From Here to Eternity 777. )

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A Place called Paradise.

Greetings fellow immortal, infinite, spiritual beings on the way up.
Indeed, this page is Now officially  His/our 'rising' platform to the higher dimensions.  Let's all enjoy this awesome journey that Creator is gently, nudging - guiding us through.  When we come out or wake up on another plateau, it's all good, because God is good & we're just getting started.  So, God, Please   'Turn It Up.'   )

January, 2016.

Greetings All & Welcome to His 'From Here to Eternity' page.

We are so glad  you are here.  The fact that you are, means that you are in Heaven as this, His From Here To Eternity page
is part & parcel of His 'Heaven on Earth'  perfect, infinitely perfect, plan.  And so it is and so you, each & every one are now 
being duly congratulated.  Well done.  well done, indeed.

Let's get the music started with the official 'Gatekeeper' of this page and His message of Hope in a song.

Everyone's loving friend, mentor and guide, if you ask him, 

Please, take it away: Mr Dan Fogelberg.

Thank you CountryRock2U for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg & Band & Audience   ~  All of Us  here in Heaven.  )

Now  (1/12/16)

Let's All give a resounding Shout out and Welcome home to Mr David Bowie, a consummate artist right to the end.  )

Thank you DavidBowiieVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr David Bowie & Company.

A Hearty and joyful Welcome to Heaven, our beloved Dear Friend. David.  RIP  Rock In Paradise.  )

Thank you DavidBowiieVEVO for sharing on YT

Thank You David Bowie & Company,  Max influence for All Artists Everywhere, Indeed.  )

Thank you David Bowie for sharing on YT.

Thank You David Bowie, Everyone's dance partner, if ask.  )  ~  (Heaven's smile)

Celebrate David's life Everyone, truly, a life worth celebration on Heaven & Earth

In Oneness,   )

We will all see each other in our full glory - just around the bend, dear ones,  according to 
His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will, way, timing & plan.  It Is Written.  IJN.  And So It Is.


Ok, it's 2:38 a.m. as we begin this.  The spirits are quiet, and no music is playing.  Let's fix that right now... 
smile  ), on one of our home made tapes, always randomly picked with a thought that this is the perfect music 
we want to hear now;  Jerry Garcia is talking about the acid  test days.  Now 'Paint My Masterpiece' playing.

So, we just come from the Brother Erik page:

Where we shared the uplifting song we are placing here.  Hope Y'all enjoy as  p exchanges Hi 5's with Bob & Company!!!! ) ) ) ) ) ) )
That was sweet, dear ones.  One day we may see some of this stuff in the akashic records. (God willing, of course.)
So, let's kick of the infinite future of love & light & everything good wth this simple song.
Mr Marley & Co.  Take it away...

Thank you EpicMusicsOfficial  for sharing this wonderfulness on YT.

Thank You Bob Marley & Company of Infinite Heaven's one could never be able to put 

a number on.  His smile thru you, dear beloved master, Great Lion of God,  Indeed.  TY!  )

Rec & fin for now

                   3: 07 a.m.

Yahoo images.

Thank You & Keep smiling ~ Great Lion Of God  A simple man  Mr Bob Marley.   )

The soundtrack in background clearly provides the next sharing, dear ones.  We'll be back in just a few...

Thank you Randy Butternubs for sharing this awesomeness on YT

Thank You Led Zeppelin,  Company of All That Is/Isn't  & The Oneness Brigade.**

* * The Oneness Brigade is a new, tight, eternally grateful, loving group started by One, Lord Jesus aka Sananda,
in the higher realms.  Jesus will tell you more about this  group as He emerges in the Great, divine ultimate perfect plan of All That Is

as Neil Young's The Emperor of  Wyoming played and just ended the tape.

Want to hear this historic tape?  Sorry, p can't get arrested.  Erik, on the other hand, got 'arrested' 
over at His site with the  quickness.  )  paul, p, this guy can't get arrested for nothin' , written up, investigated, supported, nothing.

And, Bruce, you call your self 'the nothing man.'  Well, of course we all know who really does all the authoring, singing, life role playing of us, It's Him, 
He in us, He ~ She to make our Yoda manager, N,  happy.  Yes, God is Male,  God Is Female, the life giver,  but for our purposes the male aspect is for 
some strange reason, we try to put our finger on it but we thinks,  the male is just forever "The Protector" with the paternal sense to be 'out there,' taking care 
of business, so to speak.  In other words,  please, to whom it may concern, let Dad take out the trash, do the dirty work, clean up the stuff.  (barnyard epithets
are so 3/4 dimensional, and just don't fit with infinite dimensions we are in now, don't you agree?  However, if that and "F"  bombs are still your way to go, then, fine, just don't invite us to your dinner party.  Ty.

So, we will wrap this for the morning.

It's 4:23 a.m.

If you've gained something from this, in the pre full 'Cashless Society"  you could kindly send p  $3. at site essentials page.  If amused, fine, don't come back
it's ok, Have a nice forever, still.
p out.
p.s.  From the guy who dictated "An Urgent Message"  You people want to feel a hurricane at your back that makes Katrina & Sandy look like walks in the park, you do NOT want to mess with this guy.  A good song to play here would be "Before  The Deluge"  By Jackson Browne.  Thank You.
Peace out
4:35 p.m..
p, "Mr Happy Go Lightly"  working on it, you folks could help with that .  Get over the crazy money stinkbomb ... ok, out, don't get Him started, please.
later, )
p.p.s.  In proofreading we see we typed happy go lightly, while  thinking happy go lucky.  Prime example of how He works  thru this humble channel.
Yeah, we would rather go lightly, over lucky.  Once again, God gets His site right.
Going to bed, shutting down computer, not even going to look at emails w the next big thing.  God Is the next big thing, folks.  His train  is Free and more powerful than Heaven and Earth & all The universes you can shake a stick at.  As your money  says... Have you looked at it lately  Yeah, that.

Final o u t:  5: 00 a.m.  bye  )

12: 23 p.m.
Bless this wondrous, glorious loving day.

Let's get right to the music as we put in Genesis, We Can't Dance cd and heard this song.#7 down Tell Me Why.

Humanity, You tell me why.  When is God gonna come down here and  fix everything?  God can't get arrested down here with you people.  You all have your heads stuck so far up your collective arses their's nothin you can see but that next weeks paycheck & that new dinette set.  Oh, and the people stARVING ON YOUR  TV'S.  So depressing, I'll just change the channel and put on whatever, oh, that's so much better.  God  will take care of those people.

This, HIS, i.e. GOD'S starsite is here to wake you people up but if no one shares it what the F is paul wasting his time with this.  p serves God full time  with
this. dear ones.   He gets no salary, but he knows the after life benefits are beyond anything he can imagine.  You could have amazing benefits as well simply
by sharing this site. or by making a small donation.  p woke up to a bank balance, in the  red, now of over  $227.  W/o a loving brother to help out, he'd really be up the creek.

The "An Urgent Message"  guy says listen to the words of  this song, peeps, and do something about it today.  Best thing you can do is call up car dealerships
and say you're coming down to pick up your God  given  new car or call up  Eliot at Jordan's furniture,  as an example,  (I'm sending you a letter today, Eliot)  and say Hey, my friend, I'm coming down for my new dinette set, yeah, I'd like it in yellow., Thank you.

Tell them & everyone it's Front Page News here:  

And so it is, Now and this will be shared at His blog page.

The song:  Tell Me Why,  (Indeed.(

Thank you cedric van Wessel for sharing this sadness on YT.

Thank You Genesis.


Who else is ready to throw away the daily grind of trying to make a paycheck to pay for impossible debt?
Are you drowning in it?  Have you not heard yet of Infinite Creator's, perfect, infinitely perfect, divine perfect
plan for His perfect volunteers on the perfect volunteer planet, Terra ~ Earth.  Did we mention His perfect plan 
is perfect, dear ones?  Indeed it Is as only a Gentle loving kind Creator &  His Family of Loving Creators have 
created in Divine, loving Harmony with one another.

He has created and launched a "Cashless Society"  to live in but you people are not getting this news which has
been sent to those bureaus. Just look at our Twitter acct. alone. Has anyone done any investigation?  Of course not, 
bc it's to them like something from a crazy neighbor down the  street.  All  they want  to do is regurgitate the  same old, 
boring, hum drum, just over catastrophic "news."   The White House has been sent info on this, His site almost as long as
it's been online.  "They" are watching this, we know this.  Mr Obama, if you want to talk and have lunch and talk the  "real stuff",
please hop on your.jet, and do bring the fam.  We can have fun doing a whale watch excursion among other good stuff in the Boston area.  )

So, 20 years  ago, this present day paul aka p, a traveler of both time & space, dictated with his 'toned down' force,  "An Urgent Message."  
This can be found at the front page and at 'Good News Docs' and also at 'Brother Erik's page.'  The message remains the same only the "moments" 
for it  to be activated is Now.  Can anyone seriously read this and still want to support your banking system, your unnecessary insurance companies, the despicable irs. bye irs...

So, the time has come the walrus said to talk things over.  If there is a brave cub reporter out there that would like to chat with us, i.e. p & Infinite company of Infinite 

Heavens, just get in touch.  Our contact info is at site Essentials page.  We share this bc something like this would have started a little brush fire that could have 

grown virally years ago.  Just one scenario, but, of course, in  the long run, how this is starting to roll out now is His perfect plan.  Things have to get so hellish on 

this beautiful planet that only the infinitely perfect "fix" can fix it.  So, humanity, look at the mess you're in.  Do you want a little Divine Intervention or do you 

want to continue on your path to extinction for the final curtain.  Your choice.  Make the right one humanity and don't keep the God's "upstairs" and a few "downstairs"


Ok, finally the  song, need we say "perfect" to launch  the days of complete & total Freedom for  all God's  children.  Btw, if you still have a  problem w the word "God."  Believe us, we understand and do sympathise, and we will use the easier to digest word "spirit." when appropriate, Ok?  But God is not going anywhere, He lives in everyone's  heart for crying out loud.  You want to see what God looks like, dear one's.  Look in a mirror.  We are spirit, right Sting?  )

Play it Sam...

Thank you 1957GSS  for sharing this awesomeness on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band

On be-whole of Everyone, kind Sirs,  Thanks for showing us how it's Done.  )

Rec & fin.  1/14/16
                   3: 35 a,m,

Who wants to share an eternal moment?

Thank you  cyberman00005 1or sharing this masterpiece on YT.

Thank  You Mr Paul  Davis & Company.   )


Thank you PJHARV1 for sharing on YT;

Thank You Joni Mitchell   ~ with love from your fans, i.e.  Everyone.   )

{More Joni is here:]

Thank you juebizi for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Graham Nash.

Thank you GenresXYZ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby Stills & Nash

Same epic day, the 14th of Jan, '16
Now  9:18 p.m.

Led Zep's Thank You playing on our boombox magic machine, never fails to be playing  what Spirit would want us to be hearing right at the 'moment.'
p, can I ask a question?  Of course, sonny, what's your question?
Ah, does this whole thing here have a point?  Good question, son,  The answer, as Robert Plant is now singing Big Log,  It does have a point, and the
'point' is, simply that Spirit does exiist in our collective lives every split mili-second of our lives.  We exist in His divine, infinite field of love & light, supreme.

Love can not be reigned in or restricted, esp when flowing from & thru divine infinite Source, prime. ultimate, infinite, heavenly.  It's beyond putting one name
to it as it is ever expanding & infinitely alive forever.  This need not concern us  dear ones.  Let the infinite and active creation do it's  thing.  Just know we all have  a God  created place for each & every one of us, custom made to suit our needs.

Now, this song list we are creating here is  our/His creation to sort of be our soundtrack to Infinity, where we're going with His guidance.  This list iis
official to this, His, site but you can always make your own.  Our taste is, obviously, tilted to classic rock & soft rock of the 60's 70's 80's 90's & on.
We do love all music, fyi.

This list could also be seen as  our/His rising "music of the sphere's" platform to the 'jumping' off point where we slip into the etheric realms.  (as Led Zep's
'Achilles Last Stand' starts up.

Thank you Uncino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Robert Plant  & Crew

Ok, so here we are dudes & dudettes.   Who else want to make everyday a weekend day?  All we need is someone
who has the "right stuff" in his/her heart to  show us the way.  If you ask the guy typing this down from Source, It's a total
"no Brainer."  We continue with the man ~ spirit that got us  this far.  His plan does Not require you to F around wih an RV
(revaluation) still dealing with earthly banks, dinero pesos, rubll/dollarbills/goldsilver.  Sorry folks  to be so blunt... yeah, it's the p that wrote an urgent message.  Peeps, as he tries to tone it down.  Dear fellow immortal spiritual beings of Divine, Infinite, Boundless, Glorious, Love, Light & knowledge, excuse us, but you're earthly exchanges and Systems, esp compared to what HE has for you Now, are all, ahem,  ahHeMM AgAin  AGGGhhhHEMMMMMMM :  HORSESHIT. 
There we said it.  Horse fuckinng Shit  Hhey Erik what do you say Bro & do you have a song to nail this down, Bro?

Indeed, Boss, HORSEEYFUCKING SHITTTYYY SSSHIYTTT FFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK .  Done, Boss.  Thank you sir, now p  will go get the song.
No way is p, the channel gonna edit that, folks.  This is it,  take it or leave it.  We can blink and be on Saturn or wherever else we want to go.  We are here, we  have our hand(s) out to you, humanity, we bring our Love, our light & our Rock & Roll.  Here's a  song for the moment and you do deserve a 2nd chance and make no mistake, as if you could, (you can't)  This is The deep end.

Note:  the above starting from the first Ahem came down on re=-reading it today- 3/9/16.   the song already here is more than fine.  Erik let's go grab a beer, ok, Bro?.  It's on me.  I got no money, but it's ok, it, like everything in His  new ~ .now paradigm of love rules Everything upstairs & downstairs is Free,  Eagles  don't pay nuttin' honey's   friends.  God says it's on him.  He says Smile, Please & thank you.  Go on your way.Simple, no bank B Fucking S as "The Law" comes blasting thru like  10 Billion Fucking Freight Trains and 1 kind dove watching  w  the God given authority to say,  Ah, ok. Time Out. Leave this part to me...

Thanks Ahem  AAAgggHHHH Godzilla, Thank  you, now you and Blue Oyster Cult go and come back with a song.  The Vigil is over.  Tyrannisauris  Rex is just a puppy we can call 'Jaws.'  p knows him, so folks, you know what?  We are, hold on,   Drumroll  please, Mrl Phil  Collins,  We 'r'  at a new Genesis here guys, raise your eyebrows all ya's want but the cool water runs deep here at the ranch where the young er Eagles fly and the younger ones fight.  The elder/older ones "No" better.  So as Ashtar says"  "stick this  dove  bar in yer mouth and chew on it and  live, yer life like God, himself, designed it with you using your God given aspect of His greater, beyond mind.  And have a nice day, if you accept that pleasantry.  You-/ we, all have free will so no-one has to accept that.  We're just repeating what He has put in our fingers connected to a brain that, like the Big God "upstairs" only wishes us 'the best' with no calamities,  no drama & most especially  with no lack of music, doesn't matter what kind.  Fill our sails Dear Heavenly infinite Father *  As sleep now overpowers the channel, we  are literally.
p  out for now.  Like the "news media" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

W addendums
Rec& fin.
3:40 p.m

Thank You LoverboyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Loverboy & Company.  )

It's 11: 58 p.m. 1/14/16
Yep, epic day, and could tomorrow ever  follow today?  It has no choice.  Let's all have great 'moments' as 
the calendar slips to day 15 of this amazing, God given month.
We are out:  H & J & The love Brigade, includes the oneness brigade.   )

Out at 2: 05 a.m. 1/15/16

12:51 p.m.

In memory of time...

Thank you HDPinkFloyd for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pink  Floyd.

Is there a better song to play here than the one playing in our boom box right this moment?
We doubt it..., Jerry, guys... Thx.indeed.  )

Thank you bigbeah for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

C'mon Jesus, let's go further down the road with Uncle Jerry & Co.  )

Thank you wsj160 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Fellas, please tell us how it's going to be, the truth now.   )
Exactly, Heaven & Earth & All That Is concur.  This is His Will, Way, Perfect, infinitely 
perfect timing & plan.  
And so it is Now, IJN.

Thank you ElizabethTravis for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Thank you tangent5000 for sharing this on YT.

Thank You Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

Thank you sonicboy19 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Joni Mitchell.

Thank you vtha sangkulh for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young  & Infinite Woodstock Nation.   )

Thank you wolfbob man for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendrix & The Woodstock Nation still in flight from this performance... )


THE YOUNGBLOODS Let´s get together 1967 Chet Powers´s song.

Thank you Mike Nelson for sharing on YT.

Thank You The  Youngbloods... saying it for all of us ~ 'youngbloods.' we are.

Now, back to thread as previously created... Thanks God for this infusion of life.  Life marches on, too late to stop, now.

Thank you NEA ZIXNH for sharing on YT.

Thank You Santana &  All The Infinite Woodstock Nation Tribes  of Oneness.  )

Thank you Iggy Males for sharing on YT.

Ten Years After, Please A Warm Hand for Ten Years After.  TY Woodstock Cosmic Nation.   )

We close this session with a song about Freedom.  Ty.

Richie Havens - Freedom at Woodstock 1969 (HD)

Thank you Sebastian Walter for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Richie Havens & All Heroes of Woodstock.  Performers & Audience.  )

Cheers & thunderclaps from Heaven...

Signing off for 'now.'  1/16/16
                                  3:39 a.m.

-not so fast p...

Fresh from His appearance at the front page, We must add Joe Cocker & The Grease Band 
& friends to this Woodstock reunion segment of a page going down in history,  indeed.  )

Thank you HDPinkFloyd for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Joe Cocker &  The  Grease Band & Friends ~ Everyone everywhere... )

But wait there's a voice playing that must be heard now...

Thank you Glauco Corral for sharing on YT.

Thank You Janis Joplin & Company & Bountifully blessed Woodstock Audience. )

And how was Your day?
p out 4:33 a.m.  )


Ok, guys,  what would we do with one more chance?
Yes, Sonny?  "I would give the whole thing over to God for Him to sort everything out as He/She 
is the only one who can do it, let's face it."  

Wonderful solution, son.  Anyone else?  E v e r y o n e ?  Yes, that's the way, then
what do we have to lose for  trying His way, will, timing and plan?  Nothing, only to gain, Jane.  And so it is, Now, IJN.

The soundtrack  for this goes like this...

Thank you QueenHouse85 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Freddy Mercury, Brian May & Queen & David  Bowie. & All The 2nd Chance All Stars.   )

Welcome  All to His Infinite Love Brigade  [Leaves no one, no thing out]

Congratulations, Your Team just won the Love Now infinity sweepstakes.  )

The Celebration continues with Tina Turner & Mr Bowie... En-joy  )

Thank you Elton John & Tina Turner Official Videos for sharing on YT.

Thank You Tina Turner, David Bowie & Audience ~ All of Us.   )

Thank you Team Coco for sharing on YT.

Thank You David Bowie & Conan O'brien for the memories & the laughs.  )

3:14 a.m.
Woke up to this awesome song playing in our head that says put me here. Indeed our master, 
music.  Can we get you anything else?  Yeah, the one following this.  And so it is,  master. Ty.  )

Thank you Blue Oyster Cultist for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

Thank you Blue Oyster Cultist for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

Yeah,  these things come in 3's.  Look out for "Jaws."  (our dog in heaven.)

Thank you Blue Oyster Cultist for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.     Keep  smiling... )

rec & fin.  1/18/16
                 3: 33 a.m.

Now:  1/18/16
           4: 01 a.m.

Do a soundtrack to Heaven without Al Stewart & Co. doing 'Year of the cat' ?  Unthinkable.
Sharing this awesome video, dedicated to Mom & tinker (p's cat in heaven.)

Thank you TheAtomicFlowers for sharing this masterpiece on YT.

Thank You Bogey & Bacall & Al Stewart & Band & All who Appreciate Great Art Like This.

Another copyright travesty.  This artist poured their heart & soul into making this incredible video only to have it pulled by BBC Worldwide  for copyright crap.
Let's write/ boycott BBC Worldwide until they reconsider this infantile action & return it to its proper home ~ With The  People. Thank You, 
Come on people ~ Together ~ We Can Do It.  Let's Never give up without a fight.  If you saw this video, you should be mad as hell right now.  Even Mom, esp says "THIS SUCKS."  (pounding the keyboard.)  "Thanks Mom.  <3 you too."   )

(Back to original thread.)

Y'all have a Beauteous, Wondrous, Glorious Loving Day, Ok?  Great.  )

p & Co out 4:16 a.m.

Image may contain: 1 person

Mom & Jaws.  See You Guys Soon!   <3  )


Wow, peeps, looks like He is into calling this puppy a wrap with the quickness.  All fine with this guy.  Who else besides Aerosmith is ready 
to go on permanent vacation?  Mr. Obama, the Vineyard is a hop, skip from Boston as you know.  You could come up here, tie up a few loose
ends and go retire, like EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANT IT.  That's 'The Law' talking right there, folks, Indeed.  The White House?  You mean
the Museum by The Potomac?  Yeah, we could swoop in there and check that out, soon.  Want to check out the North Dakota junction where Joni Mitchell 
left her man and came to the big apple to face the dream's malfunction...from the song, Song To Sharon from The Hejira album?  You can.  Get the idea?  

We can go anywhere we want, have anything we want.  Your friend, p, has advocated for each & every one to have it all like he has in the Now life.  There is 
no 'afterlife' now at this juncture., as we are listening to that wondrous Hejira album, one of many great collaborations with Joni & Spirit, as are all albums, literature, art.  Everything is Spirit.  We are Spirit, we are God.  Shirley MacLaine 101.

Ok, so no rush, folks, but it would be better to make our transition from the physical to our new, improved "light" bodies waiting for us, as, like everything else; 
according to His/ Spirit's divine, infinite, infinitely perfect plan.  Film at 11.
And so it is now, IJN.  [We do gotta end this with a song, and who can guess the song & the group?  We don't keep our fans waiting, here you go everyone

RUSH  toThe Rescue... )  (they've been hanging out at that 'Beacons of Now' page.  But hear we go... back in a few...

Thank you Rounder Records for sharing on YT.

Thank You Rush 

Thank You Awesome Audience ~  All of Us...  )

Rec & fin.  1/18/18

                  7: 22 a.m.

And that my dear friends is a wrap.  Can you say Thank You Jesus?

Thank You Jesus, from the Heart.  And as we hear right now in the background.  
Think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We leave you with one more, the one already playing.

Thank you sherrylynn70 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Al Stewart & Company

Thank You All most dearly.  Thank You In Jesus Name 
Most of All Thank You God Spirit All That Is Divine Ultimate Prime Source Infinite Source Creator, Heavenly Father Mother God Creator All That Isn't 
Divine Mother Mary, Mom (Mary's best friend) Dad  Family Friends i.e. Everyone and of course, our beloved pets.   )

In closing we  must give a hug and well done to the child, paul, who grew up w/o a clue and went through some pretty scary things.early on.  tears.
Bye for now, all.  )

This has  been a Far Flung Production.  Ltd.
Est.  1978  City of Coral Gables, Fl.  USA.

Final Rec & fin. 1/18/16
                          8:07 a.m.


Coda:  In Memory of  Mr. Glenn Frey...
As always we let the music do the talking...

Thank you New York Daily News for sharing on YT.

Thank you CNN for sharing onYT.

Thank You Glenn Frey, Piers Morgan & CNN.

Thank you Miguel Angel Bonell for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

Thank you for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles & for putting this together. Nice work.

Here's one of all time 'hidden' Eagles songs.  Hope you enjoy...

Thank you WS82 Classics for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

Thank you Michael Taylor for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles & Great Audience rep Us All.  )

One more for the eternal road we're all on...

Thank you G.B.'s Entertainment Channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles   

More on Eagles:

Last words from our friend Glenn & last on this page.  Thank You our great Friend, Glenn.  
We laugh & cry at the same time, yep, one of 'those' moments.  We know we'll  see you soon
as we know there is no death.  Just changing suits, as it were.  Your smile was/is as great as your
music dear Bro and Heaven cannot keep  us rising spirits down for much longer.  Heaven has one more 
helping hand to lift us up to higher vibrations.  We say to Heaven, we're ready, will you please come open 
The Door, soon, ok, soon.  Shall we get ready fellow journey people?  p is ready.  Here's his passport:  )
Indeed, And so it is, now.  Take it away Glenn...

“It's Your World Now”
Written by Glenn Frey and Jack Tempchin
From the Eagles’ Long Road Out of Eden album.

A perfect day, the sun is sinkin’ low
As evening falls, the gentle breezes blow
The time we shared went by so fast
Just like a dream, we knew it couldn’t last
But I’d do it all again
If I could, somehow
But I must be leavin’ soon
It’s your world now

It’s your world now
My race is run
I’m moving on
Like the setting sun
No sad goodbyes
No tears allowed
You’ll be alright
It’s your world now

Even when we are apart
You’ll always be in my heart
When dark clouds appear in the sky
Remember true love never dies

But first a kiss, one glass of wine
Just one more dance while there’s still time
My one last wish: someday, you’ll see
How hard I tried and how much you meant to me

It’s your world now
Use well your time
Be part of something good
Leave something good behind
The curtain falls
I take my bow
That’s how it’s meant to be
It’s your world now
It’s your world now
It’s your world now

Thank you Jayuu40 for sharing on YT.

R I P Glenn, i.e. Rock In Paradise,  Thank You Eagles,   We're All Eagles

                   Image result for the eagles
All google images.


Love the tie Glenn, oh, its the shirt, never mind.  )

And finally,  dear Brothers & Sisters,  He has one last thing to lay on us.  
It's yet another invitation  to embrace  "The Cashless Society" And to Join 
The Eagles Party.   No, it's not a political party, none of that 3/4th dimensional
stuff for we infinite dimensional beings that we are, now.

Here you go and make sure you have some good music playing in the background.  When we pushed play on this, having asked/ decreed the perfect music play, the first song to play in a cassette we dug out was 'Hope on Deliverance,' by Paul McCartney.
Perfect?  Perfect, Indeed.  So, what more can your appointed, designated, ever humble servant do for you peeps but ask you to  look at this and ask yourself; gee, is the universe trying to tell us something here about His will, way timing & plan?  A thought comes to mind, something about proof being n the pudding. 
And how are Your synchronicities going?

Please witness this, His Smilebox presentation.  If led, as we always say:  Share it.  )

You in guys?  If so do what you would do for the rest, and we do mean 'rest' of your lives if everyday was a saturday and you were off.  This is the scenario
Heaven is giving us at this 'Now" moment in time, dear ones.  We can have it all and not have to slave to get it.  All we have to do is say "Yes."  (insert any
song by Yes, the Rock group here)  So this is a final wrap.  Best to keep tabs on us at the blog page  for updates, etc. 

And So It All IS, Now, Indeed.   )

Rec & fin... 1/20/16
                   2: 57 a.m.

Leave w/o this one?  You're kidding us, right, paul?

Nope, here ya go...)  & dedicated to Eagles everywhere, i.e. every one of us, indeed.  ) 

Thank you Валерий Титов  for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles:  Glenn, Don H, Timothy, Bernie, Randy, Don F, Joe, & All Us Eagles  ~       ~              ~                     ~                            ~                               

Namaste.   )

Beginning & Out:  1/20/16
                              4:10 a.m.


From The 2016 Grammy's Here's a great performance by Eagles with Jackson Browne

Thank you Mike c for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr's  Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Timothy B Schmit, Joe Walsh & Jackson Browne

Google images.

High 5 Glenn,  See You soon...

addendum 2/16/16

As recommended by "Letter from a friend"  in that  Smilebox  presentation, this awesome video does a perfect job of conveying where we're at,
Indeed, as the child says at the end, It's time.  Or better yet, the 'moment' has come ~ for infinite moments of peace, light, love, harmony, happiness
and all good stuff like that there, Indeed.  And so it is, now my dear friends.

Thank you Scorpions VEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Scorpions.

This has been 'our' kind of 'Sting' operation.  Thanks to Him, Jesus & all us playing our parts.

Thank you ThePoliceExcommunicated 2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company 

Thank you David Olson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company.

Thank you Luan stephen Sayad for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company.

Thank you 101stairbourne  for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Police.

Pat & Neil & Band, in one word, please describe the human race.  Perfect.   )

Thank you PatBenatarLibrary for sharing on YT.

Thank You Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo & Band  & All Us Invincible Ones.   )

Who better to celebrate with than Madonna... )

Thank you Rafal K for sharing on T.

Thank You Madonna & Company & Audience  ~  Everyone.  Time To Celebrate!   )

Brother Dan, will you be so kind as to take us home in song?  Thank You Bro.  .And as

His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine will, way, timing & plan for the merging of Heaven & Earth 

becomes reality,  We can only say with heads bowed, on our knees.  Thank You God & Praise 

for our very beingness.  

We Thank You God for the infinite blessing of Your Ultimate Gift to us, humanity, Your loving

Son, Jesus.  Thank You Jesus for being who you are and being our greatest advocate.

We thank Divine, infinite Blessed Mother Mary for doing & being All You can for our most perfect destiny.

And so it is now & forever dear ones, in the infinite body of The Christ. 

Thank You.  IJN.

Thank you JMEagle for sharing  on YT.

Thank You Mr Dan Fogelberg & Company of Heaven & Earth as One.

Rec & fn.  1/21/16
                 8:47 a.m.

Update:  This just in.

We have just been informed that this site:

Is Now a gathering pre departure place for The  Company of Eagles.
That's All of Us, Folks.  If you think this is a joke and we're playing, p suggests you go and suggest that to "The Law"
Author of "An Urgent Message"   Latest place you can see that is here:

If you somehow missed it from above here's what we're talking about. And we are sooo serious.

He's engineering all this from His "Situation, God's Perfect Plan Now & forever IJN, And So it Is, Now, room."
Click button lower right for full screen.

Yes, Jimi, this calls for Your song, Bro, scribed by Bob Dylan.

Thank you Kevin Maguire for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendrix & All Us Experiencers of His Awesome Plan for Us.   )

More Jimi here:

1/23/16 at 10: 30 p.m.  Ok,  )  You know what, peeps.   We All may Now consider ourselves "Stung" By Him.  
In a good way. )  Yep, And so it is, indeed Dear Friends.  You got us 'GOOD' God & we L O V E   IT !  LOL.  )

Thank you ThePoliceExcommunicated 2 for sharing on YT

Thank You Sting & Company.

Thank You God, Jesus, Mother Mary, & All Company of Heaven inc Sting & All of us Eagles, In eternal Oneness.
And So It Is , Now.  IJN..,  )

                                  Yahoo images

Ladies & Gentlemen  ~  Sting

For your next act, Brother Sting, Take us Home, please... )

Rec & Fin. 1/24/16
                   12: 04 a.m.

Just in time to go over to:

And put up the awesome song He wants there and we so concur...
See ya's there.  )