His Earth Party Now ~ Popular Demand

Hey Rockers, Welcome to the Popular Demand site here at His starsite.

Hope y'all en-joy the music and don't be a stranger. )

Thank you David R Fuller for sharing on YT.

Thank You Robert Plant & Company.

Thank you Ozzy Osbourne. & Metallica & Fans.

Thank you Megadeth.

Thank you Metallica.

Thank You Boss and E Street Band.

Thank you Heart.

Thank you Boston.

Thank you Blue Oyster Cult.

Thank you The Police.

Thank you Bob Marley.

Thank you Fred Neil.

Thank you The Beatles.

Thank you Loverboy.

Thank you The Moody Blues.

Thank you Led Zeppelin.

Thank you The Grateful Dead.

Thank you Boston.

One more time Neil...

Thank you Mr Neil Young.


We're not done yet. We will never be done. Rock and Roll lives, like us, forever.

Saw Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the perfect 'gangsters' to bring out the best in Neil,

perform this in Boston the other night.

One of the many highlights: Ramada Inn (Official Video):

After Neil chided "doubters,"

he played this classic for the "believers." It was great!

Thank you Neil Young & Thank you Crazy Horse. )