Heaven's Hall of Fame ~ Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf 777

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Greetings All & Welcome to the Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf Love page

Hello All, Inspired by Mom and encouraged by Dr Peebles here is profile, information

and music of a person born to make a difference.

Thank You Yusuf for sharing your God given gifts with Humanity. On bewhole of Sons & Daughters of Light. Thank You! )



If you would like to share this page, the url is... www.tinyurl.com/Cat-Yusuf777

Our song Mom, Thank you for limitless love and inspiration. )

Thanks to all who shared these videos on You Tube.

Further on down the road...

Now, 5/29/19

Here we are dreamseekers, survivors and lucky bastards lol

Here's a song the times call 4 at this cosmic moment in time, which has run out on the old, tired paradigm but don't get us started.

Thank You God Heavenly Infinite Father and Mother 4 Our words fail, guys. They really do. Only music really can convey what the heart wants/ needs to voice. So, here's a song for All Humanity with a special 'whisper' out to Mom and Dad...and the fam. <3 Ya's all, the immediate and the far flung extended family. Just get on the Jesus peace love and joy starship and we'll catch ya's in the rec room, for starters. Ok? Awesome. Now, let's listen to the music, the

12 th commandmentbrothers and sisters, Sons and Daughters of the ultimate infinite light and love of Creation. w a special nod and HUG to our pets. We love you guys. <3 ) ) ).

Thank You God 4 Cat Stevens / Yusuf and All the incredible musicians, from a dude who can't play ' jingle bells' on a guitar. lol )

On be-whole of a 'bad sneakers' humanity, God, we "Tthank You" 4 the awesome music portals 2 Infinity. God, if you do need a few good drivers, p knows a few Excellent drivers. They can be seen at the final dovetail wind up page for this site and the other site as well. This site will be found hear here now and 4 ever. Here'sa new easy url to get to that Happily ever after page.


Same as...


Thank You Cat Yusuf The People in this video and the producers who, along w God, Got it Done. Bless us All IJN. <3 )



Harold and Maude - If you want to sing out, sing out

Thank you sykid77 for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Cat & Ruth & Bud. Let's awl try 2be inspired by this & have a little fun, can we try, guys? Hope so. )