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The Devious Lick Challenge

By William Woods

The “devious lick challenge” or willful destruction, as most people otherwise would call it, is when students destroy public restrooms for enjoyment. This all started in the second week of school when a Tik Tock challenge was made by students destroying restrooms. Then it spread like a plague destroying the school restrooms across the country. The number of students who started this online challenge is unknown. If there were any ramifications for starting this challenge is also unknown. Unfortunately, Liberty Local schools were not immune to this challenge. As we conclude the ninth week of school it is good to know that all restrooms are almost up to full working capacity.

The challenge at our school started with the destruction of a handicap restroom. Mrs. Joseph said that they tried to fix this problem by shutting down the stall upon receiving information. However, that did not work because the vandelles continued to destroy the restroom. Then another bathroom fell victim to this challenge as another restroom sink was destroyed. This challenge was not limited to the men’s bathroom but also the ladies’ restroom. This challenge encouraged students to destroy locks on bathroom stall doors, destroying toilets, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper rolls, and soap dispensers. Overall, thus causing inconvenient bathroom closures throughout the first quarter of school.

Mrs. Joseph said that she is not sure who all was responsible for the damages but she was able to seize some of the culprits. Punitive action had been taken against those responsible. She was not able to divulge their identity because of privacy. Damages to the bathrooms were paid out through the general repair funds given to the district. General funds may be from tax payers or perhaps from grants. Mrs.Joseph said that the last two bathrooms that are closed will be open in a week.

With all the information that I have gathered I do believe this problem is getting better. However, I wonder if we could just avoid this problem altogether if we just changed our thinking a bit. I recently read about a freshman from Mathews High School, Kaylee Scott. She helped her elementary school by adding artwork and motivational quotes on the doors of stalls in the girls bathroom. Perhaps we too should consider positively enhancing our school rather than tearing it apart.

Devious Lick... How Far Would You Go?

By Braylan Bankston

In my opinion the tik-toks that have been going on are despicable, inappropriate, and outrageous !!! They can be funny but, where should you draw the line at? Hitting your teacher or demolishing your school tik-toks shouldn’t be fun and funny but not distructful Anyone should have enough boundaries to know when to stop being immature.

But tik- toks can also be a fun way to share videos and be silly but all in a safe way in conclusion tik-toc is great place for entertainment but know your boundaries