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Entering The Light!



Greetings fellow immortal, infinite spiritual beings of love and light. On behalf of the group, Thank you for

volunteering to be here esp at this pivotal time in our and earth's evolution. Let's all just give it up to Love.

It's all we are, all we have and all we need.

And So It Is.

"The Volunteers" Legends of the 21st century Humans

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Thank You to 'The Volunteers' who make this possible.

Speaking of volunteers...

Here's this site's link for info about our friend Fred Greaves and his lovely twin flame Lucina's site. All invited to check it out, if led.



Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, September 17th, 2017

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The Sananda sharing ends with the promise of a song but it is not named. So, we asked Dakarra to pick out a

song from our vast collection. Here's the song starting off the 'Legend' cd by Mr Bob Marley. Perfect. TY Dakarra <3 )

Bob Marley - is this love official video HD

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Leave it to Jesus to give us some good news of the eternal kind...

When God created you He gave you everything that He had.

by John Smallman

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Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.




God bless us all and the hard lessons humanity has chosen to learn the hard way. Love, indeed is the answer.

Love and only love. Ans* So It Is. *(sic, that's how it came out, caught a few hours later.)

Dr. James Martin Peebles

Yesterday at 11:07am ·

How do you make sense of senseless acts?

October 2, 2017

Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon

The horrific tragedy of the Las Vegas shootings prompted me to ask Dr. Peebles for his perspective about this. Click the link to listen to what he shared.


Thank You Dr Peebles and Summer Bacon.



No lives are ever lost. God's delivery system is perfect, my dear friends.

FedEx Delivers Message From The Afterlife...

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Paul, where you been lately? Tired, guys, we know we're not alone, right Erik? )

Erik on the Spiritual Basis of Fatigue

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Rolling with Erik : Ask Erik September 2017

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More 'good stuff.'...

The GoldFish Report No. 129 - Special Guest: Scott Werner M.D. w/ Co-host Winston Shrout

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May Be Continued as spirit moves.

Spirit moves...



Stephen Paddock Afterlife Interview

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Erik has a 'gaze' on this page w a music selection he picked. if want to check it out...


Maybe, and we certainly hope we are here* w a song that could also be called 'It's Alright.'

*End Of The Line (Extended Version)

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Thank You Tom, George, Roy, RIP Rockin' In Paradise and Bob, and Jeff ~ The Traveling Wilburys

‘Music is probably the only real magic I’ve encountered in my life. It’s pure & it’s real. It moves, it heals, it communicates..

Tom Petty

Let's all Carry On...Good news is we don't have a choice...

And so we are led like Deja Vu again w so many questions but in the end it's L o v e that is the answer,

the question, the solution and the destiny of humanity. And So It Is.

Crosby Stills Nash & Young - Carry On / Questions

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Yes, something about this seems like deja vu all over again...


All welcome to His/Our infinite love jubilee. Cheers, )

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Oh, when we're all home and listening to the music our friends create. The joyful, blissful future God has

planned for us is right in front of us every moment. Rejoice...

Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care

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Greetings fellow sons & daughters of The One.

We are led to share this very potent message.

Northern California Fires Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 15Oct2017

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Thank You Creator and Denny and Karl.

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 17Oct2017

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Denny's You Tube...


We're led to share this most powerful channeling w great information from Karl and Bill Cooper.

Among other things, the author of: ' Behold A Pale Horse.'

Bill Cooper Channeled by Karl Mollison 12June2017

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Hello again star beings. Our FB page brought the following up as a memory from 4 years ago. It seems

to fit here as there, and following it is today's Jesus sharing. So, on with the show at this humble platform.


Your destiny is to create with God.

You are on the cusp of enormous changes to the way you experience life, monumental changes that will

inspire and uplift you, changes that have been planned since the moment of your…


Thank You Saul and John Smallman.


That was yesterday and here's today's but it's all one, everyone knows that, right? )

The illusion is an infinitesimal distraction from Reality.

by John Smallman

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Sharing fresh good stuff...


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Greetings Spirits disguised as humans in this halcyon schoolhouse we call planet earth.

There is a new very awesome video at the NDE page. Check it out here, if led.


Image result for eternity

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Here's something everyone with pain issues can benefit from, check it out...

Edgar Cayce Curing Things Medicine said Cant be Cured [FULL VIDEO]

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Thank You Peter Bedard and Edgar Cayce A.R.E




Greetings adventurers, experiencers, lend a handers, bringers of heaven on earth.

Here's something we can not not share. So partake and we hope it nourishes all who hear...

A Trip to Heaven † Message from the Throne!

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Thank You the writer/ experiencer of this letter, Alexander Bachman, Jesus and All That Is.



Welcome to a most Grateful Day when we Salute Our Veterans. Thank You All Who Served and Are Serving Now.

Veterans Day Tribute

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Thank You All Veterans For Your Service!

Here's to Better Days for all of us ~ God's children

Goo Goo Dolls - Better Days [Official Music Video]

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Thank You Goo Goo Dolls.

You will be enraptured and enchanted to recognize yourselves just as you truly are.

11/11/2017 by John Smallman

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Love is, of course, the antidote to fear, being all that is Real.

by John Smallman

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Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.


Divine Mother: “This universe was created from love and is love!” November 8, 2017 by Mary Carbaugh

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Thank You Divine Mother and Mary Carbough





The resurrection of the Grateful Dead

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Just sharing a post made at Dead and Company FB group

David Silber

5 hrs

First of my two cents: speedy recovery to Uncle John. Second: I have never seen the guy play, not with Dead and Co. and not otherwise, and in fact I haven't been to a "show" since '92, as I've been an expat in the Mediterranean since '93, although I will say that the only music I enjoy nearly as much as the Grateful Dead is Beethoven (yes, I do have this thing for musical genius). Honestly, I still have to work my head around getting tickets without sending a money order in a psychedelic envelope, so does that make me "old school"? I'd be ashamed to admit if I cared, and actually, and emphatically, I don't. These guys were and are a big part of my life in many ways, and that's enough for me. But listen fellas, and this is for anyone who thinks he's a Deadhead out there - isn't it all about the music? If some young guy can get up there and turn on the crowd, and give ol' Bobby a bit of zest for life and a few more good years of touring, that's enough reason for me to love him right there. If he turns on the young or the old or anyone in between, isn't that what it's all about? In fact, if old Ace digs this guy's vibes, chances are extraordinarily high that I would too. So be so good as to post here some choice clip of John and the boys if you please. I will be sure to enjoy and be most Grateful.

Paul F Brown Awesome post David Silber. I shared here the following (above here) video recently and was struck esp w Bobby's dream at 7:18. It belongs on this thread. This is the first I heard ref John Mayer as 'Uncle.' Like it, makes sense and as the years go on it could very well be 'Uncle John's Band.' I can see Uncle Jerry and John making a pact w a handshake and a hug, no contract but an agreement that it's the music that matters and who says it ever has to stop? Take us home Uncle John's Band..😎 tinyurl.com/UncleJohnsBandpost

End of insert. )

Bob's dream we're taking as our cue to share the dream we had yesterday morning which we knew we wanted to share

when we woke up with the following quote, echoing. This was a cosmic dream meant to be shared, we feel, so, here goes...

"Everyone should have everything they want."

Everyone is worth at least 22 Billion dollars as token value of our spirits.

P pic.

So, this was one of those dreams you wake up from and you know you have to write it down w highlights. so there they are.

Changes for the good have been made and we're living in a nice studio apartment on Newbury St, Boston. Mom there in dream. <3

We try to take pictures with phone camera and miss shots bc phone cameras have app baggage and good shots are missed. One block

from Newbury St we see scenes of blight. Dad is around us there.

We get a million dollar camera in dream (Just so happens- we have a picture of Newbury St that someone left for the taking in the downstairs.

lobby last summer.

Here's the picture...

We see this as a symbolic turning point and it will replace the current picture in the love room replacing the current one of Nanci Baren

when the new Ruby Rogers Center opens and that pic will be moved there if all goes according to plan.

We'll leave ya's with this...

"Everyone should have everything they want." Period.

Thank You Divine Creator. Creator of dreams.



Happy Thanksgiving!, Right Jerry?

Thank You Bro!. <3

Here's some ;'Good stuff'; from Source Creator to digest turkey with or whatever... )

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 21Nov2017

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Thank You Source Creator All That Is and Denny and Karl.



Good news from Jesus...

As creators your abilities are limitless.

by John Smallman

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Thank You Jesus and John Smmallman




Greetings All in an 'All Is Well' world under Creator's auspices. We're gonna make it, all of us, dear ones.

I'd like to share a rather special posting in one of the groups I subscribe to... Dead & Company. You can check

it out here if you want to: tinyurl.com/BestDandCpost

Todd Hartzler

1 hr

Jerry played on my ship. The USS Carl Vinson. March 6th, 1987. He opened for the Doobie Brothers and Kansas as part of a USO tour. The stage was in the hangar bay. We removed the planes to the flight deck. I approached him as he was tuning up. I said. "Mr. Garcia!" He turned around with an enthusiastic and joyful, "Yeah, Man?" I replied: "My name is Todd. I just wanted to thank you for creating such great music. The Grateful Dead helped me grow up." He responded: "That's great. Where ya' from?" I replied, "Amherst, Mass!" Jerry smiled and said: "We've played in your neck of the woods. What is your job?" I informed him that "I just checked aboard 6-days prior and was a boot-camp in Deck Department". I was 18, turning 19 on April 11th. I said, "Well. I'll let you finish what you are doing". We shook hands. As I turned away, he tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face him as he gave me a hug, saying: "What you do is heavy, Man!" Jerry played 8-songs, finishing with "Deal". I loved it. We all did. 6,000 sailors gave him a standing "O". I've seen the Grateful Dead only 9-times (1987-1994). I love them as much as anyone. I've seen Dead and Company 13-times. I am happy and pleased Bobby put the band together. I welcome all who wish to join the ranks of the "Dead-Heads!" I am warm, happy and joyous to see youth at Dead and Company shows!

From Todd Hartzler post in FB Dead & Company.

Thank You Todd Hartzler for sharing this warm story.

Many comments on this. Here's mine, and the picture below IS Jerry approved.

Best post ever! Thanks for sharing, right Jerry? )

Jerry has a hug for all of us down here.. 0

We don't think we have someone, other than Jesus, watching our back we 'know' we have a friend or 2 that have our back

P pic.

Thank You Bro for all you do. )

Here's what we're talking about... Speedy recovery John!

Dead And Company Austin Texas 12-02-2017 Set 2

Ok, since this epic performance was removed, let's revert to this...

Dead & Company: "Uncle John's Band" - Live (Wheatland, CA 2016)

Thank you Dead & Company for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dead And Company & The Fans. )

Yep, it''s Uncle John's Band. w Creator's stamp of approval. Ready? Here (hear) it is... )

Indeed, The handshake ~ Hug deal went down. The Grateful Dead ~ Dead & Company ~ The Grateful Living

-- Updated 2/11/18

The morning came this same day, today, w this dream

P pic.

Yep, hanging w Mom and Jerry and others. You know when you want to introduce someone but their name escapes you. We whispered in Jerry's ear and he said aloud 'Rudolph.' P did get around with a sleigh and 4 reindeer. lol



Speaking of spirit having our back, we must gratefully share this little synchronicity w everyone's spirit friend, Kryon. En-joy. )

Thank you Kryon Official for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll


Alright Guys the moment has come to move on over to a shiny new new blog esp to celebrate the holiday season. Here we go...


P pic.

Theme: 'Joy To The World.'

See Ya''s over there... )