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LT class

The LT class was a single unit renumbered from RT 54. RT 54 was the only rail tractor to have train brake and was purchased second hand from the portland harbour trust. It is in use as SSR's ballarat workshops shunter. The writer thinks the class LT comes from L - Locomotive and T - Tractor. This is because it can be classed as a locomotive for it has train brake and tractor because it was origionally classed as a rail tractor. SSR also own a standard design Victorian rail tractor and have renumbered it LT50 for shunting at the Bendigo SSR workshops.

Drive Type: Diesel Mechanical
Engine: ???
Gererator: No Generator
Traction Motors: No Traction Motors
Horse Power: ???
Weight: ???t
Max rated speed: ???km/h
Builders Model: ???

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 LT 4
 SSR - SSR Black and Yellow
 ?/?/???? - In Service
 LT 50
 SSR - SSR Balck and Yellow
 ?/?/???? - In Service