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DRC Railcar

The DRC (standing for Diesel Rail Car) built by Tulloch NSW was the first vehicle in Victoria to use air bag suspention. They performed well but soon had a reputation for being rather unreliable. NSW had railcars very simmilar to the Victorian ones (the Victorian one and the NSW were all built by Tulloch) and were scrapping them after just 7 years of sevice due to complex and troublesome circuitary so the VR purchased 2 NSW railcars and refurbished them and the 2 victorian cars. After Refurbishment they were one of the most reliable vehicles to run under the VR. The DRC's had trailers built for them out of ex Harris cars and were coded MTH.

Drive Type: Diesel Hydraulic
Engine: 2x Cummins NT-855-R
Horse Power: 600hp
Max rated speed: 112km/h

 Railmotor  Owner  Name  Current Livery  In Service  Withdrawn  Status
 DRC 40  Daylesford Spa Country Railway  -  Silver  ?/5/1971  2/7/1994  Preserved - Operational
 DRC 41  Privately Owned  -  V/line Orange and Grey  ?/11/1971  2/7/1994  Stored
 DRC 42  Privetely Owned  -  V/line Orange and Grey  ?/?/197?  2/7/1994  Stored
 DRC 43  S.R.H.C.  -  V/line Orange and Grey  5/12/1975  2/7/1994  Preserved - Stored