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DC class

The DC class are ARG owned 22 class that were inherited in the GWA - ARG split. They trace their heritage back to NSW 422 class locomotives built in the late 1960's. They have been reclassed from the 22's with the prefix 'DC' and the 22 class number retained. Only 22's that were to work internally in WA were reclassed.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 16-645E
Generator: EMD D23B-D14
Traction Motors: EMD D77
Horse Power: 2,200hp
Max rated speed: 124km/h
Builders Model: J26C

 Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 DC 2205
 Aurizon - Aurizon Yellow, Red and Grey ?/?/20?? - In Service
 DC 2206
 Aurizon - Aurizon Yellow, Red and Grey
 ?/?/20?? - Stored
 DC 2208
 Aurizon - Aurizon Yellow, Red and Grey
 ?/?/2012 - Stored
 DC 2213
 Aurizon - Aurizon Yellow, Red and Grey
 ?/?/20?? - Stored
 DC 2215
 - -
 ?/?/20?? ?/?/20?? Exported to South Africa - Scrapped