442s class

Classing: 442s - 442 class Silverton

The 442s class is a Silverton reclassing of a number of NSW 442 class locomotives with the addition of an S into the classing and a new numbering scheme starting from 1 after refurbishment and return to service. Despite all of the class now being owned by different operators, mainly in leasing service, many of them retain their 442s class number.

Drive Type: Diesel Electric - DC
Engine: Alco 12-251C
Generator: GE GT586
                AEI 5301
                AEI 5302
Traction Motors: AEI 165 or GE 752
Horse Power: 2,000hp
Weight: 115t
Max rated speed: 120km/h
Builders Model: DL500G

 Locomotive  Owner  Name  Current Livery  In Service  Withdrawn  Status
 442s1  SSR  -  Coote Green and Yellow  ?/?/1994  -  ???
 442s2  SSR
 -  Coote Green and Yellow  ?/?/1994  -  ???
 442s3  -  -  -  ?/?/1994  ?/?/20??  Scrapped
 442s4  -  -  -  ?/?/1994  ?/?/2010  Renumbered 44202
 442s5  SSR  -  Coote Green and Yellow  ?/?/1994  -  In Service
 442s6  SSR  -  Silverton Yellow and Blue  ?/?/1994  -  Stored