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Ex Kerang Tramway Railmotor

At a point in time the Kerang shire operated a private tramway built to the same gauge as the Victorian standard gauge. They had their own locomotives and railmotor to operate the line. The tramway was eventually sold to VR in the 1950's. The VR also aquired all of the stock used on the railway with the sale, of which the railmotor was part of. It was built out of an old truck and 4 wheeled passenger carriage of which its origin is not known and they were assembled into a single ended railmotor. It was numbered 45 and did not last long under VR ownership when the service was upgraded using a walker railmotor. The remains of the railmotor still exist on a property in Victoria. Unsuccessful efforts were made by The Daylesford Spa Country Railway to purchase the railmotor.

Drive Type: Diesel mechanical
Engine: ???
Horse Power: ???
Max rated speed: ???

 Railmotor Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 45 RM
 Privetely owned
 - All over Red
 ?/?/19?? ?/?/19?? On property