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M class

The M class were a result of a decision to build two new locomotives to shunt at the newport workshops. For a long time Newport had been using steam locomotives that were well past the their best. The M class were almost soley used in within Newport workshops compounds although one was trialled at Mildura for a time before being transferred back to Newport. The M's ran around the workshops up until their withdrawal and subsequent preservation. They are an unusual story in railways in that none of them were scrapped and both also being preserved together by Steamrail although class leader M231 is operational and M232 is used as a source of spares for 231. Seeing as they were built by the workshops and were a one time deal they don't seem to have been given a builders model at all.

Drive Type: Diesel Hydraulic
Engine: GM 6-71 6080
Generator: No Generator
Traction Motors: No Traction Motors
Horse Power: 150hp
Weight: 31t
Max rated speed: 20km/h
Builders Model: ???

 Locomotive Owner
 Current Livery
 In Service Withdrawn Status
 M 231
 Steamrail - VR Red and Gold
 ?/?/1959 ?/?/???? Preserved Operational
 M 232
 Steamrail - VR Blue and Gold
 ?/?/1959 ?/?/???? Stored