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Indeed to the above. )

January, 2016

Welcome fellow immortal spiritual beings on the way up.

Lovely to see you here.

Please grab anything here that lifts you in any way. All that's left just leave for someone else

And have a nice forever. )

Cheers. H & J & E & e & D & B & p & The Firm (At moment of this sharing, these were Him & Gazers

inc Jesus, Elvis, Erik, Dan, Braco, p & if you're a believer, better yet, a 'knower,' say 'Yes' & you're in 'The Firm.')


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Greetings & a word from your humble, unassuming host, steward of this, His site.

aka 'the lover of the world' Yes, we are being led 2 use that as a marketing tool, because it was relayed to p thru a fully qualified & quite talented Sabian Astrologer. It was back in the seventies & her name is long forgotten, however if she is stll out there, we'd love 2 have an update & more than just 7 words this time. )

paul takes after his mother, Marie. My Mom was & is beautiful inside & out, my dear friends. In her high school yearbook it said of her:

"As unassuming as the day is long."

When we first read that many years ago we really didn't know what 2 make of it. but here's what it says in the dictionary: unassuming - Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/unassuming

"unassuming. The word unassuming means modest, lacking in arrogance, pleasant, or polite. You'll find that some of the most unassuming people are actually the most interesting and powerful of all."

That's my Mom, she's a presence in our life every day, though she's not in the physical, like God, we talk 2 her many moments in a day, every day.

It was she, we believe, along w God, of course, who's been making us aware of this 'unassuming' approach 2 what is going down with our mission & how it's going 2 play out as His Will is our complete intent & motive. We work for the Good God. We are our higher self, doing the best we can. We were given a job 2 do that we volunteered 4 pre birth, because we were qualified 2 do it. that's, obviously, why what we do is second nature 2 us. It just comes out from our DNA.

We didn't invent our life this way, this is just how things are playing out, and we make it up as we go just like the music of The Grateful Dead.. It's time we got together everyone like those songs we sang in the 60's & 70's & still do. They will never go out of fashion as long as love is the driving force & Yes, that is still, now & forever what drives us and a whole generation & on 2 our Children's Children's children.

And as we wind on down the road as one, let's remember to be kind 2 one another, To Thank & Praise God 4 all the blessings we have & to always remember & Thank our Lord & Saviour Christ Jesus 4 being our staunch advocate who would not take no 4 an answer when it came to our salvation & forgiveness of our ignorant sins. So, that's the story 4 now, my dear friends. We hope you all find a reason 2 retire from the 9 2 5. Leave the rat race. Go with God's Divine perfect, infinitely perfect plan. Invite love & more love into our lives & see what He has 4 us right around the bend. p's not a betting man but he does believe it will be awesome. Indeed.

We will, His Will willing, see Ya's around.

In humble unassuming service to The One & Humanity,

Bye 4 now.


Ok, folks we have a link here 2 see 'The Law's" (our term 4 'The Hammer God who is responsible 4 "An Urgent Message." This message appeared in the new age magazine: 'Connecting Link'' in 1995. we recognized our personna in the writing & claimed it as our own, a gift, as it were, from our 'future self,' and a most creditable tool for the success of His & the channel - p's mission as well. He fills our sails & leaves no doubt we are doing His work.

So, everyone is invited 2 go here as one.& see other 'good stuff.'


Jesus, did the deal go down?


Insert: 5/16/16

Ah, yes, things seem to be bubbling up & out according to His divine 'momenting.'

We Thank Jesus & Dr Peebles, Co Gatekeeper's of God's starsite & for the wind in our ~ all of us ~ sails. Carlos, we know you have a song, Bro...

Thank you Roger rogerjazzfan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Santana

Word is Carlos cried on hearing the playback for this masterpiece the first time. we have goosebumps, anyone else? Yeah, )

(End of insert.)

The last page does mention the game changing 1993 reading paul had with Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru the great channel, Michael el Legion.

Now w the miracle of modern technology anyone around the world can hear this one 4 all, all 4 one reading, as this information does confirm what yer & His humble, unassuming servant, friend & 'fan' came here 2 do. he did not fail in his mission, in fact, it's beyond obvious that the united Rock world & the music is where it's at. It's certainly where p's at. we all love the music, as this is what feeds our souls, most of us we would venture to say.


Maybe something else feeds your soul, like horticultural activities, or comedy. Whatever 'floats one's boat,' as the saying goes is what He wants us 2 persue.

We can tell ya's all right here & now, He wants us 2 be happy, He wants us 2 laugh, & cry - in a good way. Alright, so here's link to this historic reading. Thank you 4 listening. & mucho grande Thank You 2 Ashtar & Michael & God ~ Jesus / Sananda who without them, there would be nothing, not us, nothing doing at all, no celebration. We wouldn't even know cuz we wouldn't exist. So, let's count our blessings, dear ones, shall we. I'll start: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Ok lol )

Please listen 2 this 'Mr Toad's Wild Ride reading with Intuitive Consultant Jim Law, (RIP) where nothing other than music, practically, is spoken. Hear, Jesus, Marie = Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia & John Lennon come thru w Dr Peebles acting as 'gatekeeper.' Does that sound interesting to ya's? Good. )


Have you seen our wall?

Thank You to God who completely arranged this. )

All these links & more are over at The Site Essentials page where there is also a donate button should anyone want to ~ still be the first person 2 make a donation 2 support p's work. we can virtually assure anyone reading this that you, yes you, have more money in your pocket / bank than p does right now. So,until the world, starting with maybe your little store, or your furniture store, or your car dealership gets with God's program & embraces 'the cashless Society,'

God knows we could use a little sharing of the late, great legal tender. Are you there, humanity? Say a prayer for a not pretending ~ doing, soldiier.

And So It Is. w a "Nod" 2 Jackson Browne 4 writing & singing His songs. In fact you'll see a sharing of 2 Jackson songs in one over there.

paul was over at the Ruby Rogers Center today where on Wednesday's he give hugs 2 the clients that want one and public who come by & Nanci asked again when she could get her car. It's kind of a little joke we have, however, we are alive serious about this. & so Is HE, The Law. Time's up folks, we now live in His Infinite moments. The countdown is in the books. The music tells the story.

See, hear this 'man on a mission from God' interviewed on WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock 100.7


See DJ Kevin Karlson get a hug from Him, paul steps aside & He gives the hugs, Here ya go, scroll down, you'll see it & a whole lot of other good stuff.


And here's where the latest blog updates are shared...


Ok, He wants y'all 2 enjoy this, His site. Sure, there's a lot here on The Good Ship Infinity ~ what do you expect from the bounty of ALL THAT IS.

Here's a awesome place 2 end up, folks. Enjoy the journey... )





The future is Now guys, btw this officially marks the time where the term "guys" is

a loving term for both genders, so no more thinking you are leaving out half the population

by not including "gals," deal guys? Awesome. Thx )

Today, the cosmic trigger day of 12/23/15 Is the Official Beginning of The Cashless Society.

Rejoice and be glad and, if led, tell your boss to Have a nice day and forever. Go have a beer

and let's all be nice to one another. We are all equal in our richness. We all have the infinite riches

of God because we Are His Gods & Goddesses. Again, dear ones, this is Shirley MacLaine 101 as

mentioned in a following sharing.

Indeed, this is the end of hate, wars, and fear. It's the end of the ridiculousness, the one-upmanship

on the plan-it. Let God and His music come thru You because You & God ARE One, Indeed. Remember

as Frank & Tony have sung many times "The best is yet to come" indeed. Let's listen to it right now, good

idea? You bet. w a loving nod to Tony, let's listen to "The Chairman of The Board" With a Loving Profound

THANK YOU To The Greatest Generation, Indeed.

But First:

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Everyone connected to this and all other productions that share "FUN" Fun: Good. )

Thank you Jonson Johanson for sharing on YT.

We, again thank all in the entertainment industry doing God' work whether known or not.

The Great Commander Thank You Jesus ~ Sananda.

Google images.

The Great Commander Thank You Jesus ~ Sananda.

Ref: From: 'Evolution of Man' Also highly recommend 'How To Do All Things.' Mark Age.


A must read: Scroll way down but check 'good stuff' on the way. )


Thank you One & All... )


The following w edits...

In conclusion, we hope we have shed and shared a little light with You ~ Hu man i ty

Peace Love Joy Luck Happinessa Harmony Adventure & Good Rock n Roll 4 Life in the eternal 'Now.'. ' Farili' 2/11/21 3:23 a.m. A cosmic trigger moment & first time scribe has used his God given first 'cosmic' name. Thank You God Who Is 'Off The Charts AWESOME & GOOD As 'Statesboro Blues' by Tha Allman Brothers comes on on our radio companion. www.wumb.org Here it Is. (words we just heard in synchro, as 'I can help' by CharlieCrockett, now plays. https://youtu.be/NlsTC7nOgW0 Nice work, Charley & Crew. <3 )

The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues

Thank you Daniel Shier for sharing on Yt.

Thank You The Allman Brothers <3 0 )


Note: This page had a lot more stuff however the pictures we shared don't stay up, so this is a greatly stripped down version of this page.

It is what it is. Ty


And will be improved, God Willing, like w the 2 documents: '7 Attributes of God' & 'My Vision' just above. )



We now recommend ya's return to the current blog to see where Spirit is directing to the newest sharings, if led. )




Eleven is a gateway #, nine is a culmination # and it doesn't get sweeter than 16, does it?

So, here's the latest blog page...


And the Grande dovetailing fin page...


P pic

Nanci's the passenger door lady. U coming humanity? Hope so. )

Now, as per - we trust God's Will, May we ~ all God's children ~ Live in His~Her Infinite Abundance of Peace, Love, Light, Joy & Happiness forever

And So It Is Now & Forever. IJN. Indeed. "YES."


Now Update: 1/30/21

God's very patient designated driver is waithg 4 Awl God's kids w no exceptions to take a Free Ride to Her His Place 4 Awl of You's 'Upstairrs" Children of The Light, The Infinite 'Light' of Creator.. Throw your money away and bring your smiles. You don't have to go thru what this actor did. Ok? Good. We hope.

Anyone with a media connection, talk show, Podcast, Blog, Pulpit, Megaphone or whatnot is kindly asked to share this page to help get the Good Word out of God's intentions 4 Her His Children. And So It Is. Thank You God IS (As is short 4 TY God InSanandaName) Name can be diispensed with at this juncture, my daer friends. <3 )

Collective Soul - The World I Know (Official Video)

Thank you Atlantic Records for sharing this amazing work on Yt. )

Thank You Collective Soul & Every one who contributed to this amazing God produced video. <3 )

Hey, Lucky Ones. This video is to Thank for many lives still in motion down here bc of it's powerful message.

Life Is Good. God Is Real & is in on every tinny detail of our lives. SheHe <3 us so much they Want to take us

home, 'Upstairs'. Will you come, Volunteers? Rainbows await, see? Yet another place prepared by God w 'Lucky'

humble volunteer Farili Triumphio. Yep, we starting to use our higher self cosmic God given names @ here. It's time. )

So, if you think you need, deseve, want some Heaven on Earth 4 You & Yours, mosey on over here. Blink when you click this

& you'll be there. Yes You Will, My Dear Friend. www.paulfb.com

P pic Circa 1980 Marie- Mom & Jaws. <3 ) )



Happy Sunday fellow Starbursts...) w Marie & Jaws & Everybuddy that wants to be here now. )

Thank You Melanie & the Angels. <3 ) ) ) )

Now /9/18/21 The following Share is where we are, Guys, the horsecrap (money) like Biden, HAS to go. We can make it easy on ourselves or we can make it hard, but it's Not sustainable and like this Great video says? You don't need it in Heaven, so if we are to have Heaven on earth, how can we put up w the horsecrap that we are forced to exchange for goods & services we need by the old, tired, broken, corrupt, obsolete & really dead system we insist on keeping alive w duct tape & band aids carrying trillions of pieces of paper in debt.. Are we nuts, people? We have a pen that we can put to paper and scratch off any amount of so called 'debt'. Has anyone read The Lord's Prayer lately? Esp the part that reads: "Forgive us Our Debts, as We Have Forgiven our Debtors'"

"Hello People,". and no, crypto is not the answer, Love & Only Love Is THE solution, as Johnny Lennon said when he was down here, and now he's right here beside Shane, we can almost see him and it won't be long b4 we are seeing the spirits, the angels & God The Good HimHer Self. Heck, every person we see on the street is a walking talking breathing God or Goddess or an Inbetween. We are Creator beings dear ones. No, we are not our bodies, we are way above that earthly perception my dear friends. See latest (one of them) videos at the bottom, the new Now recommended entrance at God''s starsite: www.paulfb.com

We've had those visions temporarily, however, as we rise as a collective, earthly things will drop away like the money addiction. We simply don't need it since we are infinitely beyond any financial yardstick. Congrats, Joe, you're a billionnaire, we hear. Good, will you kindly leave now. The door is to your left, ok. Then follow the yellow brick way w the other horsecrap billionnaires and their toys, while kids starve in Africa. Ok, we're done now. This left over from editing process: when you're dead & you don't need it in Heaven upstairs & Now Downstairs. Capiche? i.e. do you understand? rec & fin 9//18/21 12:13 a.m. Quincy, Ma USA Milky Way Galaxy Cosmos Gratitude. Field: Infinity Song on WZLX The Final Countdown by Europe. https://youtu.be/9jK-NcRmVcw <3 ) ) )

Now 11/27/21 Happy Birthday and Thank You Jimi Hendrix... Lightning Rod 4 The Light...

Alright humanity aka Grace. follow the light, Be the Light in eternal Celebration of God's Victory which is ours. Follow Love Love Love and not green slime. Leave that to the politicians. Ty.