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Jesus & Loved ones will meet us on the other side.

William Penn

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Greetings One and all to Heaven's Earth Party Eternal NDE page.
Here we will all learn about that frontier and how it's nothing to be 'ascared'  of, ok?  )
Now, a few short weeks  ago we finally clicked on a notice for channeling Erik or something
like that on the You Tube sidebar.  We've seen them before.so, finally, p starts checking it out and doing 
the back archive thing and finding that, wow, what an incredible story  this is here.

You know by now how much p & co like to share 'good stuff' so trust us here folks, this is good stuff, indeed.
Here's a good place to start.  An interview  with Erik's Mom, Dr Elisa Medhus M.D. in an interview  with Leslie Green 
of Pixie Dust radio.  Just scroll down to episode 43.  And be sure to look at Leslie's place here.  All good stuff.  )

More Erik, Mom & company links:

Coming soon  Hiis site will have a Eric page, so y'all come back now, hear?  )


Eric Medhus  ~  The Graduate

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Thank you J Tyberonn for sharing on YT.                      

Thank You  Archangel Metatron and J Tyberonn

Spring 2014

Thanks to Colton, Akiane and all the grown-ups involved in these videos.


Paul saw the movie today.  He laughed, he cried, it is a wonderful movie.
yep, Heaven is for Real.  Indeed!

How Near-Death Experiences Are Changing The World - Part 1 of 2:
Part 2

Neuroscientist Shares His Near Death Experience:

Thank you Sheryl Turgeon for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Eben Alexander & Sheryl Turgeon.

Thank you Renjith R S for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Eben Alexander, lizabeth Vargas & ABC.

Thank you OWN for sharing onYT.

Thank You Dr Eben Alexander & Oprah Winfrey & Company.
At  3:00 He was 'rescued' by music.  part of God.

Thank you OWN for sharing onYT.

Thank You Dr Eben Alexander, Oprah Winfrey & Company.

High Fives Everyone, Indeed.   )

Wow, does anyone else  feel the need for a song here?  How 'bout 7 songs?  Fire it up paul...

Without a song ~ unthinkable.  Thanks Willie & company... Hi 5's to all.  )

Anita Moorjani on The Uvisualeyes Show:

George Noory with Mellen-Thomas Benedict - Near Death Experience - Coast to Coast 

Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences - FULL LENGTH DOCUMENTARY: 

Shared Death Experiences - Coast to Coast AM - Dr. Raymond Moody - 09-25-11:

"MUST SEE" FULL VERSION! Life After Death - AMAZING STORY! ImageTrinity.com: 

Thank you MissionRockIt for sharing on YT.

Thanks to all involved with producing this video.

Seven minutes in hell: Get to know God

A woman went to hell after a suicide  -  Testimony NDE:

Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw.  Mickey Robinson

Searching for another Jim Law this came up.  Why not turn to Christ b4 a death experience, hey, and even
b4 life's ride turns bumpy. We can all learn from other's experiences.  Jesus is The perfect solution to any life problem,
take it from God.
Rec 8/11/13
1:02 pm

Thank you Mr Law.

Consciousness The Day I Died: NDE 
via @sharethis

Thank you Titus Rivas for sharing on YT.

Indeed, Here's to a better world.  Thanks to all who made this awesome video possible.

Thank you to 'ALL THAT IS'  Who makes all  things possible.


Thank you Living For Christ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Don Piper & All who contributed to this video being made possible, esp God.

Thank you Living For Christ for sharing on YT.

Thank You Dr Gary Wood, Sid Roth  & Audience.

Thank you The Cutting Edge 2 for sharing on YT.

Thank You All who contributed to this awesome video.

More to come as Spirit guides.

Ciao for now.

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The long wait is almost over Dear Ones,  All have a Grateful Dead weekend on WZLX.


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Is it the year of the cat, God?  )