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A class

The A class was rebuilt from the B class by V/line as part of the New Deal. it was planned to rebuild all 26 B classes but as the cost of rebuilding a B into an A almost equilled the cost of a new N class so the project was called off and the parts orderd for A class conversions were used in the new N class locomotives. The new A class's kept their old B class number when converted.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: EMD 12-645E3B
Generator: EMD AR10-A4-D18
                Later replaced with CA5
Traction Motors:
                         EMD D78
Horse Power: 2,480hp
Weight: 121t
Max rated speed: 133km/h
Builders Model: AAT22C-2R

 Locomotive OwnerName
 Current Livery
In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 A 60
 V/line Sir Harold Clapp
 V/line Crimson
 7/9/1984 - Stored
 A 62
 V/line - V/line Crimson
 17/7/1984 - Stored
 A 66
 V/line - V/line Cheeseburger
 22/3/1985 - In Service
 A 70
 V/line - V/line Crimson
 10/5/1985 - Stored
 A 71
 Pacific National
 Dick Reynolds
 Freight Australia Green
 20/3/1984 - Stored
 A 73
 Pacific National Bob Skilton
 Freight Australia Green 20/3/1984 - Stored
 A 77
 Pacific National Ian Stewart
 Freight Australia Green 17/5/1984 - Stored
 A 78
 Pacific National - Freight Australia Green 21/12/1984 - Stored
 A 79
 Pacific National - Freight Australia Green 22/6/1985 - Stored
 A 81
 Pacific National - Freight Australia Green 15/8/1985 - Stored
 A 85
 Pacific National Hayden Bunton Freight Australia Green 5/6/1984 - Stripping for parts

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