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Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma.  At sunset  July 2017.

Greetings fellow infinite, immortal & eternal beings of light & love.  )

What?  You didn't know that about you?   Who's teaching you then?  This is the most important 'stuff' you
should know about you.  As this rolls off Paul's fingers and onto the keyboard and out to the world... there are
other forces we're going up against that have an agenda to block what we, team oneness, are doing on behalf of
humanity.  The good new news is that they are completely powerless against our awesome interstellar intergalactic
brother ~ sisterhood.  We are Team Oneness.  

We are led by our undisputed, kind and loving Brother Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ.  He is The One we know beyond 
any shadow of doubt, hesitation and most of all any fear, that we are safe, secure and 'at home' in His kind & loving embrace.   
--- Same  as The One God of All Gods. Our Divine Heavenly, Infinite FatherMotherGod Source Creator I AM THAT I AM  ALL  THAT IS.   
And So It Is.

Rec & fin for now...
7:07 p.m.


Content deleted as not germane to current happenings.  May edit  soon.  No worries.  )

Hey Mother Teresa and Jerry.

Mother Teresa                                                                                                                      Jerry Garcia

Oh, while there say "hey' to Mom & Jaws & Co.  )

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Mom & Jaws.   Circa 1980's  

(The open letter continues...)

We're all gonna live 'Happily Ever After' the way God wants it.

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Nanci,   The saint of Union Sq, Somerville, Ma and Waaay beyond who would feed anyone who asked at The Ruby Rogers Center;

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Take care, and high 5 to Giovani & Simba.  )

p.s.  Permission granted if you would like to make this an open letter.  Remember your 'wellusion' and my 'wellusion' are Very close.  Together - 
we can 'trip'  the world so  everyone 'sees' the  true, new, improved 'wellusion.'  
(indeed, we have kicked the ill usion to the curb where it belongs, a  word obsolete and serving no function except  to perpetuate non wellness.

p.p.s.  (off the record)  This came out so good, I am thinking of sharing it on the blog but won't do until I hear from  you, your thoughts if any.  Later.

nanci baren 8:54 AM (14 hours ago)

share away sweetie

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>
10:24 AM (13 hours ago)

to nanci 
Ok awesome but please tell me if you got this, I shared it with a bunch of people and got no response in my wellusion.
There's a merger of heaven & Earth wellusions occurring to raise up humanity.

Ok, that's it and N still hasn't confirmed she got the email but it doesn't matter anymore.  The only thing that matters is that God  IS and God Loves Us and God Is Love and if we love God and the God in each other, then God's plan for Our destiny, as fitting companions to HimHer will manifest.  Let's step aside from our egoic ego's, dear ones, and allow our infinite High, divine, infinite and absolute light beings to shine thru and see what happens.  It's time to put away all the crazy and ridiculous, dilly dally, waste time, tricking your friends, wars, one-upmanship folderol that has been our standard; and for once - really go for the heights and glory that our Creator God is just waiting to reward us for.  Does this sound a little  familiar?  Again. review these documents and either step up or step out of the way cuz the bus, the train, the car & the merkaba of our true inner light beings of eternal light will not and can not be  denied.
And So It Is.

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Photo by Harry A.  Ruby  Rogers Staff.

Nanci & Paul  (2016)

Rec  & fin  for now.
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Hello Light Beings of light, love, truth, harmony, compassion, adventure & Gratitude.

Hope ya'all en-joyed the 22nd, the love  day.  We are now experiencing the 23 rd day of the wonderful monnth of July.
Of course we all know  23 is the 'cosmic trigger 3, right?  )
We made 2 videos last evening and while they are taking forever to load on YT, (we may share the FB version temporarily.)
As well as make a 3rd cuz good things come and 3's and we do have a rather cosmic segment to share.  So 'hang loose' for that, as Bob Weir would say.  )

However first, lets gather in this awesome, message from Saul thru John Smallman...

There is only Source, Father/Mother/God, and that is what you are, each and everyone of you.
by John Smallman

Thank you  Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman.

Sharing this from FB Memories.  Nice job FB.

Paul F Brown
July 21, 2016 · 
Hey folks, It's Happy Spirits forever day in the neighborhood. Look  tinyurl.com/HeavensblogV777   Come Celebrate... )

Yahoo images.

The best is yet to come...


Alright, Fellow Light beings who love fun, happiness, their days off  and spending time w family and friends.
If this sounds good to you, guess what, dear ones?  We can have  it bc that's exactly what God, in HisHer infinite
divine mercy and compassion wants each and every one of us to have.  Saints or sinners, it doesn't matter, in the long run.
'So Be It' ~ which translates to Amen.  In Jesus Name.  And So It Is.

Thank you Paul Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production Ltd.

Thank you Paul Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God  for  this Far Flung Production Ltd.


Greeting fellow sons & daughters of love, from which we all did spring.  Indeed.

Allright, who's ready for  a planetary celebration?  Good idea, Shakira, let's start with Africa.  We <3 U Africa!

Shakira - Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Song)

Thank You ShakirsVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Shakira and Company.

Hey WZLX ~  Kevin.  we shared in you FB room Karlson & McKenzie.  Came out so good, well this  tells the story...

Paul F Brown
Today at 4:44am  (No, we did not have any idea what time it was, but the angels did, obviously. )

New News Update: Help keep #EarthParty Forever alive.  https://www.youcaring.com/paulbrown-877872                     

Hey Kevin, we mentioned you and WZLX in the 2nd video (at fundraiser page & blog) 'Its gotta be here someplace' ) 
Have a nice forever, guys. 'Hey' to Pete & Heather & Jackson and all ZLX listeners from 'the lover of the world.' 

A plug would be Awesome, guys. You guys are referenced all over the site, not to mention - our perfect 10...
tinyurl.com/HisHiTestFuel4us777   Ok, I'm done. Thank You Very Much. ) 

P.s This came out so good ioho we must add it to our series of 'Open Letters; at the blog. Rock on ZLX & 
TY for being the best Classic Rock station on the 'Plant it'  😎

We love sharing 'good stuff.'  Who can get enough of these guys?  Not us   )

The Eagles Biography. A deep insight into the band from Felder Frey Henley Walsh Schmit +

Thank you Darryl Plourde for sharing on YT.

Thank You Eagles.

More 'good stuff' may come as spirit moves...


Spirit moved us and led us to create an online version of our dossier featuring some of the important  'good stuff' that it contains.  
Check it out, if led, and may it give greater clarity and how we can relate in each other's missions. 

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Immortal Spiritual beings have friends, OMG do we have friends... 'The More You Know...'

Thank You God for this Far Flung (Hard director's cut) Production Ltd.

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What's ours is yours, team oneness.  That's just how it is.  We got the simple seashell, we have the perfect love pink quartz crystal, 
we have the Nebula Stone aka the 'heaven on earth' stone, and the 'blue oyster cult'  blue sodalite stone.


This is what it's all about... Freedom,  celebrating life,  embracing the infinite, sharing love & joy. Praise God. TYJ.


 Pink Floyd - Steve®™‏ @steve_sps  Jul 18
Dawn is a feeling
A beautiful ceiling
The smell of grass
Just makes you pass
Into a dream
Your here today
No future fears..


Thank you Steve for  sharing on Twitter ~ awesome.

Welcome everyone to another day that God has gifted us with.  Thank You God.

So logging on to FB we get this memory from 7 years ago, a quite awesome message and it's our sincere pleasure to share it w ya's now.

Paul F Brown shared a memory.
7 mins · 
A 7 year old memory. Guess God wants to remind us. We'll be putting this on the blog tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-14777
7 Years Ago
See Your Memorieschevron-right

Paul F Brown shared a link.
July 27, 2010 · 

Everyone Has a Soul | Heavenletters
Published Date: July 27, 2010proofed: ProofedDate written: Apr 28 2010You live on Earth while you are anchored in Heaven. There is no distance between Us. I am everywhere, and you are everywhere…

Thank You God & Gloria Wendroff;

And Now...

This 3 Minute Speech By Jim Carrey Could Change Your Life Forever.
By Emily Davis
This inspiring commencement speech was delivered by Jim Carrey to the Maharishi University of Management's class of 2014. The actor tells the story of how his late father inspired him to follow his dreams.

Thank You Jim Carrey and the Maharishi University Graduates Audience.


Ok, guys, this page is where we keep ya's apprised of the latest good stuff so, guess what?  Yep, yet another 
awesome new page has just formed out of nothingness.  It launches officially on August 1, 2017, Jerry's Birthday.
Check it out, if led...  tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777

Yahoo images.

Yes God did.


The following is shared from our FB page.  Read it and rejoice...)

Hey fellow immortal spiritual beings living very temporary lives as a human on the 'Plant it' Earth, AKA Gaia, Terra, Mary's Place and yes, even the 'Sunset Grill.' ) God does have a sense of humor, guys, as the humble instrument pecks the keyboard.
Here's a simply awesome 'memory message' from 3 years ago via Facebook from God. There can be no doubt - Now is the time when the masses may be more ready to embrace the reality that God Is Everything. God Is The Threshold, Indeed.
We are sharing this awesomeness at the blog: tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-14777  and tinyurl.com/HisPressRelease777  and at what could be considered a threshold page of the site... tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777   If this message resonates w you ~ share it and share  http://EarthPartyForever.com             It's Your starsite stars.

Your support is kindly asked and more than appreciated. Just think, would the corporate controlled, existing only for profits newspapers share awesome stuff like this, or the TV? They think they don't cover God but we have news for you 'news' media, agencies, and whatnot...everything you cover - the good, the bad and the ugly Is God.There is nothing - no-thing that is not God. Our lives, the 'wellusion' - to use our new, improved term as to what our eyes see when we open them; our families, friends. jobs, responsibilities...It's All God, my dear friends, and it's time we all "Wake Up," smell the flowers, coffee or whatever opens up our senses. Does this make sense, dear friends?

So, as one team, team oneness, may we all take the hand of Jeshua, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour to free us from the maya* of the 'ill' usion and take us over the threshold so we may get on with living the way God created us to be in the beginning, i.e. companion Gods & Goddesses to Source HimHer The One God 'of and for' All the Creator Gods which we are, in eternal & infinite loving bliss forever. Indeed.
And So It Is.
Thank You Each & Every One, We <3 You & Cheers, )

Paul F Brown
July 28, 2014 · 
Originally shared here...

Jeshua Take My Hand as we Cross the Threshold July 24, 2014 by Yael and Doug Powell.

Thank You Jeshua Jesus and Yael and Doug Powell.

The Messages from God Through Yael and Doug Powell At Circle of Light...

* maya
[mah-yah, -yuh] 
Spell  Syllables
Examples Word Origin
noun, Hinduism.
the power, as of a god, to produce illusions.

So, fellow Gods & Goddesses, how's Your 'wellusion' going?  I can see it's getting better and better, every day in every way -
getting weller and weller.  Keep it up, here's a really hot tip, just between us, don't tell anyone, Connie, Ok?  Good.  To really bring 
down from Heaven all the good you have in your  'spiritual bank account' - Give, Give of yerself, give of your bounty even if you only  
have a dollar to your name.  Heaven watches e v e r y t h i n g we do down here, guys.  This 3D place we're in is like a cosmic fishtank.
You don't give bc you think you can't afford it closes off what the universe had waiting for you to receive had you gone ahead and shared.

Alright, my dear friends, Paul here.  So, if you feel that you have learned some things, experienced some good things and en-joyed some music that fed your soul, do the right thing... we're really looking out for You, folks; go and tip the 'waiter' on your way out.  You'll only be helping  yourself as you help the universe.  Your name will be added  to the Honor Roll of contributors at the this Essential page where you can also contribute.  

Displaying 20151029_203258.jpg

Who knows, You could still (unbelievably) be the very first person to ever, in all the years this site has been doing its thing, make a donation. 
I tell ya, the angels are ready to dust off their trumpets and sing Your name in praise and tell God  what He already knows.  i.e. that You, _________ Your name here, stepped up and  did a wonderful, marvelous and awesome thing.

You Gave, and you know what, guys?  It feels Good.  And  God Is Good, as we mentioned on a friends FB post today, he referred to God but it came out 'Good'  As we told him, happens to us all the time, today even.  and God Has an awesome sense of humor, right God?   )

Ok, we will now share this on the other 2 pages of this, HisHer ~ Our starsite.  We'll mark the moment and say 'Catch ya's later and see you in Heaven - right here on Earth, for starters.  And remember, like the song, 'We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'  (Nod to Bachman-Turner Overdrive. )

Rec & fin
6::52 p.m.

And now, a word from Jesus...

Your true nature will not remain concealed.
by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoalladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus and John Smallman.


Greetings fellow Gods & Goddesses of Team Oneness.  God's Team and the only team that exists.
We have 'good news' to share and that is that our team oneness Disclosure Press Release - where we 'blow the whistle' 
on Us, as a team, dear ones, now has 3 parts.  As we just shared over at the disclosure Press Release page we woke up today at noon
following yet another all-nighter working on the site.  So, we're lying there contemplating,  and we simply ask God, (as we are God as per 
the above Jeshua sharing esp,)  'what's next God?'  

Immediately it came into our brain that the 'Mission Statement' page should be included and added to the Disclosure Press Release and the 'Our dossier' page  
making a powerful 3 fold presentation to humanity, in essence saying Hello humanity... "Are you ready to WAKE UP?  God Is here and He Is YOU. Indeed.  )
Please, Louise, John, Mary, Joe, Wally, Lucy and Betsy et al  read the material on those 3 pages and if led, wherever else spirit may have you land on this site which has been esp prepared for each and every child of God.  No matter how old we get chronologically, dear friends, we're always God's children and HeShe will never ever give up on us. leave us behind or esp turn His back on us.  We, dear beloveds, are HisHer Pride and Joy.

God, Mother Mary and Jesus know that the 3D experiment we're still, for the most part, unfortunately, still mired in has run its course.  It's time we all looked in the mirror and said to ourselves...you know what?  I Love You.  Yes, Indeed, I Love You.  You're God _______ (Your Name.)  Recognize the divinity in You, dear beloveds, fellow child of God.  You are the God that God created to be You.  And, oh what an awesome job you're doing of it.  God is So proud of  each and every one of us, folks, bc 'we' are doing what we came down here to do,  saints or sinners, handshake w a kiss and hug or contract players like Hitler who had a really mean job to do but he did it. 

All part of God's perfect, infinitely perfect divine script, even going back to the Luciferian Rebellion which God saw coming from aeons before that. God simply knows bc God created the Lucifers and the Satans and God is those characters. Look inside us, brothers and sisters, there's where you find God.  In our hearts, minds and souls.  We are the light, we are the truth and we are the way back to God by our thoughts, words and most of all - our actions.  Be 'love in action,' make that your motto, like it is in the Mark-Age group whose proclamation of love is seen in the DPR package.  This is what the planet needs, my dear friends, and the sooner we put aside, leave in the 'rear view mirror,' so to speak, all our craziness- like in that 'Urgent Message,' our lack of vision leadership, doing things only for profits in a bygone 3D paradigm. Well... 'nuff said.

Rec & fin
5: 44 p.m.

Here's link to the Mission Statement page...

Oahu Beach Sunrise, Heaven on Earth
Yahoo images.

Heaven on Earth.


(This was shared first at the Heaven - Earth merger page...)

Greetings Gods & Goddesses on the 'Up escalator' to heaven  Happy Sunday and Happy 'Whistleblower Day'

As divine  synchronicity would have it, and it does, we are 'Blowing the whistle' on this site and the dude who stewards it.
Just like he wore an orange T shirt, the one day of the  year that was 'Orange blossom Day' (As seen on the front page.)

We are 'blowing the whistle' in a good way in  that we are sharing the infinite love of God throughout this site, mostly thru the music.

Alright, Jesus, Brother, May these selections begin to only scratch the surface of what Creator Source God has in store for us going forward to infinity's border.

Google images.


The following is brought over from the Mission Statement page where the Elton John song 'Mellow,'  co written by Bernie Taupin, is happily placed.

Hello  everyone reading this.  ) So on wakening today at 11:44 a.m. we thought of this song.  Actually, it's really not that we thought it, it just came  to our awareness that what a perfect, fitting song to place here to place a bow on this page, part of HisHer Disclosure Press Release and leading on to the the Heaven-Earth merger page.   

Ok, so in addition to that 'Mellow'  song 2 other songs washed up on our awareness.  Both now have found there place  at the  Heaven -  Earth merger page
The one that came after Mellow was 'You Can  Do Magic' by America, and isn't this the case, dear ones.  Each and every one of us 'Creator Gods' Created by "The One" can do anything. Of course, we are of such high vibration and infinite intelligence that we only want to do good things that make God smile.

We are the love beings, created by love, born to love and live forever in love.  There really is nothing else, and if there were, it wouldn't matter anyway, for Love is the only thing that exists in God's Infinite Creation. 
So, the other song  that arrived in our brain was 'Peace of Mind' by Boston.   We the people should all listen to that song and ponder the lyrics bc, as we are right now on the threshold of a dream, where our, old, tired and worn out mundane 9 to 5 or 7 to 11 lives are done with if we make  the choice to be free, really free..

Alright, it's time  to go bring up the awesome material God has to launch the Heaven -Earth merger.  See ya's over there... )


Well Hello there, If you've been to the merger page you can see we've been quite busy keeping up with the Spirit 
sourced flow over there, Much like a river.  We came up for air and placed the following on FB.  So, check it out, if led...

Paul, Bro where you been? Aahh, I tell ya, been tied up with a Big merger. Oh? Do tell. The good new news, my dear friends, is the Deal, against all odds, with God's considerable help, went down. It's all here:  tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777    Plz share, if led )

Introducing Heaven ~ Earth merger page August 2, 2017

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.  

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production  Ltd.

Greetings Spirits 'upstairs or downstairs.' Good New News ~ God Father Mother Source One God has prepared us all a place to find our wings and soar like eagles or butterflies or bluejays, whatever our 'ever changing' fancy of the moment. It's all good. )

See some of the things we like on YT.if led...


Here we are on this  beautiful day right  in the middle of the 'In between days."  As Jerry's legacy continues on
it's more and more apparent what a truly cosmic 'heavyweight He was and Is. Check this sharing from our FB...

Guys, this is good and you don't have to be a Deadhead,  http://www.locknfestival.com/news/25-essential-grateful-dead-quotes-to-live-by   
Also shared here: tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777  TY Spirit Jerry ~ Santa Claus to us all.  😎

Thank You for The Hi 5's Jerry...on behalf of Team Oneness.  )


Greetings Folks,

Here's something we have to share, so much good stuff here based on The Edgar Cayce readings...

Edgar Cayce How to Heal Your Body [FULL VIDEO]

Thank you UAMN TV for sharing on YT.

Thank You John Van Auken.for  an excellent presentation.


Hello Folks,
Here is an amazing video that we feel everyone can benefit from watching.  It is analogous the rellationship
that Dave Kane has with his departed son that we have with Mom and this site is simply a reflection of that.
Mom and I wish everyone who visits this ~  HisHer ~ Our site just take what feels good to you, leave the rest
and carry on... Thank ya's very much.   )

Signs From Spirit: How Our Loved Ones In Spirit Tell Us They're Around

Thank you Afterlife TV with Bob Olson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dave Kane and Bob Olson.

This video is shared here... tinyurl.com/HisNDEpage777

Image result for eternity
Google images.



When you got  a job to do, what are you gonna do?  Ahh, your job.  Good idea Paul, just do your job and 
you could Not possibly ask for better assistance when needed  #1 God # 2 Jesus and Mary and the Company of Heaven.
# 3  Mom and team infinite * oneness featuring the Above and Jehovah's favourite Band ~ The Grateful Living. Hey that's my band,
oh, and your band, and yours and yours and Hey,  God, whhat are You saying here, God?  Ahh Yes, We're All in One Grande Band Dear 
Friends.  One Band, playing the same song as one until we go on to another song.  And how many songs can this Band play?  Who's got the 
word?  Yes, ok, everyone as one, here we go... the word is  I n f i n i t e.  Just like us.  Awesome, guys, spirit says:  'Take a bow.' human race.  You Did it

Hey team, we just got  a raise* That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? ... Team Infinite Oneness.  Sounds like it was meant to be.
Speaking of sounds, have you gone over to The Infinite Frontier page yet?  As announced  on the front page, it's open for whatever
good  stuff it may attract.  Just remember, we love you and it will be alright, right Dakarra, and that's the next song to go on there. See...

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water
P pic

May we share more good stuff to help deepen our understanding of what the heck we're doing down here...

The Life Your Soul Planned Before You Were Born!

Thank you Afterlife TV with Bob Olson for sharing on YT.

Thank You Robert Schwartz and  Bob Olson.


How To Know If Your Spirit Guides Are Guiding You

Thank you Afterlife TV with Bob Olson for sharing on YT..

Thank You Bob Olson.


Kryon 2017 August Some bridges have to be Burned  Coukld also be called 'Cells Are Listening.'

Thank you You never knew until now for sharing on YT.

Thank You Kryon and Lee Carroll

This and more are also shared here... tinyurl.com/KryonII777


Divine Mother and Archangel Michael Channelled BY Linda Dillon

Thank you secret garden for sharing on YT.

Thank You Divine Mother, Archangel Michael, Linda Dillon and Steve  Beckow

''The Mother has Entrusted You With the Fulfillment of Her Dream” 

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mary Magdalene and Linda Dillon.


Large Shipment of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Texas Flood Victims

Google images.

To evolve spiritually is your earthly task, it always has been.

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Saul and John Smallman.

Channeling - Your Inner Compass by the Celestial White Beings

Thank you Natalie Glasson OmNa for sharing on YT.

Thank You Celestial Light Beings and Natalie Glasson.


When you go within, to your holy inner sanctuary, you find peace and release from fear and anxiety.
by John Smallman

Thank you Mario Gattoaladino for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus ad John Smallman


Unreal Rescue In Baton Rouge Floodwater

Although this incident happened over a year ago and we caught it off FB now, it shows what heroes are made of.
Well done and 'well done to all the heroes of Harvey and  Irma et al.  Pulling together in time of need is the best of
the human spirit.  Indeed.


Like every day that's ever been... a wonderful day to receive...

Kevin Zadai Died. What Jesus Showed Him Will Amaze You! | Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

Thank you Sid Roth's It's Supernatural! for sharing on YT.

Thank You God, Jesus, Kevin Zadai, Sid Roth and Audience of ever y one.

And So It Is.

To Be Continued as spirit moves...)


Spirit has presented us with a golden opportunity to start a new blog page.  And here it is.  Hope en-joy... )

Entering The Light!

Namaste.   )