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Entering The Light!


Greetings fellow immortal, infinite spiritual beings of love and light.  On behalf of the group, Thank you for
volunteering to be here esp at this pivotal time in our and earth's evolution.  Let's all just give it up to Love.
It's all we are, all we have and all we need.
And So It Is.

"The Volunteers" Legends of the 21st century Humans

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Thank You to 'The Volunteers' who make this possible.

We are sharing this, including the cover picture from our friend, Fred Greaves, site... Check it out

Raising your vibration is the key to entering the higher realms, and to opening your 3rd eye to allow you to see it. This is also important to fine tuning your discernment, as many good lightworkers are being fooled now by what were trusted sources, yet now have been corrupted by the dark. Yet you cannot fool the Heartmind as that is pure love, and love is the strongest force in the Universe.

The only way to activate your Heartmind is thru raising your vibrations. For those ready to move on and further Click here

In addition you need to clear past karma energy and clear your chakra’s, and then protect yourself against the negative energies, fighting to hold onto planet Earth and its inhabitants. So again Click here.

Here's this site's link for info about Fred and his twin flame Lucina's site.  All invited to check it out and it does now contain our most recent email
correspondence which shares, among other things, how the #7 guideline came about, as shared in the above link, which, obviously, is the most important.

Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, September 17th, 2017

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Thank You Sananda and Ann Dahlberg.

The Sananda sharing ends with the promise of a song but it is not named.  So, we asked Dakarra to pick out a 
song from our vast collection. Here's the song starting off the 'Legend' cd by Mr Bob Marley.  Perfect.  TY Dakarra   <3  )

Bob Marley - is this love official video HD

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Leave it to Jesus to give us some good news of the eternal kind...

When God created you He gave you everything that He had.
by John Smallman

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Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.


God bless us all and the hard lessons humanity has chosen to learn the hard way.  Love, indeed is the answer.
Love and only love.  Ans* So It Is.    *(sic, that's how it came out, caught a  few hours later.)

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Dr. James Martin Peebles
Yesterday at 11:07am · 
How do you make sense of senseless acts?
October 2, 2017
Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon
The horrific tragedy of the Las Vegas shootings prompted me to ask Dr. Peebles for his perspective about this. Click the link to listen to what he shared.

Thank You Dr Peebles and  Summer Bacon.

No lives are ever lost.  God's delivery system is perfect, my dear friends.

FedEx Delivers Message From The Afterlife...

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Thank You Bob Olson, Melissa, Bradley and Justin.

Paul, where you been lately?  Tired, guys, we know we're not alone, right Erik?   )

Erik on the Spiritual Basis of Fatigue

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Rolling with Erik : Ask Erik September 2017

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More 'good stuff.'...

The GoldFish Report No. 129 - Special Guest: Scott Werner M.D. w/ Co-host Winston Shrout

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May Be Continued as spirit moves.

Spirit moves...


Stephen Paddock Afterlife Interview

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Erik has  a 'gaze' on this page w a music selection he picked.  if want to check it out...

Maybe, and we certainly hope we are here* w a song that could also be  called 'It's Alright.'

*End Of The Line (Extended Version)

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Thank You Tom, George, Roy, RIP  Rockin' In Paradise and Bob, and Jeff  ~ The Traveling Wilburys

‘Music is probably the only real magic I’ve encountered in my life. It’s pure & it’s real. It moves, it heals, it communicates..
Tom Petty 

Let's all Carry On...Good  news is we don't have a choice...

And so we are led like Deja Vu again w so many questions but in the end it's  L o v  e  that is the answer, 
the question,  the solution and the destiny of humanity.  And So It Is. 

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Carry On / Questions

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Thank You Crosby Stills Nash & You*  *(sic, there You go again, spirit.)  Young   )

Yes, something about this seems like  deja vu all over again...
All welcome to His/Our infinite love jubilee.  Cheers,  )

Yahoo images.

Oh, when we're all home and listening to the music our friends create.  The joyful, blissful future God has 
planned for us is right in front of us every moment.  Rejoice...

Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

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Thank You Traveling Wilburys

May Be Continued as spirit moves.