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P class

All of the P class were rebuilt out of first series T class locomotives (Flat top T's) under V/line as part of the new deal to provide Victoria with new locomotives. The rebuilding saw them given a completely redesigned and repositionad cab with a low nose and high cab roof (positionad further forward than the T's) and the addition of a head end power generator. In the rebuilding they were stripped to their bare frame and basically refabricated in the frames of the T's. The P's used to run the smaller passenger services when introduced, eg. Leongatha, but are now almost soly seen in push pull configuration with 8 passenger cars on V/line services. These are usually high capacity serviceas or specials for events like the Avalon airshow although some do run in regular duties. With the split of V/line and V/line freight and the subsequent sale of V/line Freight who became Freight Australia, the last 5 P's (19 - 23) have been mainly used in freight duties although in 2001 for the airshow shuttles the freight Australia P's were employed for passenger hauling once again. With the Pacific National takeover of Victorian operations two P's have been stored, numbers 21 and 23. P13 has also been put onto standard gauge as the SG pilot for V/line's Albury services as the SG V/line shunter.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 8-645E
Generator: EMD D15ER
Traction Motors: EMD D29
Horse Power: 1100hp
Weight: 77t
Max rated speed: 100km/h
Builders Model: G18HBR

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 P 11
 V/line - V/line Cheeseburger
 5/6/1984 - In Service
 P 12
 V/line - V/line Cheeseburger
 7/6/1984 - In Service
 P 13
 V/line - V/line Crimson
 10/7/1984 - In Service
 P 14
 V/line - V/line Crimson
 1/8/1984 - In Service
 P 15
 Vlline - V/line Cheeseburger
 22/10/1984 - In Service
 P 16
 V/line - V/line Crimson
 23/11/1984 - In Service
 P 17
 V/line - V/line Cheeseburger
 19/12/1984 - In Service
 P 18
 V/line - V/line Crimson
 15/2/1985 - In Service
 P 19
 Ettamogah Rail Hub - Freight Australia Green 26/3/1985 - Stored
 P 20
 Pacific National
 - Freight Australia Green 29/5/1985 - Stored
 P 21
 Ettamogah Rail Hub - Freight Australia Green 27/6/1985 - Stored
 P 22
 Ettamogah Rail Hub - Freight Australia Green 11/9/1985 - Stored
 P 23
 Ettamogah Rail Hub - Freight Australia Green 11/9/1985 - Stored

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