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"There is no darkness in this place that we're bound ~ Love is the only thing that matters."

Dan Fogelberg,  'Icarus Ascending'


"Happy Birthday Dan" on what would have been your 65th earthly Birthday.  Happy Spirit's Day, beloved Bro!   )

October, 2015

Welcome Dan Fogelberg to Heaven's Hall of Fame!

It's an honor and privilege to have you here Mr Dan and you would have 
been in this hall of fame as a wonderful, quality human being, regardless. 
Your amazing music is just how we got to know you.  
Thanks for sharing your gifts so beautifully and generously.

God bless.

p & co.

September, 2014

Greetings One and All and Welcome to the Dan Fogelberg Appreciation page here at Earth Party Now.com

Dan was and  is an amazing artist who graced our world for too short a time.  Let's settle in and hang out with
our friend, shall we?  Good.   )

Official website:

Sister site:

Url for this site if want to share:
www.tinyurl.com/DanFogelberg777  At  www.EarthPartyNow.com   'The Jubilee I'  site

All invited to 'The Jubilee II'site here... www.paulfb.com  

Special "Thanks" to Jean Fogelberg and All who keep Dan's legacy alive.

Missing You ~ Part of The Plan.

Thank you Dan Fogelberg Videos for sharing on YT.

Same Old Lang Zyne

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT.

Encore:  Live...

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank you DanFogelbergVEVO for sharing on Yt.

Thank You Dan for always making the holidays a little more meaningful.  <3

The Reach

Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing on YT.

The Minstrel

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In The Passage

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Leader of The Band

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Hard To Say

Thank you vinstrider for sharing on YT.

Nether Lands

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Icaris Ascending

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Dan Fogelberg Missing You

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Dan Fogelberg - Missing You (from Live: Greetings from the West)

Thank you DanFogelbergVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg and Band  and Audience.

Dan Fogelberg - Missing You (Late Night)  Can Ya's tell this is one of our absolute fave songs, not just of Dan's. And hope ya read the comments in these vids. Dan really touched people's hearts with his total artistry... awesome singer, songwriter, musician's musician, and human being.  Here he knocks it out of the park with the 'crackerjack' Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band on Letterman.  )

Thank you Tim Hatfield for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dan Fogelberg and Paul Shaffer and The World's Most Dangerous Band, and Ty David Letterman ~ always had great Artists on the show.  )


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Tribute To  Dan

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The Long Way

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Thank you JMEagle101 for sharing.  Your fine art and devotion to Dan is appreciated by all his fans.

The Power of Gold  
Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg & Band

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Full Circle

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Thank You Dan Fogelberg & Company.

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Thank You Dan and God  bless you and your fans.  Who does that leave  out?
No one,  we hope.  )

Hope you all have enjoyed this loving tribute to a wonderful man and  fantastic artist.
Keep smiling and we hope you won't be a stranger  to this site.  Remember what's God's is ours.  
This is His site, given to Him.  It's all of ours to share.  This concludes His sharing of 'good stuff' 
at this site for now, excluding additional material, replacements, etc.
When the work is done, the work is done.  See you at the jubilee..  Everyone's invited!   )
Take care.
p & Company.

Fin:  9/18/14
          4:00 PM
Addendums:  8/13/15  Dan's  64th birthday.

Encore, one more song:

Nether Lands

With the beautiful soaring music of Dan Fogelberg and the exquisite artistry of JMEagle101

Thank You Creator of All That Is for all our infinite and eternal blessings that You will have us receive.
Love, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Music and a nice forever for All Your children ~ In eternal Gratitude.
Your Will Is Done..  And So It Is;  Now and Forever ~  In Jesus Name.
And So It  Is.

P.S..  Did we mention Laughter?  Does anyone remember Laughter?  Besides you Mr Plant!   )

P.P.S.  Where do we go from here?
             Hmm, just a suggestion but I, for one and one for all,  do believe it's time to celebrate.  I do believe
             there's a section for that on the menu at left just about next door.  
             Does the Company of Heaven concur?  We will say it for them.  Indeed.   )
             Cheers & Cheerio...  )

We recommend traveling here where Dan will be found to help guide us to our eternal netherland rising.  See ya's  there.   )

Btw, Dan  is an excellent gazer.  Check his gaze here...

Image result for dan fogelberg                     No photo description available.

The pic that was there for a long time  disappeared.  This one replaces it. Braco's got nothing on You, Dan.   )
Oh, and Dan was heard in our car yesterday.  Check this out...

Alright, guys, have an awesome day, not to mention - forever... )

p.s.  9/16/18
See Dan here at a place of Hope... www.paulfb.com/440732935  At... www.paulfb.com

And Now 1/1/19  Here In God's Hands  www.paulfb.com/439198236 

Oh, and here's yet another place.  www.tinyurl.com/ThewindinoursailsII777

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Shall we sail on fearless sailors of infinity?  

Namaste.   )