HisHer ~ Our 777 Infinite Love jubilee 'disclosure' Press Release sharing to live forever for, Indeed. IJN. TYG ~ TYJ )

pics from Google images. We got this, guys. ) TY artist Akiane Kramarii

All that He said and Now...

We do always let the music do the talking if at all possible, so He says, here you go...

Thank you Matías Borré for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jeff Lynne & Electric Light Orchestra.


Update Note:


Greetings and welcome to this improving Disclosure Press Release. The disclosure is really about all of us being the ones being disclosed on.

So, this is a 3 part power presentation. Please scroll down to the Heaven on Earth picture for other links and info. Thank you very much. )



This Earth Party Forever PR has updates as it and we have evolved and we can pretty much say with complete

confidence in the work that has been done and shared on this revelatory site is Done, i.e. Finished, Complete

and... what's that Jesus? 'Nice job, Paul. Let's go grab a beer.' Sounds good to me, my Brother. ) You don't mind

if I bring my friends, who are also, of course, Your friends, along do You Jesus? Good, bc they're coming anyway,

team oneness won't be denied any 'good stuff' going down, right guys? That's what I'm talking about, Jimi. )

Here's some good news to get started with...but first a letter from a dove...



Does Jesus concur?


Btw if you would like to share this 'Good News' page, here's a link...


3/2/21 Updated due to changes in status...


This one worked for up to today, now. Try it 4 fun. )


Thank You Very much for helping to get the good word out. You are such a vital part of this unfoldment for humanity's destiny.

Thank You for standing up and doing your part in God's perfect plan to raise this planet of free will to its highest vibrational potential.

God knows there's absolutely nothing for anyone to be afraid of or worry about. So, relax, smile and know we are all loved beyond any

measurement that mankind could ever come up with. It's just that simple. Got a situation? Put it in God's hands then release, loose, let go, let God.

And So It Is.

The following must be shared w the quickness...



The following is shared from our FB page. Read it and rejoice...)

Hey fellow immortal spiritual beings living very temporary lives as a human on the 'Plant it' Earth, AKA Gaia, Terra, Mary's Place and yes, even the 'Sunset Grill.' ) God does have a sense of humor, guys, as the humble instrument pecks the keyboard.

Here's a simply awesome 'memory message' from 3 years ago via Facebook from God. There can be no doubt - Now is the time when the masses may be more ready to embrace the reality that God Is Everything. God Is The Threshold, Indeed.

We are sharing this awesomeness at the blog: tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-14777 and tinyurl.com/HisPressRelease777 and at what could be considered a threshold page of the site... tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777 If this message resonates w you ~ share it and share http://EarthPartyForever.com

It's Your starsite stars.

Your support is kindly asked and more than appreciated. Just think, would the corporate controlled, existing only for profits newspapers share awesome stuff like this, or the TV? They think they don't cover God but we have news for you 'news' media, agencies, and whatnot...everything you cover - the good, the bad and the ugly Is God.There is nothing - no-thing that is not God. Our lives, the 'wellusion' - to use our new, improved term as to what our eyes see when we open them; our families, friends. jobs, responsibilities...It's All God, my dear friends, and it's time we all "Wake Up," smell the flowers, coffee or whatever opens up our senses. Does this make sense, dear friends?

So, as one team, team oneness, may we all take the hand of Jeshua, Jesus, our Lord and Saviour to free us from the maya* of the 'ill' usion and take us over the threshold so we may get on with living the way God created us to be in the beginning, i.e. companion Gods & Goddesses to Source HimHer The One God 'of and for' All the Creator Gods which we are, in eternal & infinite loving bliss forever. Indeed.

And So It Is.

Thank You Each & Every One, We <3 You & Cheers, )

Paul F Brown

July 28, 2014 ·

Originally shared here...





Wow, guys, what a coincidence. We came across this word tonight, or actually this morning, in the wee small hours,

and this word just jumped out at us. What a beautiful word with such magical meaning to it, we looked it up and recorded it.

Threshold : NOUN 1. the starting point for a new state or experience;

- Example: "on the threshold of manhood"

And then, spirit has us arrive at this Press Release page and we see the following video from 30 months ago. Jeshua, Yeshua, Esu, Jesus, Sananda

will You Please take our hand, still? We're a tight knit group You know so well, as You are a Brother in this God's Grateful children group ~ Team Oneness. )


Jeshua Take My Hand as we Cross the Threshold July 24, 2014 by Yael and Doug Powell

Thank You Jeshua Jesus and Yael and Doug Powell.


The Messages from God Through Yael and Doug Powell At Circle of Light...




File under 'You can't make this stuff up.' We log online and go to Youtube and right there staring at us is this awesomeness by The Moody Blues

just uploaded on Dec 21, 2018 the perfect music to place here and at www.paulfb.com/441358584

THE MOODY BLUES - The Threshold Suite

Thank you ScienceFindsGod for sharing on YT.

Thank You God and The Moody Blues. Music can take us to wherever God wants us, guys. Let's be 'willin.' Once again, 'drool' spills out of Paul's mouth. )



We go on YouTube and this song says play me, and we do and we are want to put it here bc this is weir it goes, my dear friends, according to the codes

we follow. We do not want to make Dr Peebles out to be a sayer of untruths, do we, my dear friends? Heavens no. We follow the script Creator has for us,

dear ones. So, won't you please have a listen to this song with some young Moody Blues. Young, something we're all going to have to get used to soon.

There are no old fa*&ts, old souls, on the other side. )

Moody Blues - Your wildest Dreams 1986

Thank you Charley Stevens for sharing on Yt.

Thank You God and Thank You The Moody Blues.

There is more content to this sharing over at the blog page, you don't want to miss...


Sunset scene. Wollaston Beach, Quincy, Ma July 2017.



Announcing: God's starsite http://EarthPartyNow.com endorses The Ruby Rogers Center and their fundraising efforts. bc of this...

Thank You to all who contribute to this 'Call For Action.'

We have started an education page. We do recommend entering thru the tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-7777 portal

Now January, 2019

to continue to the RRC page go here: tinyurl.com/RubyRogersCenter777

And to make a contribution to this 'so' worthy cause here's a link:

www.tinyurl.com/Siteessentials777 Scroll down to the Paypal 'Donate' button.

See Ya's in paradise, oh - we're already here. )

Thank You All.

Namaste. P )




Greetings Love 'Infinityaires' ~ each and every one God created limitless immortal spiritual beings' This love in action episode has been 'stewing' in us for a few days, and Now

is the moment (esp after coming out of a dream a little while ago featuring Mom and the 'playhouse earth' to put it down on this particular page bc this is the page spirit has prepared for what's about to be shared here.

Dear ones, the cashless society is a 'done deal.' Hopefully, you've seen the 'Urgent message' above. That whole scenario as dictated in 1995 thru Channel, Chapel Tibet is more relevant now than ever before. We are now in 2019, it's uncharted territory weir in now, my dear friends. as we just heard Mr Bill Graham introduce the Grateful Dead in a 'Best of Jerry' cassette.

Now hearing 'Help on the way.' )

Alright, so we are an 'infinityaire.' Our Eternal Infinite Father of ALL THAT IS wants to give us the Kingdom, of which no price tag can be put on that. Love is the one and only currency that will last forever, like each and every one of us. Does this make sense to you, my dear friends? Hope so.

So, weir collecting for the Ruby Rogers Center but it's gone way beyond that in our vastly expanding consciousness of love, love, love and Yes, Love. It's All there is, It's all there will ever be. So send us love and we'll send it back multiplied X Infinity. And, obviously, w a eternally sustainable currency of love, we don't need banks, therefore no bank teller counting out the monopoly money. Love has raised the bar of our resources higher than the astral plane, my dear friends. How easy has God made our coming home to Him ascension by cutting out the dross that has bogged us down in the muck and mire for aeons. Still, we have to make the decision. Same old same old in this God given gift of a new now 2019 year of New, Bold, fearless beginnings if we step up to the plate, or we can just slide along with the boring, mundane, look out only for me, me and oh yes, me. road to nowhere. Choices, humanity. which way, you?

Trust God thru the humble instrument bringing this 'Good News' to the world or continue with the fear based leadership humanity, for the most part, has settled with. God is about tearing down walls of division, not building them. Think if all that money spent on walls were to go to educating our youngsters, taking care of our oldsters, esp including our sadly neglected veterans. And then there's a opportunity to releave the burdens of the much beleaguered middle class. Put it all under God's Love umbrella, and no one need worry. It would put criminals out of business, solve everyone's money woes and worries, boost everyone to the rank of 'infinityaires' and bring us all to par the way we are thought of by God. We can do this, dear ones, It is written.

So, Mother Mary and Mom, as One, direct our heart to go to this 'over the threshold' page where every day is 'Mother's Day' and the music tells the story, and, again, it's all prepared. The castles, so to speak have been built and all we have to do is re - visit them, as spirit leads us.

So, if led, below is a place to go, experience, get nourished (hopefully) and celebrate. Paul, according to this Akashic reading with Leslee Jo Klinsky and The Akashic gatekeepers you've been around only 14 Billion years...


Is that enough time, Mr old soul, Paul, for You, of all peeps, to be given the responsibility of this Grand Plan of God to find a way to bring His-Her Children home to Him in the infinite higher realms of divine mind? God knows, my dear friend, all we knows is we are sitting here, watching our fingers peck out these words on the miracle device called a computer, on this co - created w spirit site and we have awesome wind in our sails to do this work we know we volunteered to do, as 'Bird song' plays in the background. )

So, here's the place waiting for Ya's to carry on over to, if led. Or you have your other options like watch a sitcom, a horror move, game show, candidates debate, go for a walk, a run, a sleigh ride... the options are endless, aren't they? Indeed. Choices, dear ones, we God created immortal spiritual beings of infinite love and light have our God given free will.

www.tinyurl.com/MayisMarymonthII777 as Uncle John's Band plays on the flip side of that cassette. ) And now 'Eyes of the world.' and finally...'Deal.' We say 'Yes' to this deal. )

Yahoo images.

Now. October, 2015

Thank you's for visiting here and if led, just copy and paste this and send it out there. The world needs this good news.

Use url: http://tinyurl.com/LoveNowPressRelease or 1/2/18 the newer 'disclosure PR 777 link above. Ty.

A good subject line would be be something like this:

" You are invited to God's Earth party victory celebration. Just bring your smile and open heart. )


By Paul F Brown

Contact Info: 353 Sea St. Apt 38

Quincy, Ma 02169




617-786-7647 10 a.m.- 5 pm. Mon - Fri. Ty )

No interview request will be turned down. ; )

Release Date: IMMEDIATE




Cosmic Trigger Day on the 'Plant it.'

If you would like to benefit 'The Resistance' by making a kind donation

it would be most welcome esp at this time, my dear friends, and you would

be richly rewarded, in spades. The donate button and lots of good stuff is at

this page...And we Thank You Very Much. )


Yahoo images.



God's Earth Party now 'forever' site in other words, guys we, all of us, as per team oneness have the restaurant

http://EarthPartyForever.com to go to anytime, it's Free open 24/7 365 days in our calendar year. Ok, so if you're

reading this then obviously you're here. Have you looked around? Have you checked out and been nourished by

any of the items on the menu? Are there enough items on the menu? Do you have a favourite page, like an artist

page or one of the blogs or one of the music pages?

Well, we hope you enjoyed your meal and got good nourishment from it. We always welcome you back with open arms

as per Janis over at the Gazers page. tinyurl.com/Gazers777


This Press Release is in accord with our brand new, just created, dossier page which should be considered part of this PR

and some of the same material is on both sites as spirit is in charge and knows best. Here's link to the dossier page...


Picture taken by a Metro Courier Network client.

Paul, picking up and making deliveries in Downtown Boston, Ma

We now return you to the original thread

Celebrating Heaven on Earth, Now & forever. IJN

Quincy, Ma- Heaven's Jubilee; earthpartynow.com when the world seems crazy, chaotic, destructive, you can choose to create your own world of peace and love. You do not have to immerse yourself in the illusion of craziness. You can create your own heaven on earth by being kind, surrounding yourself with good people, animals and your favorite music.and by nurturing the earth - among other things that feed your soul.

God is so good. He knows where a person will be happy, where they can love and be loved, where heaven on earth is. Indeed, it starts in the heart of each and every one of us, His beloved children. His love for us infinite beings of light & love is so far beyond what our earthly minds can grasp that only a song

can come close. There will be a song below.

Please accept this for now Humanity ~ the Sons and Daughters of The Creator,

From someone who wants you to have it all ~ representing the ending of an age and new beginnings wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.

Beloveds, anything other than love does not matter. Say that to yourself as many times as necessary until it sinks in. These gifts reflect and symbolize what humanity as a whole has earned with His 'reward' plan. After all, we are the one's who answered the clarion call for volunteers to come to this dense physical plane and do what had to be done to rise Mother Earth up out of the maya she allowed herself to be mired in to help us.

So, here we have gold w red flower garnets, the Nebula stone aka as the Heaven on Earth stone, and a perfect pink crystal of love divine.

Pretty, pretty good dear ones. En-joy it, you deserve it.

P pic

Oh, and did we mention, 2 tickets to paradise for participating Spirits?

"God we ARE worthy." Edited 1/2/18 )

Remember the message you woke up with today grasshopper, ~ "Darkness always pushes the light forward."

Indeed, Events staged by the dark forces of imbalance can only make the light shine more as we gather in human

compassion and stand up to the dark ones while extending a hand to help them to find the light that is in them.

God knows, us people ~ spirits in the material world, have been and are pushed into the light of boundless light, love

and compassion. We have made it brothers & sisters; ~ celebrate - responsibly. )

The countless beings in their ships in orbit around Terra ~ Earth can't wait to welcome us to the 5th and higher dimensions as they've been cheering us on all along. All the rugged volunteers on Earth at this time are in for a ride none will ever forget through all eternity, which is our God given life span.

And so we say "Have a nice forever."

Our particular celebration meeting place is beginning and always open at:


And take a tour of His 'situation room' anytime here:

Secrets of a 'situation room.' Now the 'love room.'

Thank You God Who conceived, produced, directed & acted in this Far Flung Production. Ltd.


Update, we no longer answer to "grasshopper" It's Eagle if not dove or better yet, human being. )


12/15/15 Update

Greetings Beloved Masters at this turning point in time and space as we know it. Heaven has heard and answered

our collective prayers and sent us a most powerful angel to assist us in our ascension to wherever He wants us to go.

Welcome, please, an Ultimate Spiritual Warrior ~ Dr Peebles.

Dr Peebles, We are truly humbled and blessed by your presence at this, His, humble but dynamic starsite. Thank You Dear Brother for being here.

The pleasure is all mine Dear Paul and Company of Creation, I am truly honored & blessed to be asked to fill this wondrous, awesome position.

p: Let me share this new post the good Dr shared in another place and is re-shared here:

"Be a demonstration of God's peace. Be a demonstration of God's love upon the earth.

Be thankful that He trusts you to be the steward of such precious gifts."




We declared turning over a tape in our BB that the next song is dedicated to Dr Peebles. It was Eric Clapton singing 'Let It Rain.'

We went to share it here and saw this. We hope all spirits on either side of His veil will embrace this & take to heart. Thank you. )

Jesus Culture ~ Rooftops (Replaces original video which disappeared.)

Thank you Jesus Culture for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus Culture & Audience ~ All of us who Love Jesus. Is anyone left out? Nope. )

We are beyond happy & so grateful to God and Dr Peebles for coming to aid us all in bringing God's infinite, divine perfect love and light to the masses

if they be led to this party. Indeed the gates are truly open and our gatekeeper Dr Peebles welcomes all with a smile and a GOD BLESS YOU!!! that you

can feel. It's also Heaven's party and make no mistake, as if you could, the company of heaven is 'dancing in the streets,' so to speak. )

The operative emotion in Heaven is J o y. Right, Dr Peebles? YES, Indeed, my Dear Brother... GOD BLESS YOU paul and that awesome amazing, smiling

and, as you term-"rocking" mob following you; not in your footsteps, because each must follow their own path but to know each soul is on the winning end

eventually because there are no jails in heaven and there are no prisoners or losing ends in rock & roll. Rock, indeed, leaves no one behind.

So, yes, indeed friends here we are. doing and creating and manifesting, moment by moment, making it up and real as we journey on - like the music of The Grateful Dead. We are one team in divine love that can not and will not be denied. What an incalculable advantage in confidence this gives one and, of course, we choose our team pre-birth. So, with all this being said, Dr Peebles, please announce the name of this team.

Dr Peebles here my dear friends and an honor & privilege to welcome all here gathered to "Jesus Gateway to Infinity* Team." AKA "Team Oneness."

-- For we are All One.

*Infinity being another term for God.

And so we carry on with a smile on our faces, a bounce in our steps, and most of all ~ a song in our hearts.

Now you know we got a song, beloveds, right? Indeed but it must be a perfect song so let p go get it and be right back. Dr Peebles come with, ok?

Ok, be right back guys & gals. )

Just a thought before we go, isn't this f u n, folks? Indeed, with God & Company we can have this kind of fun f o r e v e r. ) )

We're back, we got the perfect song esp w Dr Peebles with his Civil War experience. The cover of this album and the song w perfect lyrics clocking in at 2:22.

Can you say perfect? We can say it but we always remain humble. Humbleness saves the ego. Ego, over a certain minimum level, sucks, humbleness is divine, indeed. )

Thank you Aenima for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young & Company.

This concludes this Press Release. Hope you enjoyed it and, if led, will share it.

Peace, love harmony, compassion, mercy, inspiration, gratitude & amazing music forever.

In Jesus Name.

And So It Is.

Thank You God. )

Namaste all.

P, Dr P & company of Heaven on & off Earth.

Rec. fin: 12/15/15

10:44 p.m.

Addendum: 1/7/19

Page url: tinyurl.com/HisPressRelease777


Insert. Now...


Hello, guys, Paul here. Obviously the above statement has been overridden, however we leave it as a historical record.

You'll notice we don't use the lower case p anymore as we have risen to a larger self and the small p doesn't cut it anymore, with God and us.

Instead of Amen, which has served us well and translates to 'So Be It.' We now and forever will use 'And So It Is' as our new Amen and it translates

to 'And So It Is.' ) In other words, it conveys an action that has already taken place. And So It Is.

The updated Url for this PR page now and going forward forever is:


While here we will share that this Press Release is now 3 fold. This noontime when we woke up, after another 'all nighter.'

we simply asked God like 'what next, God? Immediately we thought of the mission statement page, and of course, it clicked

right in. Good things come in three's and since that page is already about Heaven on Earth, it's a no brainer. We invite everyone

reading this to take in all 3 of God's Heaven on Earth power presentations and after thorough review, come up with a verdict. Are we fa real?

Or are we just 'whistling dixie for all these tears* years.

*we meant 'years.' that word came out. God, do we leave that like so or do we fix it? God says: 'It's already fixed as is, there are no mistakes and

corrections are our prerogative.' Thank you Paul for asking. ) Yes FatherMother God Creator ALL THAT IS. It stays, esp in light of our 'vision' sharing - below.

So, beloved teammates, let's review; we have this 'Disclosure' Press Release of Us basically - You and me, together, as one in Team Oneness with Jesus as our Beloved Saviour and leader w a president we all love - Mr Glenn Frey. His term is forever.

The second part of this disclosure page is, as at the picture of Paul, above is...


And BTW, that does work as a nice intro to this PR page. And the 3rd part of this PR Disclosure presentation is this site's Mission Statement.

We highly recommend everyone check out the 'Treatise on Rock & Roll' sharing there w addendums made today, just before we came over here.


Yahoo images.

Heaven on Earth



Yahoo images.


Indeed, the bluebird of happiness helps us share...)

That on September 1, 2016 the site: http://EarthPartyNow.com will, W it's completeness & perfection, as per The Infinite I AM THAT I AM's

direction & blessing will Officially 'Launch' as the 'Taj Mahal' site that it has become. Did someone say 'Rome wasn't built in a day.' or check this one Ashtar & fellow lovers of human expression. How 'bout this one, the scribe just made up... " I don't know where, exactly, I'm going but Trust in God and my feet, that I'm lucky to have, the journey, which is all we'll ever have, is love. Indeed. )"

Ok, so the moment to share this God created, produced, directed & yes, acted in video is here for the sharing. It won't be on YT bc of the sad 'copyright' ridiculousness.

Hope enjoy & the 'attached' following songs. We love ya's, yeah, you, walking around w that God created <3 in you. You can't fool us, guys... we know where you've been. After all, we came from the same place, right Mom/Dad? Yep, love. Indeed. ~ of the infinite variety. - See ya's 'Everyperson.' Keep )'g & be happy. ) Oh, and did we mention, why not make it an 'adventure' & have 'Fun.'

God left 'the best' for last. So, who wants to have 'Fun' forever? Yeah, we know You do, Mr Garcia, oh & we see that The Grateful Living, not to mention

The Grateful Dead crew of 'Beloved Masters' behind you, man. You know what, Bro? Next to Jesus, you didn't leave any human 'fish' for the rest of us. lol

That's ok, our dear brother, we'd rather go 'whale watching' instead, like it says on TV here... )


Alright, here we go... on this 'moment-ous' little sharing. Hope ya's en-joy

the song we hear every day, w a little help from Mom <3 )

Rick Wakeman & Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) - Morning Has Broken

Thank you WAHWAH KLC for sharing on YT.

Thank You Yusuf and Rick Wakeman & Company

And Now, Who's Next?

Oh, look guys... It's The Who. Go figure God's infinite perfect plan we are swimming in. )

Thank you BBVCTom for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Who.

Rec & fin for now


2:33 p.m.



Hey Mom, we're not gonna get fooled are we? )

A God conceived, produced, directed and acted Far Flung Production. Ltd.



Greetings fellow Sons & Daughters of The One.

So, where to from here? Well, on this site we would kindly point ya's to the point of this site, and that is...

nothing less than Heaven on Earth. So, here you go, and if you're wondering or worrying about your friends or family,

don't worry; no one is left behind. We have the professionals on the case from whom no one can hide. We have your name.

God gave it to you. That's good enough. Your name is your passport, right Jesus? Indeed, Paul, The Name. .And So It Is..

So, team, find yourselves here and 'Have a nice forever.' )


P pic.

Hull, Ma July 2017

Rec & fin for the record...


2:33 a.m.



Take a tour of the love ~ swoop room July 22, 2017

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on Yt.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production Ltd.

Welcome to infinite dimensions team oneness ) July 22, 2017

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung Production Ltd.

Greetings Immortal Spiritual Beings of Light & Love... July 24, 2017

Thank you Paul F Brown for sharing on YT.

Thank You God for this Far Flung (Directors Cut.) Production Ltd.



And then... The song, for all of us forever young old souls. Thank You God -

for where would we be w/o the songs, esp the ones that bring a nostalgic )

THE YOUNGBLOODS Let´s get together 1967 Chet Powers´s song

Thank you Mike Nelson for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Youngbloods.

Alright, fellow sons & daughters of the One God of and For All Gods, may we take the material on this page

and the material on the other <3 and soul made pages and just maybe assimilate it into what God has intended

it all to be thru the instrument pecking at the miracle computer (technology that is heaven sent) keyboard and going

out to the world from the cosmic love room. This is all coming together as Paul saw in his most clear vision of @ 1979

the trillions of spirits (to put a small number on it.) swooping

So Guys, Can we I AM THAT I AM's cop to spirit in all of us and live in peace, love, harmony and understanding, as O N E?

We Must if we are to survive, there are no other options, my dear friends.

Here, please read this Mark ~ Age I AM Nation Proclamation...


Insert: For full disclosure...

Paul F Brown <paulfb777@gmail.com>

7:47 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Mark-Age

Greetings Mark-Age,

First, Thank You for the awesome work you've done over the decades to lift humanity

I am an old alumnus from the days when you were in Miami and Joel and Astrid were doing meetings. Astrid once pulled me aside after a meeting and, looking me straight in the eyes, told me 5 words. "You are on a mission." I have this in a document that we are sharing with the world. (speaking as the multi-dimensional being that we are.)

This is in the starsite that we are honoured and privileged to steward for God... www.EarthPartyforever.com and that document is at our newly created dossier page... www.tinyurl.com/Ourdossier777 We are getting the good word out, against all odds, about God's perfect, infinitely perfect, because God Is, divine plan for the ascension of humanity and the Grand Homecoming of the lightworkers w the masses in tow. ) Jesus will not allow any 'lost sheep' so to speak. He's too good at His job. )

So, 'It's all over now baby blue' as the song says (Nod to Bob Dylan) and we do it with song as you'll see at the site. The music does the talking and we ride it to where it takes us. Works magnetically and perfectly as the vibrations it creates evoke what can only be described as a 'heavenly gate' or live 'portal' to Heaven, not to mention 'Heaven on Earth.'

Ok, so here we are. We sincerely appreciate any help and assistance your ~ our organization can provide in getting the word out - globally. 'The times they are a changin' for sure. (Another nod to Bob Dylan. )

In closing, Thank you again Mark - Age, we salute you and all the spirits that have helped bring about the manifestation of The One God's Perfect plan.

Our contact details are included in the just updated Press Release page, here.



Paul F Brown

p.s. We are completely transparent and therefore we are letting you know that this letter cries out to be an 'Open Letter' for the ease and consumption of the information it contains, and we certainly give permission and encourage you to do the same.

Peace, love, joy, harmony, wisdom, acceptance, and Gratitude to all who read this dispatch from the All That Is who 'cleared' it. (For the record, we are not a channel, we are a 'clear' )

p.p.s. What's that Elvis? "Thank You Very Much" Yes, Indeed.

From the King of Rock & Roll rep All of us, to which we can only add...

And So It Is. )

p.p.s. We have just rec'd the green light to insert this sharing on the Press Release page as 'Thy Will Is Done' so expect to see it there under the Mark - Age Proclamation.

God Bless Everyone IJN with an XTRA "GOD BLESS!!!" BOOST from The GRAND SPIRIT Dr. Peebles " YAY ~ THANK YOU Dr Peebles!!!"

Let's see... song to share this awesomeness Go and see what it is on the site.

God will pick it and no, Paul, at this precise moment does not know.) We'll all find out very soon, like in moments.

So we'll mark the moment of this transmission, It is...



7:47 p.m.

The song, guys, can only be this, the greatest song and recording in the history of Rock & Roll. 'Kashmir' Led Zeppelin Take it away Bro's...

Here's an awesome live version which we have never seen before this moment. Note: Copyright crap Has to Stop. Songs are God's, even most artists will tell you they came to them out of the blue or nowhere, or out of a dream. God gives freely and so should we, esp now that we know the truth. i.e. GOD IS. < Period.

Be it known to friend and friend alike that The Rock World's 'disclosure' is in a song. This Is the song, dear ones. Kashmir. A song like no other

conceived, produced, directed and performed by God thru the God's the One God chose bc He Knew They could do the best job with it, as in all things.

And So It Is.

Led Zeppelin Kashmir 5 24 1975

Thank you Jose Carlos Botto Cayo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Led Zeppelin



Alright, guys, we must share this further communication w ya's. We're all one, on the same team, and everyone will always be in the loop

Philip J. Jacobs

Jul 29 (2 days ago)

to me

Dear Paul,

Thank you for the linkup and latest sharing about your work and your mission outreach. You go back a long way in your history with Mark-Age, as do Robert and I, when Joel and Astrid were still on staff. Seems like "ancient history," doesn't it? And yet just a blink in God's eye!

Blessings for the work,


Philip J. Jacobs (iamnation@aol.com)

Dear Philip,

Indeed, not even a blink in God's eye! Thank you for the blessings. )

Even though it seems like we're in a vacuum we press on and esp marking the date 8/1/17 The 'Official Kickoff' of the going forward merger of heaven and earth thought as one.

The fact that it's the birthday of one of our primary guides, along w Jesus, Mom & Dr Peebles + The Angels and so on, Mr Jerry Garcia, just makes it that much sweeter. Here's url: tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777

So, we invite you and the whole Mark - Age and Global Community of One, Spirits - to visit this HisHer Spirit's site now, 8/1/17 (mark that date, folks it's a good one to remember.) and any moment thereafter. Check out the 3 pages that make up the 'disclosure' Press Release. tinyurl.com/HisDisclosurePR777

We don't know exactly how everything will go down however we do know it will be 'far flung' as we all are that from HimHer.

And So It Is.



p.s. In continuing w our total transparency, (yeah, like we're invisible. ) we will add this communication under

the initial 'open letter' where, we trust it will be most beneficial.

Thank You Philip, Mark - Age, The World & the Omni-verse Very Much. )



(Insert to open letter.)

Philip J. Jacobs

5:15 PM (6 hours ago)

to me

Thank you again, Paul, for the linking of lights. We enfold you with the Christ matrix of peace, love, cooperation

and coordination. May God bless you in your soul mission for the divine plan.

Love in action,


Thank You Phillip, we have added this beautiful message to the

tinyurl.com/HisDisclosurePR777 page

Abundant blessings, And Love In Action...


p.p.s. This calls for a song, but no rush. ) Oh we have now the song, guys, picked out of our vast cassette collection by Dakarra. Arriving here soon. )

Alive on arrival, here we go. we heard the end of 'Simple Twist of Fate' and this started. May this GD awesomeness help to 'Wake Us up...' )

Grateful Dead Eyes of the World Live @ Englishtown, NJ 1977 Best Version

Thank you GottMike1832 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead

And thank you Dakarra for selecting this masterpiece, on behalf of the firm. ) <3

---End of 7/31/17 Insert

Alright, there's absolutely nothing to argue with here or debate, Why don't we all surrender to the Very best scenario for All of us moving forward and that is God's Will. He created Heaven and Earth and ALL THAT IS and HESHE is One and we, the pride and joy of God's creations, are invited to HisHer banquet. Come as we are, God says. He will fix us up, take care of our every need. We don't need the legal tender. Love is our currency in the new Now age, dear ones. All we gotta do is accept. Do You accept, humanity? The offer is on the table, along w your receipt for the 11 million of termed money. Not the be all and end all of anything.

And, it is written, there will be a time coming soon when the thought of what we had to go thru with that concept will be a distant, not fond, memory. Thank God.

Alright, folks. This is a wrap at least for now. Take care, Love ya's and oh, if you'd like to tip the waiter on your way out, while we still are in that mode, it would be most sincerely appreciated. There is a cobwebbed Paypal Donate button here: Note: Insert: As of Now 3/2/21 You could be the 2nd person to ever make a bread & egg money donation to thiis site. Don't give it a 2nd thought, we were never in it for the money, God knows that. )


Thank you very much. )

Rec & fin.


5:44 p.m.

Leave without a song ~ unthinkable. From the infinite love mind of God thru these grateful fingers and on

to the screen leaps this perfect Stella Blue with awesome images. The scene of the shore and the stars at

the end are a particularly nice touch. Reminds us of The Infinite Frontier. Thank You again, Jerry. )

Stella Blue, 5/13/77 ☮ Grateful Dead - HD/HQ

Thank you chasefukuoka61 for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Grateful Dead.



This just in guys, there's yet another new page that just rung down and it's a doozie if we do say so.

It's name is... Heaven & Earth ~ The merger 777 It launches officially on August 1st, 2017, Jerry's Birthday.

We'll be lighting candles that day for sure as Jerry is certainly doing His part to get this EPF site ready for its candles;

I mean this 'cake' of a site, guys, is more than ready for its closeup and the industrial strength angels that have done their jobs

keeping it under wraps until it was really ready for its time - the disclosure phase, have been dismissed. The levee breaks on 8/1/17.

And So It Is.

Here''s a link... tinyurl.com/Heaven-Earthmerger777

Yahoo images

See Ya's there...

So, at this juncture, dear friends, we do recommend moseying over to the Heaven ~ Earth merger page above

And see where that leads...

Here's to new beginnings in song...

Allman Brothers Band - Beginnings (1973)

Thank you the sharers of this awesome album on YT.

Thank You The Allman Brothers Band and Your Fans ~ Everyone. )

Namaste. )