His ~ Our Earth Party Now ~ Mission Statement 777

Heaven on Earth
 If it's to be, it is up to us.  With Mary Jesus and God's help.and all of us ~ Team Oneness.and our grateful, beauteous, wondrous, glorious loving, sweet & kind Angels,  It is done, now.  Indeed.   )
And So It Is, Now,* Indeed.  YES   )

5:47 p.m.

Oahu Beach Sunrise, Heaven on Earth


Heaven on Earth

Greetings Everyone and Welcome to God's celebratory site of HIS eternal Victory.

A song to address the issues at hand.  Let's all create Heaven on Earth through the bounty of The Creator- Now.

Thank you 

Thank You The Steve Miller Band.

Around here and in the higher realms- we let the music do the talking.
This 'love song' sums up our/His mission on earth.  The one we're familiar with by
Sir Elton John follows Lesley Duncan who wrote the song.  Enjoy...

Thank you mzapa 4 sharing on YT.

Thank you Lesley Duncan.

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Thank You Lesley Duncan.

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Thank you Sir Elton John.

This looks to be a good place to put this entry from our previous ning site - 7th Heaven on Earth which no longer exists. )

A Treatise on Rock & Roll

It was all meant to be. There are no accidents in nature. No accident or random occurence that John Lennon and Paul McCartney bumped into each other and found George Harrison and eventually Ringo Starr, with a tip of the hat to Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe. Thus, The Beatles emerged as the first baby boomer break out rock super group with their seminal hit "I wanna hold your hand."

Oh, the council sessions of the volunteer Gods were something, as the plotting and planning for their roles in the divine invasion, the baby boomer invasion after WW 2. We're all Gods by the way. This is Shirley MacLaine 101.
Well done Shirley! btw.

Those companion God's of the one original God who chose to be musicians with HIS help and support- fine tuned their scripts, created their music, and when the perfect moment was right for them, they were conceived and born into 3rd dimension duality leaving behind the natural properties of the immortal spiritual beings that we all are. Earth is the place prepared for HIS volunteers to prove themselves, and Now, finally, after eons of time, the school is ready for its ascension to the higher realms. The great shift is a done deal, and only Heavenly Father knows when and how it will all manifest. HE is in charge, make no mistake about that, beloveds. as if we could make a mistake, which we can't. 

Wherever an entity i.e. a spirit of God, a being of light & love found itself on earth, that is its right place, according to the laws; especially the laws of vibration, karma, and attraction.

What joy the Creator has enjoyed in watching his far flung flock of fiery spirits make or "bump" their way thru this much asked for, by popular demand, experiment in 3rd dimension physical, what we call "reality." A place for spirits to "prove it so."
We can't just think a thing and have it manifest like on the other side.
Here we have to work, and plan and figure out how to get what we want. Trial and error, hard knocks, and persistence is the name of the game. This place is challenging to say the least.

We have all written our own scripts for better or worse. Some have chosen severe challenges physically and mentally and have/will reap the rewards. We, in physical, really are the franchise for those spirits who stepped aside so that we we could come down here in their stead. For many it has not been fun, in fact, some have bitten off more than they could chew. Many have chosen to end their book on earth prematurely. That happens to be one of the options given to us by an infinitely loving and understanding Father Creator. We have sovereignty to make our bad decisions.

It's tough down here; from our early grade school experiences to our bumps and bruises, bullies, and confronting our fears and trying to feel at home in our own skin. It's tough. That's why only the toughest and bravest spirits were allowed to come down here and be a part of this "grand illusion" schoolhouse.

Rest assured, beloveds, we all have cheering sections of spirits, beyond counting, cheering us on and praying for us on the other side. (Ref: Steve Rother & The Group material)

So, back to the rock & roll. We can call what we have and are experiencing here "rock & roll." and also call it life. Again, no accident that Jimmy Page found Robert Plant. John Paul Jones was right where he should have been, and John Bonham was making enough noise where he was not to be missed. They jelled and the rest is rock and earth history.

"To be a rock and not to roll."
"Stairway to Heaven."
Led Zeppelin

Must have been quite 'the moments'  and such joy for these guys to re-unite (from the other side) and then bring forth the music and freedom their music celebrates and inspires to this day, and on to eternity. Timeless is timeless. Classic is classic. And so it and we all live forever. Now is the time to realize and accept this Fantastic Gift from our Heavenly Father, and Mother, God, Creator, ALL THAT IS!  And So It Is, Now, Indeed.  IJN.

Jimmy, Robert, John Paul and John - Led Zeppelin conquered the world and are still and will always be at the top with their [HIS, we gotta give it up to HIM, guys] timeless, classic music. All plotted and planned pre- birth on the other side. And the same is so for all the groups and solo artists.
Oh, what an explosion it was back in the day with the first wave of the divine invasion in full bloom. The Grateful Dead was being born, The Jefferson Airplane were getting their wings, The Beatles were stretching and flower power ruled. Janis, Jimi and Jim were in their time. And so it went.

If you weren't around then, and you think you missed it, think again. You were in spirit. You had the option to take in anything you wanted. You had a ringside seat, for crying out loud, if you wanted to. )

Ok, this, like so many things at this time, is a wrap. The game is over. The race has been raced, the good guys and gals have won. We are all so smart in our niches. Physicists are dissecting the holographic illusion we live in. Scientists have uncovered the connection between water and music and healing properties of same. Can music save the world? Yes! Musicians can, and are, and have already saved the world!
Well done brothers and sisters, well done!

Thank you again to the fans, priests, minstrels, troubadours, roadies, (now lovers, we don't need roadies anymore.) outlaws and gangsters of rock & roll!
Who does that leave out?

No one.

In closing, thanks for your indulgence with this lengthy tome.
Yes, it's 'celebration & gratitude'  time on the planet, friends.  and  with His help we can create the beauteous, wondrous, glorious & loving moments for peace, love, forgiveness. understanding & harmony, not to mention fun & laughter.  Dear ones, the moments ongoing to establish true 'Heaven on Earth.'  are here ~ Now & forever, Indeed. In Jesus Name.  And So It Is. Welcome to His infinite love jubilee.   )
Namaste.   )

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Google images.

& Happy New Year!*

So, simply awesome how God works.  The above Snowman came to be on this particular page bc we were on the phone & computer working w Teck Support and trying to get the issue of the disappearing images resolved.  (turns out we were connected to a 3rd party and we still have to contact Google directly)
So we're spending a lot of time w this teckie ~ George.  He has us show him how we load pictures to this site, so we do.  We were on this page by complete randomness  so w him able to see our activity - we go to Google images.  Type in 'Christmas' just to show him something.  

There's a snowman right there so we copy that image and come back to this 'Mission Statement' page and paste and there it is.  Perfect, so we hope the snowman sticks around  however like so many other pictures we've uploadedit could disappear at any moment.  
Alright, we now have a snowman here.  George has left the building so to speak.  Now w today being the winter solstice  what better moment to add  a song we shared at the tinyurl.com/HeavensblogVII-4777  page thinking this would be a perfect song to share on solstice day.  So, we will share this on Twitter & FB.

W God having arranged to have it shared here just adds another dimension to it.  So we Thank You Dear God, on behalf of the group w all our deepest love & heartfelt <3  Gratitude.  Indeed.  )

* Let's ring it in w a song, a fantastic instrumental by Ritchie Blackmore - Rainbow - Snowman

************* Snowflakes for all... each one different, like each & every one of us... )

Thank You Mr Ritchie Blackmore ~ Rainbow

Where do we go from here, anyone?   )
Well, may we humbly suggest a  destination already prepared... (renovations in progress)

And all are welcome to Paul's twin flame ~ Dakarra's page.

See ya''s there... )

P pic.

There is no more powerful force  than God's love.  Will you accept His invitation
through Christ to take it for a test drive?  We hope so...Trusting God.  Indeed.  )


A thought coming thru to share...

May the work of our hands match the love in our hearts and may it shine out to the infinite.
May our loving light be a beacon for all to draw strength from and to, in turn, reflect back to Source ~ God, 
ever amplified & shared with every being and thing in God's infinite Creation.
May God's infinite, pure, perfect, divine, loving plan manifest Now thru His legions of light, love, mercy and compassion.
And may we all live as one loving family ~ throughout the omniverse as one.  Thank You God. In Jesus Name
And So It Is Now.  Indeed.  YES.

God, will this song do?   )

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Thank You YES.

Where to now?  Anywhere your <3 desires.  The final ~ beginning  dovetailing page for this site is prepared here.
Check it out if led then go anywhere, preferably out in nature.  That's where all is happening.  )