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V class

There were two types of diesel V class to run in Vicoria. The first one being V 56, it was built as a shunter for the jolimont workshops and washdock shunter. It was limited to 1km/h when shunting through the washdock though.

The second V class was V 544 built as an extention of the Westrail Q class and Freightlink FQ class orders. It was to replace the two G class's destroyed in a collision in 1999.

V class type 1

Drive Type: Diesel Hydraulic
Generator: No Generator
Traction Motors: No Traction Motors
Horse Power: 40hp
Weight: 22t
Max rated speed: 16km/h
Builders Model: ???

V class type 2

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 16-710G3B-ES
Generator: EMD AR11
Traction Motors: EMD D87BTRL
Horse Power: Gross: 4,160hp
                   At Rail: 3,838hp
Weight: 134t
Max rated speed: 115km/h
Builders Model: GT46C

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 Type 1
 V 56
 A.R.H.S. - Met Green and Gold
 ?/1/1960 ?/?/???? Preserved - Static
 Type 2
 V 544
 Pacific National
 Tim Fischer
 Freight Australia Green
 ?/7/2002 - Stored

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