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AD class

The AD class were introduced early on after the aquisition of ARG by then QR. Two 1502 class that were stored in Qld were taken to WA and refurbished, originally entering service as the AC class they were soon changed to make way for the Cv43aci's that were ordered. The main modifications during the refurb were the controls being shifted to the other side of the cab. They were both Exported to South Africa in one of Aurizons locomotive purges. The writer lost track of them and their disposition after they left the country sadly but are believed to have kept their numbers with their new owner

The renumberings were as follows:
AD 1520 - 1513
AD 1521 - 1514

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 12-645E
Generator: EMD D32
Traction Motors: EMD D29
Horse Power: 1,650hp
Weight: 91.5t
Max rated speed: 100km/h
Builders Model: G22C

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 AD 1520
 ??? - ARG Yellow and Red
 ?/?/2008 - Exported
 AD 1521 ??? - ARG Yellow and Red
 ?/?/2008 - Exported