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Janis Joplin



Greetings Folks and welcome to a whole new page in this 'Wind In our sails S series. [Now 11/3/18 Edited to the above title, only fitting] Hope you enjoyed the previous 2 pages. Ok, obviously the featured artist starting on this date is Ms Janice Joplin. we are finally getting to it with less than an hour to go til the 20th is on & the first day of summer ~ The Summer of Infinite Love begins. p, your humble servant, pushing the buttons and trying to get out of the way so the divine wind of words & wisdom can flow through from Source.

Tonight, It's a bit more difficult because, frankly, we are quite tired, with the serial all-nighters we've been doing & driving & caretaking we do.just about daily.and it can make one tired. as Mom concurred to us as we were driving home through Boston when Jackson Brown's song 'Running On Empty' played on the radio

We all have our agreed to assignments before we come to this place, however, we must love ourselves first & foremost before we can help others. One can't bring water from an empty well. So, 'YES,' it is important to take the quality moments that won't make us boys & girls of the dull variety, unless that's your choice.. He says, "Do set aside some (me moments.) so 'you' get to know You, You Awesome sons & daughters Now of infinity.' En-joy yer's 'Summer Of Infinite Love." & then

Ok, we have .an urgent need for a brain timeout. ck when we can't function we will be back Thx all. (note: a rested brain would have said 'can' so read that as can function. ) today 6/23, the 'Cosmic Trigger Day, we are on fire w full functionality to infinity, right Judas Priest? OH, YEAHH, Bt\ro, ) smiling..) ) ). That's a filthy dirty smile if we ever saw one, you guys. Don't you pigs know God can read yer minds? Ok, now, go take yer guitar, drums, vocal, keyboard - if you really want to be ambidextrous & even show off a little, oh, don't forget the cape, God says & you will be a 'wake' of a man.& help Prove God's existence w no shadow of a doubt.

Indeed, dear ones, this is His script and we are all actors in this friendly & loving illusion if we let it be that way. Someone once said "all the world's a stage and we are just actors playing a part." That was & is a very smart & observant human being.

File under 'Back in the day.' Janis w a friend. ) ) We awl need a hug. Ty Janis

Now 1/20/21 9:33 p.m. A place 4 hugs, gazes & good clean Fun..w .Jesus, Janis ~ Jerry & Friends & more Friends ad infinitum,


Now 3/5/21 If you would like to share this page, a new url is: www.tinyurl.com/JaniceandFriends777

or the original: www.tinyurl.com/GodsWillinoursailsIII777



Hey, Friends & lovers of infinity, How are they hanging? Heh Heh, ) we blame Buck Dharmas's Father for that one. maybe we'll think of one for those of the female persuasion, if it comes we'll let ya's know, ok? Yes, ok yes it is. ) Omg God, that was fast. Was that fast everyone? Yeah, he's faster than greased lightning. He's God for crying out loud, what do we expect, guys? & he's just getting started. Give it up He says guys to the fastest gun in the TRI Cosmos area. What's that sweet Janis. Yeah, that sounds like a song ~ go for it. Godspeed. watch out for that speedbump He... too late, sadly, folks.however we should know Father Heaven has a whole new bigger & better Infinite Divine Field of love that frankly and with all due respect for this dimension Blows this one to bits. Indeed.

Yes, folks, fellow God's & Goddesses of His Infinite Divine perfection. Can you imagine the Incredible, Amazing, magnificent and Awesome Heaven God ~ The Infinite Totality of God. The merging of All The awesome God ~ Goddesses merging as ONE in PerfectUNison* & Creating ONE, INFINITE, PERFECT, DIVINE Infinitely Loving God who can never give and receive enough LOVE if HE~SHE wanted to. Words really fail. we can only say TRI* in a song. Janis?

Thank you reggaegirl 1982

Thank You Janis & The Kozmic Blues Band. )



Greetings all Fellow Sons & daughters of infinity, As BOC plays 'Don't Fear The Reaper; in the background, we do, indeed Welcome Everyone to this particular page of His Earth Party Now page ~ Now Celebrating the Official Start of His Summer of Infinite Love. We are so glad ya's made it here.

So, come on in, take yer shoes off, can we get you something, or grab it yerself ~ anything you want. Think it ` it's there for us all. You think you had 'Fast food' on Earth? Hah, you ain't seen fast food til you get over to the other side, dear friends.

Ok, it took a while and thanks to God for all the 'awesome stuff' that went down since we were here the other day.

Let's get in the mood with, ok we'll go looking for the right song on YT. We 'll be back, His Will willing... )

Thank you ianabroad for sharing on YT.

Thank You Janis Joplin.

Thank you reggaegirl1982 for sharing on YT.

God love You & all yer friends, dear Janice. i.e. Everyone, Indeed. ) "YES."

Thank you reggaegirl1982 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Janis Joplin ~ Cosmic superstar... ~ ~ )

Thank you Chaîne de DiapoRetro for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dear Janice, sorry,we don't have money for a Mercedes. Take you for a cheeseburger, on me.)

Good news, though, hon... God says "everything is Free, Now in a Free World Society." ("See here")



Hey Janis, p is an excellent driver & he wants to drive you and Everyone to 7th Heaven. Plenty of room ~ 'shotgun' All the Spirits can fit there.)

Sorry, no 'backseat drivers' 'shotgun' only.. Thank ya's very much. Indeed, "YYYYYYYYES." ) Now 2/17/20 Update: Since we like 2 keep the original text intact from that time and space, we would like to update shotgun 2 simply 'passenger' as we are not into firearms even as an metaphor. Tyvm.

Photo by Cheri Tangherlini. Photo by Carol Tangherlini

Man 'w' a plan & a 'Fast Car', not to mention a license. lol ) Want yer own. Ask for one at yer local dealer. God owns The Cars.

You could have something like this but you gotta claim it, God says. " Yes, Indeed."

Tell 'em God sent ya...

Now. 5/26/19

Restored. Look guys, it could be your next shiny new thing to embrace straight from the infinite giving <3 of God.

P pic

Don't take 'no ahs' for an answer. God says all his children are entitled to a free car, just be qualified w a license.. Ya's can thank paul later in heaven where we

are now, actually. ~ Heaven on Earth.

Take the tour of His 'Situation room' if led

Update: Now 1/20/21 7:11 p.m. This went from situation 2 Love 2 Joy room. And So It Is. <3 )

there's no traffic & no road rage. no speed bumps No one is rude, crude, nasty or ungrateful. Everyone loves their neighbor like this neighbor we have. )

What's that Jerry? As, we swear, Candyman is playing in the background. Everyone that want one can have a guitar or any instrument you want. No shotguns.

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Jerry. <3 ) ) )

Here's what we're hearing now...

Now 1/19/21 4:33 p.m. Grateful Dead - Candyman - Egypt 9-16-1978 (replacing Radio City 1980 version which disappeared)

Thank you lndifferencet for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Jerry and The Grateful Dead. As Jack Straw now plays... )

Look guys, somebody left the door open...

So, Y'all coming? Shotgun is open 4 ya's if want in. We can trust the driver. Jesus take the wheel, Please. Thank You Bro. Awesome. <3 )

P pic

Meet 'Quicksilver III' God arranged p to have this car since it was a baby w 13 miles on it. )

Funny, within a half hour of taking this pic we heard 'The Animals' on the radio. 'We gotta get out of this place,'paul?

No, 'lucky,' but good guess, it was this...

Thank you NoMadU55555k foor sharing on YT.

Thank You 'The Animals' for enriching God's world with your beauteous 'blue collar' music. )

One more from Janis... )

Thank you manifiestaelalma for sharing on YT.

Thank You & God bless You Janis & all your fans i.e. the sons & daughters, daughters & sons of infinity. )

Who wants a one on one 'gaze & Hug 'w' Janis? Here you go...


Here's Janis' page on His site...


Alright this page is now finished. Who could follow this? No one, nor would we put anyone in that position,

so on the 23 rd (23 being the 'cosmic trigger' number) we will ~ w His Will willing present the next artist(s)

we will share the url to that page when it's ready.

Shine on folks. )

Rec & fin.


10:20 p.m.




See ya's here:


p out:

3:34 p.m. ~ ~ Ok now Who wants to fly w God & Jesus? See ya's on the beaches of the world w/o thhe money hassle & headache



Excuse us, Dear Heavenly Father.

Is Jerry available to come out & play with all His friends? Thank You in advance, God. We Love You God & we all miss Jerry, we love him so much. They say and a songs says... Love Will find a way.

You know what, God? Life is just too darn short down here> Do You think, Dear God, that just maybe, one day soon, or perfectly, at this particular moment in our evolutionary history, God, that Heaven& earth could merge and be as one. The bridge, Dear God is, obviously the music. Our team over here, God longs to join JJerry's team up there, yeah, We're sure you know God, cuz, You Created the whole entire script of what's going on right down to this mili seconds that we are all living through.

Isn't it a natural, God that we on this side of the V L. Sorry guys, there is no veil. None at all between Heaven & earth...as sleep comes and takes over the instrument, paul. We leave ya'swthisimage. He'staking paul home. Meditate on this image, He says, and play something tasty. Bye fornow. Love, your loving brother, paul )..last word 4 now... 'Turn It Up. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ~ ~

Yahoo images.

The Big Man ~ "Jehovah Jerry" What's that Jerry?

God Is Love, Let God do the driving, and zzzzzzz ~ ~



10:54 p.m.

In perfect synchronicity,we are listening to the Jerry Garcia segment of The Jim Law reading. we remember...


After hearing this recording, one will notice the change in Mom's perception re the method to Her son's madness and has, obviously, joined the party

of singers & song lifter- uppers. Yes, it's Very Contagous, this, what we call 'Rock & roll' persuasion. God gave us all a voice in our hearts and He always hears us. So, beloveds, the guitar part has come around on the music and Now is the 'Moment' we celebrate HIS Infinite, Eternal Victory w songs & celebration.

"YES." as 'One' in Love, Now & forever... Indeed. )

So, here's sharing 3 songs that Mom facilitated to come thru today.to tell paul she was around & encouraging our / God's 'work' down here, however

it's more like 'play.' for us. Indeed, "YES." )

First, we were driving to get Carol this wondrous, beauteous, loving, adventurous and glorious day, listening to 'The Bridge' channel on Sirius Radio. we forget the song that was playing, however, all of a sudden we said aloud to the universe... "The Next Song That Plays On This Station Will Be An Awesome Song! w Great feeling. Needless to say, however when we do say something like that, we know Mom hears it so, yes, we did think of Mom's favorite singers/ musicians.

Ok, who wants to guess the song that came on? Well, friends ~ Here & 'hear' it is... )

Cat Stevens - Peace Train

Thank you Kwanonify for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf )

Like the above, whenever we hear this song, we say "Hi Mom, we Love You... <3 )"

(And we do hear Al & Cat almost every day on 'The Bridge' XM Sirius Radio. )

Thank you banfibell for sharing on T.

Thank You Al Stewart & Band.

Thank you Alex Umali for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald & Band

& Appreciative Audience, for All The Videos on this / His site ~ All of Us, Indeed. "YES." )

And Furthermore... )

Thank you DoobieBrothersVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Doobie Brothers.

"Another working day has ended..."

Nod to The Police )

Rec & fin.


1:00 a.m.



Hey Folks, How's Your life going on?. Good, we hope.

Ok, we just have to share this sweet 'good stuff' that came down a couple of hours ago. Trust us, it was funny when it happened and much may be lost on the re-telling, however here goes...

paul, driving home after dropping Carol at work, she works for Michael, a retired doctor, as his personal assistant & organizer, for you inquiring minds that may wonder. We're all close friends here, anyway. esp in the higher realms, no one is a 'stranger,' folks.

So, we're looking for a song, going thru the Sirius satelite stations and come acrooss 'The Loft' station. They play 'folkie' type music. Really good stuff you won't hear anyplace else. So, who's playing in Concert, Indeed Mr Al Stewart. (a recording, we're sure) Al, of course being one of Mom's & p's favourite artiists. He played some great music and introduced the songs w stories that go with them. including this Classic...

Thank you sherrylynn70 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Al Stewart & Co.

What was really funny was when Al told a story of being on an airplane a sitting next to a 9 year old who he talked with and he mentioned that he was the guy that did 'Year of the cat.' Al said he felt that the child didn't really get the connection. So, later at the gate, with people who just got off the plane & people waiting to board - in other words - a lot of people the girl yelled out at the top of her lungs pointing to Al "That's Cat Stevens!" we chuckle as we type this because these two guys are so connected to cats, thru name or song. we all love cats, right? we hope so. )

Al took it in stride however he did tell the audience that he is 'not' Cat Stevens. He said he had known Cat back in the day somewhat and we do hope we catch a replay of this to remember more details. Anyway to have Al Stewart talking about Cat Stevens w a funny story... priceless. ) Thanks Mom, who, we know, arranged us to hear that at that precise moment. 'Good stuff' as we say. Keep it coming, Mom. ; )

Later guys

Joe Friday out

3:11 p.m.



Wow,guys, it's been a while since we've been over here. Been very busy w lots of 'good stuff' coming down on the blog pages.

If haven't been there already, we invite ya's to check out the latest 'life changing' sharings over there. Here's link to the last & final blog. It will just go on to other pages but the 'buck' stops here.wiith the completion ~ perfection #7 ~ The Infinite's number.

Indeed, You may also say the 'Fun' starts here. )


So, who needs a little wind in yer sails? God has provided us with a source of same in song through Beloved Master Yusuf, carrying on the legacy of the great Cat Stevens

Thank you PULP BLOG for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yusuf. To You & Everyone In Heaven & Earth... 'Welcome Home." ( )

As for this page, our dear friends... With All Thanks & infinite Gratitude to The Infinite It's...

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So, Where do we go from here?

God recommends...


For a real good time, besides. All our friends are there, finally, Now. Yes. Open the floodgates, Sananda, ArchAngel Michael,

Paul McCartney "let 'em In," Bro. The jubilee is 'On.' See Ya's there... )

Rec & fin.


3:00 p.m.

P.s. 5/26/19

If you would like to share this page w yer friends there's 2 url's you can use

1. www.tinyurl.com/GodsWillinoursailsIII777

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Janis Appreciation page...


Check Janis' contributions to God's divine plan here...




We can see that Janis is an excellent driver. Congrats Janis and we invite you and your fans and friends ~ Everybody to come to a final dovetailing place, here.


http://WWW.tinyurl.com/nancisplace8881111 Indeed it is a large place 2 go 4 a whole lotta <3 4 Sure. See Ya's there. )

P pic. Nanci's turqoise T shirt has the word 'Magic' on it. We can all do Magic, correct, God? ) Photo by Carol T. Need a driver? This cat works 4 smiles. <3 )



What's that Jerry?

Right, magic happens. ) ) )

TY Bro. (Always around.).. <3 ) ) )

Jerry invites all his brothers & sisters of the light, i.e. everyone 2 mosey on over here 2 the Grateful Fun Love jubilee site:

www.paulfb.com weir the 'Course in Fun 101' starts w every beat of the divine infinite cosmic <3 Mind & Soul of God that we

Awl are So Gratefully honoured & privileged 2 share w The One. And So It Is..

'Keep on truckin' liveheads of infinity. God Loves us So much more than we can ever know w our finite human minds living in this

temporary 'wellusion.' holographic universe. Know, dear ones in Christ. Awl Is Well, Awl Is Wonderful & exactly as God's perfect, infinitely

perfect, divine script calls 4. It's time 2 harmoniously, live, love, laugh, play, be very Grateful & kind 2 our Creator Holy Family, Holy Spirit & Awl

our infinite friends ~ everyone, and, just as Jerry says, 'Try 2 be nice 2 each other.' )

Rec & fin above date: 12:44 p.m. Addendums 1:00 p.m.

See, we weren't lying... )

Thank You Jerry, everyone's big brother. We, on bewhole of the group, swear, Hey, no swearing, Paul. Oops, right, sorry 'bout that. Ok, Jerry, we 'affirm' that we will absolutely, definitely 'Try' 2 be nice 2 one another and get along w everyone who is different from us. Be it our twin or the ISB's living in some distant far flung corner of the globe, which w 2 day's tech 'know' logy is right next door 2 us. And So It Is.

Now 1/21/21 L@@k Guys, we know, that's what scribe's eyes look like these days. ) another [lace to go...And it only costs a smile. Can you do this, Lucky & Daisy? Good, we knew you could. www.tinyurl.com/GoodNewNowNews0000

Namaste. )