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'The Flower of God's Hope*

Hull, aka Heaven, Ma. USA. July, 2017.

* Also serving at: 'Place of Hope' www.paulfb.com/440732935



12:18 a.m.

Picture just loaded with Jimi Hendrix playing "Purple Haze" as we type. ~ Now 'Done' and, now playing

"Passenger" by unknown

Now playing 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin )

As we all chime in "w"


Thank you Themusicalman 1 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jed Zeppelin. Keep smiling & carrying the torch, guys. Godspeed... )


February, 2016

Greetings One & All. Welcome to His Heaven on Earth page here at His Earth Party Now starsite.

This humble page is the official extension of http://EarthPartyNow.com which simply got too long

We are all about helping to bring Creator's message of peace, love & light to a world desperately in need of same.



Correction: The above statement is incorrect and we don't know how that got there (unless to draw attention to that hidden well of good stuff.) but the real extension page for the main page is: (and it's at the bottom of that page)


(End of insert.)

If coming from the main page you may be quite familiar with the essential pages over there but we will list a few here.

First, He says, the documents page to see where we're coming from. You must have knowledge of His Cashless Society

proclomation announcement from 2002. It does not matter that it was channeled & recorded in 2002. The moment is Now.


Likewise "An Urgent Message" is there channeled thru Chapel Tibet in 1995 and on to the pages of 'Connecting Link' magazine.

This was channeled from the future high self of the spirit in the material world known simply as p doing His Will. One has to recognize their own

style & we do, indeed. Your humble servant, who is not looking for fame or fortune or any spotlight but does want His words, His Will, Way, Timing

& perfect, infinitely perfect divine plan to play out as He wants it. p works for Him and for all of us, like a kind, elder brother would. Period & so on... )

And So It Is Done, Now. this period of moments we know as "Now" All Is In Divine Order & All Things Are As They Should Be & Improving Under His

Divine perfect, infinitely perfect plan. There is no 'time' anymore as we used to know it. We have infinite 'moments.' my dear friends.

Moments: Good. )

And let's get acquainted, shall we?


This is an essential page and will bring us up to speed esp if one listens to the 2 readings p had w Jim Law & Special Guests: Jesus,

Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Mom & Dr Peebles who was the official 'gatekeeper' of the 2nd reading and of His Earth Party Now

starsite and on to this fresh new extension of that. He says "GOD BLESS YOU EACH & EVERY ONE, INDEED." Yep, bold, italics, underlined

and we will simply add "And Then Some." ) "YES!" )


Dr Peebles certainly knows the power of those words. We thinks we should say it ourselves too, folks, way more than we do. And it's so nice when

someone says it to us, isn't it? Yes, it is and not just when we give to a homeless or a struggling person on the street, where one can be

pretty sure to receive a nice "God bless you."

He says, don't neglect the Smilebox presentations esp the Eagle one. Are you an Eagle or a creepy crawly thing? Not that there's anything wrong with that, seriously. Sorry to put it so bluntly He says, not p, but these things come around and you might want to be able to 'fly' w/o being one, a fly that is. 'nuff said.

The necesary formalities are done here folks so let's get to the music with a song leading off one of our tapes we heard the other night and saved for this moment. p will insert the tape and we'll get a good You Tube of it and place it here and we will 'save' this before we lose our isp like what happened last night.

Of course, all is in His perfect divine timing, yep, even in our day to day mundane lives something Big has been coming up behind us dear ones and it's nothing to fear, it's just His love tsunami. He's already got a page prepared for that. Want to experience it?

Go here:


Want to see the page where we ran out of time?


Wait a minute, paul, where's Jesus in all this? Right here, my dear friend...


We need a sign, paul. Here you go, anything else, Eagle 1?


Yeah, The music, or did you forget about it Bro? Ah, yes, the music coming right up...

Here you go Human Race, collectively known as 'Humanity.' With just a little fanfare...

Thank you Igorrovasi for sharing on YT.

Thank You Emerson, Lake & Palmer

We did much work looking for the perfect video to put here but music quality or an annoying logo led us to this one.

Sound is good, the guys playing to a frozen, empty stadium in rehearsal, perfect. )

p.s. (5/11/16) Another version of this & other ELP is here, where Keith is a 'gazer.' RIP Keith. Rockin' In Paradise.


So, driving home last night this song came on the Sirius radio, when finished we switched to Boston's Classic Rock WZLX and it

came on again. Since good things come in 3's we'll share one of our favorite songs, and yes, one that is featured in His press release.


Thank you sgtpepper2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr. Jeff Lynne & Electric Light Orchestra



4:47 a.m.

Just out of a dream which we had also seemed to have had the other night also. Involves a spider and give and take and fresh music of Sting and showing A Brand New Day right here where Spirit wants it. Seems like half this site was/is put together with p coming out of sleep. This dream sounds like a nightmare but it wasn't. Was so classic while dreaming, we thought we could easily find it online and share it. But as memory of it fades, sorry, the music goes up.

The most interesting vid of it we could find. Hope enjoy...

Thank you Newfilicious for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Company and Appreciative Audience, All of Us.

Indeed, it's a brand new day, my dear friends, and with big "Thanks" to Mom for the

inspiration and Dr Peebles, our 'Gatekeeper,' here at His starsite. We share some of same.

Hope you enjoy... )

Thank you habboginy26's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You Cat Stevens, currently known as Yusuf

Now. For those who may be curious what is going down here. Below, brought over from His Site Essentials page,

are 2 recorded readings with Intuitive Consultant Mr Jim Law. (ret) The 2nd reading features Dr Peebles as 'gatekeeper.'

Although we're presenting the 2nd reading, the 1st is included as it has good stuff & provides a base from which the 2nd one grew.

If you're in a hurry do listen to the 2nd one. Thanks. Note: Click download, look in countdown box lower left and click box when hits zero.


September, 2012:


Attn: He so wants all to hear this next reading,. Please, do listen. It's all about the music, which is love, which is Us.

And So It Is, Indeed.

Namaste. )


Then, from July, 2013


Be a demonstration of God's peace. Be a demonstration of God's love upon the earth.

Be thankful that He trusts you to be the steward of such precious gifts."

-- Dr Peebles.

Dr Peeblrs.

Who me? ) God, we are So Very Thankful for the Love, the trust and the confidence

You have placed in us to serve You Now and for The Infinite Frontier that lies ahead.

We, Team Oneness, Love You God and we each and every one Praise You God & revere

Your Name ~ God. In Jesus Name.

And So It Is.

Moment marked...


3:19 p.m.

More Dr Peebles:


"I wish I was a headlight on a north-bound train, I'd shine my light thru the cool Colorado rain."

From 'Know You Rider'


Rec. by The Grateful Dead.



Yes, we came out of a dream yesterday with these lyrics. We've felt for several days now that this entire work is just about d o n e. Thought about

all that's gone down, and reflected, and you know what people? Mr Toad's Wild Ride has come to a fitting end. In a previous blog or sharing somewhere we mentioned that that phrase was in our head, coming out of sleep, and we couldn't put our finger on where it came from. Well, after a very long time of not listening to it, we listened to the 2nd reading ourselves the other day and there it was, Jim Law using it w Dr Peebles.

Right from the get go that reading is about music, as Jeff Beck plays in the background on one of our randomly chosen cassettes ~ Highway Jam. and now Pink Floyd, Another Brick in The Wall.

Who knew He would be such a 'rocker' but He is, indeed. He cares about the music. He wants it as perfect as the musicians do. One of the best ways

is when His children are coming out of dreams and the inspiration is just 'there' to be written down or acted upon in some way, p and countless others have experienced this. A good percentage of this, His site, has come about this very way, dear friends. Heck, we wouldn't have 'Satisfaction' if it weren't for this method, right, Mr Keith Richards?

And so It is, now, with this page wrapping up, done & finished. But not before a song or 3. Cheers. )

p volunteers this notion on how to put a song together. First & foremost ~ "Bb* you e.g. < Then attach 3 asking God 4 a song or 2 or 3 or however many, but some were just meant for what they planned on, making that one, 'the one' The <3 will always lead, whether it's to head east, Norman, or 4 green eyed ladies, His plan is always the best, so rest, relax, humanity. He says "we made it & have done Him proud, Indeed. "YES."

We are the 'sugar' in His infinite 'loaf.' so to speak. He makes us look good, all of us, folks, like, like we knew what we were doing all along. Fact is, and we all know it, w/o Him guiding us we wouldn't have a clue or know what to do, however in the process of asking, you know /// He will always answer, if we are sincere & humble. Nobody likes an arrogant, shithead. Right, everyone? Yes, indeed. Hey you, yes you in the muddy ocean we call humanity, you're not one of those are you? Good. )

Like an atheist, who can look up at the stars, observe the constellations, have a life & a wife or a partner, go to sleep at night, leave your body. wake up refreshed and be able to earn a paycheck somewhere, and also say to everyone. No, I don't believe there's a god. p says to you fucking fucking assholes w boiling blood right now Get the fucking shit out of your brains & figure it out. & and wake the FUCK UP. Done, over. the keyboard just took an awful beating, folks. Maybe that's why we got this job, folks.

We don't believe for one second. we kick that to the curb. We "KNOW" there's a God, A Kind, beauteous Loving & Wondrously Glorious Father ~ Mother God termed "ALL THAT IS" & Guess What peeps? He Is in us as us, playing our "I AM THAT I AM" part of His Magnificently AWESOME Divine, Perfect, Infinitely Perfect, script. There can be no denying. And So It Is, Now, IJN ~ Forever Indeed. "YES." "And That's That!" [nod to a certain Boston lawyer. )

What's that David? Yes, indeed, Son, good idea. Go get it at YT, paul, we're gonna moment you on this. Ok, give me 7 minutes, guys, we'll as always try our best. As 'Eagles' sing. Already gone. Curve ball there guys. This for You Dear Brother, Glenn...RIP ~ Rockin' In Paradiise.' Yes.



Already gone disappeared, go figure, so this one says "I go here." Who are we to argue? )

Eagles / New kid in town (Live 1977)

Thank you yosh95wilde for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

Thank You ~ E a g l e s . Here's to ever more 'Wind in your sails.' ~ ~ ~ Yes... )

Re previous video Note 8/26/16 Great, Yet another perfect video lost to viewers because of Copyright Bullcrap. Please stop this insanity and kindly restore this and all the other videos taken down for copyright crap. The videos, the songs, the artists even, are God's. He created everything inc the cosmos this world sits in, like a pea in a vast infinite sea. Picture this and you're there fucking around with copyright shit ~ Oh no, thhat's my song- you can't have it. Give us a break. Now. not corporations. You dark corporations are D O N E. Bye.. (

Now & forever...Thank You God for our daily... ) We can live on the music, get nourished by the sun(s) fly to any moon in infinite cosmos' w a thought.

We are His created Star beings, fellow Beloved Masters. We have made the grade as Grateful, humble, compassionate, harmonious & loving 'Companion God's to The Original God who Is 'The Infinite I AM THAT I AM.' 'The Infinite' for short. And So It Is, Now. IJN. Indeed. "YES." )

Thank you peruven for sharing on YT.

Thank You Bread. ) Guys, have you heard? The new Bread? It's M U S I C .

Try It, You'll Like It. Mikey ~ he likes it. Mikey Likes It!! Rejoice! Pass it on, Guys, if Led... )

Rec & fin


We now return ya's to the previous thread. Thank You Very Much. )

Rec & fin.

6/22/16 (The Love Day of The Month <3 )

10:23 a.m. ( 23 ~ the ''Cosmic Trigger # )

We now return you to the previous material, still 'as is.' )

Thank you lndifference's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Thank you lndifference's channel for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

Thank you ElizabethTravis for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.

One more...

Thank you bigbeahner for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

Thanks to All The Deadheads and Appreciators of Great Music Everywhere.

Does that leave a n y o n e out? We doubt it. )

Ok, fellow sons & daughters of His infinite, eternal, divine, perfect light & love. We are going out

on a limb here and saying, indeed, the deal went down. What do we do now?

We could Celebrate and share this, His site, if led. Hey, here's a Celebration page... )


Otherwise, we'll just sign off for now and say Enjoy Your Forever. It's His Great Joy to Give it to Us All. )

Rec & fin. 2/8/16

5:10 p.m.

Addendums: 2/11/16

5: 07 a.m.

Yahoo images.



Thus, His invitation to roam around His Heaven on Earth starsite is hereby

a done deal. Any further info may be announced here:


God bless Us, each & every one. Keep smiling and be happy, God's 'got' everything

and we are are all a part of it, so what's to worry about? Nothing, indeed. ) TYJ.

Namaste. )



You do not want to miss this... )

If you would like to read an interesting 'Jerry' story and find out what happened yesterday am, go here (scroll to bottom.)




Happy Valentine's Day.

Were Celebrating wiith Mother Earth with this song, and as shared here:


Thank you mancaangelo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Louis Armstrong & Humanity

We're All going to "have a nice forever." It is written. )

Where to now?

Can't go wrong going back here:




HAPPY FATHER's DAY to All The Loving Dad's out there. God bless you all, Indeed. YES. )

Ok, everyone, hold yer horses there Dudes & Dudettes. we got the perfect song in the perfect setting ~ our homes w our loved ones to share the greatest song ever written, now & forever performed by The Greatest Group in The history of Rock.

Our Beloved Father of The 4 Winds, This masterpiece is For You, in Max Gratitude, Love & Appreciation. WE Love You God, YES, WE do.

you ledzeppelin for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin

Go out on a date w me? Me, God, p, you're asking? Well, this is a surprise, God, Absolutely. And we know the perfect place to go and mosey around, Dear Father & Mother. You know where. Can't wait, how bout "soon." lol ) As Neil Young comes on the radio= zlx w "Hello" 'Cowgirl in the sand' ) Perfect song 4 the moment. Hey, Neil, you're invited, Man. Our motto for those just rubbing the sleep from your eyes is 'AAA'. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. (Nod to Lynyrd Skynyrd.)

ok, guys. This is it for now, later doves of heaven..~ see ya's in paradise.

Rec & fin.


3:43 a.m.



We're baaack. Here's a perfect moment & place for a song. Here's the song w some Awesome advice, my dear friends.

Btw, got a match? Ah, I don't smoke. Good, neither do I, nasty filthy habit. What we meant, Sonny & Daisy was ~ do you have a twin flame running all around your brain yet? No? Would you like 'Your" perfect, infinitely perfect, divine beauteous, wondrous, glorious, loving & adventurous true companion? our fabled 'other half,'? 'In other words,' (nod to Abraham-Hicks) Your Twin Flame, Big Guy or Lady? Who, unlike co-caine swimming around yer brain but limited to yer ancient reptilian area of the brain, can help to enable one to rise in consciousness to limitless heights in The Infinite's divine loving body.

Sure, you say . Awesome, get together with our very dear friend, Fred & His Twin Flame, Lucina & they can fix you up, if you want. Here's a link for that awesome information.


Tell 'em God sent ya, bc God is Good. We tell you something, folks, this~ Our God for 'Our Gang' is something else. Our God Is the God of Now. He's taking us 'Home' Now. Now is the intervention moment, Dear Beloveds.

Meanwhile we'll inviie you guys to read about a certain word that is quite relevant at this God given moment of Now in 'the eternal now.' Where we all are now. However we've just been led to share this... As we have Tip: long declared, decreed & invoked that we are always exactly & precisely where we are supposed to be, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing in His perfect, infinitely perfect script for us and the highest good for all those around us. And So It Continues On, Here Now & All The Days Of Our Lives. Indeed. IJN. "yes." So check this out, my dear friiends...


This is what 'does it' for us and definitely, w/o question, the part that The Infinite led us here to share...

"I get no kick from cocaine." "It's fascinating that heroin addicts get better when they fall in love with someone new," Vaillant says. "Our brains are wired for falling in love, because that's good for nature--but you can short-circuit that pathway with morphine, nicotine, caffeine. Love gets the whole brain involved. Romantic attachment not only competes with the addiction, but takes place in a nonaddictive way."

Indeed, we add. Oh, and here's the word we wanted to share w ya's...


An intervention is the act of inserting one thing between others, like a person trying to help. You could be the subject of a school intervention if your teachers call your parents about the bad grades you've been hiding.

Intervention comes from the Latin intervenire, meaning "to come between, interrupt." Often an intervention is intended to make things better, like the US government's intervention to give food and aid to Haiti after the earthquake. One common use of the word refers to a specific type of meeting, or intervention, that happens with the family and friends of a drug addict; they join together to try to convince the drug user to change their ways and live a healthier life.


In the case of this entire situation we simply call it "Love In Action." No, guys, ioho, you don't want to go over that cliff, ok? Awesome. Now the song...

Thank you strokes612 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Lynyrd Skynyrd & Company ~ All Of Us.

Rec & fin.


3:33 p.m.



See how spirit used this song in a synchronicity recorded here, if led... )




We gotta share this with you guys...)


Happy Trails... )



Recommend from here moseying over to the Grand dovetailing page...


P pic.

Quicksilver III & Nanci holds the door open for the nice, happy, Grateful 'Team Yesters.' )



Welcome Gods and Goddesses to the Love day of the cosmic month of March, 2018.

Hope Y'as all have a nice forever... )

7/17/17 (Pretty, pretty, pretty good #'s that

Guys, your car, aka land merkaba, gift from God is waiting when dealers

wake up and participate in HISHER divine, perfect, infinitely perfect plan.

Let's see now 7 + 17 + 17 = 41 4+1 + 5 The 'adventure' # Who wants to go on an Adventure?

You, Sonny & Daisy and Lucky & Lucy, et al? Awesome. Let's Do this. Jesus, our Captain & Saviour...

Is it Ok. What does God have to say about this? Dear Heavenly Prime of All Primes FatherMother Source God Creator ALL THAT IS Infinite I AM THAT I AM

What say you as we are on our knees, literally. God says... Play it once again, Bro Paul. Paul is off to You Tube. Be right back my dear friends.

Styx ~ Grand Illusion (Live)

Thank you Maximum80s2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Styx.

So, dear fellow sons & daughters of The One, how's Your 'wellusion' going. )

Guess what, yep we made up a new word, not in the dictionary, check if you don't believe us.

We marked the moment it came to us.7/16/17 at 7:25 p.m. We knew we'd be using it but, of course, not knowing when.

So, we mark this moment as we must go out and get some awesome Quincy, Ma air and good luck w that Paul as you know you've

got more on your plate to do. Indeed, things to fix, share and other stuff. But you know what, my dear friends. As God reminds, we have eternity.

There's no rush, excepting Rush, the rock group, no hurry worry. In days or less, when this gets out to mass media, not to mention grassroots. (Hey, wouldn't that be a good name for a musical group? Oh, there is? Thanks Sonny, for filling me in on that.

Ok, the moment we wrap this session up for a while is...

7/17/17 (Love those numbers.. )

2:57 p.m.

See Ya's there...)

But first, I'm going to Dakarra's place. All always welcome. It's Her 'wellusion' too. )


Yahoo images.

Thank Goodness we're spirits or we'd need a bigger boat. )

Namaste. )