His/Our 777 Infinite Love jubilee Press Release sharing to live forever for, Indeed. IJN. TYG ~ TYJ )

 pics from Google images.                                                                                                                                We got this                                                                           TY artist Akiane Kramarii

All that He said and Now...

We do always let the music do the talking if at all possible, so He says, here you go...

Thank you sgtpepper2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Mr Jeff Lynne & Electric Light Orchestra.

Announcing: God's starsite http://EarthPartyNow.com   endorses The Ruby Rogers Center and their crowdfunding efforts. bc of this...

Thank You to all who contributed to this 'Call For Action.'

We have started an education page.  We do recommend entering thru the tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-7777 portal  

to continue to the RRC page go here:  tinyurl.com/RubyRogersCenter777
And to make a contribution to this 'so' worthy cause here's a link: 
tinyurl.com/SaveRubyRogersCenter  See Ya's in paradise, oh  - we're already here.  )

Thank You All.
Namaste.  P  )

Now.   October, 2015

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 " You are invited to God's Earth party victory celebration.  Just bring your smile and open heart.  )

By Paul F Brown

Contact Info:          353 Sea St. Apt 38
                                 Quincy, Ma 02169

Release Date:  IMMEDIATE

  God's Earth Party now site 

Celebrating Heaven on Earth, Now & forever. IJN

Quincy, Ma- Heaven's Jubilee; earthpartynow.com when the world seems crazy, chaotic, destructive, you can choose to create your own world of peace and love. You do not have to immerse yourself in the illusion of craziness. You can create your own heaven on earth by being kind, surrounding yourself with good people, animals and your favorite music.and by nurturing the earth - among other things that feed  your soul.

God is so good. He knows where a person will be happy, where they can love and be loved, where heaven on earth is. Indeed, it starts in the heart of each and every one of us, His beloved children.  His love for us infinite beings of light & love is so far beyond what our earthly minds can grasp that only a song 
can come close.  There  will be a song below.

Please accept this for now Humanity ~ the Sons and Daughters of The Creator,

From someone who wants you to have it all ~ representing the ending of an age and new beginnings wherever you are and whatever your circumstances.

Beloveds, anything other than love does not matter. Say that to yourself as many times as necessary until it sinks in. These gifts reflect and symbolize what humanity as a whole has earned with His 'reward' plan.   After all, we are the one's who answered the clarion call for volunteers to come to this dense physical  plane and do what had to be done to rise Mother Earth up out of the maia she allowed herself to be mired in to help us. 
So, here we have gold w red flower garnets, the Nebula stone aka as the Heaven on Earth stone, and a perfect pink crystal of love divine.
Pretty, pretty good dear ones.  En-joy it, you deserve it.

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P pic

Oh, and did we mention, 2 tickets to paradise for participating Spirits?

"God we are not worthy."

Remember the message you woke up with today grasshopper, ~ "Darkness always pushes the light forward."
Indeed, Events staged by the dark forces of imbalance can only make the light shine more as we gather in human
compassion and stand up to the dark ones while  extending a hand to help them to find the light that is in them.

God knows, us people ~ spirits in the material world, have been and are pushed into the light of boundless light, love 
and compassion. We have made it brothers & sisters; ~ celebrate - responsibly.   )

The countless beings in their ships in orbit around Terra ~ Earth can't wait to welcome us to the 5th and higher dimensions as they've been cheering us on all along. All the rugged volunteers on Earth at this time are in for a ride none will ever forget through all eternity, which is our God given life span.
And so we  say "Have a nice forever."

Our particular celebration meeting place is beginning and always open at: 
And take a tour of His 'situation room' anytime here:

Update, we no longer answer to "grasshopper"  It's Eagle if not dove or better yet, human being.  )

12/15/15  Update

Greetings Beloved Masters at this turning point in time and space as we know it.  Heaven has heard and answered
our collective prayers and sent us a most powerful  angel  to assist us in our ascension to wherever He wants us to go.

Welcome, please,  an  ultimate spiritual warrior ~ Dr Peebles.

Dr Peebles, We are truly humbled and blessed by your presence at this, His, humble but dynamic starsite.  Thank You Dear Brother for being here.

The pleasure is all mine Dear paul and Company of Creation, I am truly honored & blessed to be asked to fill this wondrous, awesome position.

p:  Let me share this new post the good Dr shared in another place and is re-shared here:

"Be a demonstration of God's peace. Be a demonstration of God's love upon the earth. 

 Be thankful that He trusts you to be the steward of such precious gifts."

We declared turning over a tape in our  BB that the next song is dedicated to Dr Peebles.  It was Eric Clapton singing 'Let It Rain.'
We went to share it here and saw this.  We hope all spirits on either side of His veil will embrace this & take to heart.  Thank you.   )

Thank you Junior Azeredo for sharing on YT.

Thank You Jesus Culture & Audience  ~  All of  us who Love Jesus.  Is anyone left out?  Nope.   )

We are  beyond happy & so  grateful to God and Dr Peebles for coming to aid us all in bringing God's infinite, divine perfect love and light to the masses
if they be led to this party.  Indeed the gates are truly open and our gatekeeper Dr Peebles welcomes all  with a smile and a GOD BLESS YOU!!!  that you 
can feel.  It's also Heaven's party and make no mistake, as if you could, the company of heaven is 'dancing in the streets,'  so to speak.  )
The operative emotion in Heaven is J o y.  Right, Dr Peebles?  YES, Indeed, my Dear Brother... GOD BLESS YOU paul and that awesome amazing, smiling 
and, as you term-"rocking" mob following you;  not in your footsteps, because each must follow their own path but to know each soul is on the winning end
eventually because there are no jails in heaven and there are no prisoners or losing ends in rock & roll.  Rock, indeed, leaves no one behind.

So, yes, indeed friends here we are. doing and creating and  manifesting, moment by moment, making it up and real as we journey on - like the music of  The Grateful Dead.  We are one team in divine love that can not and will not be denied.  What an incalculable advantage in confidence this gives one and, of course, we choose our team pre-birth.  So,  with all this being said, Dr Peebles, please announce the name of this team. 

Dr Peebles here my dear friends and an honor & privilege to welcome all here gathered to  "Jesus Gateway to Infinity Team."  
Infinity being another term for God.

And so we carry on with a smile on our faces,  a bounce in our steps, and most of all ~  a song in our hearts.
Now you know we got a song, beloveds, right?  Indeed but it must be a perfect song so let p go get it and be right back.  Dr Peebles come with, ok?
Ok, be right back guys & gals.  )
Just a thought  before  we go,  isn't this f u n, folks?  Indeed, with God & Company we can have this kind of fun f o r e v e r.   )  )

We're back, we got the perfect song esp w Dr Peebles  with his Civil War experience.  The cover of this album and the song w perfect lyrics clocking in at 2:22.
Can you say perfect?  We can say it but we always remain humble.  Humbleness saves the ego.  Ego, over a certain minimum level, sucks, humbleness is divine, indeed.  )

Thank you djclay33 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young & Company.

 This concludes  this Press  Release.  Hope  you enjoyed it and, if led, will share it.

Peace, love  harmony, compassion, mercy, inspiration, gratitude & amazing music forever.
In Jesus Name.
Thanks God.  )
Namaste  all.
p, Dr P & company of Heaven on & off Earth. 

Rec.  fin:  12/15/15
                10:44 p.m.

Yahoo images.

Indeed, the bluebird of happiness helps us share...)

That on September 1, 2016 the site:  http://EarthPartyNow.com  will, W  it's completeness & perfection, as per The Infinite I AM THAT I AM's
direction & blessing will Officially 'Launch' as the 'Taj Mahal' site that it has become.  Did someone say 'Rome wasn't built in a day.' or check this one Ashtar & fellow lovers of human expression.  How 'bout  this one, the scribe just made up... " I don't know where, exactly, I'm going but Trust in God  and my feet, that I'm lucky to have, the journey, which is all we'll ever have, is love. Indeed.  )"  

Ok, so the moment to share this God created, produced, directed & yes, acted in video is here for the sharing.  It won't be on YT bc of the sad 'copyright' ridiculousness.
Hope enjoy & the 'attached' following songs.  We love ya's, yeah, you, walking around w that God created <3 in you.  You can't fool  us, guys... we know where you've been.  After all, we  came from the same place, right Mom/Dad?  Yep, love. Indeed. ~ of the infinite variety. -  See ya's 'Everyperson.'  Keep  )'g & be happy. )  Oh,  and did we mention,  why not make it an 'adventure' &  have 'Fun.'  

God left 'the best'  for last.  So, who wants to have 'Fun' forever?  Yeah, we know You do,  Mr Garcia, oh & we  see that The Grateful Living, not to mention
The Grateful Dead crew of 'Beloved Masters' behind you, man.  You know what, Bro?  Next to Jesus, you didn't leave any human 'fish' for the rest of us.  lol

That's ok, our dear brother, we'd rather go 'whale watching' instead, like it says on TV here... )

Alright, here we go... on this 'moment-ous' little sharing.  Hope ya's en-joy.   )

And here's the  song we hear every day, w a little help from Mom <3  )

Thank you geofront88 for sharing on YT.

Thank You Beloved Master Cat Stevens / Yusuf & Crew of Beloved Masters.  Cheers,  )
Ok  Guys, Everyone in alignment  w The (real) Peace Train?  All other trains come on & merge w us, ok?  Awesome )

And Now, Who's Next?
Oh, look guys... It's The Who.  Go figure God's infinite perfect plan we are swimming in.   )

Thank you BBVCTom for sharing on YT.

Thank You The Who.

Rec & fin for now
2:33 p.m.

Paul F Brown,
Oct 16, 2015, 6:54 PM