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Together, Guys, Our Love can move mountains, if we want to.  <3  ) ) )  We thinks God got it right the first time.  )

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Greetings fellow immortal spiritual beings on the way up. )  

Welcome to Site Essentials page here at His, God's ~ AKA ~  Spirit's starsite

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May be an image of Paul F Brown, standing, car and road

Destiny's Driver to Infinity,  if accept, Destiny.'s.     Photo by Cheri T.   circa 2016.

Note:   Due to legal ramifications we can no llonger share any fundraising activities on this page or anywhere on this site.  Why?  Ask the Feds. (.

Now  7/9/21  After 43 years behind scenes, we are 'Hanging out our ;Shingle' as is our 'doppelganger' in a parallel universe, always messing w us, after we already posted this, we have to do it again, here>  Let's hope this 'sticks.'  )  2 tickets to paradise, anyone?  


Our consultation services like they were in Lemuria, way back in the day remain Free of any charge pending a smile.  TYVM  )


7/2/21  11:55 a.m.  

Thank You God Who Is Good 4 collaborating here esp when Destiny Shane started on Trump.  From then on it was All Good. <3 )

Now @ 2019

 Simply Announcing Now News Flash. Paul F Brown is back in black, feeling awesome and taking #'s. The fade away has reversed. Details can start here if int. www.paulfb.com Not faded away. We are 70 going on 30. Right now we feel 44. An angel #. #angelsalwayswus. #GodIsLove #LoveIsallthatexists #Jesus4president #SmilleGodlovesus #Rockonspirits -- As simple Twist of fate plays in background https://youtu.be/-CVziimn4vU 😎 4 our Veterans 🥇 Thank You! 🙏 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #ThankYouGod #GratitudeNation ThankYouJesus #OneteamOneWorld #Onelesson2learn #Love  <3 Friend me folks my wall is on fire, In a good way. 😎 Straight to the point menu  https://tinyurl.com/WhatsonYourhomeplate777

  Paul and Goddaughter Aspyn Serenity, Cheri's beautiful daughter and Carol's (aka Dakarra) beautiful grandchild.  Love and Joy runs in the family. <3  )

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Paul and Goddaughter Aspyn Serenity, Cheri's beautiful daughter  Photo by Cheri       Paul & Carol chilling at at T-Mobile 

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Let our joy be your joy as well, everyone, deal? Awesome, Jerry, have a deal song, Please  Awesome. 

 Grateful Dead - Deal - Rockpalast 3/28/81

Thank you crumbsofinsanity for sharing this on Yt.

Thank You The Grateful Dead for the 'Deal.'  ) ) ) 


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Dakarra aka Carol and Paul in their 'experienced' (body suits) masking, for now, the Vastness of spirit waiting to bloom. )




Please note that a companion page to  this page is here with vital information.


such as this message.   Considered Humanity's Memo 4 Us All to 'Get' Complete with Jesus' response...


Jesus, did the deal go down?


Now                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  12/23/18 

Happy mellow (cold 43* ) Sunday afternoon, friends. Hope all is well in Your world(s).

We recently  came across a long forgotten cd of a reading we had on January 7th, 2009.  It's no accident, of course, bc we all know there are no 'accidents,'  just perfect 'momenting' timing for God's kids to hear this particular reading with Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic Record Keepers.  We Thank God and Leslee Jo and 'The Keepers,' for this far flung production. limitless.  Scribe asks Father, God is this sentence 'exactly' how You want it, as dictated?  Paul, cast aside your concerns about how some people may think your ego is flexing here.  You're good and you know it and bc of you and your blood, sweat and tears.  Everyone Is going home ~ on wings of =agles.  And So It Is.  

Thank You Father.  <3  )  



This is now shared here at the 'Share Hope 4 the kids' (really all of us)  page, here...



Now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     8/29/16

This starsite is Now to be considered His/Our i.e. Humanity's Starsite as the 'Companion Gods & Goddesses that we have risen to.

Who's got an Hallelujah?  Yes, Beloved Master, Leonard.  Share it w us, please Bro..)

.Thank you  LeonardCohenVEVO for sharing on YT

Thank You Beloved fellow Creator God,  Mr Leonard Cohen & Merry Band of  Beloved fellow Gods and Goddesses  

Thank You, again, Everyone's dear friend. <3  )



Greetings all and to those who came from His just completed Gazers 777 page welcome especially.


Now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     2.27.18  

MayInterview: Robert Plant Talks About His Creative Obsession, 'Carry Fire' 

Thank you  Q1043 New York  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Robert Plant.

Let's have a song, shall we...

Seven Island Suite

Thank you bloodmeridianredux for sharing on YT.

Thank You Gordon Lightfoot and Crew.

All invited to Gordon's Tribute page:


Start w these readings:  He said.

From 7/28/13 entry in New News section

Ok ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... here's your links to deep end communication. 
We recommend listening to the first reading w intuitive consultant James Law first.  

Now 1/10/20  Jim, feel free 2 jump right in here, if led, Bro.  TYVM  <3  ) ) ) ) )   (5 )'s 4 adventure. 


Is Jim signaling 'touchdown?'  )

September, 2012:

Then from July, 2013

Thank You James ~ Big Time and Jesus, My Mom & Fam , Jimi, Jerry, John and Dr Peebles who attended 
one or both of these sessions.  God Bless You and all who listen to these. And so it is, indeed.  )

This came down today as a Fb memory.  Nice to hear from you Jim.  )

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Thank you Jim, nice to hear from you.  <3   )


Van Halen - Jump [Best version ever!]

Thank you Max Janssen for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Van Halen.  One of the Best Bands ever.

Indeed, p is on record as being homesick & wanting to go home, anyone else?  If so, step forward ~  esp if you have a song... )

Thank you Iggy Males for sharing on YT.

Thank you new 'gazer'  Mr Alvin Lee  Ten Years After.  Now Leader of the band "NOW."  Rock On ~ Alvin ~ ~ ~   )

Page V of gazers ..

Can we all go home with you Alvin?  At least in the song?  Awesome.  Here, man, take your watermelon, you gave us everything else, indeed.   )

Finally, my dear friends,  the moment has finally come to share this 1993 reading from Ashtar through the great channel Michael El Legion
for  Paul F Brown
This information may explain certain things that some may have felt 'funny' about, like who the heaven Is this guy and what is he trying to do with all this 'stuff' ?
This reading will answer some  questions, meanwhile we are working on keeping up with the amazing, awesome, not to mention incredible
'stuff' coming in at His new 'gazings' page. Here's the  Ashtar link:

4/6/16 & updated  5/29/16

This, after not being available for a while, is now available at this perfect & all the perfect moments to come. His Will willing.   )
From 1993,,,

Michael's starsite...

An interesting interview with Michael with Rob Potter.

So, Spirit reveals the humble servant's spiritual espionage mission of light.  Shhhh, it's  a secret, however the moment has finally arrived & if you think 
this, His/ starsite could be of mainstream interest, then by all means ~ share it.  It's His work, my dear friends.  p pushes the buttons and what is appealing to ya's ~ take, what's left/  Leave it.  it's ok.  
So here's the  site...

Thank you very much.

Check out the 'Gazers' page inspired by Braco here...

All God's children with the right intent & purpose can do this. Is there any child of God who, in the long run, is Not a conduit of God?  No, there is not.

And the  2nd 'gazers' page...

Third gazers page...

Fourth gazers page...

Fifth gazers page...

Sixth gazers page...

Seventh gazers page...

Have you taken a tour of our/His  'situation room' yet?  From 2013, now, in right, perfect moment here on YT.

His 'blog' pages:  this one complete, rec reading it 2 get up 2 speed.

Blog 2 check 4 latest new news...

Blog 3 page with awesome sharings...

Current blog page for June, 2016 & kicking off His summer of infinite love... )

Then, and so on...

Get  yer infinite wind in yer sails here, however you have to )  deal?  Awesome.

Who needs 'rocket fuel' 4 the soul?  Can you say 'Rock & Roll?'

Paul on You Tube:


Paul on FB

He is  just getting started, dear friends in 'The One'  This Is  the infinite Father,The Good God, The God Jesus came to turn the world on to.
We ,  with our earthly minds simply can not fathom what He has in store for us.  Those of us like p & Uncle Jerry, &, ok, a whole generation practically, have gotten our glimpses, have been 'beyond this illusion,'  we've  had our fair or unfair share of 'trips'  2 wherever & come back, if we were lucky,  w all manner of stories 2 tell or not.

We did prove one thing 4 you 'youngsters' out there.  Drugs & being a 'druggie' are definitely not the way 2 go.  If you think getting high is where it's at, then, I got  news 4 ya. 'You got another thing comin'.  Don't fall into that trap, you may not come back, Jesus is a better way & He can play the night away.  So, if you're feeling like you missed out on all the good times, put that notion 2 the ocean & let it slip under the sea, have some tea w thee & celebrate life.  You're alive at the greatest moments in human history.  We're at the culmination, right now, of all that's gone down B4.  Lemuria & Atlantis ain't got nothing on this civilization despite the laggard terrorists & that ilk. 

God  has given us a leader 2 set us straight, ahead's the  gate, Don't ask who, what, why, just get on the train that flies.  
No one gets crucified this time. This time we got it right & the man who spurs us on, we'll we give Him a  song.

Those who  want to know the song & the man, simply go to the gazers777 page (link just above)  See the first 
gazer', then scroll down 2 Mr Brad Delp & that,  'A Man I'll Never Be'  by Boston. my dear friends, is the song. ioho, the only song that is better is 'Kashmir'  by Led Zeppelin & that's God's song.

Where did p find all these words?  Could it be, we all tap into the great mystery of  HE. a one mind 4 all 2 be a most important part of.  The Grand Tapestry of Humanity needs all of its components of many colors..  He is the one that makes  everything else undone, what does it matter if it's not about love...
This 'Trip" now emerging and still really on the launch pad,  as we are gathering our crews together, "Promises" 2 be the most Far Flung Freakin' Plant, excuse me, plan one can imagine.  And did we mention ~ Music Is It's Name?  Indeed, dear friends on the threshold of a dream

It's happening now as we live & breathe in His all encompassing field of love, simple, sweet, harmonious with  ALL THAT IS ~ Love. The only thing that is, not 2 mention the only thing that isn't. Does that make sense?  Stop making sense  say the talking heads while 10,000 maniacs  affirm 'these are days 2 remember'7 meanwhile our ride is here.  And some  riders over there.  a bit stormy is it guys?  Understand. Yeah, the Cars showed up w a song called Drive & oh, another one named 'all mixed up' & oh  my candy o wait, the Police  r at our Doors  and someone wants 2 be the king of pain & this one says, leave it  to me & he says everything will be alright.  Time Out.  Ah, paul 'time' Is  out.  Moments  r  'in' remember?   Yes, my friend, ok enough of this 'long distance runaround.'  Now  which one   was  pink, we can't  remember.

Ok, just 'foolin';  with ya's humanity, p is serious about his mission however he has been  accused of  having a sense  of humor, so as the cosmic chips have  fallen where they may.  It's beyond obvious that the One, United, Rock solid Rock & Roll world has Trumped (4 lack of a better word) the socio/political/mundanesameoldsameold  world.  We hereby claim our Universal Victory & We Say 2 This crazy world.  Hey humankind.  We got a crazy train  4 ya's.  If you want 2 come with us, get on the  train.  Deal?

Their move

Let p close this little, ok  now 'large' ramble with this:
When God loves us, & He does, It comes with benefits, benefits we can't imagine w our earthly  equipment.  OMG.  Can't say anymore now, however stay tuned.  The best is always yet 2 come.
This will be shared over at the new blog page
Rec & fin.
12:50 a.m.

So, let's put a song here, we have no idea  what it will be, although the floodgates are 
opening and we'll come back in a few and we'll all  find out together, deal?  Awesome.  )

Thank you dragonfire810 for sharing on YT.

Thanks to all who created this.   ) 

Yep, we're all on our way  but nowhere we really have to be except in God's love and we can't escape that.  Sorry guys.   )
It's high tide in the infinite cosmic seas, dear friends.  Hope you have a boat, our boat is God.  You on board with us or going 
your own way... ?  Whatever your choice, we wish you Godspeed.  Cheerio,  p

Now  10/14/15
Unbelievably -  paul did not google Dr Peebles til today as only having a fleeting thought of it the last 2 years.  
But today the time came.  As the well known axiom goes - "when the student is ready the teacher appears."  
paul and his friends need more learning so Dr Peebles, Thank you for being here at  this watershed transitional 
time  for humanity.  We will listen very hard for the truth to come to us at last and our many dreams come true
here on 'plant it' earth.   )

Dr Peebles page is on the menu, friends or  you can go by the direct link:  Thank you,   )


A couple of Smile box presentations:  For what it's worth. 
Thank you.  Keep smiling   )

Update:  The following Smilebox is now un- officially named:
"Friends of Johnny Carson, Cyndi Lauper & Loverboy   )

It is also shared at the Tsunami of love page.  Check it out:

What can we say, folks...

A more concise version of this show is here...

We need a sign, God.  Ok, here's a few for ya.
This makes 4 smileboxes for ya's.
Also shared at:

A 3rd Smilebox has been released & can be seen here:

as well as on the  blog page  and here as well:

Welcome Eagle to the Eagle party at the end of the world & the beginning of eternity~infinity.
2 requirements, 1. A smile in your heart that shows up on your face, and 2. a song in your heart.
Got those two and you've got it made in the shade.  Put away your  wallet, that crap is over & done
with.  After all what price... beloveds,  just please read that  (channeled) Good News Announcement (placed below)
as many times as you like til it starts to sink in.  God knows when a complete & total makeover of a system we've been
living and most of us suffering under all our lives changes, it can be unsettling.  

But how on earth dear beloveds can it be that to get that new car or dinette set or bike, you don't have to find the money to 
purchase it first.  What will this do for the crime rate?  Obviously it will not be anymore when we eliminate the need for money. 
Like in Heaven, you want or need something. you think it and there it is. Perfect in every way for you.  Down here in the new now
'cashless society' we just do what the following proclamation says.  These are His words, dear ones.  p is just His humble conduit.

He asks all His divine, perfect, infinitely perfect, children from 1 day old to 110 + years to simply get on the 'A' train to eternal bliss.
You get your ticket with the above stated requirements.  So what to do now?  You've hopefully explored this site a little.  Do what you 
would do if you discovered gold in California in 1848 and you were in the shovel business is one recommendation, only everyone finds 
the gold on equal footing.  This proclamation says, basically, we're  all as rich as God, indeed.  No numbers are that big so why not just 
roll wiih it fellow sons & daughters of His infinite beneficence.  Deal? 

Here's where we should try to make this front page news of the main page here, the front page news of every paper & news channel in His world.  
p does not want or need the spotlight, that should rightly be right on these pages.  Don't go to the messenger so much as the message.  That's the 
real stuff, on these pages, beloveds.  What the near future holds for humanity is to be seen by actions we take now, armed with the revelations revealed 
here on His, i.e. God's starsite.  Now "The Law" says  add the "An Urgent Message"  below, sonny, and so it is (a few seconds...) Done.  And so if you are
led to share what you've experienced here, just let His secret get out there to the masses.  The  moment is now, and is there a song to share for this occasion?
Of course and will be placed under  "An Urgent Message."  The song, indeed, playing in p's head now.  For this we record the time and say  See Ya's  further down the road...
And so it is, now.  IJN.

Rec & fin  1/23/16   [23~ cosmic trigger #.]
                 3:00 p.m.

Thank You Heavenly  Infinite Father Mother God Creator Divine Ultimate Infinite Prime Source of ALL THAT IS/ISN'T
for these words describing what has been given to us as sons & daughters, daughters & sons of The One.
May we all take them to heart in all our grateful, happy & loving  moments now & forever.  IJN.  And So It Is. Yes.  
And so it is, now.

And now the music...

Thank you zandhoorn for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bruce Springsteen & Company

Gee Thanks  SME for depriving us of a fine video bc of stupid copyright crap.  (

Advice 4 ya... 0.5 cents.   )

One other thing to share beloved brothers and sisters:
Three things for Rich success in life.

1.  Put God 1st in all things.
2.  Make Jesus your best friend.
3.  Give your heart to Mother Mary.  She will give it right back
     in Divine love and compassion.

Have an awesome day, not to mention forever, and keep smiling.  )

Update...Re the  above ~ Rec Changes...

1. Put God 1st in all things
2. Make God your best friend. Indeed.
3.  Ask Jesus ~ Lord Sananda to be your 2nd best friend & your Lord & Saviour.
4.  Give your heart to Mother Mary.  She will give it right back 
     in Divine love, compassion & joy.   )
5. Let the <3 of God ~ Music, be your master 'wayshower'. It is a 'bridge' to The Infinite. Indeed.  Yes.
6. Accept that 'the business'  of the 3rd/4th  dimension is over.  Rise & 'Shine' in 5D & above, after all ~ All our friends are there.  )
7. Love God, love His <3 music, love you., a mirror to God. <3 everyone & everything, everything is God.  You are God, a worthy companion to God, 
    The Infinite I AM THAT I AM.  And So It Is, Now.  Indeed.  Yes.

Maestro, Jerry, our 3rd, now, best friend & leader of the Grateful Living & Dead, play the perfect song 4 us, please, Bro & we send this out to our 4th best friend, 'Everyman.'  Yes, we are all one.  Let us bow our heads in Praise, Love, Joy, Inspiration, Celebration, Harmony,  Happiness.& Gratitude!!! 

Thank you Barry Sandak for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead & The Grateful Living, Jerry's new band in Heaven.
Does this leave anyone out, Guys?  God?  Jesus & Mary?  Mom & Co?  

Here's the answer in a song talking about all of us
Gotta go here to see it, guys...
It's the 3rd video down. Indeed,
We've only just begun. The Carpenters
It's 'Good News.'  'Hop to it'  Thanks Huey & Co.  )

Have a tour of our / His 'situation room' and  how you can have all you desire
with co-operation  from all who 'know'  in God's  ~ Source's perfect, infinitely 
perfect, Divine loving Plan. IJN.
And So It Is, Now, Indeed..YES.   )

"Thank You God" who completely arranged this sharing.  )

If led you can share and get to this on You tube w this link...


*       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *       *  

Here is P's contact info if you would like to get in touch.

Contact Info FYI:
Site host, other than God  )

Paul F Brown  
E mail:         paulfb777@gmail.com
Twitter:        http://twitter.com/paulfb

Phone:        617-786-7647
Address:     353 Sea St  Apt 38
                   Quincy, Ma 02169

Note:  Twitter & FB are the only social networks we do.  Thank you.


So, can we embrace The Cashless Society and get blessings simply by helping our fellow human beings?  Let's  be a blessing to each and 
every one of us.  We're all in this together, dear ones, in the eternal now.  We will have each other still when the  thought of money has 
gone to eternal oblivion.  Join us in saying bye bye to money, deal?  Good idea?  Indeed.   )  

So,  Paul McCartney, can you give us a song, Bro?  No 'Sirs' @ here.  )  (Ed: 1/10/20 )
Perfect, Thank You Paul.

Thank you  12345BeatlesFan for sharing on YT.

Thank You Paul McCartney , Linda McCartney, Wings, & All The Company of Heaven




Well. here we are and we're still stuck in this pay as you go treadmill money or nothing paradigm.  Paul here, since we 

do like to eat and pay our bills, below is a Paypal button if You'd consider helping  out by making a much needed and

appreciated contribution.

As you heard in this reading with Dr Peebles, channeled thru James Law, if you listened to it, highly recommended 

and really essential for 'getting' this site.

 tinyurl.com/MrToadsWildride777   He talks about 

how this site could generate a little 'bread and egg'* money.  Just think, as of this day, You could  be the second person 

to make a contribution to this site.  

*Well, the time has come to call that in if anyone feels they'd like to donate.  Anything is Most welcome.  And, if asked, 

we will send you '2 tickets to paradise '  Just put  your address in notes. Or send us a sase to our address above. 

If you can really be an 'angel'  and send the angel amount of $44. or more we will, with our 'Partner'  Jerry,  we will send you
3, count 'em, '3 Tickets to Paradise,'  includes the Far Flung 77 original card.  
There's @ 900 of them and when they're gone they're gone.  Of course all cards are .'Supercharged' In Love and  Gratitude.

Thank You Very much.   )


Thank You Jerry for inspiring this and for being a constant Major inspiration 2 us & Your countless friends.  ) ) )


Welcome Dr Peebles.  Thank You for Your Presence here to lend Hope and comfort to those who may need it very much at this  time in our troubled human evolution.  Dr Peebles Know, w/o any shadow of a doubt, that Human destiny lies in the infinite loving embrace of  Jesus Christ.  There is no other option for assured survival, dear ones.  In Jesus we have it all.  The  eternal Victory is safe and secure, not in the belief of Jesus as the Hope of  the world but in the KNOWING of same.  So, indeed, until we go on the cashless society paradigm, Paul could more than use some financial aid.  If you have nothing to spare, no worries, just, if led, in sharing this site and www.paulfb.com 

Wow, Thank You Dr Peebles.  We All Love You!  Indeed.  <3  )  

God Bless the children   <3  )

1/8/20  Announcing.  We are starting a Fundraiser w Facebook support. for the Hope Rains Foundation of Sierra Leone, West Africa..Our friend Emmanuel runs a orphanage w no government support, and no compassion for the kids who are going days w/o food and/or medical care.  They depend on donations, which are scarce despite much pleading by Emmanuel.  Here's details.  Please give something if you can, or if can't,  prayers are welcome.  God Bless the givers esp the ones who give to give expecting no reward, however, God is watching and God loves a glad giver.  HeShe loves us endlessly anyway, Dear Ones, we awl know that, it is hoped.  Oh, you're an atheist?  Suggest go to www.youtube.com and search NDE (Near Death Experiencers)  Even doctors are copping to the fact that we are far far more than just physical phenomenons.  2020 is the year we en masse, discover our supernatural powers we lleft behind when we incarnated.  We are truly divine immortal spiritual  beings having human experiences and until we wake up and  choose non political or religious or cult leadership we'll continue to dread turning on the tv for the chaos, cruelty and craziness the newzzz people report.  

You want some good, real truthful new news, people?  Check out Paul & the starsites he is humbled and privileged 2 steward for Creator & Company.  Think he's fake?  Fine, go over everything he's shared around these 2 sites.  Then come back & call us fake or whatever diagnosis you may have.  We'll tell you right now, again, dear ones.  God's script 4 each and every one of us is perfect 4 us.   Those little synchronicities we have are like 'winks' from the universe that, yes, indeed, we're aligned with our particular plan doing exactly what our script  calls for in any given moment  e.g. of a small synchro from yesterday....  we placed the 'Day in the life' video of the Beatles song on the Mary 'Things that R over' page (below) and combing our hair and then we hear 'Dragged a comb across my head'  We  just recreated it since we did need 2 comb our hair.  lol  )  Paul, tell us again what we're in, Bro.  Gladly Hi Self: (Directors cut as usual. )   https://youtu.be/aXjihmFitqA  TYVM. )

 To the spirits in temporary human form reading this in your temporary illusion plane of existence.  Please Help Feed Starving Children.  Sent plea to thousands yesterday  http://www.paulfb.com/444497914  We just got one $10. donation.  God BLESS that person. Are we being tested down here, volunteers 4 the swamp boot camp, schoolhouse, life in 3-4 D ~ 'Show what we're made of show?'   Ohh Yesss, my dear friends.  As the curtain is coming down, correct Mary?   http://www.paulfb.com/444671566   Then if weir real good, like 4 real, the Real Fun can begin w money in its proper place.  Who can say Really, God Mary Jesus & Paul & Everyperson?  http://www.paulfb.com/444671566    😎  Awl spirits in the material world welcome 2 the Grateful jubilee: www.paulfb.com  & Party www.EarthPartyNow.com  Cheers. )  A page 4 good stuff & donations as well.  (you're on it now)  www.tinyurl.com/Sitessentials777

Paypal address for the orphanage is:  hoperainsfoundationsl1@gmail.com  

Note:   The Dhttps://youtu.be/RqZE-dIrnwIonate button for Paul may or may not show up when you're here.  )  Refreshing usually brings it up.  PP addy is:  paulfb777@gmail.com  TY.

Our email is same as PP addy, so just feel free  to contact us, esp if you would like at least 2 blessed 'Tickets to Paradise.' Cheers,  <3  )



Soon everyone will have a place 2 go where there will be friends 2 hang out with, if want. 

Thank You and May You Be Abundantly Blessed, now & forever.
And  so it is.   

P pic.


May You Be Blessed by Kate Nowak

Thank you simpletruthstv for sharing on YT.

Thank  You Kate Nowak and Live More Abundantly Productions.

Indeed, yes.  )

And finally,  Sing my songs for me and For everyman;  2 songs 
seamlessly sewn together for God's children to enjoy forever.

Thank you djclay33 for  sharing on YT.

Thank You Jackson Browne.

And Thank You Bro 4 playing HisHer songs.  <3  )

So, where  to from here God?
HeShe  has a place prepared for us, guys, here we go..(w new url 11/7/18)

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P pic.

All pages on this site are now 'dovetailing' to here...

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P pic.

See Ya's there..  Nanci says 'Join the fun'  <3  )

Namaste  All.   )


Remember, guys,  It's only a script.  We're all volunteer players in God's perfect, infinitely perfect, designer script, custom
co- scripted by, guess who?  Yep, Us, my dear friends.  We can't blame it on anyone else but us.  You want 2 blame God? 
Fine, go look in the nearest mirror, Larry.   Indeed, We oversoul spirits, High selves of the spirits pretending 2 be human, living
in some cases, sit com lives; have had a large hand in what's gone down in our personal, made to reap  the most soul growth 4
each one of us.  Some may be happy and content with their lives.  Sure, we all have some regrets w the 'woulda, shoulda, coulda's
of life.  No one is perfect except God.  So, if  led, check this 20 second video director's cut w the humble but dynamic instrument, Paul.

Thank You Good God.  Conceiver, producer, director, actor & 'Best boy' 4 this Far Flung Production Limitless video.  Lol  )

--- and we'll see Ya's on the other side.  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.   Rec & fin.  Above date:  2:33 p.m.  

Alright,  Paul.  got a suggestion 4 weir we can go from here?  Of course, Sunny Jane.  You & Sonny Jim are expected over here.

Hope Ya's like happy endings bc that is what you will see there.  Like so...


So Awl fellow infinite divine creator God & Goddess Souls know... Source God Creator and only Good God Heavenly Infinite Father Mother ~ Mother Father God ALL THAT IS  Great I AM THAT I AM  Higher Power Divine Ultimate Ultimate Divine  The Infinite The One Is solely responsible 4 All content herein. And All Infinite Praise Glory & Gratitude Goes 2 Source & Company.   The 'innocent bystander' scribe, Paul, relatively, did absolutely nothing.  (He's so lazy. ) 
God Did Everything.  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.  Now moment marked:  3:33  p.m.  )


A New beginning w 

Billy Graham - The Speech That Broke The Internet - Most Inspiring Ever

Thank you Lion of Judah for sharing on Yt.

Thank You God 4 angels among us & Everywhere.  Thank You Billy Graham, Speaker.

Who can use a little luck?  Can Unicorns bring us some?  Hope so.  )

                 Yahoo images.

Meet Lucky,  Lucky & Lucky  <3  )

And then... the song...

Paul McCartney & Wings - With A Little Luck
Thank you TheAD82 for sharing on Yt

Thank You Paul & Linda & Wings 4 the luck.  <3  )

And last 4 now.  How 'bout a lollipop crop circle

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