1200 class

1201 and 1202 landed on Australian shores in early May 2013 and are to be demonstrators. 1203 was painted into a Grey, Yellow and Orange colour scheme and lettered for El Zorro but did not leave the US before El Zorro ceased operations. 1203, 1204 and 1205 are completed but stored at Mount Vernon, 1204 and 1205 unpainted and without numbers. Despite testing shortly after they arrived and receiving accreditation for the class in 2013/2014, 1201 and 1202 were stored at Islington until early 2017 when they finally ran their first train for SCT on the 9/3/2017 so their build dates and in service dates are quite far apart.
Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: (3x) Cummins QSK19
Generator: (3x) ???
Traction Motors: EMD D77? / D78?
Horse Power: At rail - 2,150hp (800hp per generator packet)
Weight: 114t
Max rated speed: 115km/h
Builders Model: 3GS24C-DE-AU

 Locmotive  Owner  Name  Current Livery  In Service  Withdrawn  Status
 1201  NREC  -  NRE Blue and Gold  9/3/2017  -  In Service
 1202  NREC  -  NRE Blue and Gold  9/3/2017  -  In Service
 1203  NREC  -  El Zorro Mk.2 Orange Yellow and grey
 -  -  Stored
 1204  NREC  -  Grey Undercoat
 -  -  Stored
 1205  NREC  -  Grey Undercoat
 -  -  Stored