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DERM trailer

When the DERM's were ordered matching trailers were also ordered. However oddly there was half as many trailers as there were railmmotors. Currently one is preserved at the Daylesford Spa Country Railway and 28MT was sighted in a property in Dandenong in 1998. The status of the dandenong one is unknown at this stage since the property was cleared for a road development and the trailer 'went missing. 30MT has also been reported as being on a property near Echuca. When withdrawn only 26MT was preserved while the other 4 were sold off. Only 28 and 30 have been located since withdrawal.

 Trailer  Owner  Current Livery  In Service  Withdraws  Status
 26 MT  Daylesford Spa Country Railway  All over Red  ?/?/19??  ?/?/1982  Preserved - Operational
 27 MT  -  -  ?/?/19??  ?/?/1982  Scrapped
 28 MT  -  VR Blue and Gold  ?/?/19??  ?/?/1982  Scrapped?
 29 MT  -  -  ?/?/19??  ?/?/1982  Scrapped
 30 MT  Privately Owned  ???  ?/?/19??  ?/?/1982  Body on Property - Echuca