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XRB class

The XRB class is the B unit versoin of th XR class, built cabless after the success of the XR class. They are also mechanically identical to an XR as well as some of the body shell being simmilar and in some places the same as a second series XR. XRB560 in allocated to ore traffic in South Australia and XRB561 and XRB562 are allocated to intermodal traffic.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 16-645E3C
Generator: EMD AR10A4
Traction Motors: EMD D77B
Horse Power: 3300hp
Weight: 126t
Max rated speed: 115km/h
Builders Model: GT26C-3B

 Locomotive Owner
 Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 XRB 560
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 21/12/2005 - Stored
 XRB 561
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 1/6/2006 - Stored
 XRB 562
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 ?/?/200? - Stored

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