HisHer Best (Some of) Is Here, Now & forever 777 IJN. )

Original photo by Carol Tangherlini. July 2016.

Jesus & Paul, In loving service for God & HisHer Children ~ The Sons & Daughters, Daughters & Sons of 'Forever.'



Christmas Day

Greetings all on this most giving & receiving of days in the whole yearly calendar.

Alright, we accept the above picture at this moment. (it's 4:25 a.m.for you Joe Friday fans out there) as what God wants for this page going forward.

The original picture disappeared. We were left with that Carol took the picture and the Jesus & Paul phrase, so this picture fills that bill, however we do not remember this here before. Regardless, this is here now, we just mention the above bc we are always transparent w full disclosure about everything on this starsite. Thank you very much. ) Guys, Elvis is in the building. )

Ed note 11.14/18 Above picture restored again,

We now return you to the previous thread from July 17, 2016...

Welcome One & All, All & One to this 'Prove Him Now' page. This page was created by Him like this.

p was putting up a link to another page when, all of a sudden that page disappeared and the page to create a new page on this site appeared. When something like this happens, we never think , oh it's an accident or something like that. No, indeed, magic is in this computer, my dear friends, and this is precisely how the universe works on certain occasions. This was/is, obviously, one of those occasions. ~ just God's way of saying Excuse Me, but how 'bout a new page, sonny?

Of course, Father, anything You wish is our command, Dear Father, Mother, God, Creator, All That IS, etc etc. ) we thought hmmm, so p immediately figured out what a perfect title would be for a brand new page at this moment and the edited, new, now improved, God approved, [no we don't need the pendulum to 'know' if it's God approved, we just 'know it.' version is here, now, as seen above.

Hey, if p can do this, so can any one of us. If this site serves as an example for you to try working with God and your Angels & Guides & Friends & lovers who are on the other side, why not "just do it" and as Jim Morrison of Doors fame says "See what happens." ) Just be sure to surround you & yer computer with...

"The Infinite pure white light of The Infinite Christ" for peace, power, purity & protection at all moments of your existence, and, God Willing, all will be well & always getting 'weller' in your life. "And So It Is, Now, IJN. Indeed," "YES." 'And Then Some.' )

Now, with this song playing on our cassette, His perfect synchronicity places it here. )

Thank you nleite for sharing on YT.

Thank You Sting & Band & Appreciative Audience ~ All Of Us. )

And Now, w this awesome Neil Diamond, one of Mom's favourite artists, song playing...

Thank you Vickie Smith for sharing on YT.

"Thank You" Mr Neil Diamond, on behalf of your Fans/Friends. ~ Everyone. )

Oh, and Angels? Yes, of course, angels uncountable, are with us ~ every moment, as He Has It... )

So , not to worry, listen to the music, always a message there... Indeed, "YES." Right Karen? ) smile. <3

P pic.

A platform to come and feel & be loved w Christ, angels, Mom & of course, God. ) (angels, here in this context insist on lower case for they are so humble and so what's the word, God? Ah, yes, they are so... w help from Google, 'deferential' Indeed that's angels. we all love you angels.

Thank ya's all for being 'you' and doing your jobs sooo well." ) <3

Speaking of Angels...

Thank you ryanche33 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Angel Karen & The Carpenters. This is blessed music from Heaven to Heaven on Earth. Thank You God. )

Now, Elvis sings 'Its Now or Never' 'Hear' let's go... )

Thank you Jean Gilbert for sharing onYT.

Thank You Elvis Presley. May we all echo those words, folks... "It's Now or never." Can God get a "YES?"

His Will willing, this thread will continue...

Rec & fin.


3:55 p.m.



@ 12:40 a.m.

Ok, what better way to move along here than w the song that Spirit led us to play the other morning when we asked the universe to put in the cd player the perfect, absolute perfect selection to start our day. p, picked blindly out of the bag of cd's - this, putting it blindly in the machine & here, now, ladies & gentlemen is the song that played...Off to YT to get it. be right back. talk among yerselves. )

Thank you Anatole Kortscheff for sharing on YT.

Thank You Peter Frampton & Band. Who loves you guys? Everyone, Indeed. )

"Keep showing us the way, i.e. the way of the <3 Peter & Co.of Everyone as one <3."

Rec & fin for now


12:58 a.m.



1:33 a.m.

Hold on now, mr p - lets put this here, a more appropriate page for it than the one it was on. Check this w intro...

Greetings All to His Infinitely Wondrous, Glorious, loving, Beauteous & Adventurous 'Summer of Infinite Love & Light & for all the following seasons forever. )

And so It Is Done, Now. IJN. TYG "Yes."

Thank you rkuuzy for sharing on YT.

Thank You Heart & Friends ~ Everyone, At Cape Cod Melody Tent, Hyannis, Mass.

Thank you Vicki Smith for sharing on YT.

Thank You Neil Diamond.

Thank you Vicki Smthfor sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Neil Diamond.

Only getting started here, folks. Later )

rec & fin for now


12:16 a.m.


Hello Hooray, Hey Folks, Have you heard the Announcement made by Mr Jerry Garcia & Mr Richie Havens Here...


Yes, Awesome News that not only Is Today HAPPY HUMAN DAY ~ It Is also, ready? HAPPY SPIRITS DAY Whoaaa, we hear ya's say. What does it mean,

mr. brown. Lucky, it means that the merger in thought & music between Heaven & Earth is truly, a 'Done Deal.' there are people on this Earth who can and do communicate w the so called 'dead', however, guess what? They aren't dead! In fact they are more alive than we, in the physical are. It's a matter of frequency. Those who have passed live on in a much higher frequency than we down here on the earth plane. And there are levels of frequency 'upstairs' than we, with our mortal mind equipment, can try to fathom. Go figure. Shazammm. )

Yes, indeed, dear ones, it's no mystery and this has been going on for aons since time or should we say 'moments' immemorial since the 't' word is pretty much retired from our vocabulary. Indeed, 'moments,' peeps, is the new 'time.' we ran out of that, however w God on our side and lightworkers doing our jobs down here in this density schoolhouse, and we really don't need to put a # on whether its the 3rd or 4th or 5th dimension we're in. It is what it is.

Our team w moving forward as One; can call wherever we are the 22nd dimension if we must choose a #; because that's the love # and love is what we're all about, as the channel's fingers fly like lightning over the keyboard.' Wait a sec folks, we hear a 'Peace Train' coming 'round the bend & it's right on point. (not 'time.' )


Thank You Yusuf & Company & Appreciative Audience ~ All of Us as One. Indeed. "Yes." )

Mom says 'Can't have one without the other. ) we concur, Mom. ) & so does 'Sirius Radio' ~ "The Bridge' always playing these guys in tandem.

Don't stop 'The Bridge,' we love it & Jim Croce & Elton John, Jackson Brown, Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Diamond & Neil Young, Then ~ everyone according to mom.

As for the ladies, mom loves everyone, the 'J's of course & Pat & Tracey & All that we love, here & more. Essentially, if you sing, we love it. K? Ty. ) (mom small case cuz mom is one of us, of course. meek, as in "shall inherit..." mild, sane, modest, friendly, unassuming as ever. just how paul wants to be, huh mom? mom ) smiles. ).

So, let's bring on that other cat here, and see what he's got to share w us, ok, guys? Awesome.

Thank you Chaîne de lednareff for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Al Stewart & Band & Appreciative Audience of All of Us. )

So, paul, you ~ God made a video where you mentioned Happy Human Day, care to share it at this auspices page, good buddy? Sure Vern, here you go... )

Thank You God Who Did Everything In this video.

Thank You God & paul, 'the innocent bystander.'

Hey guys have you heard about paul's new group? Yeah, 'paul & the innocent bystanders.' And, guess what, guys?

What, paul? Lucky, we all i.e. those that let/allow God to run their lives (if we want it run right) can have their own group with that name. In fact we recommend it for Ee~veryone,* e.g Neil Young & the innocent bystanders, or Robert Plant & the innocent bystanders, or you, yes you reading this. ____ yer name & the innocent bystanders. wow, there you go, you've just made the 'Big Moment.' Know what we're saying, Vern? 'Gotcha paul, yeah, like sonny & Cher & the innocent bystanders, right, bro?' "Exactly," as Jay Leno, not to mention the 'innocent bystanders' would say. Any questions, guys? awesome. )



Greetings Folks. Welcome to Happy Spirits Day.

As inspired by Blossom Goodchild's Happy Human Day, which one can see more about at the front page or the Blog V page.

Ok, here's the followup to the above video. We're just covering all bases of where we feel it fits, so thanks for bearing w us if you've seen it elsewhere.

After all how can we share the above one here & not this one.

Thank You God for doing Everything to make this video happen. )

Here's a song to celebrate the ushering in of the "Romance of the Universe" aka "The Romance of the Spheres."

When we are all free & easy, unfettered by anything and we can look around and see the awesome options God has for us-

if we so choose to take advantage.

Here's FREE... Can you say...

All Right Now... )

Thank you ScreamDream3000 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Free

we hear Jimi coming up; song Jimi? Yeah, here we go guys...)

Thank you Seb Laitinen for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Jimi Hendrix Experience.


Thank you Jimi HendrixVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Thank you JimiHendrixVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jimi Hendrix & Co.

Later, sweet spirits of the infinite & eternal 'Now.' )

(Or would you rather have us say 'later gators' naw, why lie. they're not us, not even the doves. we humans are God's awesome 'companion creations. He made us perfect, all we gotta do from our human bodies is 'let' i.e. 'allow' His plan to do whatever it is He has in store for us. we don't have to do anything except put everything in His hands, folks. Leave it to God. He's got everything right where He wants it.

Ok, Mr sandman is knockin' on our door & we don't fight him, cuz he always wins. )

we are out at Joe Friday moment, for the record.


1:40 a.m. w editing...

1:47 a.m.



Someone's at the door... Ok let Mr Dylan in... )

Thank you BobDylanVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Dylan. Did you bring your friends ~ admirers w you? Oh, Good i.e. Everyone's here, now, God. Awesome, sonny. )

Seems, Things Have Changed... (for a lot of us.)

Thank you BobDylanVEVO for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Dylan & Co.

Blow that Duquesne Whistle, Bob...

Thank you Zoothorn99 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Bob Dylan & Co.



Uncle Jerry invites us to have a "Happy Spirit's Day Forever" In Jerry's name here. En-joy we hope. )

Thank You God Who produced, directed, and acted in this video.


p 'the innocent bystander' )



The recommended page to go from from here is


P pic.

Nanci, we wanna go home. God knows you can drive. Ty <3 )

Namaste. )