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H class

The H class are almost ideltical to a latter series T class but were built with thicker frame beams simmilar to an X class. The reason being that they were built for use on the Melbourne Hump yard and for this reason they were hiven very accurate speedomoters and low speed controls. When in use on the Hump they would run in pairs usually back to back with two pairs running and the fifth would be a spare unit if one of the others failed, this unit however did sometimes get used on other mainline trains if needed.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 8-645E
Generator: EMD D25E
Traction Motors: EMD D29
Weight: 82t
Horse Power: 1100hp
Max rated speed: 100km/h
Builders Model: G18B

 Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 H 1
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 20/12/1968 - In Service
 H 2
 Ettamogah Rail Hub - Freight Australia Green 6/1/1969 - Stored
 H 3
 Ettamogah Rail Hub - Freight Australia Green 6/2/1969 - Stored
 H 4
 Pacific National
 - Freight Australia Green 24/2/1969 - Stored
 H 5
 707 Operations???
 - Freight Australia Green 13/3/1969 ?/?/200? Preserved - Stored