons vanilla

3/4 cup grape-nuts



If your ice-cream maker is brand new.  Rinse and place your freezer bowel in the freezer overnight until the cooling liquid is rock solid (when you shake the bowl you won’t hear the liquid).

Day 1 (before bed)

  1. In a pot on medium heat, combine, milk, cream, sugar and scraped vanilla beans (pods and all), stir until the sugar has dissolved and remove from the heat. (do not boil)
  2. Once off the heat add liquid vanilla extract and the amaretto liquor
  3. Place this into a seal-able container, allow to cool before placing  in the fridge overnight (you need this liquid to be as cold as possible, overnight is sufficient)

Day 2 (in the morning)

  1. Plug in and assemble your ice-cream maker, turn it on.
  2. Remove the pods from the base liquid and pour into the freezer bowl (make sure to scrape out all the little black vanilla beans . 
  3. Once its starts to resemble soft serve ice-cream add the grape-nuts.
  4. Once grape-nuts are incorporated turn off. Place a plastic wrap on the top of the ice-cream and place back in the freezer for a few hours till it has hardened.

     This way your ice cream will be ready by the evening of Day 2.