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RTL class

The RTL class was an unusual class of locomotive as it was road transferrable (Hence the name Road Transferrable Locomotive). It was basically a truck with retractable rail wheels. It was built be Western Star in the US and shipped here. Three were orded but only one went into service. RTL's 2 and 3 were cencelled before they were built due to RTL 1's tyre wear problems being too great. RTL 1's original registration plate was "MVD - 782", it was later given the registration "MVORTL". In mid to late 2011 the RTL was put up for tender and sold  to Just Track and re-assembled from its stored condition in late November/December. It has re-entered service and has been transferred to South Australia for working on the Grawler line upgrade on ballast trains.

Drive Type: Diesel Mechanical
Engine: ???
Generator: No Generator
Traction Motors: No Traction Motors
Horse Power: 475hp
Weight: 24t
Max rated speed: ???km/h
Builders Model: ???

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 RTL 1
 Just Track Pty Ltd - Freight Australia Green ?/?/1995 - In Service
 RTL 2
 - - - -
 Not Built
 RTL 3
 - - - - Not Built