Heavens blog VII ~ 9777

P pic.

The above could be called: 'Incident on Green Street.'


June 2, 2017

Greetings One and All & welcome to this latest sharing place of just good stuff - Against All Odds. We hope this place will serve to magnetise us all to our highest potential.

And So It Is.

Like Kryon is to Lee Carroll, Mom is to Paul, the humble scribe & servant to The Divine Plan, or at least the one unfolding in our neighborhood.

On this site, as regular visitors, even irregular visitors soon find out - we like to let the music do the talking as much as possible and it's coming but just a little sharing from just the other day. It was Wednesday, we were on our way to deliver a food package and Frankenstein was on the Sirius Classic Vinyl channel.

Ok, w all due respect to The Edgar Winter Group we decided instantly to check out The Bridge channel.

The exact second we hit that button we heard the opening note of, who wants to guess? Ok, some got it, yep, a Cat Stevens song. 'Peace Train.' There you go again, Mom. Did we mention we just happened to be on a bridge, yeah, by Wellington Station on Revere Beach Parkway, Everett, Ma. What a coincidence since we were just thinking of Mom and this site and to create another blog page, since we did sign off with the # 8 blog (VII-8777) A lot of thought went into this because, frankly, dear friends we are tired. The site Is finished, done, delivered and, against all odds, complete as is.

However, with recent events happening in the world, we can not not comment, if led, esp with this platform. We must sent a nod to John Lennon, Nod John, as we were driving home recently pondering this, we, against all odds, became aware that the song on the Bridge station was John's # 9 Dream. We knew then. )

So, Mom has a song for us, guys, our eyes fell upon it on YT the other day, and here it is with a good friend to all who is doing good on the other side and sends love to us all. w Yusuf, the former Cat Stevens.

Yusuf / Cat Stevens w/ Chris Cornell - "Wild World", Live @ The Pantages Theatre, LA CA 10/6/2016

Thank you PIT FLIKS for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yusuf and Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell and daughter Toni - Redemption Song (cover) @ Beacon Theatre in NYC 10/19/2015

Thank you tgrpaws for sharing on YT.

Thank You Toni & Chris ~ smiling from Heaven. <3 )

From: Walls and Bridges...

John Lennon - #9 Dream - Lyrics

Thank you nowhereman113 for sharing onYT.

Thank You John Lennon.


When you truly open your hearts all that is unloving falls out.

by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.

On June 1, the official launch day of this page it was a great to be a tree that blossoms day; as shared here deja vu style.


P pics.

It looks and smells and feels as if life - it sweet self is blossoming all around us, my dear friends. So maybe it's moment in scein of time that we, as God's children, like, get the picture and better yet get in the picture even if we have to do it ourselves. After all, we want it done right. Right? )



Lo and behold dear ones, against all odds, a miracle has happened and the pics from 2016 have become available agai and here they are fully restored.

Praise God & Thank You Jesus. And So It Is.

P pics.

Good news dudes & dudettes, against all odds, we found and resurrected the 2016 blossoming Paul. Don't believe us? Here pictures don't lie, obviously not photo-shopped either. If seeing is believing, well, here ya's go. Absolute Praise and Thanksgiving to God and Thank You to Jesus, who shows us all the way. And So It Is. Also restored at the page it was originally shared at.above. )..

We don't want to be dazed and confused do we? As we are listening to this song while doing this and other things, so we'll share this epic awesomeness with ya''s all 28:56 of it absolutely free and happening now, as soon as you click that play button, just as it happened so many years ago. And So It Is.

Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused ( Song Remains the Same )

Thank you thespartacus47 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin.

More here, if led. )

'To Beginnings...' bc the road does go on forever,,,




Recently a Rock outfit named Metallica came to the area to play Gillette Stadium in beautiful Foxborough, Ma.

They put on an epic show which for them is standard operating procedure. Many moments of that show can easily be found on YT. inc this.

En- joy and we'll be back later to share some poignancy and how, at times in our lives, we just need a hug. meanwhille this.

Metallica: Thank You, New England!

Thank you MetallicaTV for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica The welcome back mat is always there for Ya's <3 ( )

James Hetfield on Metallica's "WorldWired" Tour, Chris Cornell, Tom Brady and More!

Thank you WAAF – Boston’s Rock Station for sharing on YT.

Thank You James Hetfield and Mistress Carrie and Matty & Nick & WAAF Staff.

James w the perfect words re Chris Cornell and hugs for healing comfort for those around us when nothing else will do.

Thank You Bro & Keep Rockin' )

Alright we're back from our chore and it went fine w no big ah hah's to share...well, we did think it was kind of amusing when we looked at the gas gauge

and saw the gas icon was lit up orange, yep, we forgot to fill up before arriving home last night, so we headed out on empty. Ok, no big deal just a little wink from the universe when we noticed the song playing that moment on the Sirius radio was 'Running on Empty' by Jackson Browne. Seriously, what are the odds? Jay Leno? Exactly. )

Metallica - The Unforgiven - Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA 5-19-2017

Thank you DGB519 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica A band with true <3 and soul. We All do forgive you Chris,

as it's not our job to judge anyone. We are our own harshest judge, in the end.

Metallica - Enter Sandman - Gillette Stadium - Foxboro, MA 5-19-2017

Thank you DGB519 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Metallica Boston & New England Love You, don't be strangers! )



Happy Blessed Sunday Everyone.

The Angels come thru our beloved friend Ann w a timely message.

Message from the Angels via Ann Albers, June 3d, 2017

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Angels and Ann Albers.

Catch a gaze with Ann & the angels here, anytime...


Who needs a professional hug? Ok, here you go. Visit the following link and scroll down to the Ruby Rogers, St Patty's day area.

Your hug is there from Spirit ~ God thru Paul thru Kevin to You my dear friend. Kevin, who volunteered himself for this or it wouldn't

have happened.is a natural. You can get Your Oxytocin, the hormone of happiness, the hormone of trust & the hormone of Love.

After this we recommend getting a hug from Jesus Christ who came through in a reading from Intuitive Consultant Jim Law who is back into doing private sessions with people. When you hear my readings w Jim you should realize this man is the real deal. Indeed 'Where excellence is a way of life!'

You will get to the page where this is shared if you allow yourself to be led to the page where that is shared. It will be most obvious so, don't worry, have no fear, you're with friends you can trust. We'll take care of you and we have no monsters under our beds so you can get a good night's sleep. Where do we go when we sleep? We leavve our body vessel and we go to God with our spirit, our essence self that is who we are, dear ones. And So It Is.


Yahoo images.

One other thing because the sandman is here and he's looking at his watch. Who wants to go to cosmic graduate school?

Here you go. This Kryon page is complete but we will add a new one within, hopefully 48 hours. If you hear only one of these lectures, make it the last one, ok? Awesome


P pic.

Hull, Ma.

Alright friends, let's check on our friends, make sure they're alright even tho they should have called you. You call them and let 'em know if you like them or love them or whatever the case. A distraction can save a life, a relationship in tatters can be healed. Maybe if we just try to mend our life a little it could turn into a cosmic meld where we all can live as one. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. Echoes from a friend upstairs pulling for us - like everyone else up there, esp Chris. Btw, we should remember to thank Chris if we got a awesome hug from a friend or stranger that we otherwise would not have received.

God bless you Bro Chris. different circumstances but we boomers still still remember how we felt when our John Lennon was taken from us.

Here's a place to hang w John & Yoko & Fam if led...


Yahoo images.

And So It Is.Indeed.

Ok Mr Sandman, thanks for your patience, here we go... )

God, give me about 10 minutes and we'll see you. Yeah, we've missed You 2. not really. ) <3

Another working day has ended - the cosmos sings.

Rec & fin,


3:03 a.m.

p.s. Say your prayers humanity & Know God Is.

Good Morning Team

actualy it's this moment 12:22 p.m. 6/4/17

Hope all got some quality sleep, we did. )

A few words from Sananda...

Sananda via James McConnell, May 28th, 2017

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sananda and James McConnell



As promised there is a new Kryon page.. You can be there at the speed of a click. See ya's there, if led.


P pic

Drivers and passengers welcome.

Hey Guys, Let's all get in on this collective hug w Kevin sending healing energies to him and all who need it, including ourselves,

thru proxy Paul as Kevin recovers from surgery. Deal? Awesome. Thank You... )


WZLX Photo

Above pic from 2016.


Also shared on K & Mc FB...


Almost as good as a hug, is a gaze. Check out Braco...


June 6, 7 & 8, 2017


Picture from Braco Team International

Braco in deep w our cetacean friends. ) Tell 'em we love them, Braco! They know. ) lol

See Braco's page here, if want.


Online encounters with Braco's Gaze every hour from 5pm to 11pm Central European Time.

See your time zone displayed there.

~ No registration needed. ~ All online encounters are free of charge.

Free Live Streaming of Braco's gaze is made possible because of your contributions at Braco-tv.me

Have you visited this site's roster of gazers, spanning 7 pages? It starts here, if you want to try it... meet ya's at the seashore...

--and oh, btw, all our friends are there...)


P pic

Look at the time, it's 4:22 pm.

We gotta go for a walk, somewhere, anywhere.

Later, guys. )

The story picks up right here...


If you would like to know more about this breakthrough product, mosey on over here...


P pic.

Alright, we're back and we do have a few ah hahs that spirit would like to share...

So after the above, we went to do our Monday night little chore - picking up the donated food for the Ruby Rogers Center and what a time we had, rockin' in quicksilver III. Indeed, after we picked it up a special song came on and we had to pull over to record it. PSA to everyone: Never multitask a picture or text when you're driving. Ok so here's some musical gems we heard on the way to RR and on the way home.

Before we left the apartment it was time to record the angel time. 4:44 angel #'s ) Mom & P read each others thoughts in song. <3

All P pics.

To Beginnings: From Dickie To Duane & All brothers & sisters. We love You Africa and All the great continents of Mother Earth. In Toto.

Thank You God for this red light so we could capture this. No, John you And the love song that took back to our place & parking space. <3 this,,,

aren't the only one, by far. )

And here's what came on next. Obviously we can't leave the car for @ 6" ) See? Yep, still here at 9:18 p.m. )

And how was Your day on the planet today?

We wish ya's all a great day, week, summer & forever. And So It Is. )

Ciao for now.

Rec & fin


12:22 a.m.

Later now and back from an errand, but look, we're stuck in the car by 'miracles.' Can you believe it? Paul what kind of day was it?

Ok, here's what'a happening; along with the merger of Heaven & Earth, did anyone notice that Kryon's site and Paul's healing mall have the same dashboard?

Paul, moving at the speed of light, looking for a picture in his gallery likes this picture but didn't realize he had recently used it for the Kryon page, until a little earlier today. So, Paul, what do you do, dear bro, change it, keep it, tell us, man.

Dear ones thanks for asking, however the picture will not change. Though it happened innocently enough it is symbolic of the oneness that we share.

Kryon is in love with humanity and Paul, so obviously is in love with God. This is a marriage made in heaven- right here on earth where heaven is laying its claim with each symbol the instrument types on his gateway computer and other lightworkers, lightwalkers, lightswitches who showed up down here to do whatever part of God's perfect plan they chose to play. From his fingertips to the world, the wisdom can go out and be shared to all who would be open to it.

Correction: 6/7/17

The pictures mentioned above are not identical though very close. The partnership w Kryon & this particular lighthouse is melded as one. There are no mistakes and we can't make one anyway, if we tried, from a higher perspective. Lee Carroll, hope we can go grab a beer when you come to Boston area next. )


So, anyone seen any lighthouses around here, lately? Ah, you mean like the one you just finished adding the finishing touches to today, Paul? Yeah, that will do

If anyone would like to see what went down over there,simply visit at the speed of a click. Here you go...


If anyone should see anything amiss over there, just call the lighthouse keeper. Here's his card. Thank you very much and we, P & his Partners,

hope you En-joy. And So It Is.

We'll also take this moment to share that necessary repairs have been made to this page, though some copyright claim vids remain there.


He lights up any dark room or universe. TYJ <3



Good morning angels, how's the road you own going for you? In perfect sync while viewing an earlier blog this song came on from another tab we left open

And you know what? It's only rock & roll but I like it, we all do if we have blood in our veins. See what you started, Chuck Berry )

Clocking in at 4:44 let's let AC-DC feed us that good ol' Rock & roll. Ok angels? Awesome.

AC/DC - Highway to Hell (from Live at River Plate)

Thank you acdcVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You AC/DC but could you turn it up a little )



Alright, Good Morning folks, we are here now finishing up an all - nighter. Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers just came on WZLX

and we're gonna share this here and hit the sack. So, here's ya go. It has been added to the official blog fundraiser...


and at this RR info page.


Thank You God. & Mom

Catch ya's later, guys

The sandman is here and I gotta zzzzzzzzzzz

Rec & fin for now...

6:43 a.m.

Keep smiling dear ones.

Check out Dr Peebles page if want to see 'the goods' on Paul



Humanity did you get our letter?


P pic.

T shirt says: 'Built Goat Tough.' Hull, Ma (circa 2013)

And Announcing we are starting a 'Song of the Day' sharing.

We kick it off with this little ditty. En-joy and indeed God bless. )

OUTLAWS Green Grass and High Tides 2007 Live @ Gilford

Thank you saskatchawan for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Outlaws. For the music and the blessing. We're getting it... )

This also shared here...


Also shared on Facebook:

Announcing EPF will now offer a artist or page of the day but it may not be every day. First up...

Experience, old souls, experience. )


Google images.

Jimi blowing minds, raising consciousness, at Woodstock.



Alright It's 12: 44 a.m. and we are here fellow angels. Just as we were meant to be before the beginning of recorded time.

Heavenly Infinite Father/Mmother God's perfect, infinitely perfect divine script begins for this awesomely amazing day, aeons

in the making, so may we all create the best one we can. Does that sound like a plan, our dear friends? Excellent.

Alright so it's a new day in the neighborhood and some - having seen the above sharings of the song and artist/page of the day

may want to find out what Creator God has for us for today. We will get right to it.

Announcing the song of the day is... Drumroll drummers inc Karen Carpenter and John Bonham et al in spirit

Thank You drummers. Appearing on the front page w an important announcement in song is and as relating to the old finished, done with & completed 3D paradigm. We've moved into a higher dimension my dear friends so let's be clear... repeat after me... 123 "IT'S OVER, IT'S OVER."

Jesus, Our Dear Beloved Brother, what do You have to say? It's OVER, Dear Ones. This is not just a good thing, it's an AWESOME thing.

And So It Is.

Here, tell us about it in song Loverboy...

Loverboy - When It's Over

Thank you LoverboyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Image result for Jimi  Hendrix at woodstock

Thank You Loverboy.

Alright, there you have it, folks. We'll refresh the page and be right back with the artist/page of the day

but first, as a metaphor, we invite Ya's, one and all, to visit this page where "It's Over" is celebrated as a

crowning achievement for the human race. Here's the link and dashboard for it. Hope En-joy... )


Yahoo images.

Johnny Havlicek stealing the ball, w the call of the century by Johnny Most. )

2:27 a.m.

We're back in blue. Alright guys, here we go the second artist(s) to be showcased here for no apparent reason, other than they are just

incredibly awesome. We can vouch for this personally w having seen them 5 times. We give you, fellow Sons & Daughters of Infinity...

From New York City...

Blue Oyster Cult



Yahoo images.

Blue Oyster Cult.

12:11 p.m.

Just time enough to share some memories from yesterday.

. P pics

More later, off to work,

Out ...

12:20 p.m.



Hello everyone and welcome to higher dimension 33,we took up with Jesus and He brought us from Level 22 up to His neighborhood.

Everything looks the same except that a quantum leap has occurred in the fact that there is no more stress in our lives as we should kick the old paradigm down the stairs we came up on. It barely served a few adequately while leaving millions to the curb with no place to go, nothing to eat, and not a friend in site. Shame, shame, shame on us for allowing this breadline mentality to get a foothold in our government and populace. This must change, not now, my dear friends but yesterday.

Guys P will tell you right now in a song what the world needs which is a total rewrite in the earth's script, a new beginning bc , indeed, we have only just begun. Kryon can tell us that. We are young, and we are old. Mostly we just need the right people in office at the highest levels who are the right ones, chosen by God. This will all come about very soon as we are in the 'twinkling' of an eye phase of a new, improved script. and this will be the song of the day as Heaven, i.e. God Source Creator God of ALL THAT IS and The Infinite Father Mother God of ALL Creation, The Infinite Creator of Creations. Here's the song, take it away dear, Karen Carpenter and The Carpenters.

Image result for The Carpenters

Google images.

Two Heavenly angels have a song to deliver as Jesus takes us to His place, paradise 33, right here on earth. And So It Is. ).

Here's a link to find it on this site, starting off the what was the previous half of this site B4 we had to cut it in two, bc it just got too long. So starting us off on what came before we bring you back, and this is also like deja vu all over again. En-joy... ) Just click the link and follow it on to You Tube. If led to continue on that page... may you have an awesome journey.. And So It Is.


Alright, Dear Ones, the moment to share the 'Artist/Page of the Day is here, ' against all odds' and right on moment. Here Ya's go...


Image result for eternity


Rec & fin.


3:33 a.m.

See ya's later in the awesome day known as today, my dear friends. )


Alright, we're off to an appointment aeons in the making, dear ones. We have a lot in the can to share at

the appointed moment according to Universal Mother Mary's script. The instrument named Paul or P is

getting ready for his closeup. In meantime, we'll leave you w a kiss. What's that Jimi? Right, you already

did. Ok, who's next? After The Who, is it You? If, So, That would be A M A Z I N G. )

P pic.

Kissing cloud at Wollaston Beach, 6/9/17

Tell 'em again, Jimi.


Thank you Jimi, we love your style. Hope you're getting some up there, You deserve it, my dear friend. )

Back later...

Joe Friday moment


10:34 a.m.



Alright Gods & Goddesses of nothingness we just soared, as a collective thru the infinite infinite and here we are in Dimension 33 with nothing to do since money has been eliminated as a way of trade and source says that's ok, we have another, much more powerful form of exchange, dear ones, we all knowwhat it is. It's thepower of love. It can move mountains and meke people jump for joy. Indeed...

So, along comes the 'song of the day' and here it is..

Eddie Money ~ Two Tickets to Paradise.

Thank you EddieMoneyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eddie Money & Band

This song and the 2 tickets God wants His Far Flung Flock to accept is on the main page. Just stroll down and you'll see this video and 2 tickets under that.

If like what you see and hear feel free to share it with Your world. It's the law of give and take. If you give you are entitled to receive back.

It's the givers who are most successful in life. And So It Is.

Alright, and now the cosmic moment has arrived for the sharing of the Artist(s)/ Page of the day and it is Drumroll Drummers

Awesome, thank you very much Bonzo, Karen et al.. )

Ok, here's the page and hope all En-joy... )


Google images.

The Moody Blues.

You never know who you're going to meet on the beach... )

Thank You beautiful Sandy Seashell rep God knows every seashell and grain of sand inc their name. )

Who else wants to meet the lover of the world* at the beach?

Thank You to the lovely couple... )

* Not something we made up for ourselves

Who's up for the six pack tour? At end you will be ready for the cosmic free tour in Your local neighborhood.

And So It Is. )


Jesus, did the deal go down?


Paul how many rodeos have you been thru, Bro?


Just essential info...



September, 2012:


Completing this 6 pack of good stuff is...


One six pack of joy delivered. Thank you very much everyone. We <3 Ya's

Who wants to go for a walk on the beach?

Thank you Paul for sharing on YT.

Thank You God Who conceived, produced, directed and acted in this Far Flung Production Ltd. )

Ok Mr Brown, here is your 15 minutes. Go... )www.its-all-god777.com

Thank you Mr Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God who conceived, produced, directed & acted in this Far Flung Production Ltd

Picking up the goods w a ).

Thank you Paul Brown for sharing on Yt.

Thank You God for conceiving, producing, directing & acting in this Far Flung Production Ltd

Alright, dear ones, we hope you like what has come down so far on this #9 blog. We have a invitation right now w the sandman and we must take him up on it.

So, expect the Song of the day and artist/page of the day sometime tomorrow, oops it's tomorrow, as we speak, dear friends,

So, ciao for now and catch ya's later. have an awesome one... )

And So It Is.

Rec & fin.


3:22 a.m.

Could this be the 12 th of never? )


This just in we doubt it. )



Greetings Dear Ones and welcome to the moment where Spirit has arrived at this particular place to

start to share more 'good stuff.' The song of the day, yesterday, is what we'll start with, here we go...

Paul Simon - The Only Living Boy In New York

Thank you PaulSimonVEVO

Thank You Mr Paul Simon and Band.

Greetings again, dear ones, coming up is the song of the day for today, 6.13, 17 but first is the artist/

page of the day, yesterday. Here ya's go and praise God for His Hall of Fame. Open 24/7 365 + )


Google images.

And so yesterday's sharing of the song & page of the day is complete. We shall, God willing, return

later as it's too perfect a day to stay at this computer plus we have to go to the bank while it's still open

berfore they shut as God's plan is for the new standard of love over money takes hold. As in the 6 pack

sharings above.

Ciao for now...


out: of this blog. 1:57

Hey, back at 11:13

Wea re back after an awesomely amazing day in the field. Our wallet is empty (don't worry we have

credit) but we spent the green on blessed stuff on things that, if God has His way will be Fr** for all in

the coming days.

Alright the song of the day is Gods Kashmir, Here we go, beloveds... )

Moody Blues -- Nights In White Satin [[ Official Live Video ]] HD And immediately following is the page

of the day.. Hope ya's en~joy. )..

Thank you Lake Paradise Music 1 for sharing on YT.



ou The Moody BlueseParadiseMusic1

P pic.

Alright Jaws & Tinker, this planet of love is a wrap, what next God? Nothing my dear friend, you, Sir,

are forever relieved of duty.

And So It Is.

Thank You Dear God, it has been our utmost pleasure to serve You Dear God, Thank you, Indeed,

From The Team Oneness ~ Everyone an All Star Team. TYG, TYJ, TYMM. And So It Is. Yay... )

Namaste, )


This just in... Hey, Joe & Chris*

I know 2 chicks who you might have something in common with. Here, check 'em out... )

Yahoo images..

* not their actual names (unknown)

Look, it's Sandy & Sunshine. Hey guys, I know 2 guys you may like. )

Rec & fin

June 14, 2017

12:04 a.m.

Ok, Announcing dear ones, a new blog will commence tomorrow i.e. later this day.

We'll place the link here. Stay tuned, if want, keep smiling, if want, and enjoy the cashless society.

And don't forget to Thank God who did everything on this site and in our lives. We worship God & Praise His Holy Name and we Thank our infinitely loving brother, Jesus. Thank You Jesus. And So It Is. )


Heavy work schedule, guys, heading out again. The Cashless is in the bag. Do the 6 pak tour, someone, anyone w media connections should interview Paul for the big scoop. New page # 10 blog coming 'Soon' Our soon is not like anyone else's soon. We have Heaven on Earth NOW but U peeps need to WAKE UP!!!

Gotta run, more 'Goods' delivered later. Chheers, (sic) Rejoice We Did It =All of us. Turn it up! and say Thank You God & Jesus & Mary. Out the door p )



Greetings all on the <3 day of the month. Hope all have a lovely day in the neighborhood you're in. Remember dear friends God owns all the neighborhoods everywhere. So, what you do in your 'hood' is under surveillance by All That Is and our Higher Self's which are the bigger part of us. Together, we all make the tapestry of God. Are You doing something that makes your parents and ancestors, Your God assigned angels and your friends who have passed proud. It's never to late to make amends, to pay back what you can, to make that call, to do a 180 and think, you know what, I need a new spirituality in my life. Jesus is the only way to the Father~Mother infinite love and eternal love. All others are just stepping stones, dear beloveds. Thank them and move along as the awesome tsunami from Source Creator God flows over the planet like a warm embrace. And So It Is.

Got the call to work however here's link to the following blog which will be a 'doozie' if we say so, and we do - as one. )


P pic.

For anyone that needs a hand once in a while, (we all do.)

Namaste. )