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Ed. note:  we just posted this below doing one posting.  The fact that it also showed up
here at the top shows the importance that He, and all the other names associated with Spirit
Inc God, Heavenly infinite Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS, ALL THAT ISN'T. No we 
are not going to get into Names of God specific to one or more religion, sect, belief system or anything 
that  divides.  Accept, please dear ones that He, Spirit is, indeed All That Is and a new word we can refer
 to God in The Infinite body of God ~ Prime  Creator, Divine Ultimate, Infinite Source is simply l o v e.

Rec & fin.
1:35 a.m.
p.s.  Be sure to  see hear  the Styx music below and Go pick out your car from "awake" participating Dealers in His divine plan Now.
Divine Ultimate & p & co.  IJN.

p.s.  Addendum:  Essential Erik sharing...

(same day)
2:11 a.m.

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 December, 2015

Welcome  One & All to a Erik Medhus Appreciation page.    

This page is complete.  If you'd like to see the latest sharings please scroll down  to the
 "An  Urgent Message"  message.  This Is Mind Blowing Info, if you pass it on, surely you will 
be blessed.  God's Band /  All Bands are God's, The Police might be watching you.  )

Thank you Channeling Erik for sharing on YT.

Thank you Channeling Erik: All About Spirits, Part One

[Rec watching on YT so to see subsequent videos.]

Christmas Day

An Open Letter
Subject: Merry Christmas Mom Awesome News God is using me.)

Greetings Elisa,
This is coming to you  thru paul aka p the humble steward of God's Far Flung Starsite.  

God has unbelievable immediate plans for His children with Erik playing a major 
part.  Erik if you haven't realized by now is a major cosmic superstar. and you Elisa are doing your agreed to part in all this magnificently.

Right now we are in not the fifth dimension but in Infinite dimensions.

Our new paradigm. of light & love which was announced officially on cosmic trigger day 12/23/15   features The Cashless Society See details at His blog page.

This is Erik's place.

Have you heard of Braco?

He's the miraculous gazer  from Croatia

You can find out about him here.  He's got free on line gazings coming up.

Erik has agreed to be one of 5 gazers on God's  starsite

His page is here

Eric, getting older and wiser is going to  clean up his language and not be such a wise guy  as he grows in wisdom and  holy crap is  an acceptable term rather than barnyard epithets and f bombs. Think of your audience everyone.  When you use locker room trash talk to a different audience it raises eyebrows. 

 You don't want that & we don't need to hear it. And this is something all God's children should embrace as we grow into our divine spirituality. Thanks to all for that, indeed.

Ok, dear ones, We have a couple of Erik stories. About a couple or 3 weeks ago when Erik came around after p reading up on him online.  He comes thru & we chat and finally we asked him to pick out a cassette.  So p goes letting God move him thru the deep search to see what on earth we'd come up with. 

 So we do that looking at it to make sure it was one of paul's home made cassettes. (as nights in white satin by The Moody Blues plays in  the background.  The  cassette playing now has the  deepest and most incredible music on it.)
Where was p?  Oh, yes, so p looked at the tape, yep one of p's.  Put it in the machine and  Neil Young started playing.  we looked at the  cassette and WTF, it was this: Yes, the commercial cassette.  Neil  Young's Comes A Time. 0)

Fast forward to tonight, saw your post Elisa with the email to connect with you as we wanted to anyway.  So we start typing this and we know Erik's here.  And we lectured him a little and writing about the appropriateness of things etc  and Erik was very receptive and knows he's not talking with mickey mouse here.

So, we  are chatting and w no music playing, obviously we need music playing we ask Erik to get a song, as Dream on by Aerosmith plays on this magical cassette, BTW Aerosmith, when you want to play Gillette, let the powers that be give you a  date hopefully asap.  And J Geils be sure to put in a bid  and, we'll get into this off this blog but since this is going down in history we are hereby asking Beautiful Stoughton's  pride and Joy Lori McKenna as 'Since we parted as lovers by Jeff Beck plays on the tape we now dub tape 7*'s  if she will bless The  Eternal Festival Now called Diamondstock777  as the first artist to perform. 

 It  will be like Woodstock but no mud.  )  So let us Know if you accept or not, and we  do apologize if we put you on the spot, Lori  Let us know One way or another and any other artists  you want with you as well.  Thank you dear.  )
Pat Benatar & Neil Giralldo, how soon can you get here?

 Ok how we doing... as  In memory of Elizabeth Reed just started,  paul's favorite song.  Guys, we need to keep letting peeps know  the magical properties of having a soundtrack in one's life..as Jessica by The Allman Brothers plays now.  Hey Gregg, you just played for a lot of cash for that car guy.  Too bad what he gave you is now worthless in the Cashless Society.  Guess they haven't;t gotten God's memo.  The cars are God's  not you dealerships.  Give the people the cars now, you do not want to get God pissed, folks.  Give away the cars now, and Cars, or any remnant of them, come play Gillette, if led.   As Joni Mitchell sings Ladies of  the canyon

Robert and Space shifters please get on a plane.  Blue Oyster Cult pack your bags.  AC-DC get on a plane.  Eagles , Santana, in fact anyone who is good enough and wants to play Gillette please come and expect miracles dear ones..  We think they are starting to slooowly awaken Father but for those of you planning on working a boring j o b  for a paycheck in God's plan you are just wasting your God given time. As Dreams  by TABB plays. 

Hey Gregg  we  invite you to play for free, bro and we won't take no for an answer so get on the phone and everyone expect miracles, incredible re-unions as only God can promise.  Bob Seger please get on a plane and don't forget the silver bullet band lol 

One more quick thing before we get back to the story remember the story?  ). We just turned  this magical tape over.  Now playing 'Stairway to Heaven'  what's that expression... SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!  And  btw, we're also listening to that Neil Young  album playing on yt.  ))   "it's plowing time again.... " )

This simple reply to Eric's Mom has  turned into a tsunami.  Start God up and,.. Hey Rolling Stones Got a plane there and Paul McCartney, Van Morrison, Jimmy Buffett, Ringo, Joe Walsh U2  Jeff Beck once  more He Beckons you. )  No is not in God's  vocabulary dear ones so the music starts at 9 am Mon thru  Sat  Anyone can request to play.  paul  shows up  at 2 and does his gaze/group hug thing to a song or 2.  Different every day. And then music starts.  A band might be scheduled but if Robert Plant and The Sensational Space  Shifters show up,  you know  who gets to go on next, Indeed.

We hope Joan Baez, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell,  Neil & David & Stephen & Graham & Neil D  come.  Gordon Lightfoot, little Tommy Rush from New Hampshire come on over. come on down, Bro  ) Of course, The Dead.Basically, you invite yourself peeps.  All will get to play since we have eternity and we all are forever young.   So let paul finish the Erik story while we're young, ok?

Oh, there he goes again, Genesis & Peter Gabriel, please find the nearest plane  to Boston and safe travels everyone.  Thx. 

So, we finished the story where a paul cassette somehow turned into a Neil Young cassette.  P asked Eric about an hour and a half ago if he liked Neil Young.
Erik said he W O R S H I P P E D  Neil Young.  Well, my dear friend Erik, if you could pick a human being to worship more less than Jesus Christ you picked a pretty, pretty good one.  So, didn't that make sense, everyone?  Yep.. 
 Btw Neil call up Crazy Horse lol

Ok, Journey, guys get on a plane, point it to Boston, deal?  Awesome. Hey Bruce are you home?  You could drive up.  Bob Dylan can you pencil in Gillette on your never ending tour?  )  Hey Wallflowers you're  invited Theresa Caputo have you ever done a reading for %0, 000 people?  We doubt it.  Come and lets do lunch w  the whole family.  maybe hitch a ride with Billy Joel ha ha.

So, the next thing that showed what a cosmic superstar Erik is.  The music stopped, we asked  Eric  to pick out the next music.  paul did his usual waving his arms  digging deep and then some to pick out the right music.
paul put the cassette in and this is what started playing:  

Kashmir, the greatest song ever recorded,  it was the perfect studio recording.
There is no other song that could be even close to being the song to literally "knock it out of the park".. To cheers and shouts of the assembled billions or so spirits watching and witnessing this.  Mucho applause.  Erik  just sat there calmly smiling with a cheshire cat look on his face. )  lol 

Here's an amazing live version

Thank You Led Zeppelin

So, my dear Elisa, Please share  this  with Humanity.
Help send Everyone to His starsite and let's all go to Heaven, 7th Heaven, deal?  Awesome.  Erik says No more bullcrap on plant it earth. Everyone keep smiling. 0)
We taught him that. )  Carry on Erik and his gazing place to hang w him is HERE...
Link is above.

Love & light to one & all

p.s.  Since paul is terrible with names, we ask that everyone wear name tags in the shape of a 
heart and place over your heart if you want to be admitted to these events.  p will have  his and 
this way, we all know our brothers and sisters' names

Keep smiling, enjoy heaven on earth and "toin it up"  
and pass this entire email to everyone.  Thx.  )

Rec fin. 12/25/15
             10:00 a.m.

p.s.  As we are running out our brother's house for dinner, just want to wish all a blessed Christmas celebration

A couple more  direct invites.  Mr Jim Law and  Ms Ann Alberrs  & You, yes you reading this.  )

Ciao for now   )


~ You Are All welcome, indeed.  We have a song to celebrate God's eternal victory below as we could not ignore Erik  on  the floor begging us to place it on his site.  
We took pity and are placing it below. lol, kidding.  It will be there, Erik when we get done typing this down.  Chillax Bro   )
1: 55 a.m.  Done.   )

Ok, dear ones, once you see/hear that first Erik video above you can easily be led
to All things Erik from there.  God bless all who have visited this, Brother Erik's 'shack.'  site.  lol 

Y'all All feel free to come back.  Erik  guarantee's He can stare you down.  lol  )

Infinite blessings,
From, God, J & p & E & 'e'  & D & B  & The Firm.

We need a song here, Lets put our hearts & minds together, and we'll be back to share... )

Thank you Viva La Vida  for sharing so much love on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company.

Thank you The Police VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Police.


Well done Erik.  Since 1978, paul has been trying to 'blow the whistle'  on himself.
All this time, he couldn't get arrested.  We know there are Industrial Strength Angels
protecting us, but look- you Erik - drawing the attention here of The Cosmic Police,  Wow,
Dude, you're amazing, Son.  Let me get  a  song on here, and we have no idea what it will be
but God will have something perfect  here.  Hold on
Got it Thx God.

Thank you ommyy1956 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Young & Company.

One More which is playing now on WZLX Boston's Classic Rock.

Thank you Joe Blevins foor sharing on YT.

Thank You The Doors.

Everyone's going to His jubilee.  Hear we go...

Thank you Grabone for sharing on YT,

Thank You The Beatles 7 Your Fans  i.e. Everyone.  TY  all.   )

( 7 appeared on it's own, edit God's #?  You're kidding, right?  )

Hey peeps, believers, maybe  if we all  forward  this page, not to mention the main page 
we can get p arrested.  The industrial strength Angels protecting him so that God's infinitely 
perfect divine plan is manifest. have been  dismissed as of N o w , Indeed.  

So, this song goes here.now.

Thank you 686 SPYROS Music  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult..

Nice work Erik.  High 5's Bro.   )
And for this too...

Thank you Peliyot for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bob Marley & Company.

Here's what we need todo  t e a m.

Thank you dinostrunk for sharing on Y

Thank You The Steve Miller Band.

Let's  Carry on, ok?


Hear you go brother Erik...  )

Thank you coffeenirvana  for sharing on Yt

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

Thank you MrCitizen44  for sharing this on YT.

Thank You All  Who Served &  Are Serving.  Thank You Led Zeppelin.

A special thank You and 'shoutout' to Juanita of WZLX,  Boston's Classic Rock for playing 
this song and allowing p to share the URL  & announce the good 'new news'  of Heaven on Earth,  Now & Forever,  Indeed.
It's a  'Done Deal'  Dear Beloveds, signed, sealed & delivered in The Blood of Jesus Christ.  And so it is Now, In Jesus Name.
All That Is, thru p, the humble servant.

We, the people, the believers, have to do it ourselves, guys. The corporate greedsters, obviously  don't have the  balls
to look at something new, actually i n v e s t i g a t e it and come out and say, you know what... This is good.  Wow, to actually
have   GOD  and His infinite wisdom  manage our existence on this plan-it.  Everyone, please try to en-joy the Heaven on Earth 
paradigm.  Start at the source, You, Yes You.  Are you a leader or a follower?.  Are you working for an evil empire like Monsanto?  Are you
in lockstep with the company line, even  if it hurts people?  e.g.  like  the companies that still, unbelievably put aspartane, a known poison, ln 
our food.  

God has  given us, the strong, common sense leader we need and no one else need apply for the job.  No, dear beloveds,  It's  not the dude sitting at this miracle device allowing 
what comes forth with these fingers to you hearts.  Jesus Is the designated Saviour of this human race.  It's Hiis job, dear ones, and He has done it magnificently, Indeed..  We are the
wind in His sails and the keeper of promises.  This Earth Party Now  site is in effect, the deliverance of promises made ~ promises kept.  You can log on here anytime and find plenty to contemplate, rejoice & celebrate because,  indeed, Yes, God is good.  You are good, You are God,  God is you and you can take that to The Emperor. 

Yee, fellow spirits in the material world, indeed we are out of the time given for this, by popular demand, experiment in 'what if."  It has been a 
very very long strange trip, indeed.The good news. we all made  it as one  thanks to  the  blood sweat prayers  of Jesus Christ, The Ultimate  advocate on our behalf, humanity.
Here's where we say as one in the all for one and one for all paradigm.one and all.  Ahem.

*****************  Thank You Jesus *************** Thank You Jesus******************* ThanK  You Jesus*******************

Ok, It's beyond obvious we  need a perfect song to go wiith this.  We will  ask God for that song so we get it exactly right.  hold on guys.   )

Thank you Bingo's for sharing this great work on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

See everyone at His jubilee, happening in everyone's heart.  )  Pass this on, if led, &  rejoice.  Heaven on Earth is Not a joke.  You're folderol of an economic system.  That Is a joke.   
Stop falling for it, humanity.  Demand your God given new car.  Go to the store, smile ask w a please, and walk, or better yet, drive away praising God & Thanking Jesus.
Banks, insurance companies,  IRS, stage right or left to eternal oblivion please. Thank you, you're all getting an incredible raise by following His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine perfect plan.
Did we mention His plan is perfect?  We're all actors, straight from central casting in His divine perfect illusion.  We are all playing our agreed to part to play.  But now the game is over my 
dear friends, it's time to cash in our chips and We'll see you guys maybe on a whale watching expedition.  Doesn't that sound better than spending even one more long boring day for a piece  of paper that just keeps you j o b , (just over broke) 

Come with god, dear brothers & sisters and share in the infinite wealth of God & His Creation. 
Mr Obama, can we do lunch in Boston? There are some wonderful restaurants in this beautious, glorious, wondrous & loving city, Sir, with  w all  due respect.  If accept this invitation just 
have your people call my people.  Thank you.  Oh, we gotta do a whale watch if you have the time.  We have eternity.  )

Ok,  Father sleep is knockin' on our door, so we're gonna  surrender and go there.  We have a shingle, again, in the inner planes if someone wants a consultation, personal & professional, 
as in  what Far Flung Productions LTD was originally set up for.  Ok, He sends All His Love in diamond spades to each & every one of you guys.  He says, love one another, help one another
Embrace each other.  Hugs are IN, handshakes  ok, but hugs are better, just ask anybody that had one of p's.  He steps aside and I. I Am that I Am gives you a hug that will make your day, not to mention forever.Indeed.  )

Good Lord willing, we'll be back tomorrow, or later today,  Let the music be your master today and every day, but don't miss the magic of golden silence.


Rec & fin.  1/2/16
                   6: 22 a.m.   )

9: 47 a.m.

Some friends stopping by  for breakfast..
" Lovely to see you again my friends,  walk along with me to the next bend..."
The Moody Blues.

Google images.

The Doors are back, in spirit.  We rising to meet in the in the middle in our new, improved 
cosmic flash vehicles.

Here's perfect song to share w you, humanity at this moment in our evolution.

Thank you  6cath6arsis6 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Doors.


We begin anew, IJN.

Great Lion of God...

Thank you  Anthony Chaudorge for sharing on YT.

Thank You Master Bob Marley & Company of Heaven on Earth.  Thank You Bro!, Indeed.  )

It's a beautiful Day on Mother Earth, we going out in the air.  The same air we are all breathing.
Ours has music in it, hope yours does too!

But before we go and also before we share another share on His Tsunami of fun, love etc page, we will share this healing song here.  Erik , please go get  the song, thx Bro.  While we're waiting for Erik to come back here with the song, we just want to thank each & every one of you peeps for showing up and  being Y O U!  It wouldn't have  been the same if you weren't here 
to bless us with your unique gifts to share with us.  We love you so much, Indeed..  Thanks  again, from the Heart.  Ok , Erik's back with the one unique song our body for one and  all needs Now  )

Thank you IrisXNepthys for sharing on YT.

Thank You Baha Men .   Glad you got your dogs back.  )

People, take it from a guy who's been thru the cry.  It's worth it , it's worth it, did We mention, it's worth it.   )

Thank you moga 1985 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bob Marley & The Wailers.  


Thank you 74 BlackDiamond74 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kiss.

Guys,  If not too busy and don't mind playing for free, come to Gillette.  )
Deal?  p will try to get an answer from the Kraft family today if we can use their stadium.

If anyone knows  best way to get ahold of them, will you please call p at 781-267-4282.   Thanks.  )

And the road goes on forever, dear beloveds, rock & love on and if & when He has something to share here, 
it will be done.  And you can take that to The Emperor.
Peace & Love and kindness & love & light  & great music to be our soundtrack forever.
In perpetual humble service to The One,
p aka paul.

p.s. you got my number.  looking for the right personal assistant and a maid for our apartment, as lookey here,  a man 
needs a maid is going to be the next song.

Thank you neilyoungchannel for sharing this treasure on YT.

Thank You  'The Emperor'    Master Neil Young. 

Neil & Co, I'd like to invite you guys to go whale watching but it's apparent.  We gonna need a bigger boat,  lol  )
More adventures tomorrow which is already here.but one more song and God get me a crowbar to get off of Erik's  site, ok?  lol

Thank you Randy Butternubs for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

Led Zep you guys got a boat big enough to handle the whole human race?
No prob, we'll just blink and ask  for one, once we  do drop our physiical bodies 
and accept the wondrous light bodies Creator has waiting for us.  But there's no rush.  )

Want  to see  Rush, go here, and see more stuff, take what you relate  to, leave the rest.
p out 4:28 a.m.

3:30 a. m.

Hey Guys, Erik just wants you all to sprint over to

to get up to speed with God and see His latest state of the art cosmic ethereal ship, the infinity 777777722

And do find your self at:

See Ya's  there>>>>>>>


Thank you Channeling Erik for sharing on YT'

Thank you Elisa, Jamie, and Erik and of course, Prime Source.

Who else feels like some Styx music?

Thank you Rock on MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.

Thank you Rock MV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.

Another Version:

Thank you Your Music Jukebox - The 70's for sharing on YT.

ThankYou Styx.

Thank you Maimum80's2 for aharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.

Full Album:  Got your car yet?  Come on car dealers WTF ???

Thank you #Styx for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.

Thanks Erik for letting Spirit use your page, Bro.  Hi 5!!!   )

Yahoo images.

Warning:  Placing your hand on the above "Charged" hand of EriK energies will be a turning point in Your life.  Everyone who connects w Erik gets the same
gift, unconditional love, a friend most can relate to in the highest place possible.and it starts with a simple smile.  Smile and let the magic happen.  It will, you know.
Now we leave you with a song that will also be placed over at the brand new 'From Here to Eternity page.

Thank you CHauserablr for  sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Marley & Company of 7th Heaven.*

*The Heaven that eats up all the other Heavens with Rock & Roll.  They're all joining Us, 
in the higher realms because how can you compete w God & His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine love, music, harmony & fellowship 
plan for His Grateful Children.  

So, we move on to a new page and we will place Mr Marley's work of love & art exactly where He wants it.  See, folks, He only wants 
The best for us and if that's the  perfect  thing, then - all the better, right?   )

So, as we mosey on over Here:

Let's say Thanks Erik!  We all love you and we won't be a stranger to this, His page for you, ok, son?  Cool.  )  Hi 5!!!


Thank you Channeling Erik for sharing on YT.

Thank You Erik,  Elisa, Jamie, host Sharon et al.

1:23 a.m.
New News just in:
Joe Friday here, clocking in and inviting All Erik's friends, i.e. Everyone  to visit the boy's #12 coveted spot at His gazers page here:

You do not want to miss this good stuff.
Cheers,   )

Everybody's surfing over there...  )

Yahoo images.

1:41 a.m.
Joe Friday out, gone surfing.   )

June 5, 2016

Talk about happiness.  Erik will elaborate on same....

Thank you Channeling Erik for sharing on YT.

Thank You Elisa, Kim & Erik  )  )  )

This also shared here...

Sail on all... )