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Brill Railmotor

Due to South Australia was having success with their new Brill railmotors, the VR decided to purchase one Brill or the same design with a matching trailer for trial in victoria. The trailer was coded 200MT and the railmotor was 44RM. It was constructed by the South Australian Brill company in the late 1920's and wasdeliverd to Vic for trials. The railmotor was a success however no further orders were placed and it remained a one off vehicle. Sady it was written off after an accident at a level crossing in the mid 1940's (1944) and was placed off register in 1947 before finally being recorded as scrapped in 1951. However the car was sighted as late as 1954 at Spotswood reclaination depot. Actual disposition of the car body is unknown.

Drive Type: Diesel Mechanical
Engine: ???
Horse Power: ???
Max rated speed: ???

 Railmotor  Owner  Name  Current Livery  In Service  Withdrawn  Status
 44 RM  -  -  -  4/6/1928  ?/?/1947  Scrapped