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Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma



Greetings Fellow Star Beings on The Way Home... )

God Has some 'New News' for us, folks.

First & foremost. God Is Love, Love Is God & God Is In Us all as Who we are. He (God is androgynous so when we write He, know 'She' is in there.) lives

in us as us. We, in case you didn't know it ~ are God Beings ~ Companions to Him. Adjectives that have been used up to now such as infinite, awesome, even magestic don't fill the bill as far as description goes. There simply are no words. At the main front page you'll notice changes if you've been here before.

Second, The information at this page...


is now really, like 'Farili' to be taken seriously. The cash, as P relayed in a video is not God's currency any more. It has been replaced by love. The whole paradigm of anything less than love is now forever flushed. The vibrations of the planet are right at the doorway of God consciousness. We all may consider us now to be in the 24th dimension. Indeed.

The instrument, Paul ~ Farili Jagio, will be sharing documents that have been downloaded from God, as us, over the last few days. There is no separation, Dear Ones. We're all equally important & no one is more important than anyone else. We're all doing this together, e.g. when P finishes a sharing & it's the moment to push 'save' we always do it in the name of like, the littlest waif on the planet or something like that. We put Mom to work too, as our 'partner in the ultimate crime of Love in the first & best degree.' Indeed. )

So, Mr Sandman is at our door & we must heed his call. Sweet dreams, guys & see ya's on the other side. )

Rec & fin


3::28 a.m.

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Obtw, Thank You some Dunkin Donuts for allowing us to leave our Love cards at your stores. Any other businesses like to do this, contact us. Contact info here:



Christmas Day.

We no longer leave our cards around, folks. If you would like one blessed, charged card, send a sase to our address which is shared at the site essentials page. Link above. We have @ a thousand left; when they're gone they're gone. Ty.

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We have no choice, as the song says. So let's carry on, shall we? Good. )



Christmas Day

(Replacing a picture that disappeared.)

Good things to come, everyone. Like complete & total freedom for one, if we all pull together as a team. Our team, led by Jesus is

Team Peace, Love, Joy & Freedom forever. Indeed.

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Thank You Jesus.



10: 55 p.m.

Who wants to see how success is achieved? See how Larry Bird did/does it... (How do you get a name like Larry Bird?) Taught himself to fly, we guess. ) ~


Yahoo images.

The one, the only Mr Larry Bird. On behalf of the group, "Thanks Larry, we Love you." )

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Songs are just songs, right?

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Thank You The Animals.

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Thank You The Doors.

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Thank You Billy Joel.

Oh, look guys, finally something good on TV...

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Let's see, altogether now...

Captured at 5:22 a.m. on September 17, 2016 w the adventure number & the love number. Guess this will be that kind of day, His Will willing.

P pic of the bottom of the Grand Canyon from Circa 1972, Pic of 'The Police' w Sting, Andy & Stewart, Johnny Cash 'going' w the word 'cash' removed from top.

Then, Hero for Christ ~ John Lennon. The Real Jesus in U.S News & Jerry Garcia, Reluctant in humbleness leader of the Grateful Living & Dead.

Rec & fin for now.

5:44 a.m.

Who wants a bridge to Heaven? Got your radio on? 'Hey,' you can listen to our selections ~ guaranteed to get you at least to the 5th Dimension, however first...

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Thank You The Fifth Dimension

Who wants to go to higher dimensions? Music can take us there, if we let it... )


Who wants to live the infinite life, now? It says it on the the site... )


So, Guys, what's in your tear view mirror?

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Thank you belexes for sharing on YT.

Thank You Blue Oyster Cult.

'Hey' Farili, What's in your rear view mirror, Dude?

Oh, hey smiley's, thanks for asking, however these are just my choices & not something anyone else has to follow. At every level of spiritual attainment there is appropriate nourishment readily available.

We don't really have a 'rear view mirror' anymore. We have reversed it and everything coming our way is right there in full frontal view and it is immense, my dear friends. Since, we are all one in God's infinite, good heart, we all can board the same train so to speak. Our train is simply the Love train. Isn't that the ultimate train to be on? Heck, all our friends are on this one, guys. Even the crazy train devils are on this train. They love the Rock & Roll. God is Rock & Roll guys, in case you didn't know that.

If you think you've never been invited to this train, my mother, Marie Lucille is now hereby inviting All God's Children to get on board, now - today, while we're still young. w gratitude in our hearts. He made us so we're all good, and as we say- you can take that to Dunkin Donuts because the failed, unjust, and obsolete banking system has expired w do not resuscitate status. We, on behalf of the group, have recommended those places be turned into children's play centers.

Alright, so here's Mom's selection to get the message across to us all, guys. Ok? Please, just take to heart & nowhere else. Thank You Very Much. Elvis gives us all a Hi 5! Indeed, the final & ultimate jailbreak is upon us guys. Following this, who else but Cat Stevens, sharing, Farili will share his selection. Yes, indeed, we say it w music, now & forever after as we do live on forever & ever & forever in peace, love, harmony, adventure and gratitude to God. He does All & don't anyone of us ever forget it. Have a pleasant & nice forever everyone & 'Turn it up." )

Please, everyone: Know this & know this well: God Is. He Lives In Us As Us. (the multidimensional beings that we are. period, underlined, italics w feeling ~ And then some.) Indeed. Yes.

Thank you DeputyDoug829 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Cat Stevens & Co. also known today as Yusuf. )

And our hands down perfect selection for this particular moment is this masterpiece of God & Don Henley. Hope en-joy. )

(Watch videos on You Tube for subsequent videos.)

Thank you Don Henley - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Don Henley & Co.



Greetings one & all on a beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving, & sweet Sunday afternoon.

We've got The Story playing in the background. The 'Angel In The House' album. A complete & total masterpiece if there ever was one, ioho. )

Here's a song about immortality. It should resonate w everyone of the 7.7 billion souls on the planet at this moment in the scein of existence.

It's no-one's first rodeo down here, my dear friends. We will all be restored to our full glory when we decide that the moment has come. Time, like money, has gone out the cosmic poop shute never to return. Welcome, dear ones, once again, to the eternal now. We, collectively, are moseying the ground walking, some running, others surfing - land or water. Congrats Humanity. We've done it. Indeed. )

Thank you NorwoodGlen for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Masters Glen Campbell, Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops.

Alright, who thinks we wouldn't share an album we so en-joy. No one? Good, now we're getting somewhere. )

Thank you The Story - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Story ~ Jonatha Brooke & Jennifer Kimball & Co.

Alright Children, Who do you trust to take you home. i.e. the higher/ inner realms? While we play another one of Don's masterpieces.

God almighty Jesus, how can one guy have so many God-good songs? Simple, eagle~dove breaths, our beloved master friend simply allows spirit, which is God, to come thru and be his best self on stage or in daily life. Course when one is pretty well advanced down the road coming into an incarnation - it just comes naturally, isn't that right, Vern? You can say that again, Farili. I'll let you guys read it again since it is written. Thank Ya's. )

Thank you Don Henley - Topic for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Don Henley & Co. doing what you do on behalf of the group. See you Tuesday 9/20/16 ~ downtown Boston.

Show promises to be, like God, good. )

Jesus, also, on behalf of the group, always delivers. Thank You Jesus for yet another successful delivery ~ right to God's open front door. We all love you, Man.

You know that. )

Yahoo images.

Jesus Cosmic God given name ~ Sananda. Welcome Home Humanity! Want to find your 'good' place to be? Ask God. You're welcome.

To hear & see the song that was playing on our God~Paul co - made cassette named: 'Dreams To Share' created 12/3/08 as we did the above, go here.


Yeah, it's 'Dreams' by Van Halen. Ty Van Halen. )

For now: Rec & fin.


5:55 p.m.



Want to spread some good news. Here ya's go. Just copy and paste & share w your worlds. & Thanks! )

'Hey' guys, Don Henley wants to take us home. I'm going & so is Jesus. Jerry's there too. You?

https://youtu.be/Gj8I8vKPOLo tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-3777 The jubilee is On, folks. http://EarthPartyNow.com All yer friends are coming. Join the fun. Fun, what a concept. God saved the best for last. )

Our computer is a little 'jammed' in a good way these days. )

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All the better to go out for a walk, a drive, play w the kids or go out on a date w our spouse. Primitive devices we all have our noses in will soon be passe' as we won't need them where God is taking us, dear ones. Indeed.

We all have immense God given talent. 'Hey' piano man, show us some of yours. And Thank you, Bro. )

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Thank You Beloved Master Billy Joel & Co.

Doing it by the numbers, Jerry delivers in a song from 7/23/77. Btw, isn't this the promised land, folks?

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Thank You Jerry Garcia Band.

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Thank You World Party... & Yes, everything's alright. Indeed. )

Next to love what is there? Ans: nothing. Love is all, all is love, there is nothing else. Moment to get on the love train is here, now, folks. Indeed. )

Thank you The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for sharing on YT.

Thank You The O'Jays w Jon Batiste & Stay Human

Don Henley did this beautiful & evocative song at his wonderful show in Boston last night. Thanks Don & So Talented Company.

Thank you DonHenleyVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Don Henley & Co.



This Railroad ~ train theme continues on to the Cosmic Trigger day of the month. Is this the Ultimate Train song? Ioho it is. En-joy...)

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Thank You Mr Gordon Lightfoot & Company.



Greetings Fellow Lord God Beings of His Infinite Love & Light. How be Ye all today? Good. We do know by now what kind of day it is ~ everyday so we need not repeat ourselves.

So, if you came here thru the front page -you know there's a brand spanking new page on His~Our site. It's

'Happily Ever After' moment on the planet Love where we all find ourselves these days. Here's Tinyurl for same. See ya's over there.. )


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Here's a Creative Talent Dude showing us how he does it. We're all as good as Tom in some niche that is ours. After all who can play you but you?

You're So Good at it. Indeed. )

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To Whom it may interest. This is what we are sharing at the moment on social media. If like & led please share. Thank you. )

F & L Fyi This is simply what we are sharing on social media at the moment.

What if God, in the end, just wants us to have Fun?




Hello Folks. This blog page is still here and will continue to share the latest things occurring on this His~Our site.

For instance there is a new sharing at the good Dr Peebles page w Thanks to Summer Bacon.


With the 'Happily Ever After' sharing at that page we really are not expecting any further theme pages to arise however one can never say never esp when it comes to Spirit, so we leave the door open. The i's have been dotted, the t's crossed the headline for the Jubilee is large and All have been invited to Celebrate. What more can a fella do? Only God knows and if we are led to something else - we welcome it. This Jubilee place is open for business and the blog will continue as spirit moves as well as other page enhancements which will be shared here.

So, we turn the tape in the BB over and this song is playing, so we'll leave ya's w a song. here ya go... 2:22 of just 'good.' )

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Here we go, Guys, a perfect message from Jesus, thru John Smallman.

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Thank You Jesus & Channeler John Smallman



Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You One Who Serves and Ashira via James McConnell and Susan Sammarco,



Leave it to Dr Peebles to get this train started up again with a new "diet" shared at His page here...


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Thank You Dr Peebles.



Ok Guys this page is officially 'in the books' and there is now a new blog page here...


See you over there, if led... )

Namaste. )