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CS class

The CS class was built from a german design and then modified for Australian running by CRT there were to be 8 more to be built if the project was a success but it failed as there was no customer market. They have both been transferred to Etamogah and used as shunters in the Etamogah yards.

Drive Type: Diesel Hydraulic
Engine: x2 Volvo Truck engines
Generator: No Generator
Traction Motors: No Traction Motors
Horse Power: 710hp
Weight: 112t
Max rated speed: 120km/h
Builders Model: ???

 Locomotive Owner Name Current Livery
 In Service
 Withdrawn Status
 CS 101
 Jack Rees
 CRT Blue and White
 ?/?/2002 - Stored
 CS 102
 Interail Betty Rees
 CRT Blue and White ?/?/2002 - Stored