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S class

,The S class was built by Clyde Engeneering in Granville and are simmilar in design to the earlier B class but have only a single cab and a set of controls at the Holsters end, with the other differences being in the mechanicals. The S class were the main stay for the VR's streamlined passenger services and also on freight duties. With the formation of V/line some of the S class met their demise but others have been distributed to other operators including West Coast Railways, CFCLA, SSR, Great Northern Railroad, El Zorro, Pacific National, and RailPower to name a few. Some examples have entered preservation (303, 308, 310, 312, 313) and can even be seen at the head of freight services after going on lease to comercial operators. S314 and S316 were written off by the VR after a terrible head on collision with the Southern Aroura and a freight train that destroyed both locos. S317 had two pretty serious collisions but was repaired both times and now runs with SSR.

Both Series Identical

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 16-567C
Generator: EMD D12/D22
Traction Motors: EMD D27/D37/D47
Horse Power: 1,810hp
Weight: 116t
Max rated speed: 133km/h
Builders Model: A7

 Locomotive  Owner  Name  Current Livery  In Service  Withdrawn  Status
 First Series            
 S 300  CFCLA  Matthew Flinders  CFCLA Blue and Silver  18/8/1957  -  Stored
 S 301  ???
 Sir Thomas Mitchell  Freight Australia Green  1/9/1957  -  Stored
 S 302  SSR  Edward Henty  El Zorro Grey and Orange  15/9/1957  -  In Service
 S 303  Victrack / S.R.H.C.  C J Latrob  VR Blue and Gold  29/9/1957  28/6/1988  Preserved - Operational
 S 304  -  George Bass  -  13/10/1957  16/2/1988  Scrapped
 S 305  -  Hamilton Hume  -  3/11/1957  2/12/1985  Scrapped
 S 306  Pacific National  John Batman  PN Blue and Yellow  27/11/1957  -  Stored
 S 307  Pacific National  John Pascoe Fawkner  PN Blue and Yellow  8/12/1957  -  Stored
 S 308  A.R.H.S.  Sir Redmond Barry  V/line Orange and Grey  21/1/1958  25/7/1988  Preserved as S 308
 S 309  -  William Lonsdale  -  23/2/1958  19/7/1988  Scrapped
 Second Series            
 S 310  S.R.H.C.  George Higinbotham  V/line Orange and Grey  26/11/1960  -  Under Restoration
 S 311  CFCLA  Sir Ferdinand von Mueller  CFCLA Blue and Silver  6/12/1960  -  Stored
 S 312  SSR  Peter Lalor  Railpower Black  29/1/1961  16/09/1993  Stored
 S 313  Steamrail  Alfred Deakin  VR Blue and Gold  27/2/1961  14/12/1994  Preserved - Operational
 S 314  -  Sir John O' Shannassy  -  24/2/1961  07/02/1969  Scrapped
 S 315  -  Sir Charles Gavan Duffy  -  16/10/1961  23/08/1988  Scrapped
 S 316  -  Sir Andrew Clark  -  9/11/1961  07/02/1969  Scrapped
 S 317  SSR  Sir John Monash  SSR Black and Yellow  4/12/1961  -  In Service

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