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XR class

Classing: XR - X class Rebuilt

The first 6 XR class (XR 550 - XR 555) were rebuilt out of older X class locomotives with surplus G class engines after th G re-engineing program by Freight Australia beginning with X38. The rebuilding goes as follows, X38 - XR550, X35 - XR551, X40 - XR552, X33 - XR553, X34 - XR554, X32 - XR555. The latter XR's (XR 557 - XR 559) were built new after the success of the rebulit locomotives. They are all mechanically identical. These locomotives were considered to be successful and B unit versions were constructed and classed the XRB class. The Pacific National Design differed from the Freight Australia design by the addition of "ears" on the PN built XR's and an extra box on the roof over the engine to house a muffler. Freight Australia rebuilds were- XR550 - XR554 and the Pacific National rebuilds were just one loco, XR555. PN rebuilt XR555 to the design of the new build locmotives. The XR class was the base for the new build VL class for CFCLA and are very simmilar to the BRM class as well (which were essentially XR clones with a new nose). Originally the FA rebuilds re-entered service carrying their old X class numbers but were eventually renumbered in order of their rebuilds.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 16-645E3C
Generator: EMD AR10A4
Traction Motors: EMD D77B
Horse Power: Gross - 3,300hp
                    At Rail - 3,???hp
Weight: XR550 - XR555: 122t
            XR557 - XR559: 123t
Max rated speed: 115km/h
Builders Model: XR550 - XR555: GT26C-3M
                        XR557 - XR559: GT26C-3

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In service as X
 In Service as XR
 Withdrawn Status
 Rebuilt XR's
 XR 550
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 30/1/2002 5/12/2004 - In Service
 XR 551
 Pacific National
 Norman W DePomeroy  PN Blue and Yellow
 ?/2/2003 27/6/2005 - In Service
 XR 552
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 1/12/2003 ?/?/200? - In Service
 XR 553
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 ?/3/2004 ?/?/200? - In Service
 XR 554
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 - ?/6/2004 - In Service
 XR 555
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 - 17?/11?/2004 - In Service
 Newly Built XR's
 XR 557
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 - ?/?/2005 - In Service
 XR 558
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 - ?/?/200? - In Service
 XR 559
 Pacific National
 - PN Blue and Yellow
 - 16/1/2006 -
 In Service