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Oh look Guys, It's Quicksilver II

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August 23, 2016

Greetings One & All & Welcome to the 7th Heaven's blog page. It's the cosmic trigger day of the calendar & a fitting day to launch this further far flung fearless feature here at His/Our sharing starsite. We all got a raise, folks. The Infinite sees us as cosmic champions for what we, the 51% + have accomplished with our everyday lives down here. It is rather too bad that the news media focuses on the dark stuff that's still occurring on the planet, however Thank God that our Awesome, infinitely loving Father of ALL THAT IS doesn't need to read the newspapers or watch TV to know what's really going down on His planet.

We, the awakening tribes are coming together as 'One' these days, and it feels good. We are 'doing it' and you know what folks? What Paul? It feels like paradise, right here where we are. Each of us have our own paradise right in our own spectacularly gifted human bodies on the way up, as we say. Like the butterfly hatches from the cocoon, we have an infinitely awesome, what is termed, 'light body' in the wings, so to speak, waiting for us. Pretty cool, fellow Sons & Daughters of Infinity, pretty cool, indeed.

So, who wants to have some fun while we're still down here and getting our alignments in place for God's perfect plan for us? Got your ears on? Music is key for our boat anyway, what floats your boat? Got a river, or better yet an 'ocean' to sail away on. One thing is certain dear beloveds is that we can never run or sail or fly out of God's loving field. It's all that is, all that's 'out there' is God, guys, in case you didn't know it. This is Good News, fellow spiritual beings on the way up. Indeed.

So, we have our vehicle brothers & sisters and, yes, music is her name. Let's get the show started here with the 'lucky charm' gatekeeper spirit of this site known here on earth as Jimi Hendrix, our, all of us, intergalactic, interdimensional, Superstar Buddy. We understand Sir, that you have a song to start off this 7th & final (w additional pages added) blog sharing; did we receive this information correctly, Sir Jimi?

Ha, Ha, You know you got it Paul, Sir. You heard it on the way home earlier loud & clear, so let Jimi show you cats how it's done. Now move over Rover & let Jimi take over...Whooosh, get out of the way, folks. Turn it Up...

Thank you JimiHendrixVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendrix. Did everyone hear that 'Purple Haze' loud & clear? Awesome. )

Yes, folks you've somehow, by the grace of God ~ landed on a place where we let the music do the talking & it can never get played too loud. Sound familiar?

It should, since we've all been here before. i.e. Heaven, only Now It's Heaven On Earth. as well. The earth is well and as Abraham-Hicks says getting weller all the time. And So It Is, Now. Indeed, Yes. So, ) ) ) as Jerry advises us.guys. )


A word in song from some friends

Ladies & Gentlemen, from New York City...

Blue Oyster Cult

Thank you vidzrus for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult

Here's something to 'chew' on..



12:44 p.m.Tuesday afternoon

Alright, we're back with the gift of sleep restoring our batteries.

So, we had the 3rd artist /group we felt led to start this page of completion & perfection, as best we can, as those are the biblical attributes of the # 7, God's number. It all fell into place yesterday. Yes, so Jimi will kick it off: check, then a BOC song: check then a, well you'll see what it is later. It's no fun ruining a surprise, is it? Indeed. )

So, slight change of plans, we were in the shower and this song came into our cranium with Mom & Dakarra vibrations @ it. Funny how more often than not, at least in our case, taking a shower brings more clearness, cleanness, clarity to thoughts that could/should be acted upon. Go figure. )

So, we strive to eliminate woulda, shoulda, coulda's and go with the flow esp if it moves in the positive direction. So, w/o further ado, straight from Mom & Dakarra guys and into our 'suggestion' box, let's listen to The Story singing this 'Love is the perfect crime' masterpiece. Play it Sam...Ty. )

Thank you Aliceinkland for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Story Jonatha Brooke & Jennifer Kimball <3

Alright, continuing on, we are led, now to share with you wild, awesome, adventurous spirits on either side of the veil, as we feel the cosmic 'peanut gallery'

looking over our shoulder as we peck away here in the situation room. Indeed, folks we have a situation here with 'failure to communicate;' somewhere there's been a breakdown. What can fix this? God, Please, we're begging You. Send us a song. One song, by a awesomely worthy group that will tell the whole story and that, if we heed what the song shares, we can accept this wild, loving, once in a lifetime invitation to finally & forever be Free as You Father, want it. Now.

Ready Folks, here's the song... The Greatest Song ever recorded by the group that conquered the world & still, now & forever RULES w/o question or shadow of doubt. En~joy Play it Sam...

Thank you Jacoba Wolfe

Thank You Led Zeppelin

'All will be revealed' Indeed.

Here's another place to enjoy this song & C E LE B R A T E Humanity. Today Is The Day

Ok, guys, how, on earth, do you type in a tiny url addy in the bar & it keeps going to this exact page? We do believe there's a 'ghost in this machine' lol

(Nod to The Police) Ok, Spirit, obviously, says Madonna is 'up.'

Thank you Madonna Tours for sharing on YT.

Thank You Madonna & Crew <3 Carry On... )

Ok, so here's the link, guys to another place to celebrate the eternal 'Good moments' in our cosmic windshield. Sure you can take the bus & leave the driving to the designated driver. If he's a follower of Jesus, rest assured he won't get lost. Ok great. However if ya's really want to get on that heavenly peace train heading to 'The Infinite <3 of God' we do recommend going where the music of your heart wants to go. There we all find infinite peace, love, joy, harmony happiness, and all the adventure we want. Think it & it's there. Like we're thinking right now, if we click on that next link ~ where in Heaven will it take us?

Good bet that it will be an awesome place because this site is built on awesomeness right from the start as God, God & God has created this site overshadowing the humble channel. He knows it's all Us. right, Paul?

Yes, God. In fact lookey here, everyone. We affirm, in oneness...



8/23/17 The last slide now showing is whole lotta subterranean light. Over 100 slides have recently gone missing.

And Now (8/24/16) here's a song to go along with that slideshow, suggested by the 2nd paragraph up and brought to us under the auspices of Mom. ThankYou Mom <3

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - The Wind (live, Majikat - Earth Tour 1976)

Thank you Yusuf / Cat Stevens for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens ~ Yusuf

Ok, let the Harvest Celebration Rock our worlds, fellow Sons & Daughters of forever. Oh, Yes, it will be nice. Very nice, indeed. ) And on this lovely Tuesday Afternoon, we are on The Threshold of that dream, so... ) Yes, this is the link we've been talking about...


May we all affirm, now, that all the negative stuff, that serves no purpose, other than to bring us down, is - gone - in the rear view mirror. However, we must point out, like the song says (songs say just about everything, don't they, guys? We've noticed that.) You can't really know how good it feels to win w/o knowing how it feels to lose, or like basking in the light when you finally find it after being lost in the darkness for so long' Looks like we got another song to cue. Sam, Play it Bro...& Thanks. )

Thank you playlistfullhd2 foor sharing on YT.

Thank You Aerosmith

So, who wants to find out about our twin flames waitin' on us, guys? Should you choose to be open to that energy. OMG you'll be saying. Take it from a guy who loves peaches & wants it all. You can take all the tea in china, wait a minute, back up (Nod to Van Morrison,) So, dreamers, let's dream on and say good bye to monkey's on our back, we have a mandate here to fulfill & by golly, we're not letting anything good we have coming to us slip away.

Deal? Indeed, as like the music of these guys, we're just letting it flow and creating it ~ W God~ as we rock along. We're smoking hot right now, guys. Jerry says 'Play it Fa reel ee Jagio & turn it up, son. Your smile is my command, Bro. Here we go, and it ain't the first time (ooh there's that t word again} another thing in our rear view mirror, dear ones, 'Moments', we know have replaced that t word. It ran out on us like a bad dream we're glad to be rid of. Indeed.

Thank you bigbeahner for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Indeed, dear ones here now... we are 'the wayshowers' our job is to spread joy & light and with the gathering of the tribes under this ~His~Our umbrella where we're partying and letting our soul's shine, the music will always do the talking for us. so let's show the world how it's done in the higher dimensions. Captain Jerry, tell us more, Bro )

Thank you Kevin Tobin for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Ok, guys, we're off to a flying start here at this spanking new page of the Earth Party Now Starsite.

Are you 'getting it?' Nourishment is good. So, are you led at all to give back a little something to the hard working channel who is bringing it forth?

There is a donate button at Site Essentals page & if you would like to show some appreciation, while we are still under this legal tender 'stranglehold' system; a donation of any amount would be most welcome & appreciated. Then, Paul could maybe, pay his phone bill, and avoid losing that service tomorrow. Yep, life is hard down here, esp if one takes a path of love & light. Many of us lightworkers are struggling right now. Manny have the wolf at our doors. However, we know we made the right choice in our God collaborated life path & plan. The pay may not be much, being a light worker, however, the long term soul benefits are 'out of this world.' Indeed. )

Btw, Paul, a professional 'hugger' is available Free (donations gratefully accepted) for your event, nursing home, cruise, party, whatever

Want to hear Paul's interview re music & hugging check this out...


Also, we are asking if there is a person out there that would like to assist generous Paul as a volunteer assistant. If that's you please apply. Contact info is also at this page. Thank Ya's very much. Let's all keep smiling, and embrace all the awesome good coming our way.as we all pitch in, do our jobs, knowing we are all on the same team of God's crazy, wild, wayward sons & daughters, daughters & sons of The One. ~ All of us on the way up. And so it is written, Now, IJN. Indeed, Yes. )


So, in closing at least for right now, fellow spirits in the material world, with all the awesome spirits on 'the other side' watching, shouting, cheering us on, 'planting' the perfect song on the radio for us or maybe putting a leaf on our windshield that looks like a smile, that bluejay or cardinal that's out in your yard, now etc. yep, these are everyday things that spirit can't resist doing ~ letting us know they're around. We're never alone, friends, never. Indeed.

Spiriits love the music & love to play it for us and if you play theiir favourite music for the, rest assured they are there, w bells on.)

So, we do affirm & know, unequivocally, dear ones, that All is perfect and as it should be, as God's infinitely perfect divine script is playing out. You got it tough, yeah, we know, call it 'boot camp' for the toughest of the tough, we who volunteered to come down here as Ashtar says, on our 'spiritual espionage missions of light' to this hard place, the last frontier of the forces of imbalance. It's over now, folks, we're just waking up, looking around and finding ourselves where we are. Where we are is where we are, & with the infinite grace of God, we've made it, w no one lost or left behind. He's 'Got Us, Guys, saints or sinners, each & every one. Rock &Roll takes no prisoners. The Infinite can not be anything other than l o v e. Love s the answer to all questions, dear beloveds. It's the only thing that matters because it's the only thing that is. Indeed. So, let's sing it ~ Carry on...& turn it up )

This is the version w/o the Question we know what the answer is, right guys? <3 Awesome. Hope En-joy. )

Thank you Eric Balajadia for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Alright, what a long strange trip it's been, guys, with 'Get Together' by The Youngbloods playing in our head we have another song right here,saying 'It's my turn.' And so it is. Here we are and here we go, and we send this out to everyone who is waiting on these things. En-joy. (not an order - just a suggestion... )

Thank you weeping willow for sharing this nouriishment on YT.

Thank You Jefferson Starship.

Rec & fin for now, we gotta get out for a walk, guys. Happy Cosmic Trigger Day & Happy 'Jerry Garcia' Spirit's Day always )

The conversation will be continued. Thanks, friends, for being here. Later... )

p.s. Friends, can we call you friends? Oh good, thank you, cuz really, we are all friends, just smile ~ instant friends. ) That's how ez it is.

So, yes, we can already see this thread is going to go on forever or as long as we've got something good to share.

So, this completion expression will have subsequent pages but will always be blog 7. Maybe like 7-2 etc. Just sharing since

we are all on the same page & we have no secrets, right Jimmy? ) Shh, don't tell Robert. ) Big shout out to John Paul Jones,

the unsung hero of Led Zeppelin. Led Zep forever, like we immortal spiritual beings. Here's more, if led... )


Oh, we almost forgot - almost. It's Tuesday forever afternoon. Who has a song to suggest? Bingo! You got it Lucky, and Btw, you are looking marvelous today.)

Thank you Director for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Moody Blues ~ Heaven's House Band #1 in Heaven's Hall of Fame. Indeed. )

Ok, Hope all have a fantastic rest of the day. Catch ya's later... )

Moment marked in the eternal Now, Joe Friday?


5:07 p.m


Mark moment:

11:22 p.m. Same 'cosmic trigger' day.

Who wants to really get the inside scoop? Listen to Fred.

Thank you Frederick Greaves for sharing on YT.

Thank You our dear friend, Fred Greaves & 'hey' to Lucina )


Who wants some cosmic comfort? Take it away, Jerry & co...

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Marked moment. Still cosmic trigger day. )

11:44 p.m.

And Now, final sharing for this historic cosmic trigger day. A song we heard on the Bridge or maybe it was Classic Vinyl. Either way

The Cosmic revolution is here fellow Gods & Goddesses. We've made the grade, we can all come on in. Praise God, IJN Yes. Indeed.

Thank you Bobby Cole for sharing on YT.

Thank You Thunderclap Newman.

And how was Your 'cosmic trigger' day? Awesome. )

Remember, what's ours is yours, fellow teammates. )

Rec & fin for this cosmic day in our infinite neighborhood. Thanks God. IJN. )


11:57 p.m.



1:03 p.m/



Ok, guys, here's Heavenly infinite Rocker Father's plan for us. Ready?

Party & Rock out w Blue Oyster Cult Forever. Seriously, that's Our plan, dear beloveds.

Thank you Jerry Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.



Hello Folks ~ Happy Infinite Spirits day! Have you seen any spirit's today? No? Oh, so you haven't looked in the mirror today, huh?.

Yeah, cuz there would be one staring right back at you if you did that. --The humble scribe channels.

Ok, so we must remind our-selves, folks that this is a blog page & one of the functions of a blog is to share with ya's where the latest 'good stuff' is hanging out- just waiting for your eyeballs to discover it. As such a new addition to, well here's the link. If led, mosey on over there & say 'Hey' to Janis and at the bottom is a new sharing featuring the former Cat Stevens. If you didn't know it, his new name is Yusuf. So, we highly recommend your visiting that page, not to mention the other 'Wind' pages on this 'The Infinite's' Starsite.

Paul, did God Himself give Himself a raise? This does appear to be the case, beloveds, as the expansion is cutting new, perhaps unforseen, or uncharted territories to use a totally inadequate word - for lack of a better one.

Remember, dear ones, there are no limits, as God expands and He/She catches all of Our Creator God wind, it's as Ashtar would say... this is Win Win, fellow Beloved Masters of Infinity & The Eternal Now. There is no lose, lose because all there is is Love. Love is the wind we receive from God & we simply return that infinite Love so it picks up force and He gives it back to us & we return it w all Our loving love & gratitude & here we are. The Infinite is taking over.

Prime Creator, Source, Prime Source, ALL THAT IS Heavenly Infinite Father Mother God Creator Divine Ultimate ~ Ultimate Divine Higher Power All Creation ~ ALL Lovingly Give it up to "THE INFINITE I AM THAT I AM" or 'The Infinite" for short & guess what fellow Gods & Goddesses of The ONE? HE~SHE gives It All right back ~ IN <3's multiplied by a jillion times more than all the fish that have ever been in all the 7 seas, since the earth was created. And Then Some. Indeed. "Yes."

The Infinite has spoken, dear ones in Christ. It is written.

Rec & fin at this moment in the Eternal Now.


2:02 p.m.

final edit:

2:15 p.m.

Whoa, guys. what just came thru Paul. Take to <3 Feel it. All of the above The Infinite The Infinite The Infinite

Okay, so as we were saying... here's the site to get the latest 'Wind' in our sails. Catch it ~ smile and 'Give' it freely back to God ~ The Infinite God of The Infinite God's that We all are. Everyone just got a Humongous raise. Yes, it's subtle, can be. It is done.


Yahoo images.

See Ya's there... )



This just in, guys. All invited to check out this brand new Twin Flame Project page...


Yahoo images.

See Ya's over there... )

p.s. There is new content at the bottom of this page; check it out, if led...




Alright, we finally made it back here to apprise you guys of some updated material that has come down in the last 48 hours or so.

First, we'll share this awesome good news from our friend, Kevin who we worked with for many years...

'An Open Letter.'

Hey friends of Kevin. https://www.facebook.com/sauerkd?fref=nf

Guess what? He checked in w us on chat. Here's our reply. Btw, that's a good picture of Kevin. He was a beautiful Teddy Bear once you got to know him.

Had a great smile & laugh. Thanks for checking in Kevin Sweet. (His new name) See you in Heaven, soon, our dear friend. )

Kevin says... 'Hey Guys, 'See you at 'the jubilee.' Thanks for the love. ) we tested this w the pendulum. It started off w @ 3 inches in the positive then went to like 16 inches w the quickness.~ Sweet, breaking the record set by Christopher Squire who's arc was @ 14 inches. Thank You Kevin. R.I P.

Rockin' In Paradise & one of the multitudes waiting near the door upstairs. Indeed. ) All invited to His/Our infinite love jubilee. ) http://EarthPartyNow.com

Alright, who drives & makes videos. Here's our PSA for us guilty ones - not to do this. This includes the ediited out portion from an earlier posted video. When we saw this we knew we had to fix it, so we did that. Now He says, this can be educational for peeps, so here ya's go. For what it's worth....

Thanks God for using us to show peeps what not to do when driving. Our bad, folks. The more you know...)

'The Rain Song' comes on and we turn it up. Beloved Master, Sananda, Look Bro! The Infinite comes thru & says...'We got a Whole New Heaven, Son, Indeed.'

It's The Infinite's 7 th Rock & Roll Heaven & it extends Everywhere into every dimension, space and anyplace one can think of, it's there and has been forever. Music, like God's love goes everywhere. As 'Let Me Take You There' from 'Kashmir' plays, just now, in the background.. Thank You God, Yes, On behalf of The Group, Please Take us there. Indeed. God's infinite, divine, perfect love leaves nowhere else to go; as if any spirit would want to go anywhere other than where God is.

Again, are we making our point, beloved infinite eternal immortal spiritual beings hanging out at the corner, or going out for ice cream or going to sleep, to rejuvenate our brains & bodies and get to vacate our bodies & hang out with God in the bargain? ' Awesome' is the only word that comes close, guys, right? Indeed. )

OMG, does God love us, Guys. OMG, Indeed. ) What else is there to do but smile, or like a flower, e.g. just be. If you are a flower, your job is to just be a flower.So, we humans, like butterflies, hatching from their cocoons, are about to be escorted to the higher dimensions, our dear friends. The long experiment ~ experience in the limited field of duality has come to it's end. THANK GOD! & believe it or not, sports fans, the one's who have the most 'toys' are not the winners. Far from it, truth be told, and here, the truth is told & shared. Indeed.

So, Who are the winners, God? The winners, Sonny & Daisy are the one's who came down here, to the hardest & most difficult schoolhouse in any universe.knowing that they bit off more than they could chew. After all - why, on earth, would God allow someone down here who would just take up space living an ez, comfortable life and then going home and that's that? No point in that, what's to gain? Not much. So, the spirits, who really are allowed down here, to this particular 'playing field' are the one's who have a list of things to accomplish, or experience, or to survive. If you're reading this now, whenever you're reading it... Congratulations, Pilgrim, You're a termed 'Survivor.'

You have done well for yourself & those around you. We congratulate you again & we symbolically stick a star on your forehead. Lol. You, graduate, Now, get to hang out w God, Sananda, Mother Mary & All The Company of Heaven, Upstairs & downstairs. The one's who may be holding a sign on a street asking for help, giving out "God Bless You' s all day. Or a Mom or Dad just doing the best they can trying to put bread on the table & keeping a roof over their families heads, in a clueless, obsolete, ridiculous 'system' managed by bean counters, oh, the blood begins to boil here, friends.

Ok, You know what, folks, it''s alright, now. The game has run its course. If humanity wakes up and finds this humble channel on My mission. He is the one We tapped to bring ALL THAT IS's Good News forth & He knows he's doing what he came here to do. In other words, (Another nod to Abraham-Hicks) he's not stupid, except when WE allowed him to drive while recording a video. It was a setup, an inside job, so to speak. The poor guy knew on viewing it that that's not kosher, i.e. drive w that kind of distraction, we kept it from dawnng on him while it was going down.

We watched him spend @ 4 hours trying to figure out how to edit that shit out. Then, when all else failed, he read the directions, so to speak. Typical guy, lol. Folks if you want to know how to do anything, simply go to You Tube & type it in, like 'how to screw in a light bulb,' it's there, we're pretty sure.that the best way to save moments, that could be otherwise better spent, is to read the directions, or like driving somewhere, plot a route. It is somewhat analogous to coming into an incarnation, where's the manual, directions, somebody tell us what life is about & how do we navigate this place we've found ourselves in.

Well, folks, w 67 years of trying to figure things out and now, feeling like we can live on forever, that's how 30 year olds feel, isn;t it? Who wants to always feel 30, and we're not saying this to fall in lock-step w Sylvia Browne, guys, just because she correctly 'got it right.' (Nod to you Sylvia.) .

Indeed, Paul & Dakarra plan on being 30, now & forever. Be what age you want to be, however we know 30 is the best.

So, Humanity, The route to Heaven & Heaven on Earth is plotted, arranged, finished, and in perfect 3/4 moments. (Nod to Jimmy Buffett) You Jimmy's, like us Paul's & Kevin's and George's, John's, John Paul's, Joe's, Glen's, Glenn's, Duane's, Berry's, Gregg's Greg's, Carlos', B.B.'s, Ringo's, & Elton's etc & like Mary's, like Kim's, Lisa's, Nanci's, Nancy's, Carole's & Carols, & Judy's, Joan's, Joni's Sally's, Kathy's & Cathy's, Helen's & on & On, not to mention Buddy, & 'Hey You' or 'Hiyo' (Nod to Dad & the mail room guys, what a great bunch) etc, etc All gotta stick together & look out for one another, however, not by name alone. It's just a thought, a good thought, to bring us all together, Now. )

Hey, has anyone seen a Love Tsunami around here? 'It's got to be around here somewhere.' (Nod to Karlson & McKenzie, Morning DJ's on WZLX 100.7 Boston's Classic Rock. w 'shout out' to 'Newsgirl' Heather.)

Oh, hear (sic) we go, found it... ) Sure to be awesome stuff & music here, Now & forever... Just a click & a prayer and, hopefully, we are there. Thanks Again God who Did & Is Doing Everything. The humble instrument is just offering his brain, fingers & <3, guys. Carry On, Now, and be blessed abundantly. IJN. )




Happy Awesome, Beauteous, Wondrous, Glorious, Loving, Adventurous & Kind Sunday Fellow Beings of Infinite Love & Light.

Welcome to His/Our site that gets us "All on Our Feet." This Is The Place that will not only get us on our feet but teach us how to fly.

As 'I'll get up & fly away' plays in the background. Yep, we're listening to 'Wharf Rat' by The Grateful Dead on a cassette named '2002 Independence Day Times.'

Part of the musical suite we made to usher in the emergence of the good news of, well, this document tells about it (Scroll to bottom one)

*10:00 a.m. Now uploading docs

Please check these documents that go together... TY. )


Jesus, did the deal go down?




Ok, returning to the original thread... )

Let's listen to that, but first as we tweeted out to Obama & Oprah & will shortly send out to ABC, CBS etc, let's figure out what it takes to live in eternal bliss w God. Does that sound like a plan? It's a plan, dear ones, it's a plan.

So, what does it take, Brother Paul? In song, naturally. this is what we do...

Thank you strokes612 forsharing on YT.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd

This is also shared here:


Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

This is also shared here...


Ok, Paul where do we go from here?

Ahh... Eternity ~ One of these days... )


Rec & fin for now.


11:15 a.m.



Greetings Members of the Human Family, Spirits in the Material World, & Friends of God

We are led to share 1:44:38 of High self wisdom thru Matt Khan Think on these thoughts.

Thank you True Divine Nature for sharing on YT.

Thank You Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar.





Yahoo images.

'Hey' Guys, Paul, aka Farili Jagio here. As we have related on this site Jerry Garcia, has always been our 2nd 'Best Friend.' Like God & Jesus/Sananda, we talk to him all day long and there's a lot of joking around. If you see us smiling & laughing it may be because God, Sananda or Jerry, or maybe someone else is making us laugh. Spirit is very funny, you know, esp when they are 'celebrating' what we lightworkers are accomplishing down here in, as Sylvia Browne used to say, accurately, 'the insane lunatic asylum of the universe.' )

New News Now is that Jerry is now our #3 best friend, forever. If want to find out why, head on over here and scroll down to a 'Breaking News' sign.

And this new status is now also shared at The front page with 'His/Our' Starsite. We always gave it up to Him, however, now, these days, He says, no no no, Bro, here's where we're at. And so Father knows best & The Infinite says His/Our starsite is the way it should be.

So, fellow sons & daughters of Light, of infinity & of 'the eternal now' Indeed, as one, on behalf of the group, let's All say... "Thank You God!" (with an exclamation point which the scribe hardly ever uses.) He's let us know, dear ones, loud & 'clear as a bell' that we, the spirit in flesh typing this on his gateway computer ~ to the littlest waif in whatever 3rd world country on His planet, that He considers us to be His Divine, infinitely perfect companions to Him. We are All equal, all magnificenlly Awesome spiritual beings of light & love. Congratulations everyone, we've made the grade. Sweet. )

See at...




Yer cosmic 'traffic cop' shares now where you want to click to experience the latest 'Good Stuff' coming down..)

As we just shared at the front page. We are releasing the latest, most complete to His/Our perfectionist standards the Press Release that it is hoped ~ will blow the whistle on this /His/Our starsite. If led, You, 'Beloved Master,' are most welcome & encouraged to do your part to get the Good Word out re this forum.

Thank You Very Much.



There is a new sharing at...


Simply scroll down to today's date & hopefully, En-joy. ) Say 'Hey' to Dr Peebles, He'll know you're there. Indeed. And you're 'Sure' to get a

"GOD BLESS YOU!!" from the Good Dr. ~ Guaranteed. ) He does not hold back anything, our dear friends. Lol. )

Next: Join us in saying Happy Birthday" to Beloved Master Mr Jim Law. The conduit for the Awesome readings coming thru him and shared in many places on this His/Our site. Indeed. In fact if you go to the previous blog they are there...


Ok, we must get away from this magic miracle machine & soak up some rays & walk around, not just w our usual cosmic consciousness of love, since 1978, officially, but w our/his twin flame energy of divine, infinite love, laughter & Rock & Roll. Yeah, we'll turn it up for ya's. Later. )

Joe Friday moment

Rec & fin for now


3:24 p.m.

Back & Now...

9:33 p.m.

Thank You God who created, arranged, produced, directed & yes, acted in this video. Indeed.

Ok, folks, viewing the above video and, all things considered, esp when talking about our friend, Bigfoot, P thinks he may be asking too much of some of you, like Bigfoot? 19th dimension? Not to mention the 22nd dimension. Wtf, This is where I get off. Yeah, we say Wtf also... What the fun. ) .All we can say, Folks, is give us one grain of salt, that's all. We just may have all the whole salt of the 7 seas, to give back to ya's. And Then Some.

yes, we are aware that your group may not be "On" to what's going down on this His/Our site. This is where the most Far Flung truths are hanging out. Yeah, so Bigfoot's been hitchhiking on God's (Remember, We Are All God, so we're not making some outrageous claim here, ok. Good.) foot for 4 years. The following pics are not meant to gross anyone out, however they are shared to lend creedence to what the channel is talking about. So, now, we will be clearing all and any dross from our physical body w our 'light body,' in the wings, with the quickness, on the way up.

Bigfoot left our body today as we held our foot up to the sun, making a blocking affect & we said good bye to our wayward hitchhiker. Here's the aftermath. This will heal quickly, now, we don't even have to wear socks anymore and our infinite subconscious mind who hears and acts on everything we think say & do is now fully on board & making all the necessary arrangements, as we, on behalf of the group, The Sons & Daughters of The Eternal, Infinite Now, as One pro-claim out loud, so the universe can hear us; 'Not my will way, momenting or plan, however' ~ "Your Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, Divine Will Way, Momenting & Plan is Done, Now Dear Heavenly Infinite Father ~ Mother, God Creator of ALL THAT IS, in Perfect Loving Accord As 'The Infinite I AM THAT I AM' Prime Source, Source, Higher Power, Divine Ultimate, Ultimate Divine, The One. All Merge as One God of Love, Grace, Mercy, Compassion, Perfect Harmony, Adventure & Gratitude..

All The Powers Of Infinity Coming Together as ONE God Who serves All. Indeed. And So It Is, Now. In Jesus Name. "YES" And Then Some. ) The entire situation is blessed & put in the mighty hands of 'The Infinite,' Which encompasses All, And So It Is, Now. Indeed. Yes.

Here's another video same as above credit. May or may not be on You Tube soon, pending copyright issues. Here's FB link. Thank Ya's. )


And so, dear ones, how is Your script today? Feeling any changes coming on? Awesome. Oh, right, this all calls for a song. Truly we are breaking the ice here, which gives the channel a clue to the song God would place here, if He were sitting at the computer. Oops, remember to remember what Shirley MacLaine taught us many years ago, guys. Yes, indeed We are Gods & Goddesses who all, deep down inside have a love of God that could eat up this whole planet, this 'pea' in an infinite cosmic sea. Like the song says at the top of this page here tinyurl.com/Gazers777 He's come to take His children home. Indeed. So Bro Paul, can we hear that perfect song you mentioned a bit ago. Actually we've turned a bend & now here's the song that fits

Yes, my dear friends, Here's the perfect recorded version the guys got perfect, as Gods working with God, The Infinite & they approved it and it does accurately describe how we feel about things surrounding our collective situation, Now. God's offering to take us home, tell us about it these friends of ours...Ahem...

From New York City...Ladies & Gentlemen...

Blue Oyster Cult.

Thank you Blue Oyster Cultist for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult. )

More here:


Rec & fin.


1:15 a.m.



Awesome news, Guys. Our Beloved Master Friend in Spirit, Alvin Lee, offers Us All a song guaranteed to help our friend Bigfoot, and his host in 4D for the

last 4 years, Mr Brown, This is like a few songs in one. We highly recommend it to everyone that wants to go home. Yeah, it's "I'm Going Home" by

'Ten Years After' at Woodstock. Bigfoot, we dedicate 'Do the stomp' at 4:43 to you guys. we trust y'all will like it. Indeed.

So, Mr Brown, are you going to share w us where this song can be found? Thought you'd never ask, Lucky & Daisy. )

Here ya's go... Btw, He says you guys make a lovely couple. We kid you not. A match made in Heaven, fer sure. Indeed. "YES." )

Yeah, so here we go, Everyone, come on. The Jesus Peace Train & all the Grand Funk Railroad Trains w passengers like 'Traveling Wilbury's' are here at Journey's end, where we are All welcomed home w open arms. is here. Jerry's Bus just pulled up, having picked up all happy hitchhikers of the long & winding road 'w' the Ultimate Song of God playing on the cosmic 'radio.'

Yes, Indeed. Beloved Masters, our team has just been picked up by a song called Kashmir. The One & Only Song that can take us to Kashmir, since, well, it's Kashmir. As some people say... Make sense? Indeed. ) Ok, so, on wings off sound, here's the link to where we're all going. Actually, dear ones, since 'moments' are elastic, we've already been there. 'In other words'...(Nod to Abraham -Hicks) We, as one human ~ Spirit Collective ~ We are simply remembering our future. Pretty far flung, if we do say so, and we do bc it s the truth & only truth can come out of the fingers taking this down on the miracle Gateway computer that God is using thru 'the humble instrument.' And So It Is, Now. Indeed, Now. "Yes." Here's the link, not missing at all. )


Just scroll down to Alvin Lee's smiling face & say "Hey" to Maya Angelo, as Maya says "I <3 You" & oh, btw, then we can all get our Ya Ya's out in Joy, Celebration & Gratitude to The one who brought us here & loves us even more than we can love ourselves. Indeed. "Yes."

In other news, the following was made at this 'well lighted' page, here...It's under the picture of the radio w 'Carry On' on it. If led, check it out... )




Indeed, Folks, Take it to <3 & Fly w God

As Flock of Seagulls ~ Music from the future plays in the background. Whisper out to Lisa & the Flock of Daisy's... <3 <3 <3...)

Yet another reason to go to... tinyurl.com/Gazers777

Yes, so, make no mistake, as if we could, Guys (we can't)




Breaking news: The so called leader of the free world grants commutation to a fellow Immortal Spiritual Being Deadhead, but he still needs to sit in jail for 2 long, agonizing years. You're kidding us, right? Mr president? Why?

This situation needs to be fixed with the quickness. Rise up stand up, blow the whistle on you. You've found out who you are if you've been studying this site. Blow the whistle on you, point everyone you know to come here and get hip and let's start doing the right thing for all our fellow God's children. Indeed.



Paul F Brown 2 more long agonizing years?. This is bullshit & mean. http://Earthpartynow.com is throwing all our support to get our brother home, Now.

Mr. Obama, is this the best you can do? Come on, man. What if it was you?

Guys, here's a tiny url we can all use to help get this injustice fixed. Copy & paste and let's get the word out. This site will not rest until this travesty is fixed.

Tim Tyler is a hero. He's paid more than his dues. God loves him like He loves all of His children. We gotta look out for our own, guys. Mr President, On behalf of all that's right in Heaven & Earth. Thank you for having the balls to fix this. You have the power & so does God. Your move, Sir.


Now this...Thanks Ann Albers for this.



• times on site


"Love is what we came here for."



10:07 a.m.

Good morning Dear fellow intrepid Beloved Masters of His/Our Infinite Light & Love. We got a song for you. Just a sec & we'll be back w it. Talk among yerselves, you beautiful Ka-Jillions you.to use a modest #. ) (Nod to Fred Daher.)

We feel this is a song about alignment. Any-one else feel this way? Wow, Every-one? Awesome. Indeed. ) So, dear ones, let's take this awesome song to <3, shall we? All together, Now. Sing it, if you don't know the words, just hum. ) (Nod to Gregg Allman.)

Thank you MinstreOnTheRun for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Traveling Wilburys.

Paul, we can't stand it anymore, we all know you're living in ecstatic ecstacy & 'over the the moon,' w perfect love for your perfect twin flame, 'Dakarra of The Central Sun' and you're a 'jillionaire' in the 'currency' that really matters in the long run. i.e. L o v e. So, Mr Brown, please tell us how many beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, adventurous, kind & compassionate soul~mates you have, Bro? (Nod to Zorra.)

Oh, ok inquiring minds must be fed, so, let us ask one we may be familiar with, down here. Excuse me, 'hey' sweet Ann..of public figure fame, what's your name again? Oh yes, it's all coming back to me now. We've been out on cloud 9 (Nod yo* John Lennon. ko) Jillion, yeah, that's it. And, ah, how many sister jillions do you have? As many as we want? Perfect. And all answer to 'Sweetie.' ? Good. perfect. ) So, that we'll take, slowly. and our infinitely powerful subconscious mind will manifest same for our tight, awesome group. Yeah, and someone said 'what's good for the goose is good for the gander'

Btw, have ya's forgotten? When you signed up to come down here, you agreed to 'the game' rules &, win, lose or draw, if things didn't quite work out, then maybe you'd be asked to return til you & your soul group 'got it right.' (Nod to Bob Seger.)

Well, 'good news' sports fans, (Nod to Huey Lewis & The News.) your designated receiver has '(Done his job, Magnificently, We add, not him.) (Nod to Bill Belichick.) Ann e.g. w a modest, not 'kajillion', 'Jillion will do. So, that's your answer, my dear friends, Sonny & Daisy. (Both aka 'Lucky') Any other questions? Oh, you want some too? We don't blame you, it's hard, really hard to say 'no' to the beautiful peach beside your beautiful twin flame 'peach.' so to speak..

It's like, why would God, who can create infinite peach trees & orchards & planets, universes & cosmos, each w peaches galore, each an exquisitely perfect unique individual gifted w infinite intelligence & breathtakingly beautiful in appearance and vibrations.

So, guys, this humble 'clear,' - we don't use the word channel, anymore & rec not using it as it's done its job & 'the moment' has come to move on.

So, next on our agenda of sharing His infinite love is a simple 'Open Letter.' We recommend 'digesting' the above w no grains of salt, maybe only pure water, as water is like liquid 'spirit' soul food for the human body as it learns to fly. Cheers, )

An Open Letter...

To Be Continued ~ His Will willing ) Here's a place we recommend hanging out & listening to the music. Any copyright issues on the videos will be taken care of as Paul will be contacting his lawyer, on behalf of Sons & Daughters of Now. We don't need other lawyers spoiling our fun by saying, oh no, that's our stuff, you can't have it. Gobbledegooke. God created those artists that 'cleared' those songs thru the heart portal of each 'artist' soul (we're All artists btw.) and it belongs, still, to God. Indeed.

We made a video the other day that we can't share because of this garbage. It features Crosby.Stills & Nash ~ Question. Please guys, let My Music play, unfettered & free, Now. 'Thank You Very Much, Indeed.' (Nod to Elvis & Joe Cocker.)

Now, w the sandman coming soon. Just share w ya's we have a new name. However first, Hope you've seen this page...


and followed the Open Letter" conversation w Fred Greaves & Lucina. P hasn't heard from them in a couple/few days but as we were in the kitchen puttering around & thinking of names & their vibrations & meanings and thinking of brother Fred's name... Fred Greaves, Ya know, like the song 'Every picture tells a story,' by Rod Stewart & Faces, well so do names. e.g Thomas Crapper invented the toilet, Steve Jobs did a jillion jobs, Robert 'Plant,' Jimmy Page, John 'Good'Bonham, John Paul Jones (JP, you have 2 awesome names, Bro, ya really need that 3rd one? lol ) and one more, how 'bout Cat Stevens? ) (Thanks Mom.)

So, in the case of our dear friend Fred, wouldn't it be awesome & really, the right thing to do to 'Elton John" Fred's last name & turn it to the obvious...'Laughs,' as a 'stage' name. We knew, by the way, it felt to us that this is a 'done deal.' so, indeed.

Then w/o our really taking any moments to think it, it just came to us that Paul Brown, could use a make-over stage name as well & 'Paul Saturn' popped in. God we'll take it, esp as, You know, God, we love Your 'Home' planet, Guess what guys? There's a Cosmic 'Disney World' there. Walt Disney, himself, designed it w God, of course. We visited it in a vivid, lucid dream a few decades ago. So, Yes.Thank You Very Much, God. (Nod to Freddy Mercury.)

So, guys, we gotta go for a walk in the park or the beach. It's good, in fact required, we think, to get away from the computer & get yerself outdoors, for healthy living, as much as possible and experience nature. Forget the 9 to 5 or that matrix you're trying to build online, seriously. It's over, guys. Let it be, (Nod to Mother Mary & Paul McCartney.)

Go here and get the real Good New News about 'The Cashless Society' which ioho, trumps (to use a good- but not endorsement word) any RV (revaluation of currency) Our currency, in the 'Now' paradigm is Love, sweet love, It's the only thing we need. (Nod to Jackie DeShannon, Burt Bacharach & Hal David.)

We - infinitely powerful, divinely created spiritual beings do not have to 'run to the bank' anymore - when everything is Free as God wants it, Now. Indeed.

God is taking back His 'Plan' it. This, His perfect, infinitely perfect, divine perfect plan is 'spilling out' and on to the streets, - where people are dancing to the musical stylings of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Living & any other group that plays music. Indeed. So, here's the link, fellow grateful living participants and have fun today & every day and ) ) )


And, now let us go to YT land and come back w 3 songs for this lovely occasion, hold on, guys. )


Here's a place to 'hang loose'...) (Nod to Beloved Master Bobby Weir.) Bob, we're striving to get everything 'Exactly perfect' for the Father of Creation as 'One Love' by Bob Marley plays on YT in background. Indeed. )


Thank you YCSMusic2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jackie DeShannon, Burt Bacharach & Hal David & Company.

Fight for your right to fly

Fight For Your Right To Fly. Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Us Down, Guys. IJN. )

Thank you Island Records for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Bob Marley & Company.

Thank you Zarastro1040 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Masters Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Stephen Stills & Graham Nash & Company

Rec & fin.


2:13 p..m.

Catch Ya's later. Love on... )



Yea, we got this up on 2nd try. Is it Saturday night yet? )

Thanks God for sharing w the cosmos' )

Thank You God Who did everything in this video, on this page & on this entire starsite. It's All God.

See ya's later... Carry on, )

This 'silent' situation, hopefully, will be 'fixed' soon. You can help, if led, by calling, texting emailing YT & complaining & Btw, 'read my lips'. copyright shit is D E AA D.

We're in process of legal action challenging the whole premise of copyright. We feel it should be declared illegal bc Music is GOD'S Greatest gift to mankind

next to Jesus Christ. If you're With us, join the fight. And BTw FREE TIM TYLER YESTERDAY!

Here's 'live testimony' that this copyright ridiculousness is depriving us of. Come On People` This Is It! ~ STAND UP & FIGHT!!!

Thank you austinpickers for sharing on YT.

Thank you Crosby, Stills & Nash & Company for this Awesomeness. )

If led, check out this Tsunami of Love page where this Free sharing is hanging out. Can You catch a wave, of love? Awesome, we knew you could. )


Thank you LockRaven62 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kenny Loggins & Company. We concur... This is, Indeed. "It." )

All Invited To Heavenstock." Directions... Follow 'The Grateful Living.' & The Cats & The Dogs...)



Alright folks, It's a new month & the moment has come to put a big bow on this awesome, if we do say so ourselves, page. Hope you come back & visiit it in future days. The new blog page url is this.


See ya's over there. where the best is yet to come. Gotta see the sandman right now. His job is to lift us up right out of our bodies and take us to a nice, wondrous, rejuvenating visit w God. So, bye for now... )

Rec & fin.


1:25 a.m.