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Living the infinite life, now & forever...IJN.

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April, 2016

Greetings One & All 2 His, Heaven's Blog II ~ sharing 'good stuff' w each & every one of us.

It is hoped that you have arrived here- a veteran of the first Heaven's blog, not 2 mention other pages He has created thru the humble servant/ channel, p.

We know it's vast however we do have eternity to discover it & so much more. When it comes to God & His mysteries, there is not even termed, 'scratching the surface' God Is too vast & Powerful, there simply is No 'scratching the surface of scratching the surface.' It just can't be done, dear beloveds. So, just relax w the knowing, He likes us, Mikey He 'loves' us. We, really can do no wrong. Nothing we gotta do, 'cept maybe smile, smile smile.

So, join the team of believers rep here, sit back, relax & Ahem: Have Fun. We know, what a concept, huh? Fun, we have found God Is f u n. Indeed. Do you concur Jerry.? (As The Grateful Dead are now playing on p's boombox, one of p's tapes. 'Ripple.') That answers our question. Jerry, have you frowned once, since your timely passing? Ans: "nope." ) Is anyone unhappy over there or 'pissed off'? Nope. ) How 'bout anyone over there mad at God? The only thing is they are 'mad' at themselves 4 the 'time' -to use an obsolete word, they had on earth that they didn't give God His due, didn't pay attention 2 Him, didn't talk 2 others about Him, didn't Praise Him & even 'Shout from the proverbial rooftops' how Good God Is.

This is what we regret over here now, Bro, I myself wish that 4 every note I played in my career I blessed it on it's way as coming from God, which it was but I didn't 'get' that it was a gift from me, Jerry the guitar player, channeling my gift from God to the audiences. I, with all my exploration of consciousness was too 'hip' & downright stupid re giving it all up 2 God. I'll tell everyone reading this right now on God's blog, paul, don't be stupid, folks. God Is God & God Is God & All & Everything Is God & Nothing Escapes God bc It's All God & We All R God & Hey, Did I mention Good (p typed God - Good came out) Is Good & God IS Good.

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Jerry Garcia.

So our very dear friend, Jerry Garcia. You, everyone's friend, are hereby saying in this transmission from You from what is termed 'The Other Side" are saying, what again? ) GOD IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOD ~!!!.. Ok, well beloved Bro, Jerry, thank You for the timely update from 'next door' ~ 'the other side,' as termed. Hopefully, it will be part of God's, His, perfect, Infinitely perfect, plan that a merger or cosmic unveiling or spaceships landing or whatever His most Far Flung Plan is to bring about the mass consciousness uplifting of humanity 2 it's next level will manifest in a moment-ous fashion acc 2 His Divine, ultimate Perfect plan, which, btw, includes each & every one of us playing our parts acc 2 His infinitely perfect script. (whew )

And So It Is Now & 4 ever, Indeed. IJN.

Namaste. )

So as above so below, we communicate w music & your humble host here for this new, not improved, page is paul II or p II. The original p did his thing, however he failed in getting this site out 2 the masses. It's still an unknown place. p ii here, possibly but not certified at this moment as p's doppelganger from a parallel universe. p II is not confirming nor denying this is so at this moment. We are saying, p is indeed, as was shared in the Readings w Intuitive consultant Mr Jim Law, (ret) a multi- dimensional being who according to another reading by Ashtar of the Ashtar Command has been @ for, oh, about 600 million years

[All readings links here w other 'good stuff.' He is sharing]


Ahem, he was one of the original protectors of this planet. not 2 mention one of the original 144,000 volunteer souls who made a solemn vow to God 2 stay the course, the fight, the 'whatever it takes' in order 2 restore Terra, a beautiful, bountiful, generous beyond belief, being in Her own right back 2 Her original pristine beauty. The job of restoring peace & balance in this, God's, Good illusion is a 'done deal.' folks. The musicians who are on the Jesus Glory train R steering the Good Ship Infinity w our/ His songs of Love, Faith, Truth, Justice, Fairness, Courage, Conviction, Peace & harmony and then some.

However no one was interested in that bc it can't be real in our mundane, same old same old. paycheck, new dinette set, material world.' So p II will continue on the same path, sharing 'good stuff' sharing, announcing on FB & Twitter, leaviing little stacks of business cards when a store clerk lets him. Willing 2 talk 2 anyone who asks about the site or what we do 4 a living. The answer is we work full time 4 God & we remain fully committed 2 His perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan 4 humanity which includes. Ahem:

"The Cashless Society." Links 2 info on all things He would bring about are on the first blog page or at the main page or simply clicking on links on menu to the left.

So, you want 2 see p ii's picture, sure, here it is, also includes the N II of His soul mate, Nanci, (we all have many soulmates) This picture is the 2nd one the camera snapped. (brought over from here.)


May be an image of 2 people, including Paul F Brown

Photo by Harry A. Ruby Rogers Staff.

Nanci & paul 'Still crazy (in a good way) after all these years.' )

Ok, we have 'n II' & p II for the record, however in future sharings we will simply revert to n or p, ok? Good.

Btw, when p tells n she really should check out the latest content 2 come down at this site, she says, sometimes, "so when can I pick up my car?" p says when the word gets out & people 'Wake up."

So, moment is here when 'He' says that group u woke up 2 on the brain? Now is moment 2 'play it paul.' So, folks, off goes p now to get a song from this group, and it's ok, remember like, to put it 2 ultimate comparison's if you folks think God was blindsided by Lucifer & Satan, think again. He allowed that whole scenario 2 play out bc , in the long run, in His Infinite wisdom, He knew the outcome & what purpose it would serve in the end.

We are at the end, now, dear ones. As p types this stream of words from Source, we can only look & see & hear this whole world around us & say to the Rock & Roll world... You know what, R & R world? You matter more than the rat race ever will. You, the musicians channeling the light & love of 'The Creator' are & have changed this world. from the moment Elvis walked into Sun Studios in Memphis, TN, to the tipping point of Now & the flood it's carrying us all up the river to His happy, healthy & holy domain where we all will find ourselves, safely & permanently at peace, in the oneness of The One & the music never stops playing, unless we want it to stop. Remember, silence is always golden. And So It Is Now & 4 Ever. IJN.

Going out to The zzzzz News media all media who have not followed thru on exploring this gold mine. God is not a one day item and the next days forgotten about. He is ever present, everywhere. He is 2 B used, but not abused. We are All Him living as Us, Tom, Jane & Sally every~person, Indeed. we suggest, start 'gazing' with you. Can you spare 7 or 22 seconds 2 start yer day gazing into the God given divinity that is You -Your particular complex of divinity ~ straight from Source? Of course you can.


Then when p did his 'gaze' with Jesus/Sananda with Superstar by Karen Carpenter playing & then 'gazing' w Karen Carpenter while hearing 'Earth Ship" by The Mahavishnu Orchestra (Jesus, self assigned, music) & then going 2 the Jimi Hendrix 'gaze' area & hearing 'All along the Watchtower,' one of Mr Dylan's epic channelings from God.. OMG, peeps, do you think p had a powerful start 2 his day? All of us can 'do' this, every day. Let's face it, paul esp now w paul II in the house, folks, God has given us a leader. An enlightened leader, like the kind humanity was wise enough to use in ancient societies - positions that required the most enlightened w loving compassion & the discernment that kind of position requires.

This is the moments we, as a society can move on, in the knowing God Is the ONE In Charge. Politicians are not needed as such anymore in this new/ now paradigm. Keep the bridges fixed & the roads repaired & the potholes & Let God lead us 2 where He wants 2 take us, Now.. Spirit has an awesome sense of humor, folks, however if you think for one nano second of a nano second you can 'play' with Him, you unfortunately friend- have got the W R O N G. God. Take it from a guy, yes, your humble friend, p, who's not even barely scratched the surface of His power, got too confident or had too much fun & had the lights go out. You Do Not Want That To Happen. EVER., Got IT? Good.

Please listen to your designated 'Canary in a coal mine.'

Ok, here's Music from: Ahem: Asleep @ The Wheel. Don't take it personally news & entertainment media. We understand, it's hard 2 know when you're asleep.

Thank you KUTX Austin 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Asleep @ The Wheel ~ an apt term 4 humanity. in need of someone named Jesus 2 take the wheel~ ?

And Bro Glenn, right on His script, wants 2 chime in, Welcome beloved '5 Eagles' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you GennFreyVEVO 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Bro Glenn & Company. See Ya's on Rt 66 & anywhere, & anyplace & anymoment. & So It Is 4 all of us, from HIM. ~

Always, gotta be a 3rd, so 4 the road ~ His selection is...The song playing on p's homemade tape right now:

Take it away Emmylou & The Nash Ramblers... )

Thank you Bert van der Waal van Dijk 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Ms Emmylou Harris & The Nash Ramblers. 4 the ride 2 'Guitar Town,' A nice place 2 b 4 sure, we're told. )

High 5 to Steve Earle 4 writing this classic.

Rec & fin


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Hello folks,

How y'all doing- so far today? Good.

We stated in the previous blog, we think it was, that as WZLX has perfect 10 , though we opted to do 12 for the zodiacal inclusion, we, for the female version, found that we already had a winning list of female artists in our/His creation on here termed 'Women's Voices" w His signature 777 Ok, we've added a few more artists & since this was already started with Ms Pat Benatar starting it off who we would want 2 have leading it off. We humbly submit this to all you music aficionados 4 you 2 enjoy, we hope. Music is fuel 2 spirits like p in the material world & 2 those spirits ~ angels all around us & higher ~ inner planes. Music makes the world go 'round & heaven on earth 2 show up in us. i.e. if we let it, right?


Later, )



Hello One & all... Ok, it's later & we have a new page 2 share with you. esp those who find themselves moved by the music. e.g. we've read of parrotheads, you know, Jimmy Buffet fans who, on hearing a JB song on the radio went on months long Jimmy B odyssey's. Guess they didn't have too much keeping them home, same w some deadheads. Oh, the stories out there re music & human activity. Someone should write a book. Good news is God has a book on all the activity of His children It's called 'the akashic records' & it is like a cosmic 'book' on each of us, His divine creations that He has invited to go home 2 what He has waiting 4 us in the higher/inner realms of His awesome creation created by & from one thing, one infinite divine substance simply called L o v e.

Yeah, my dear friends, this Love thing, like Rock & Roll can never die or even be lost 4 a nano-second once it's activated. We all were activated B4 we were born, in our Mother's womb. So, with there being no escaping this, what else is there 4 us 2 do? Answer, since u asked, kind sir, is m u s i c. Some may even say, oh, I don't like music. If that being the sad case, we have some sad news 4 you, silence, that being golden, is music. It beats 2 your heart. Now, surely, Shirley, we know, 2 be alive is 2 have a heart. Hearts beat, so if you think you can live w/o music, our condolences, however you r screwed. Your heart Is music, beating 2 its own beat & rhythm. Got it? good. Blame God, that's how He made all of us.

Ok, so most of us love the music esp the kind that really gets our blood pumping. Obviously, we're all different. Each God created 'soul' has it's own drum & drummer it would respond 2. Anyway, God has created a 'fueling' station here so that peeps who, esp fashion the Rock & Roll fill-up can just mosey on by & get all the fuel they could want 2 fill up a (You can't put a # on it) car train. we're not lying, friends, we don't lie, ever, esp 2 cover up someone else's lie. ) So, plz trust us here & try these songs 2 'fuel' your day. They're not 4 everybody, some may be too 'acid' 4 you. we/He 'gets' that, It's fine, no prob.

Alright, there will be many added as it's a joy 4 the channel, not 2 mention God who p channels, 2 share this 'good stuff.' This is activity that can go on 4~ever, dear ones. So why not get started? Oh, you have to work? Again? Sorry, guess you still haven't gotten His memo, once again, like a broken record, humanity, when U gonna wake up & actually put into practice what He, The Infinite Father of All That Is ~ The Ultimate Divine ~ Divine Ultimate I AM THAT I AM Prime Source Creator wants 4 His children, as shared here: in 'The Cashless Society" Victory sharing & "An Urgent Message."

Yeah, we/He R beating the drum 4 we know what it takes to wake up a sleeping, sedate, giant of a blob called, humanity. So, anyway, if led, go here & get fed~ fueled, by some of the most awesome Rock songs ever recorded. In most cases, if there is an awesome live version, we go w that, so the real, God given talent of these magicians, excuse me, musicians, can shine on through. However the recorded versions that the musicians slaved over for many moments is respected & honoured as well. Ok, so put yer ears on & mosey on over here, hear? )


& here's where the music is:


Rec & fin.w edit


5:55 p.m.



9:44 p.m. (not marking 'time' as chronicling the moments)

Must share this Tsunami of love page w brand new content. esp 4 Jerry fans looking 4 Fun. Isn't that everyone? We hope so. )


God has an awesome 'knack' 4 placing things exactly where they can serve the most good in 'moments & space.' Agree? Awesome. )



9:25 p.m.

Hey All, How you been?

Grabbing a moment 2 share w ya's what's been going down, or more accurately what's rising up at His starsite: http://EarthPartyNow.com

From Easter: Did you get yours yet or inquire about it? This is His wish but one has 2 believe.


The Blog page has filled up, don't miss last entries ~ even some shocking stuff.


Here's the new Heavens blog page:


Need 'fuel' 2 fill your energy tank? What's better, after Jesus & prayer, than music? God gave us 'sounds.' When converted 2 that termed 'music' it can transform our entire being. Experience that here: This site could truly "Rock your world" like nothing else ever has. These are His selections, go, take what you will, leave the rest. May the music take us 2 where He wants us 2 be.


What else? Of course, we 'gaze' every day, first in our own bathroom mirror. Start with telling yourself how much you love yerself, beloveds. That's where it starts. Nothing wrong w loving yourself. Heck, if you don't love yourself, then where are we? No where, I'm not afraid. (be careful w language. your subconscious mind can act on dumb affirmations like, ooh, I'm gonna have a horrible day today, or everybody hates me. Don't take your beautiful mind there. Ok? Awesome.

Then we, as an example- you can do anything you please, gaze w Jesus ~ Sananda, Karen Carpenter & others, & it''s never anything less than 'awesome;' the word of these moments we live in now. Moment by moment...



& a new gazers III coming up soon.

And there is so much more to this, His starsite. 'Vast' is the term, however, what else would one expect from The Creator of Creation, The Ultimate Prime Source of ALL THAT IS & ISN'T. The Ultimate ~ I AM THAT I AM. He lifts His lamp 4 us, His lamp of m u s i c beloved children, folks. fellow I AM THAT I AM Grateful Sons & Daughters, Brothers & Sisters of the One, In Oneness, Now, this moment, all on the threshold of a dream. Indeed, The least we can do or say is. Ahem: 'Yes,' I'm IN, I Am A Believer & no one or no thing can make me change my mind. And So It Is, Now, Indeed.

Now, Please, God, show me the way, God. & Thank You God! ) Oh, and God, I love you God. God will You be 'me' in this crazy, chaotic world full of hate, fear and misery. I want 2 make a difference, & with Your help, of course, God I can do this. I know I will be joining many other's in this fight 2 restore Love, light, truth, justice, equality, harmony and faithfulness 2 this formerly 'lost' world.

With Jesus leading our team we are One & we are invincible. We've won the 'W' folks, we are in Victory lane however bc we live under the thumb of big gov't, big money & big corporate crappola, I release all action 2 You God, AKA Spirit. I allow Spirit 2 overrule & forgive any dumb, stupid or inappropriate thing I may do or have done, esp when it comes 2 supporting these doomed to oblivion systems.

Come alive, God's children, behold the music 2 beckon us forth on His awesome, magical journey back 2 Him from whom we sprang in the first place.

May b good idea 2 bookmark this transmission, friends. We will have it on the 2nd blog page b4 u know it.

Cheers, p, the humble servant & biggest fan of U, Humanity. Welcome 2 His new revolution, Thunder/Clap from the infinite like an avalanche gone crazy tumbles down. Film at 11.

p, In His Service 4 One & All All & one. out. )

p.s. 'Say good night, Gracie'...

'Good night Gracie' )

Rec & fin


7: 50 p.m.

Addendums: 9:11 p.m.

Thank you The Best Of - Home Of Classic Music sharing on YT.

Thank You Thunderclap Newman, Pete's other group in case that 'Who' thing didn't work out. )


12:55 a.m.

This is brought over from the Site Essentials page. To see it there in context here's linkl:




This, after not being available for a while due 2 His Will, is now available at this perfect & all the perfect moments to come. Praise God.

A reading from Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru the great channel Michael ei Legion for Paul F Brown


This may explain some questions some may have re this chap, p, indeed. )

No, this is not his 1st rodeo, ) Btw, It is now legal 2 smile on cloudy days & 2 follow a smile w a laugh. ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho )

He is just getting started, dear friends in 'The One' This Is the infinite Father,The Good God, The God Jesus came to turn the world on to.

We , with our earthly minds simply can not fathom what He has in store for us. Those of us like p & Uncle Jerry, &, ok, a whole generation practically, have gotten our glimpses, have been 'beyond this illusion,' we've had our fair or unfair share of 'trips' 2 wherever & come back, if we were lucky, w all manner of stories 2 tell or not.

We did prove one thing 4 you 'youngsters' out there. Drugs & being a 'druggie' are definitely not the way 2 go. If you think getting high is where it's at, then, I got news 4 ya. 'You got another thing comin'. Don't fall into that trap, you may not come back, Jesus is a better way & He can play the night away. So, if you're feeling like you missed out on all the good times, put that notion 2 the ocean & let it slip under the sea, have some tea w thee & celebrate life. You're alive at the greatest moments in human history. We're at the culmination, right now, of all that's gone down B4. Lemuria & Atlantis ain't got nothing on this civilization despite the laggard terrorists & that ilk.

God has given us a leader 2 set us straight, ahead's the gate, Don't ask who, what, why, just get on the train that flies.

No one gets crucified this time. This time we got it right & the man who spurs us on, we'll we give Him a song.

Those who want to know the song & the man, simply go to the gazers777 page (link just above) See the first

'gazer,' then scroll down 2 Mr Brad Delp & the song there: 'A Man I'll Never Be' by Boston. This. my dear friends, is the song. ioho, to dedicate to Jesus. & we do. The only song that is more awesome, ioho, is 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin & that's God's song. Indeed.

Where did p find all these words? Could it be, we all tap into the great mystery of HE. a one mind 4 all 2 be a most important part of. The Grand Tapestry of Humanity needs all of its components of many colors.. He is the one that makes everything else undone, what does it matter if it's not about love...

This 'Trip" now emerging and still really on the launch pad, as we are gathering our crews together, "Promises" 2 be the most Far Flung Freakin' Plant, excuse me, plan one can imagine. And did we mention ~ Music Is It's Name? Indeed, dear friends on the threshold of a dream. Only God can script this whole inter- connected labyrinth with all of us playing our integral part in His Grand Play.

It's happening now as we live & breathe in His all encompassing field of love, simple, sweet, harmonious with ALL THAT IS ~ Love. The only thing that is, not 2 mention the only thing that isn't. Does that make sense? Stop making sense say the talking heads while 10,000 maniacs affirm 'these are days 2 remember' - meanwhile our ride is here. And some riders over there. a bit stormy is it guys?

Understand. Yeah, people are very strange, the Cars showed up w a song called Drive & oh, another one named 'all mixed up' & oh my candy o wait, the Police r at our Doors and a brave soul wants 2 be the king of pain, not p 4 sure, Sir you can have that one, & this being says, leave it to me & he says everything will b alright. Time Out. Ah, paul 'time' Is out. Moments r 'in' remember? Yes, my friend, ok enough of this 'long distance runaround.' Now which one was pink, we can't remember.

Ok, just 'foolin'; with ya's humanity, p is serious about his mission however he has been accused of having a sense of humor, so as the cosmic chips have fallen where they may. It's beyond obvious that the One, United, Rock solid Rock & Roll world has Trumped (4 lack of a better word) the socio/economic/political/mundane/sameold/sameold world. We hereby claim our Universal Victory & We Say 2 This crazy world. Hey humankind. We got a crazy train 4 ya's. If you want 2 come with us, get on the train. Deal?

Their move

Thank you OzzyOsbourne 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Ozzy Osbourne & Co inc. Randy Rhodes.

Let p close this little, ok now 'large' ramble with this:

When God loves us, & He does, It comes with benefits, benefits we can't imagine w our earthly equipment. OMG. Can't say anymore now, however stay tuned. The best is always yet 2 come.

Rec & fin.


12:50 a.m.

Where 2 now?

Here's where the cars go:2 get fuel, us pedestrians too...)




So, Jerry, Thank You 4 yer guidance & support, Bro. We know you are a cosmic magician & you are 'da man' Carry on...)

Yahoo images

Jerry Garcia

Designated 'magician' of His starsite ~ Earth Party Now. com

Yes, dear friends, here we are in the years. It's a million year shot to find us all here. The final shootout at the ok corral.

Our instrument is music & love, love & music, forever. What are 'they' offering you? Oh, right, another paycheck & nauseating 'news.'

We can fly 2 the stars, acc 2 His infinitely perfect script, we can let Uncle John's Band take us home, we have infinite roads 2 take.

Anyone want 2 discuss His options w p. Contact us 4 an awesome moment & then another awesome moment & getting the hang of it humanity? )

Thank you ilicsasa 4 sharing onYT.

Thank You Scorpions.

Thank You God 4 the Miracle we are & are living in & all the miracles 2 come , moment by moment. We really appreciate it, Dear God. IJN.


Your Grateful, humble & forever smiling, happy children of 'The One.' Indeed.

And, now the song...

Thank you aizbelz4sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions.

Who else is waking up in a Gemini Dream?

Thank you MoodiiesFan 4 sharing on yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Why not every moment like 'Tuesday Afternoon?' Aka 'Forever Afternoon.'

Thank you MoodiiesFan 4 sharing on yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

Who can hear His Voice in song, all of us? Ans, we hope is "Yes." (Gee what a awesome name 4 a Rock Group. In a perfect script, there would be same. )

Thank you EssentialDegnities 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

So, as we sit here at our Gateway computer Aka a 'miracle from Heaven' 4 humanity, like electricity, our TV's, & suns, moons & stars, He's given us all & we've only just begun, beloveds. Guess this is what Dr Peebles meant when he said 2 p re this, His site, 'it will be 'beyond your wildest dreams' in that reading w Intuitive consultant Mr Jim Law. (ret.)


Credentials you want, humanity? Credentials you have, now. Now open, w His Grace, 2 the world(s). of His infinite, divine, harmonious field of Love, light, hope & fulfillment, not 2 mention ~ adventure in our all 4 one, one 4 all, tight knit community.

He shares this at this moment & repeated listens will open one up exponentially as Ashtar says in the reading. He shares this reading from Lord Ashtar of The Ashtar Command thru the great channel ~ Michael el Legion 4 Paul F Brown.


Oh, and in case you haven't seen this - totally orchestrated & acted by Him, 'on the fly,' so 2 speak, here you go...

paul & Nanci have the same voice, so it's like from the 2 of us, and indeed, so it is, now.


Blessings 2 us all from Him, God, & many other names, not the least is "I AM THAT I AM" Who, along w Prime Source, Divine Ultimate ~ Ultimate Divine, Father ~ Mother ~ God ~ Creator ~ ALL THAT IS ~ All answer 2 "God." The God of Oneness, The "Good" God, The God of Abraham, The God Jesus came 2 earth 2 share His profoundly Awesome Love, & finally, Yes, the God of Rock & Roll ~ Indeed, since the moment that Mr Elvis Presley, Aka "3 bears" ~ 'The King of Rock & Roll,' stepped over the threshold of the front door of Sun Studios in beautiful Memphis Tn, USA, planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Infinite field of God's limitless, boundless & awesomely beautiful creation.

Alright, there we have it fellow star beings on the way 2 infinity. Got yer tickets 2 ride? We'll see you around, keep the flame burning. We profusely Thank All The Above on behalf of humanity from our knees.

We do say 2 The Above. 'Ready 4 the next act, God. within Your divine, perfect, infinitely perfect scrpt [& Thanks God 4 sharing w us how 'on the beam' we are when we pulled into the Stop & Shop parking lot the other night & found ourselves parked directly behind a car with a license plate that read SCRIPT. Apologies 2 the owner of that license plate however most people who have vanity license plates don't mind sharing it. That's why they have it in the first place. p is an expert license plate reader & we see awesome plates everywhere but for privacy,we don't take pictures of them. Suffice 2 say if you have or see #'s like 33, 22, 222, 44, 55 777 #'s like that you're good but all #'s are ok.]

Ready when You are. God )

Thank you TheMoodyBluesVEVO 4 sharing onYT.

Thank You The Moody Blues

We'll leave Ya's with some Jerry & the guys 'magic' called 'Fire on The Mountain. Jerry & Co, Plz take it away... )

Thank you Grateful Dead for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Rec & fin


7:15 p.m.



We wrote this letter 2 Alice Cooper tonight while listening to 'her' show on WZLX

Alice, You don't mind that do you?

All we are doing at this juncture, dear fellow peeps is sharing the awesome news that, as the title of this, His starsite says:

God is throwing a party Aka a Jubilee 4 the Earth & everyone & everything on Her ~ You & all yer friends are invited.

If you are accepting His invitation simply say "YES" & get hip or hep or hop 2 what He has shared here in channeled info, inc

The Cashless Society' & 'An Urgent Message' docs. brought 2 ya's thru p aka, only for promotional validation, as... ahem

'the lover of the world.' Url for this page is below- Good news docs. Thank Ya's indeed.

Ok, here's shared 2 Alice Cooper & Thank You Soo Much Alice, You're beautiful. )

An Open Letter...

Greetings & Hi Alice,

How are you? Awesome.

we listen to you on WZLX 100.7 in Boston on Saturday nights.

I'm this guy: tinyurl.com/ManonHismission777

We are getting the 'More Than Good News' out that God is throwing a party & all His children are invited.


There are many awesome pages on this, His site & He did All the work. p just pushes the buttons.

One of the newest pages features you, Dear Alice:


You are also featured here my dear friend...


All latest info coming down is shared here:


You're playing 'Don't Fear The Reaper' by BOC as we type this. Excellent choice & synchronicity, my dear friend.

Here's a page that outlines our/His platform, our credentials, etc.


This Is Not A Joke, Dear Alice. We are 122% Legit.

If you are led 2 share this info w your audience it would be greatly appreciated & you, obviously, would be greatly blessed.

Thank You Dear Alice. )


In His service,

paul / p aka (4 promotional uses only) 'the lover of the world.'

p.s. Here's a page we can't recommend enough:


p.p.s. This is the Site Essentials page. Lots of links 2 Smilebox presentations, readings, music, contact info & yes, a donate box.


Believe us the irony of proclaiming the 'done deal' of 'The Cashless Society' & needing the legal tender 2 get by until humanity wakes up & abides by God's Will

is not lost on us by a long shot. This is p's only job, working for/with God. It doesn't pay, however the after life benefits are out of this world.

we were advised a long time ago, well after the 'Mr Toad's Wild Ride' reading, to put the donate box in. We are still on the lookout 4 the first donation.

So, if you, yeah, you can help support this/His site & the humble steward serving it. It is most appreciated. & you will be blessed, indeed. Thank you. )

We will end this with the song playing now as we type this, on one of paul's homemade cassettes.

Thank you phewlz 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Prophets: David Crosby, Stephen Sills, Graham Nash & Neil Young.

Love Is Coming 2 Us All, Indeed. )

Rec & fin,


2:44 a.m.


same day

4:37 p.m.

Earth's having a party, folks. Here Madonna makes it 'Official.'

"Tell the world, Madonna." )

Thank you Madonna Live TV 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Madonna & Crew

Now The Party can Really Start... )

Like out of a dream, prayers answered. God is Good. Celebrate... )

Thank you Warner Bros. Records 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You Madonna

Thank You each & every one of us 4 what we each bring 2 God's bountiful table.

Ciao 4 now. )



Greetings all in what is a very good day numerologically speaking. 11 is such a mysterious number, a gateway number to ~

well that we all find out when we find out.

He is pleased 2 announce that the long awaited, delayed by many spinning plates, Gazers III page is now open 4 business.


Gaze & hear what the 4 departed keyboard players of The Grateful Dead are sharing there. It's awesome stuff

There is an intro 2 that page by Jerry Garcia on the previous gaze page. Scroll 2 bottom, if want to see.


Next gazer will, His Will willing be a whole lot shorter wait than the last one.

Hint: She brought a whole lotta love 2 the planet. Jeez paul, why don't you just name her for crying out loud. we know, just couldn't think of another hint. )

3: 00 a.m. Out.



12:20 a.m.

Nicolette Larson is now permanently there 4 us should we care 2 visit & be nourished, mind, body & soul.

In Other News

Braco Free Live Streaming

April 12, 13 & 14 Details here:




@ 9:00 p.m.

Alright, Heavenly Father what do you want yer wayward children 2 do now?

Celebrate like it's 2016 the season is here. Here's a runway 2 laugh, cry, be my children & don't ask why. Look in a mirror, there you will see me. Yep, as Y o u.

Aren't we good looking? Yeah, we're ok. We're all ok. We're G o o d.

Ed note: God Good. Good God. Indeed, Our Good God Is An Awesome God. The Best. < Period. )


Now, Father, rest assured, we are marching right over to:


We're putting up that 'Miracles' song by Jefferson Starship with the quickness. There he goes... ) almost...

One more thing B4 we go dear friends, and of course He is doing this, What goes around, comes around, humanity, do you know that each & every one of us has won this "W" - we all came down here as 'players' & we all played a part n securing this 4 the home town team. Yes, planet Earth. No, it wasn't pretty, as 'they' say but in the end the "W" is all that matters. So, friends, let us rejoice & be glad; The battle has been won, so have the wars, skirmishes, arguments, disagreements, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and what could be generally termed scientifically as 'bullcrap.'

Father of ALL THAT IS along with Mother of ALL THAT IS in 4 Ever Alliance w 'I AM THAT I AM" ~ Prime Source ~ Divine Ultimate & Ultimate Divine ~ Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS & ISN'T Say 2 Us Sons & Daughters, Daughters & Sons of HIS Magnificent, Majestic, Awesome Light & Love Now & 4 Ever... It's O V E R.

Think this is a joke? No, it's not a joke. "The Law" author of "An Urgent Message" will straighten you out with the quickness, in accordance with God, author of

"The Cashless Society" proclomation, all brought forth 2 you, humanity, thru the humble auspices of 'the lover of the world.' You who have been looking, waiting on a miracle. Your ship / 'miracle' has come in.

Here, once again are our/His credentials'''




we were here. what better street for Him to meet us.

When we finish sharing 'Miracles' at the 'fuel page' Hi Test, of course we gonna go to the Gazers suite. While Braco is doing his live

these are also live, esp w music, tho silence is golden.





Gazers III, of course is the one being built now, however, we rec & do avail ourselves 2 all the pages as Spirit leads, starting w Jesus & Karen C. )

Ok, this is a wrap, we think. )

Rec & fin.


10: 42 p.m.



Announcing the Gazers III page is finished w the appearance of Mr Bob Marley. You do not want 2 skip this, folks. Shout out 2 the other gazers there, the 4 Horsemen of the Grateful Dead keyboards seat, & Ms Nicolette Larson.


As stated over there, there will be a 4th Gazers page soon. We're celebrating these times we're living in, folks. It's time to get our ya ya's out & laugh, cry in a good way & say Thank You God. You have kept Your promise 2 humanity. You sent us Jesus for our eternal salvation & You have provided us a new, unassuming leader. the best kind, and his 'fix it' tool is love & music. There's got to be a song, 2 share here that Spirit would use 2 illustrate where we are, now.

Once again, we are effortlessly led 2 Heaven's house band, The Moodies. Indeed, 4 an unassuming man, guess it comes down 2 Watching & waiting.

Thank you Redbaron863 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



Welcome divine children of The One. Indeed, our status is on the rise, dear ones.

The place 2 go for 'fuel' in song has been added to.


And that page is complimentary to another, now completed, page we can celebrate w our leader of the band ~ Jesus The Christ


Joe Friday moment out:

3:27 a.m.



Check out the new 'Make 'em laugh' gazers page here:


Wth an intro here: Scroll down to Penny Dreadful material...


Cheers, )

In other news.

Congrats & Shout Out 2 Mr Joe Cocker who is our newest 'gazer.' Don't miss Joe here:


Yahoo images.

Mr Joe Cocker.

ok, so that 'Welcome to Paradise~ 7th Heaven was good, the first side had also some Crosby Stills & Nash. Turned it over and so far all Moody Blues, go figure. )

Here's a taste 4 ya's.

Thank you EssentialDegnities 4 sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues.



we were aware that the main page was sometimes slow in loading and not holding due to the fact that it was rather over-loaded with content.

we trust this has been fixed with the cutting of it in half, more or less. the main page remains


Its extension is now:


Btw, rather than let this thread go too long we will create a new blog III page on May 1st

That's the plan now, anyway. Thank you.



All invited to Visit Braco's site here


And esp if there are live gazings going on like today-4/26/ 27/28/16


Thank you Braco... )

Be sure to visit this/ His site's gazers, starting here:




We are happy to share that the newest gazer, Mr John Denver, is here


Yahoo images.

2 Eagles



Announcing that the page


has been completed with the addition of 2 more songs this evening.

So, wow, what an amazing month April was. The month that was, indeed.

So this will be the last sharing on this thread & we will start a new blog sharing thread.

Look for it here: Thank you.