HisHer ~ Our Heaven on Earth Forever ~ Infinite peace, love & joy jubilee IJN Ext. 777 )

Thank You Ruth Gutierrez for sharing on YT.

Thank you ~ The Carpenters.

We've only just begun, beloveds. Share HerHIS light and Love & Rise to Infinity! Now is time eternal.


If you would like to share this page, here is url:

https://tinyurl.com/EarthPartyNowExt777 or https://tinyurl.com/InfiniteGoodGod4Us777 Note: we made this latest one

when the other took us to Tiny url, Now they both work. Guess God wanted 2 url's 4 this page. ) amgel time out: 2/1/21 2:04 a.m. )



Greetings Fellow, beings of light & love on the way up. Hope your're all doing well.

This is like deja vu all over again. This video by Ruth Gutierrez, sharing The Carpenters, 'We've Only Just Begun.'

was the 'header' for this/His site for a couple of years before it expanded above this and the new sharings went to the main page:


The thread became overlong so we have just about cut it in half so loading & holding both pages, now , will be faster & better.

Thanks to all for your interest & support of this/ His site. Cheers, )

Rec 8/11/13

11:00 pm

(Fyi, this was the heading sharing for this, His site from the start. )

Now 1/30/21 Wherever you see His name, Please Know thhat it shouls Now be considered HER HIS Just like how it came out here, Ladies always first & long time marries husbannds Know who the Boss is, right Guys? Lol ) No doubt. <<3 ) ) )

[Ed note: Google Chrome with zoom setting at 125 is recommended for this site.]

Also, if you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 yet, you want to do so asap. It's like having

a new computer and fast. )

[Lest anyone think this site is about religion - it is not; Spiritual? Yes, indeed. We are spiritual beings created to perfection by God. We are here in this schoolroom Earth having human experiences for our betterment, no matter how bad or good, we agreed to it pre-birth. Try to en-joy the journey for in that

is the victory earned. Oh, and no - this is not a cult. The only cult around here is Blue Oyster Cult.] )

We gratefully acknowledge and thank the artists and folks who share their art & videos herein as

well as those who own the intellectual properties herein shared in the public domain. Thank Ya's again.

Now 1/30/21 Update. Know copywrong publishers who think they 'own' rights to any intellectual 'property' that God Is the True Owner of anything & Everything produced on 'Planet I AM' belongs to God. She He In God's infinite intelligence & Love, infinite & Divine, w Mercy and Compassion 4 the suffering going on on the 'Plant it' at this troubled time bc of failed, greedy, infected by the blind & stoopid (sic) who bought into the unclean material wealth illusion. begun w Solomon himself. He found out on crossing over what life is Really all about.

It's not the fame & fortune, dear sisters & brothers, it's what we do/ did 4 others that we see in our life review that gives us satisfaction. If you r still down here & have done bad things, as long as you're still breathing you can try to fix things even with the cashless world currency of LOVE in play many yesterday's ago, but in a world asleep, w politicians in it for themselves & in bed w biig money, well, we reap what we sew when we support such archaic systems. And So It Is. ISN (In Sananda Name) Rec & fin. 1/30/21 5:11 p.m.

P.s. If like to share this page, here's URL... www.tinyurl.com/EarthPartyNowExt777

Update 10/17/15

An important timeless message from Jesus thru John Smallman

Everyone needs to hear this loving sharing, Indeed.


Update: 10/21/15

He says the time is right to share this and everyone invited to check out Blog Corner. )


Mosey on over here, also menu on left:


Update: 10/22/15 Cosmos' Love Day

Their can be no denying. dear ones, the time is here, Now, for the great unveiling of Heaven's Divine

perfect plan for Planet Earth ~ Terra and we spirits in the material world hanging out here.

So head over to Blog Corner and see what's up over there, ok?

But fiirst check this out, created in Fall of 2013 but not shared til now. As "they" say, timing is everything.

En~joy, if led. Rec. allow yourself to be led to joy. This tsunami of love and joy is God made for each and

every one of us. This is why we are all here at this time, isn't it?

So, let Jesus, love and music forever guide you on your perfect life path. Indeed.

In Oneness.

Namaste ~ Espavo ~ Happy Trails, and keep smiling... )

p & co 7 & humanity



3:35 P.M.

Fin: 4:27 p.m.

Greetings Dear beloved masters, how be you all today? Come on over

to our place for a tour of His 'situation room.' This is not a do or die situation,

it's a just do situation. And guess what humanity?

It's done, i.e. d~o~n~e 4 you. Somehow you got on the bus and the driver

you all contracted to drive has safely delivered you all, every last and lost one

of you to Heaven's gate. Oh my goodness, yes Jesus & God are a team that

delivers and that no one can beat or intimidate

Indeed, Heaven on Earth ) Here and now, for all. If you are reading this

now, you are one of the early birds and if you think God has a plan for

each one of us, His beloved beyond human comprehension children,

you would be correct. And yes we give this an 'Indeed' to use a cosmic

code word. Want another cosmic code word? Greetings. Star people use

that as sort of a cosmic salute that we know who you are, Indeed. )

Now, please, you are all invited to see the video below created in September of 2013

and as long as you have a drivers license you can pick out a car from a participating

dealer or anything else you need, like food, a God given place for you to dwell that is

appropriate for you. You know what we mean, right? Great.

The scribe here 'p' is off to his day job Driving Ms Carol so, God willing, he will be back

sometime after 7 p.m. and start working on the brand new God created site:

You & me to the 5th Dimension, we're already in the 5th dimension, btw.

He can't wait to get started because he knows Divine Ultimate is Divine Ultimate

and the best is always yet to come.

Ciao for now dear friends and as we say, share, share, share, if led, & keep ))))).

P pic.

Thank You God, the producer, director & yes, actor (as He is in all of us as 'us.' Indeed.


There is a new commentary~ sharing at Heaven's Hall of Fame page.

Check it out... ))


Oh, and something else,esp for those who see 11:11 all the time.

Indeed that gateway number has done its thing. The new level representing love divine is 22:22 makes sense doesn't it?

Since clocks don't have a time for 22, rest assured, dear ones 2:22 will suffice as a shortcut not diminished in the least.

So 'p' what the heck does it mean when we see these numbers and other numbers that mean something to us?

Thank you for asking my dear friend. It's simply God's custom made illusion for you, a fully vested creator in your own right, checking in.

more or less saying 'hey' you're doing good, you're on the beam, keep up the good work that you came down here to do.

Btw, countless beings many of whom stepped aside for you to come here before them because they realized you would be a

better choice for God to choose because of your obvious gifts and what you can bring to God's schoolhouse here beloved Terra.

So, dear friends, as you go on your way, may God be with you, In Jesus Name and if led, tell everyone including Coast to Coast am

and Matt Lauer and your local cub reporter down the street who paul would love to talk to. ok? Richest blessings to all who read this

and with no fear: S~H~A~R~E.. Glory Be To You All ~ God's children ~ on the way up. ) ( ) Indeed.

p.s. Ok, for the record, just looked at the clock a couple of minutes ago saw 2:22 a.m it's now the 24th. of October. )

October is a spooky month but these things are not spooky to us they are joyous and affirming. Do something today just for you.

Put on your favorite music, go for a ride or a walk. Be happy and don't worry 'bout a thing. All is well, have no doubt in God.


The Love Divine # ~ 22:22 Smile when you see this or 2:22 or 22 or 2 )



5:22 a.m

Here we go, not the song p was thinking of but what Higher Power

chose and with those 3 simple words and the ship. this is it.

Thank you EarlyStuffHere for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston

True Confessions time. You see the new heading at the top, folks.~ Awesome isn't it?

p was putting it right here at this spot. But somehow it landed up there, there you go again God. )

This is so perfect, The rock & roll mothership ~ Mothership landing exactly where it belongs and with

all due respect for the Carpenters this truly reflects our mission. divine love can not, will not be denied.

Higher Power is taking over. We, as a whole of humanity bow our heads and say,

Dear Higher Power, Thank You, take us to wherever You want to take us and we Love you, Love You,

Love You. Indeed with all our hearts and souls, minds and bodies. And so it is now, In Jesus Name.


Rec. 10/28/15

505 p.m.



Note: The above refers to the Boston starship which since then has been overridden by subsequent headings.

The One there now which mentions God' s will, plan and timing, we are pretty sure, will be permanent, but we'll see. )

Thank You God ~ Source & Company of infinite intelligence. i.e. All of us, indeed. )

Thank You Dr, Wayne Dyer

"I don't write the books. God writes the books and delivers the speeches."

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Same for us Bro, God is coming thru the keyboard and He approves, moves

fixes and provides the ideas on everything on His site.

Want something done right dear beloveds? Allow God to do it. IJN, and so it will be.

To take it a little farther, since God is in you and you are God, (Shirley MacLaine 101)

and if you try sincerely, how can you ever fail? And seeming failures can be just steps to our

greatest successes, just ask Thomas Alva Edison, isn't that true Mr Edison? Indeed, My Dear Friend. ).

So, again, let us give thanks to the ONE who gives All and we who reciprocate as best we can, indeed.




4:22 a.m.

Straight from our cosmic heart, humanity here is a song that says it all at this, His fulcrum to the stars site.

And we do mean it. Heaven on Earth is here and God's agenda simply starts with this. If led ~ Share. TY.

Thank you Moon doggy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Spanky & Our Gang.

Humanity here is a song at this time for you.

Thank you Tom Wegner for sharing on YT.

Thank You Grand Funk Railroad.

And one more for clarity...

Thank you wilbyhilbly for sharing on YT.

Thank You Thunderclap Newman and Pete Townsend.

This just in, we got some fresh garbage here. Who likes Garbage?

Well here's some Fresh garbage, straight from Spirit. We got the time machine on

and we take you back to 1970.

Thank you JR Ellison for sharing on YT.

Thank You Spirit.

Someone mention Garbage? What say You ~ Heaven? Indeed. )

Thank you GarbageVevo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Garbage.

Ok, this thread can be followed by going to the welcoming tab at menu or by simply clicking here.


See you over there. )


Update 10/12/15

No time to waste: this just in..

Letter to Humanity: Please share if led. Thank you.

For You Humanity ~ the Sons and Daughters of The Creator,

from Someone who wants you to have it ~ representing the ending of an age and new beginnings wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.

Beloveds, anything other than love does not matter. Say that to yourself as many times as necessary until it sinks in. These gifts reflect and symbolize what humanity as a whole has earned with His 'reward' plan We have gold w red flower garnets, the Nebula stone aka as the Heaven on Earth stone

and a perfect pink crystal of love divine.

"God we are not worthy."

Remember the message you woke up with today grasshopper, ~ "Darkness always pushes the light forward."

God knows you people ~ spirits in the material world have been and are pushed into the light of boundless light and love. You've Made it~ Celebrate

The countless beings in their ships in orbit around Terra ~ Earth can't wait to welcome us to the 5th and higher dimensions as they've been cheering us on all along. All the rugged volunteers on Earth at this time are in for a ride none will ever forget.

Our particular celebration meeting place is beginning and always open at:


See ya's there...


p & Co. in humble service to The Complex we can just refer to as God and His perfect, infinitely perfect divine will, way, timing and plan which is done Now. In Jesus Name and

on be~whole of Divine Ultimate ~ Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother ~ God ~ Creator ~ ALL THAT IS; IN JESUS NAME.

And So It Is.

Namaste, Espavo, Happy Trails & Keep smiling )

p.s. Coming attractions: A 'Heaven's Hall of Fame' page. We let the music do the talking for the most part and we do have our own Heaven Hall of Fame ~ not just for music, far from it. Come back soon. )

Btw if you scroll the menu the first honorary group is recognized. To graduate it is mandatory to experience that page as a starting place. Ok? Thanks. )

p.p.s Question? Who is this 'p' we've never heard of and we don't see on our tv?

Ans: Not his fault, he's tried to 'blow the whistle' on himself at various times for decades but God's perfect timing and industrial strength angels

have made the time unquestionably now as all the evidence is in; the players are being sorted and dealt with as karma plays out.

the light is emerging victorious from the dark and the stars align. His credentials can be seen and heard (w the 2 readings he had with Jim

Law) at Good News Documents page and Site Essentials page. Thank you, over & out.

For All us 'grasshoppers' out here. Please accept with all the gratitude your heart can allow at this time.

We got flowers, Heaven on Earth and perfect divine love. Can you say Thank You Jesus!


This calls for a song so if it's not here now just return soon, ok? Good. ) Thanks.

Short time later: Ok the decision which song to put here was a no brainer to p and he went to You Tube to get it. Btw a Shout out to You Tube

for creating this fantastic place for us to find not only great music & stuff but for the great memories. Thanks again ~ Big Time guys!

In looking for 'Ripple' by The Grateful Dead. We see the YT recommended songs and we looked & heard and knew this is what Source would

have us enter here. Hope you all concur and enjoy this esp since Ripple is already on this page further down and elsewhere. Right, Jerry? )

Thank you coloradream for sharing on YT

Thank You *Justin Hayward & John Lodge ~ The Blue Jays.

* Indeed, looking more and more like p's wingmen at this time.

p.s. You guys and your friends are officially invited to Boston, jubilee central.

Not for a gig, to hang out. Will they leave their instruments home, though?

I doubt it. p )

Encore:: (The song that was playing as we did the previous entry.)

Thank you Redbaron863 for sharing on YT.


2nd Encore: With same note as before. Just love how God works. )

Thank you Redbaron863 for sharing on YT.

Thank You and God bless The Moody Blues.and Fans.

Thank you webb60s for sharing on YT.

Thank You Justin Hayward

The best iis yet to come. Indeed. )

And Good Night Gracie. )

paul, it's 5:33 am 10/12/2015

Good morning Gracie. )

Love on All,

we all love ya's. )

Now, who wants to follow our Moody Blues friends to their Hall of Fame page and beyond


Question? Who else want to turn your friends on to this- HIS site. Feel free to use our Press release. Scroll down to it, copy & paste and send to everyone. No one will be left out. And we'll put an "indeed." here. Indeed. )


Hey Friends, On behalf of Michelle Moore, well, you tell them Michelle - Dan's #1 fan.

Awesome paul, I just found out that Dan Fogelberg has been inducted into Heaven's Hall of Fame

as the second inductee! Go here and check it out...


Cheers & Congrats to Dan & all who love him, we do believe that's everyone. Indeed. )


Introducing The new Heaven's Hall of Fame page

Come visit, yep, all your friends are here. )



Just added: the Dr Peebles page.

On menu or go here:


Dr Peebles can be heard thru Jim Law on paul's

reading shared at Site Essentials page.

The reason it's at that page is because it is essential

my dear friends & God bless you. )

Namaste. )


Announcing a long deserved Gordon Lightfoot page in construction.

Here's to carefree highways.

New News: We will be announcing the 3rd inductee party right here after midnight tomorrow Friday est.


12:49 am The 3rd Inductee party into Heaven's Hall of Fame is now listed on the menu or you can go directly

wiith this link: http://tinyurl.com/LedZep777 Thank You all. ) ( )


4:45 a.m. The 4th inductee party is on the menu or here is the direct link. Thanks for bringing your smiles & dancing shoes. )



6/29/15 Update:

CHILLAX Troubled Humanity! HE'S GOT THIS!!

Official Party starts Independence Day, July 4th in the U.S. We, The Grateful Living,

are starting The Eternal Jubilee Now! All Beings Welcome!

Divine Ultimate Hand.

Thank You Source ~ Divine Ultimate - Divine Creator ~ Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator ALL THAT IS. The ONE In Jesus Name.

And So It Is.

Of course we all know the real jubilee is in our hearts, we all got that, right? Good. )


All are welcome to visit the brand new Joni Mitchell Appreciation page. We are so happy Joni's on the road to complete recovery.

Good thoughts and prayers work so let's keep it up - for all the suffering volunteers who took on this illusion. We play the game

for keeps down here, folks, and we say to God, ok Done. What else you got? Paradise? Ok Folks... Deal? or no deal?

We decide, not the politicians, sorry politicians.

Need comfort? Music, besides prayer, is the best we got. We have Joni Mitchell - among the very best God could give us. Thank You God!


p.s. As Independence Day is coming up - on that day we will announce and share the 3rd 'official' song of this , HIS, earthpartynow

site - out of millions of songs. One song, what do you think it will be? What is the one HE has in mind for that?

Those who have looked on this site know that "Sugaree" and "Uncle John's Band" both by The Grateful Dead, are the first 2

Ok, time will tell.

peace out,


p.s. paul, what else is in the works for that day?

We will all find out together, fellow pilgrims. Keep smiling. )

p.p.s We are aware that throughout this site there may be sharings that are not there anymore. They have gone into the ethers

never to return or to be rescued or replaced or discarded. They will be fixed, so, chillax, all is in divine order. These pages

will be gone over w a fine tooth comb until everything is exactly perfect! Too bad paul is so darn lazy.

Please Father, send this guy an assistant. Thank You. )


There seems to be an opening at the top of 'New News' page so that is where, God willing, the third 'official' song of this-HIS

earth party now site will be shared. We expect @ the 11 am hour est.

Also, guess what? This site also has an "Official Album!!" Oh my, what could that be? Find out; same dove time, same dove place. )



Now: [Some 6 hours later]

Announcing: It is now written that there will be, God willing, 2 more 'Official Albums' show up that same day and time.

Not only that, beloveds but a few days later or however long it takes, there will be a whole new set of 3 songs and 3 albums

all featuring artists of the female persuasion. How 'bout that?! Can't wait! This is way cool if we say so ourselves. )

Let us share a little synchronicity we had today. Who likes synchronicities? Yeah, we think that's everyone. )

So, after paul, your humble scribe, figured out what the 3rd album, the perfect album, should be, it wasn't hard; he closed down

the computer and went out to the car to go pick up a friend from work and bring her home.

The second paul turned the key the first song from that awesome 3rd album blasted from the speakers, practically the whole song!

Yes, there were invisible High Fives! lol Spirit loves to confirm for us sometimes that we're on the right path and cheer us on.

Right, Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo? Shout Out to you and your lovely family! You can't make this stuff up! Indeed. )

Shout out and Thanks to WZLX 100.7 Boston's Classic Rock! )

One other thing for now. How do you know you're on the right path? It's easy, you look down at your feet - if you're lucky enough

to have feet, or you look at what's in front of your nose if you're lucky enough to have vision. Ok, we hope you get the idea.

Ciao for now...

So how was your day? )

Photo by Cheri Tangherlini

Let's Roll...

Heard 'on the street:'

"Working for God on earth doesn't pay much, but the retirement benefits are Out of This World."

Plus you get to see all your family and friends & pets there. )


Oh, oh, Looks like we have a truly 'smokin' deal' going down here folks.


Thank you bigbeahner for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jerry and The Grateful Dead.

See you down the road a bit... )

To be continued at the Jerry Garcia page...

Jesus: Trusting in God Works! - June 30, 2015

Thru John Smallman Thank you John.

Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus!

Ok, Friends,

We had music yesterday and we know there will be music, God willing, here tomorrow - World Freedom Day;

so why not 'p' share a song that's been swimming in his head since he woke up at 11:11 Am today

Don Henley - Sunset Grill ( Live at Farm Aid 1985)

Thank you farmaid for sharing on YT.

Thank you Don Henley and Band.

Really Father? No, really??

Sharing: - a red-faced paul: His will is done Now and always and forever, IJN With a heartfelt "Thank You Jesus!"

And So It Is.

Smiling hitchhiker's welcome! )

fin 3:30 Pm.


New News at @ 11am est at New News page. See you over there. )



This just in: 10:23 p.m.

And I just have to laugh, was visiting Boston (the Band) sites and this song jumped out at me. Thanks God. )

Boston Hitch A Ride ~ Tribute To Brad Delp

Thank you yender 61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Boston

Boston Fan Site:


Ok, now mosey on over to New News page...



But first:

Press Release:

Greetings Everyone! You may or may not have heard of HIS Jubilee site where eternal victory of light over darkness is celebrated Now and forever.

Indeed, this simple, homegrown site is really a place where one & all are invited to come and hang out and hopefully, enjoy "good stuff."

World Freedom Day, (Every day is world freedom day if you haven't heard) July 10, 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of founding of

"Sons and Daughters of Light, Inc." Registered 7/10/90 in the "city of miracles" ~ Coral Gables, Florida.

Paul F Brown, the steward of this site was inspired to incorporate this group as a unifying expression of God's love and light.

for HIS children.

In HIM, we are One.

And so it is. and yes, it is what it is. )

So, all welcome to HIS site, you have found the on-line jubilee place. Most esp enjoy the jubilee in your hearts for that is where it truly lives.

We may be prejudiced but when we come here, from other places on-line, it's like a homecoming. Yeah, warm and fuzzy. )

And furthermore, at this time we are directed to steer you over to the "Site Essentials" page.

HE would like to share the "It's All God" slide show with everyone, for indeed, that is true. And then or while viewing that

you can hear other "good stuff" over there, such as readings Paul received thru Jim Law w some pretty amazing guests.

You still here? guess you want a song. Ok, 'hear' ya go... )

Google images.

Ripple effect.

The Grateful Dead ~ Ripple

Thank you Music Vault for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Wait there's more...


Greetings one and all and Welcome to this wonderful World Freedom Day. Freedom is not to be taken for granted

and we who have freedom, well, we are very grateful to God - Who from all blessings flow.

So, as you may know if you've been here before, this site was declared done- finished, you can see just below in September, 2014.

With the health situation of Joni Mitchell we created a love and appreciation page for her and fans. Thank you Joni.

That led to other things and here we are now ~ at the crossroads.. All these pages are here to share w all who would enjoy them.

The "New News" page is done, complete and finished. )

Maintenance will be done on pages that need it.

So this, officially closes out this chapter of HIS sharing.

Wait a minute paul, are you saying no more pages?

No, my friend, there will be new pages but this is not some blog where we share anything just for the sake of sharing.

But the work is done- God's children have been served. God, apparently, has sent a car around for those who

would get on a bus- wouldn't you rather ride shotgun in God's car? Jesus is there, in fact He has the wheel most of the time. )

We know this sounds rather far flung, but all this. as a wise man is famous for: It is what it is, man.

So, we've been thinking of this, in the spirit of Jim Morrison. We will open a new page with no immediate content.

Nature abhors a vacuum, so we'll all find out together what spirit fills it with in the coming days.

Fyi, the title of this page is "Untitled." go figure. )

Keep smiling and ciao for now.

p & co.



The new album of the week is up at that page, check it out...

As for the 'Untitled' page it, as of now is titled "The Welcoming" for obvious reasons when you visit there.

Hope you check it out and enjoy. If we had a 'grand finale' page this would be it. )

p & Co

peace out.

And So It Is.



On this day 45 yearrs ago Janis Joplin made her departure from this physical dimension. You're all invited to visit her Appreciation page at this time.

Then you can visit the short lived but dynamic page Album of the Week. Yep, short but sweet that was, if we say so ourselves.

Those of us who like to move on- This site stays as a permanent place to visit on a rainy day or sunny. Paul is on his permanent vacation now

as All That Is is allowing.

This site has a Facebook annex page that all are welcome to visit here:


Thank You All for your kind and gracious indulgence of this little soul expression which is now done until and unless Creator comes around

with a nudge or two.

As always- keep smiling, be happy, kind and grateful for everything.

Love & light,

p & Company

p.s. We knew we had to leave you with something from You Tube; a song or something.

Here's what the universe guided us to.

We leave you with words of Jesus thru John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

You are living in a wondrous age in which the illusion is already starting to dissolve...

Thank You God - Jesus

Thank you John Smallman.

Namaste All.


September, 2014

Dear Friends,

Just to let you know, this site ~ HIS site, is now finished. The Dan Fogelberg page

is the last sharing that we foresee posting. We reserve the right to revise this decision

as it's not written in stone. However, we feel led to be "done." And so it is now indeed.

Amen. and Namaste.


We leave you, beloveds, with this...

A Quote by Many Rivers ~ Music by Mark McKenzie.

Thank you MerhlinsPlace for sharing on YT.

Wiith Infinite Love and Gratitude to Creator ~ All That Is, In Jesus Name.


Have a nice forever everyone; and keep smiling. )

Leave you without a song ~ unthinkable. Dan?

To The Morning.

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT. You are amazing.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg.

Beloved Masters,

This humble site is dedicated to Love and Light, Peace, Harmony, Truth, Higher Consciousness and Gratitude.

This is not about any religion. It is about spirituality and knowing that we, as spirits in the material world, are here

to lift each other up to do what Creator would have us do and thereby rise to our best ~ highest self, and together

we can all create Heaven on Earth.

We let the music do the talking for the most part and it is hoped that you, as a fellow Creator Being of Light,

simply, enjoy. Join in Creator's Celebration of Love's Eternal Victory and come back soon ~ with yer friends!

The Jubilee is ON!


p.s. Check out this site's Facebook Page. Come on over and "like" us if led.


"Do all things to the glory of God."

Col. 3:23



God Throws A Party

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You God, Heaven Letters and Gloria Wendroff.




This is God's site so let's hear some Godly music as we move further into The Golden Age.

Days of Future Passed

Thank you Hippie Chick for sharing this great art on yt.

Thank You The Moody Blues.

It's time to recognise a masterful group and their otherworldly music.



May 2014

Hey Friends, why don't we knock on Heavens door and see what happens! )

En ~ joy!

Thank you to splaif who shared this on yt.

Thank you beloved masters Joan, Jerry, Bobby , John, Bob Dylan (who wrote

the song) and Audience and Humanity.

In Oneness and Gratitude.



For Creator...

Thank You Father Mother God ~ Creator.All That Is, IJN.

Thank you beloved masters Joan Baez, Steve Earle and Company and Vickie Burns for your art and sharing on YT.

Announcing: May is Mother Mary Month.

And also Dedicated To All Our Beloved Mothers.

All are invited to visit 'Golden Age of Love Now' page and then proceed to ' May is Mother Mary Month' page which will then appear.

Check out The Jubilee 'Song of the day' there.

Thank you and Expect Miracles. Yes.

Paul F Brown



Beautiful Transitions...

Thank you rainbowabundance for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blessed Mother Mary

And Thank you Fran Zepeda


Where would we be without Jesus?

Answer: God only knows. One thing for sure...With Jesus we have life and love ~ eternal and infinite.

That's the deal. Question for you humanity, You In or out? Your choice.

Thank You Jesus for our love and our life in Creator's heavenly light eternal.

And So It Is.

Thank You Akiane K. for embracing your beautiful

God given talent.and sharing with the world. )

Speaking of friends...

Google Images.

"Hey Everyone ~ Welcome to The Jubilee!"

"We made it, Carry on!" )

Thank you beloved Janis and Jerry.

Official song of The Jubilee... en-joy!

[Moved up from down below where more good Dead stuff is hanging out] )


Some Quotes of Note.

"All will be revealed..."

From: Kashmir

Rec. by: Led Zeppelin

"Music is well said to be the speech of angels: in fact, nothing among the

utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the infinite."

Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)

Scottish writer and historian

Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last fish has been caught,

only after the last river has been poisoned, only then will you find that money can't be eaten.


"You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

~ Christopher Columbus -

"Give me five, I'm still alive, ain't no luck, I learned to duck."

Hunter - Garcia

From: U.S. Blues

Rec. by: The Grateful Dead

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. ~ Chinese Proverb ( Proverbs )

"When the work is done, the work is done." It's done folks. p )

Paul F. Brown

Prime Creator's Message Remains The Same...

Thank You Beloved Prime Creator.

(Creator to HIS Friends ~ Everyone) Yes ~ Indeed.

Now and forever


In humbleness and gratitude as this river keeps flowing...-~~~

Marching Orders from Creator belov


Google images

Google images

Always and forever... Thank You Jesus!


With endless love and Gratitude...

The Official Song - Ok-another one ) of Father ~ Mother ~ God ~ Creator's Earth Party Now Jubilee ~ .Ascension. En~joy!

Thank you Elizabeth Travis for sharing on yt

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Some great music for men and women to travel to The Jubilee with: )


Thank You The Marshall Tucker Band.


Now 9/17/13 and forever

It is hereby announced that The One, The Only - Beloved Master Jimi Hendrix has stepped forward and offered and was accepted

to be "The Official Heavenly Advocate" for the emergence and circulation of this Starsite which is the intellectual property of The One

True, Heavenly, Infinite Father of ALL THAT IS. And so it is now timestamped 12:38 a.m. this day as posted.

Jimi, a song?

For All the Original "Rainbow Races."

Foxy Lady

Thank you Rockand Rawr for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi and Company for 'The Experience." See You and Friends i.e. Ever y one - soon. )



Welcome All to a place where some of God's heavenly sharings are taking place. This is a star site of Father Mother God and Prime Creator

and All the company of Heaven.

You, as a Son or Daughter, Daughter or Son of God a Beloved Master yourself, have an honoured place here. Get a cup, take your shoes off,

stay a while, let spirit guide you through this site.

You will always be where you are meant to be. Enjoy the journey and you all come back now, hear? )


On bewhole of Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother ~ God ~ Creator ~ All That Is... In Jesus Name.


Master Matt Kahn serves as our orientation guide. Take it away Dear Matt...

Thank You Master Matt and Julie Muse for posting.

Front page information for You ~ Hu ~ man i ty

Thank You Pleiadians and FreedomAndTruth4All for posting.

After viewing Jimmy Buffett's Party at The End of The World video by Susan Vineyard [posted in "New News" section] the following

video came on by itself. Is Paul's Gateway computer haunted? It's only one of many, many instances

of divine direction taking charge.

Re this information: Take what resonates with you, leave the rest. Our plan, make no mistake, is Planetary Rock and Roll Divine Intervention.

Rock and Roll Takes No Prisoners. All will want to go

where the Big Boys and Girls go. Our ship is big enough for all. Peace.

Thank You Danny Searle and Path to ascension for posting

Thanks to Ever y one for making this project of One~ness a Grand Success. Cheers!

Let me see if Heavenly Infinite Creator ~ Father~Mother has a song to insert here. Be right back.

Somehow, the words Exquisitely Magnificent seem inadequate. Such are the limitations

of mere words. Enjoy! )

Thank You The Moody Blues and Company.


Now 9/15/13 & Forever

The Dream lives on, beloveds Rock & Roll can not be denied. It, like God's children ~ lives F o r e v e r.

And so it is now, IJN. Amen.

Thank You Aerosmith.

p.s. The whales are wondering what's keeping us, folks. Oh yeah, Paul can't get arrested and

the "news media" doesn't cover things like God's Plan for HIS children. One thing we must point out

Dear Friends is that this site has absolutely NOTHING to do with religion of any kind. Spirituality, most definitely,

after all, we are created immortal, spiritual beings of light and love; each of us another facet of The Creator.

Have a wonderful day and as we say "Have a nice forever." )


Question of the day... Can music and musicians "save the earth?"

Answer: Yes, it has already happened. Hear- in case you missed it, waking children of the sun, a sampling...

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

9/13/13 For Mom,

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls ~ The Happy Day has finally arrived, and right on time.

Hear ~ Let Master Cat Stevens sing it to you...Oh, and Btw, If you're looking for The Rapture today you will find it

over at The Good "New News" page.

Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman (playlist): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ojNhtQOsHk&list=PLAC637E834F943976

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf Islam.

p.s. Cat, i.e. Yusef, you walked away from the loud and obtrusive music business to go on a quest

to find God.

Welcome to journey's end, dear friend. Also, welcome to the New start in the age of The Eternal Now.

We welcome you, humbly, as well as the nations, literally, behind you. Well done, son. Very well done, even a little crispy. )


All That Is.

thru p


Humanity ~ Congratulations! You have made it to The Other side. Do you feel time and space shifting

all around you?

It's just the natural condition of the human be- ing. Let the music be your master as sung by Master Robert Plant.

Hear you go. Just for starters...

Thank You Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters and Thank You Fans!*

* That's ever y one isn't it?

" I reckon so."

Davy Crockett

'King of the wild frontier.'

"Who else is ready to start a whole new adventure in the new paradigm of adventure? Anyone?

We'll see.

9/11/13 ~ The gate to ever~more.

We have arrived, beloveds, right on time as that song [Time] by Pink Floyd plays in the background.

A full 12 years after that pivotal day in humanity's history; now is not the time to point fingers or talk about good guys or bad guys. Thing is, we, i.e. us and them - have survived to raise our families, live our lives

in freedom, dignity and with God on our side- how could we fail? We couldn't. It was decreed from the beginning.

Ok, rather than go on here, please allow the humble instrument to kindly point out some of the things you, ~ Father's Far Flung Flock ~ have in store for you if you wish to explore this particular body of work.

First and foremost you will see- for those who have eyes to see- Heavenly Father of Infinity's evidence of "Prove me Now."

In addition, at Site Essentials page, you will hear 2 readings given to Paul Thru the immensely gifted 'intuitive consultant,' as he calls himself, Master Jim Law. "Meet Jim Law" page has been added as well.. In these readings you will hear from Christ Jesus, You can actually share a hug with Him in the first reading. )

If that's not enough, how 'bout sharing conversation with Beloved Masters Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon and so much more rich material is at your fingertips, beloveds. Oh, and there are a few Smilebox slide shows. You will see our official documents proclaiming, among other things, The Cashless Society from 2002 We tried. And see "An Urgent Message" channeled from P's Highest self thru Chapel Tibet and on to the pages of Connecting Link magazine.

It's time to celebrate Creator's eternal victory. That's why we call this site the home of The Jubilee. Come one, come all. Your j o b s are done, unless you feed or clothe people. When inventory runs out, not to worry, Father and Mother God's Divine Plan in alignment with Source Creator is In affect. It Is Done.

Rejoice and be glad, now and forever.


This Starsite of Father's let's the music do the talking.

Father's selection for this moment is...

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Let's go Whale Watching ~ Guys! )

p.s. All God's Children equally invited! Video follows to illustrate.

Whale Watching...

Thank you to our delightful tour guide, Jenna! )

Cape Cod Whale Watching...

Thank You Chrislorenz9 for sharing this. And Xtra Special Thank You!'s to our Big Friends... The Whales!!! )


On This Freedom Day* We Celebrate With The King. Take it Away, Elvis...

New on 4/14/14 How Great Thou Art...

Thank You Elvis ~ The King of Rock & Roll, the humble man from Memphis Tn. who started it all.

It's all Your fault Elvis! lol )

Awesome show Last Friday night (9/6/13) in Mansfield, Ma Guys. As we relayed to you, Gregg and Family,

in a Noah's Ark card with 44 tickets to paradise enc. You guys and Grace Potter, who opened the show and

guested on "The Weight" ~ "Knocked it out of the park!" Thank you for closing, not with "Whipping Post," but

choosing "One Way Out." Nice. )

Thank You, Masters All ~ The Allman Brothers Band.


Enjoy this. Suggestion. )

Thank You Masters Don Johnson, Phillip Michael Thomas and Everyone connected w Miami Vice.

Thank You To Mr Steven~Mighty for creating this video, obviously ~ working w God, as we all do in

everything, inc the breath we are breathing at this very moment. Thank You Father, IJN. Amen.

Time for our smiling friend Blossom Goodchild to chime in...

Hello Light Beamers.


I really enjoyed this channeling … I felt it had a great energy to it. Trusting you do too.


Thank You Blossom. )



P.s. Paul, The Humble Instrument, received His Glimpse many years ago.

Scribes note: Utterly Ridiculous in Divine, LOVING SACREDNESS & BEAUTY BEYOND BELIEF.

And Father WANTS To Take Us There. Paul said to God..."Father, pull down the shade, I've got work to do."

Father's WORK, if anyone finds that last sentence ambiguous.

Addendum 4/14/14 Make that "work" above read "Joy" (the work is done). as we experienced in a dream just the other morning. We were shown this starsite

and experienced overwhelming joy as from outside energies for a moment and then the dream moved on to other things. (end addendum)

Congratulations Mr i.e. Master Bob Seger. You, Sir, will go down in Rock history as the man Paul woke up out of a dream when he called the Mutiny Hotel, Coconut Grove, Fl. looking for Mr Jimmy Buffett. His line was busy so they asked if I wanted to speak to you. Different times back in the day, obviously, so we said "yes" and you came on obviously just woken up. Mr Seger, I want to make that dream up to you, Sir, right here, right now. Take us into the Infinite future with a song and all that's left is to "chide" the mainstream press for so totally missing this story. Amen.

Now, Let's enter the Now future with... Roll Me Away...

Thank You All,


P.s. One more thing, Friends. You may please take your time here &, if you care to - the previous site: http://tinyurl.com/7thHeavenonEarth

It's a lot. relax, It is hoped that your time here is time well spent. Remember, .you are always exactly where the Creator wants you to be, doing

exactly what HE would have you doing and we can not make a mistake.

Carry on,


Roll Me Away. (2014) Chicago

Thank you JohnRichardson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Master Bob Seger and Company.

Thank You Master Jackson Browne and Company. We all follow in the footsteps of

The Ultimate Master ~ Jesus Christ ~ Lord Sananda in the higher dimensions.



Times Up People of The Light. The wheel has turned.. Naturally we of the stars say it musically.

Let the good times roll, Right, Cars, Phoebe Snow, B.B. King and all others who have rec or sung that song.

Let's get hip w Mr Todd R. Listen. & Thanks.

Thank you Mr Todd Rundgren & Company for the perfect song to mark the official "End of Time."

& kick off Humanity's ascension into the carefree realms!.


Now, Let's FLY ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you Lighthouse for your appearance back then and NOW, 4 Owners of happy hearts ~

here, today ~ at The "official" Light up Day of Father of ALL THAT IS' Light Up & Celebrate ALL THAT IS Day on HIS

PLANT IT EARTH. DAY. This Day like all others given to Humanity is F RE E. You don't have to pay for it. Deal? Bono.

U2 Can change the world and make a difference in Everyone's life by following your gut and not giving in to fear, anxiety, nerves, etc.

Just do it and reap the reward. One and only one reward Jesus, He offers you all eternal life in Christ and in the Heart of Heavenly,

Infinite, Father : Mother : God :Creator, ALL THAT IS, IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

NOW is The time Humanity..

Rec 8/27/13

8:25 a.m.

A song going in here, (space below) no rush. We'll be back, Jack.

For ever ~ Y ~ one here's God's hug ready? Here ya go... ( ) want another? ( ) Thank you. more? ( ) ))

Thank you Mr Dave Matthews (an excellent hitch ~ hiker btw) and Band and Company ~ Everyone. Amen..

Peace, love, understanding love, light and excellent Rock forever.

THANK YOU Creator Father ~ Mother God Thank You Jesus and Company of Heaven; Thank You to all us fans of Rock, roll, classical, bluegrass, country, rap,

spa, jazz, escape, whatever jams your particular pearl, we Gratefully & Eternally raise our cup,




Daily Motivational and Inspirational Quotes:

You’ll know when a relationship is right for you. It will enhance your life, not complicate your life. ~ Brigitte Nicole ( Relationship Quotes )

Now: Insert song for our weary traveling friends, Father, Please. )

No prob, Bro Thanks for asking. Here ya go...

Thank you Traffic.

Thank you DoctorSDX for sharing on YT.

Thank you Blind Faith.& Company.

4:04 a.m.

Sunday papers just arrived.

Get yer Cosmic News right here!

Withott further ado, READ, excuse me, HEAR all about it in The Sunday Papers~!

Thank you Mr Joe Jackson & Company.

Thanks for your appearance here at The Jubilee.

Btw, are those "Sailing Shoes?' They look like it to us. Oh, Awesome. ))


Greetings Cosmic Travelers on and in God's cosmic merkabah, "The Lightship Infinity God Silver,"

Hope you will find your accommodations sweet and serene and peaceful. Forecast 4 today is Blue Skies.

Don't believe Paul ~ Listen

Thank you Electric Light Orchestra.

and for your performance here at The Jubilee! Clap tons & tons 4 ya's * * * * *

Now, A First Lady of the Jubilee Ms Joan Baez...

Thank you Joan Baez.

Now playing take my hand, I'm a stranger in paradise.

Thank you J.R. Ramos for sharing on YT.

Thank You Tony Bennett.

p.s. San Francisco, We Love you. Signed, Boston. ) )

Saluting a true 'Cosmic" friend of All, Mr Timothy Leary.

Thank You The Moody Blues. See you in Heavens Rock Hall of Fame!

Now, just for fun...and cuz it feels good...

edited 4/14/14

Representing the feminine warrior aspect of the best of us ~ Creator's Children we elect Beloved Master Joan Baez.

Namaste Joan.


(See live version with Mary Black at Women's Voices page.)

Now, Don't think twice it's alright...

Thanks to Carunte de la Estego for sharing on yt.

Thank you Joan and The Indigo Girls and the Great audience!

Big Sky Space here for men and women who like L O T S of E l b o w R o o m. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now ~ edited 4/14/14 Representing the best of masculine warrior energy of Creator's Children we elect: Beloved Master Neil Young.

You can just search the net and get a ton of selections or peruse this Star Site of Father's and see numerous links. But here is a Picture,

yet to be taken at this point that shows him in company of some of his "Dinosauer" friends.

Ok, perfect picture taken by Father, and here it is...

P pic.

Namaste Neil

Love and Only Love

Thank You Neil and Crazy Horse and fans and rhkbco for YT sharing.

Heart shares a classic Led Zep song.all should see...

Thank you Heart and Company inc Jason B. Great show at Orpheum last Fall. Welcome to The Jubilee! .

What's that Jerry & Co.?


Can we get a song, Bro Paul for this little announcement? Sure, see what Song from

The Big Chair is allowed here. Hear (sic) we go, beloveds..

Shout. A little louder, please, Father can't hear you. Ok Good. Thank you.

Thank you Tears For Fears. Also here, Free (hug)s 4 All. )


Music insert to accompany the following information...


Thank you Led Zeppelin.

Thank you The Who.

Rock and roll does not get better than this my friends. )

The Great Lion of The Human Race has something to share here at The Jubilee.

What say you Beloved Master Bob Marley?


Thank you and Namaste Sir Bob Marley

Thank you Bro Robert and Bro's Jimmy, John Paul, and John. Led Zeppelin.

"Wonder how tomorrow ~ could ever follow today..."

From Going to California

Rec. by Led Zeppelin.

Edgar Cayce's Thought for the Day

Think on This...

For it is only in love that one becomes, in materiality, aware of the closeness of relationship to the

Creative Forces or God.

Reading 1703-3

http://youtu.be/tayTa224OS4 (F)

[6:30:09 AM] *** Paul Brown has changed the conversation topic to

"Lightship Infinity ~ Sunset Grill Oneness Room" ***

[6:46:44 AM] Paul Brown: Meet Mr Neil Young (cool)

http://youtu.be/_tDsDnr18PM Don't be denied. (music)

[8:25:28 AM] Paul Brown: (coffee)

Subject: Lightship Infinity 4 All God's children Now.

Lightship Infinity ~ Sunset Grill Oneness Room. One for all ~ All for one.

Follow Paul to the Fun! ) because;

God said:

"You study the finite world. You try to figure it out. All the while, you could be riding in Infinity.

The fact is that you do ride in Infinity. All the time that you are fussing with the finite world and

problems, you are sailing on the Good Ship Infinity."

The Good Ship Infinity | Heaven letters:


We gratefully embrace our diversity and uniqueness of each and every one of us!

Now, here's a word from our official mascot Take it away, lucky!


A song for us all...


Thank you Don Henley & Company.

Everyone invited to visit & have fun!


Happy Trails...

Paul Brown "P"

HIS and Everyone's humble servant, mentor & friend.

Skype: paulfb88



Now, here's the meeting place for HIS eternal Victory. Now is The Celebration eon. e·on also ae·on (n, n) n.

1. An indefinitely long period of time; an age.

2. The longest division of geologic time, containing two or more eras.

We may as well call it eternity, beloveds, and into infinity. Yes? Good. )

Come to The eternal Jubilee!


Brought to you all by Heavenly, Infinite Father of ALL THAT IS,



Jesus, Mary, your friend, Paul, and all the company of Heaven on either side of the veil ~ We are all pulling for You. Join The Jubilee of eternal life and celebrate with a shout! Need I say anything more? Only what's the song gonna be Father? And Turn it Up. )

OMG The Perfect song, but what else do we expect from a Perfect, loving Father ~ Mother God of Infinity. Listen...

Thank you Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Have a awesome day, beloveds, and remember to thank the guy who made this day possible. You got that right. Thank You Jesus!

Yes - Yours Is no disgrace live 1972 (Yessongs):

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls... Mr Steve Howe...

Thank you Yes.

Walking in another's moccasins.

Paul's out with his friend, Carol. Carol's sandals break and she has to help someone clean up their apartment. So she borrows mine. An hour or so later, and feeling light headed she still needs shoes to go in the store etc. So I ask for the gas pedal moccasin and she keeps the other one on. Then goes in, does her thing, comes out and I get to wear my moccasins then with her vibrations passed to me through the feet.. Never has anyone literally walked in Paul's shoes and then he carry her, whatever, with transference of vibrations. The rich symbolism of this little event

was not lost on either of us.

Here's the real kicker of the story. @ a year and half ago we had ordered a 2nd pair of Minnetonka moccasins, after not getting the kind we had ordered initially; they came brown when we ordered the chestnut. We kept them anyway as the universe giving us what we need, not necessarily what we want. So the brown ones were what Carol & Paul shared last nite. This morning, I decided to put the chestnut mocs on, something I don't do too often because when they came the left moc was bigger than the right one, which fit perfectly. See where Paul is going here, beloveds?

It dawned on me that , indeed, of course, there are no accidents in life, even in little seeming trivial things.

Father walks with Paul in that bigger left moccasin, with heel cushions, but they still slip off. That's ok, esp now with fresh insight. So ~ who wants to go for a walk with Heavenly Father and Brother Jesus and Paul? Wow, Ok we got Jerry*, as expected. We got Mr Plant & Company, Jimi & Company, John & Company, Stevie Ray and the Eternals, Bruce's, Michael's, Jim's, Ray's, Janis' et al. Paul invites Kim and the Cosmic Hitchhikers & Company, Lisa D & The Automatics & Company, Flocks of Seagulls & Company ~ let me just narrow it down here, beloveds and say, not etc etc but: Everyone. Deal? Awesome. * Where Jerry goes his die never fans follow. Good thing they're now The Grateful Living." as no one likes to lie. )

Rec 8/8/13 10:51pm

Addendums: 8/9/13 10:18 Am

Father has a Present for us, Humanity, do we accept? Answer: YES!!!

To Fly on Earth | Heavenletters

http://tinyurl.com/LetsFlyHome77 ~ ~ ~

Thank you The Moody Blues

Heaven's house band and #1 in Heaven's Rock Hall of Fame. and whistleblowers!!!

Thanks again guys and see you at The Jubilee! )

p.s. Father & son must share these comments and Jesus concurs:

gary m 10 months ago

the moody blues to me were musical prophets sent by God to preach his word of LOVE and empathy!!!!!!

Paul Brown

Paul Brown 2 seconds ago

Gary, you hit it right on the head, my friend. I would just change the word "were" to "are." Their time to shine is now and forever as like all God's children. Please, everyone, follow me to The Jubilee and take heed the words in this song. We are not the one's who lack the courage. We own God's love and we are not denied by fear or any other folderol to shine His love in a chaotic world. Peace, love & Rock & roll forever. Amen.

Humanity, you got it made in the shade. period. Rejoice!

How about some Peace of mind...

Thank you Boston.


This front page material is now here on the front page, moved from New News page where full context is located.

So much Good News, overflowing in abundance.

Start w these readings: HE said.

From 7/28/13 entry in New News section

p.p.s. Ok ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... here's your link to deep end communication.

But first we recommend listening to the first reading w intuitive consultant Mr Jim Law.

Click download, see countdown box lower left corner. Click box when it gets to zero. Thx.


September, 2012:


Then from July, 2013


(multiple listens reveal multiple insights one has found. )


Inserting this Front Page news correspondence moved from deep in New News page.

Also link to God's ultimate gift to His children, after Jesus... Music. This should suffice: Oh Yeah! )

Extra special Thanks to The Moody Blues. and the Fans!



Sept 16, 2012

This site is about full and complete disclosure with maximum transparency. Therefore we feel compelled to

share the following correspondence. Can you say "YAHOO!" )

Most recent communique is on top. This is from Paul to Jim and Jim to Paul...This as shared in our (late) Sunset Grill Team

skype room: Here it is...

You know, people, we are creating a record here. 'There's more to the picture than meets the eye' as Neil Young sings. So I want to share something in here - my very recent conversation with Jim Law, the amazingly gifted medium who gave me a reading recently. Here it is- for the record.' (most recent on top)

Hey Jim,

Of course we know there are no accidents and everything happens for a reason. Maybe the universe feels this is a YAHOO moment! lol. )

I love your reaction. It's just what I needed. Father wants to free His children now & let the good times roll,

for crying out loud! ) Speaking of good times, I received my 4 Blue Oyster Cult tickets yesterday for show October 25th.

It will rock the planet- guaranteed!

Off to work, have a great day, my friend.

Richest blessings,

Your fan,


p.s. Everyone is invited to His party site, Everyone invite Everyone. Thank you!

From: JIM LAW <sedonajames@msn.com>

To: paulfb88@yahoo.com

Sent: Friday, September 14, 2012 9:14 PM

Subject: RE: Jim, resending email

Hello Paul,

You are correct, I never got the gmail message from you so its good that you sent it again using this other address.

YOU ROCK!!! Good work...the site looks great

and you are in the flow! Earth Party is a great title. You know, so many people are doom and gloom and I was just

saying this today to a friend, that instead of that, how about one big party. And there you are! Its great to be here!



Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2012 18:06:24 -0700

From: paulfb88@yahoo.com

Subject: Jim, resending email

To: sedonajames@msn.com

Hi Jim,

I got a notice in my gmail that the following email I sent you yesterday was delayed and you may not have or ever receive it. I'm resending it here on yahoo. Check out the Earth Party site. Good new news of love finding its way to benefit everyone is worth sharing imho.

Take care,


Greetings Jim,

Well, it's been a week since our reading and, you know what? That reading contains elements that we, i.e. I, and the company of Heaven, want to bring forth to everyone in a concise, human and interesting manner. It conveys an ordinary guy, I think, with an extraordinary mission, if you will.

I'm led to post this reading later on the first page of


Ed. note: {This material along with all content on original front page was "lost" recently

[noted in New News section] Good news is - it's in Akashic records where nothing germane is ever lost.}

I made a tiny url of the link:


And I welcome any thoughts you may have on it, Jim.

Some things this action will do in time...

!) Make our mission of sharing His love & light clear and accessible to the masses.

2) Provide great information to those who want to have a healthy colon.

3) Allow the world to see we are the humble real thing and that the company of Heaven

~ many of whom showed up at the reading is alive and thriving and cheering us all on.

4) Let the world hear from Jerry Garcia with practical advice for all of us. "Live your life" etc

5) Share a Hug and more with Jesus Sananda.

6) Share God's infinite love and compassion for His children.

7) Celebrate in the knowing that Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother God Creator ~ All That Is

Is Love Divine Infinite & Eternal and will not be denied. Amen.

In closing Jim, I'm sending this in advance to you as a courtesy and it's no accident that you and I

are emerging at this time, my friend. His will is done now. Peace ~ Bro. )

Warmest regards,



p.s. 8/12/13

By Popular Demand...hint, hint, nudge nudge,

You, my friend Jim, and your, and everyone's friend, Chris Spheeris (how do you get a name like that?) )

Are cordially invited to The Jubilee. No rush, no fuss, the Jubilee is ongoing and is expected to last forever.

See ya's when you get there. Oh, did I mention the Jubilee is a global, in fact ~ cosmic, event? Official start is

August 17, 2113 with event at Hatch Shell on The Esplanade, Boston, Mass "a Chew!" setts! God Bless You! )

Since we're almost out of time, let's hear the perfect song here and then it's coffee time. Here we go...

Another one of Ringo's Heaven Hall of Fame collaborations w Burton Cummings Singing "No Time!" Guys...

Thank you Ringo and His All Starr Band! )



Keep smiling Friends and see you around the omni~verse.

"P" )

One other thing to lay on you folks, you awesome children of God.

Three things for Rich success in life.

1. Put God 1st in all things.

2. Make Jesus your best friend.

3. Give your heart to Mother Mary. She will give it right back in Divine love and compassion.

Announcement: August is Jerry Garcia month. Welcome to The Jubilee!

Thank You Grateful Dead.


A friend welcomes God's children to The Eternal NOW. And Further~more... )

Thank you Elvis and Company.

Happy Birthday Brother Jerry! [8/1/13] On behalf of All The Grateful Living We LOVE Ya Man!!!

Rock on and oh Yes, friends The Deal Did go down.

Praise God and Thank You Jesus and Mary! Amen.

Thank you Grateful Dead and Fans who bring the music to life!

Have a nice forever and we'll see you around the omni~verse! )


Thank you The Grateful Dead.

Brought over from the original site http://tinyurl.com/7thHeavenonEarth

Performed by some young Moody Blues. Here, check it out from someone who definitely

is Not a singer in a rock & roll band.

Thank you Heaven's Hall of Fame #1 ~ The Moody Blues.

We live for love...Indeed.

Thank you Pat Benatar and Company.

And Further more... )

Thank you Further.

House band for The Jubilee!

Jerry ) Father ) Everyman ) Fans, Priests, Minstrels, Troubadours, Roadies,

Outlaws and Gangsters of Rock & roll. )

Did we leave anyone out?

Nope. )

Rock on and Amen.

We're not done, folks. We will never be done. (Offline that is.) Richie Havens,

what have you got to say, man?

Thank you Richie Havens & Company.

Now, the gospel according to Neil & Crazy Horse...l...

Thank you Neil & Crazy Horse.

Come to The Jubilee, Neil, and bring your friends.

Folks, we thinks we're gonna need a bigger venue. ) Luckily, for us, Father has

it all planned out.

Carry on! Just like these guys- friends of Neil, say...

Thank you Crosby, Stills & Nash & Company.

The Clarion Call for All God's Children. All created Rock & rollers. )

Thank you Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. i.e. David, Steven, Graham and Neil.

Mr Lionel Richie, what should we do today man? In the eternal now...

God concurs, Thank you Lionel and like everyone else ~ "Have a nice forever ) "

Have you heard?

Extra special "Thank You" to The Allman Brothers Band.

Thank you Allman Brothers Band.

God's gift to His children now

Richie Havens Freedom Woodstock 1969

Thank you Mr Richie Havens.

Take it away Jimi...

Thank you Beloved Master Jimi Hendrix.

Forever is Now, friends. Can we rock this house?

Thank you The Police.and Fans i.e. Everyone. Indeed. )

And finally... a promise from HIM proved.

Now, let's rock for eternity in the higher dimensions as we have our true homes

prepared and waiting for us. Thank You Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator

All That Is ~ In Jesus Name, ~ Now and forever and ever and ever. Amen.

Rec: 8/4/13

fin. 10:51pm

[Father chooses this version] Totally Awesome!

Thank you Yes and Company ~ Everyone. Indeed. )

Namaste Friends,

See ya's around the campus.

Have fun, adventure and great Rock & Roll )

Thank you for being here. Love you ~ each and every one.


Creator, Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God of All That Is. In Jesus Name,

through "P" The humble instrument.



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Thank You Johnny and keep smiling Everyone!


Special note: We want to heartily Thank all the wonderful, talented and giving people who have lent their talents to

this and all sites by posting and sharing these awesome videos, without which this site, for one, would be far from

what it is now. God bless each and every one of you and "carry on." )