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Welcome one and all to the Jerry Garcia Gratitude and Appreciation page.

Thank You Creator for gifting us with such a great, true ~ Awesome friend! <3 )

Jerry entertaining a few of his friends.

Photo from the 'Deal' video. (below)

Bob Dylan pays tribute to Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. - Rolling Stone

“There's no way to measure his greatness or magnitude as a person or as a player. I don't think any eulogizing will do him justice. He was that great, much more than a superb musician, with an uncanny ear and dexterity. He's the very spirit... personified of whatever is Muddy River country at its core and screams up into the spheres. He really had no equal. To me he wasn't only a musician and friend, he was more like a big brother who taught and showed me more than he'll ever know. There's a lot of spaces and advances between The Carter Family, Buddy Holly and, say, Ornette Coleman—a lot of universes, but he filled them all without being a member of any school. His playing was moody, awesome, sophisticated, hypnotic and subtle. There's no way to convey the loss. It just digs down really deep.” - Bob Dylan



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Thank You The Grateful Dead. Man, that guitar player, ain't He Something? <3 ) ) )

Let's find out a little bit about Jerry, shall we?...



Official site:


A Big appreciative "shout out" to Robert Hunter and all the awesome musicians Jerry

worked with over the many years. Thank You All!

BBC: You Can't Take It With You. Pt 1 of 2

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You Can't Take It With You Pt 2 of 2.


Jerry Garcia: The History of Rock & Roll

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Jerry Garcia Band: Reuben & Cherise. 1977

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JGB: Shining Star. 1993

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JGB, My Sisters & My Brothers 1991

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Grateful Dead, So Many Roads

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Grateful Dead. Black Peter 1977

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Grateful Dead - Candyman - Egypt 9-16-1978

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Jerry Garcia Band: Waiting for a Miracle.

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Grateful Dead - Eyes Of The World (Giants Stadium 6/17/91)

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Thank You Jerry Garcia & Friends, Hey that's All of us, isn't it? I think so!! )

More of Jerry and The Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band can be found throughout

this site; for instance visit this page and you'll find some good stuff if we do say so...


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Gentle readers,

If you would like to hear Jerry, as well as Jesus, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon check out

the readings Paul had with Intuitive Consultant extraordinaire, Jim Law aided by Dr Peebles on

the other side. You'll hear the genesis of how these artist profiles were born ~ with a surprising

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One more as noted on front page

Twist of Fate with big shout out to Bob Dylan who wrote the song. )

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Thank You The Jerry Garcia Band.

Note: We dedicate this song to Dr Peebles. p was thinking the other night about the

arrival in full force of the good doctor and the only words that could come to mind were

"freight train" and others who have connected with him will tell you the same. This spirit

is God's own 'freight train' of divine light ~ love and wisdom, indeed, unstoppable, invincible,

indestructible, undefeated, the strongest of the strong. Did we mention fearless? indeed.

Of course, in this song freight train is part of the lyrics, and as p mentioned on the front page this song,

Twist of Fate by Dylan, was the almost perfect song, picked blindly, to follow Dr Peebles. Now, come on folks,

what are the odds? Indeed. lol.

Peace.& love on... )

p & co.

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What else can a good elder brother do than send ya's on yer way to the best he knows about, so... here ya go, & God's love B wth you, always... )


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We need more Jerry...

Jerry Wept: A Compilation of Performances from the 1990's.

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Thank You Jerry and Grateful Company.

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8/1/18 Jerry's Birthday

It's back, Thank You God for miracles. )



Encore Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

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Thank You Jerry Garcia Band featuring John Kahn

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What's that Jerry? Indeed, my dear friend. w a nod to Mr Vince Lombardi...)

Can we all concur and Thank Jerry for his contributions to this picture?

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It's time. ) Brothers and Sisters. Fun ~ The 11th commandment http://paulfb.com )

Photo Courtesy of The Grateful Dead.



Greetings Grateful Live Heads ~ Everyone. Jerry 'spills the beans.' Like that one Ashtar? ))

Thank You Jerry for sharing this awesome Truth. God & Everyone '<3' You, Man. ) ) )


August, 2018

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Yahoo images

Thank You Bro Jerry for your endless love and guidance and soundtrack for the journey back to God. )

Jerry, anything else you'd like to say to everybody?

Thank you kind Jerry. It may be hard for some - others it just comes natural. It's nice to be nice. )



Jerry waving,


P pic Dorchester, Ma. 2016

Who wants to hear Jerry talk to Paul in a 2013 reading with Intuitive Consultant James Law?

From July, 2013


--- Featuring, in order of appearance, Dr Peebles, Mom, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry, John Lennon and Jesus Christ, Who knows

everyone's name and is an Excellent hugger, as experienced in our first reading with Jim. Check it ou here, if int.


September, 2012:


These readings taken from the site essentials page where other good stuff is hanging out... )


Paul F Brown

More Jerry and Friends here... Have Fun... )


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Lots more Jerry Fun everyweir etc, this site and here at the jubilee ext if int. www.paulfb.com

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like this...shared here... 'It's All God.'


And here: 7/16//19 'In God's Hands.'


Thank You The Grateful Dead and Keep on 'Ripplein' Jerry... <3 )



Remembering 2 sweet kind brothers in arms, oh, and so many more now each day making their transitions to 7th Rock & roll Heaven.

Our Social media share <3 ) ) )

Dateline: 9/25/19

It's been a bittersweet day in the Rock world as we learned of the sad 4 us, but happy for him passing of Jerry's creative soulmate, Robert Hunter. His words inspired yours truly to create 'the jubilee' site hear (w) www.EarthPartyNow.com All Welcome 2 come & visit 4 a while. Hope 2 see Ya's there 4 a real good time. ) ) ) Thank You God 4 Jerry & Robert & friends ~ like #Parrotheads Lol ) #JimmyBuffet #GoodCleanFunHeads #ThaAllmanBrothers #AllSister&Brothers even so called #meanheads Hey we know you knew not what you were (in past tense) We've all been good and bad #sons&daughters of 'The One' old souls.

However, Now. These days, *we Rise. We Rise up, as One strong family to the sun again. Indeed The Great Central Sun from which we sprang, all of us carrying the alpha & omega of God's infinite Love in our quantum DNA. Indeed. 😎 * https://sites.google.com/site/earthpartynowsite/gazers-v-777 Temp Note: Repairs will be, God willing, made over there soon. Keep the faith. )

In Memoriam: Robert Hunter (1941–2019)

Keep Laughin' & Smiling Everyone. God <3's us too much 2 leave us alone, correct angels? )


3/19/21 9:16 p.m. Jerry's not done, guys. Neither are we, awl of us. In fact, we've only jjust begun. Sweet.

ThankYou Jerry ~ The Grateful Dead & Audiences in stadiums & online Everyweir. Fun, 4 ever. Anyone? )

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More Essential Jerry & Friends.


Jerry & a few of His Buddies, hanging out. <3 ) ) )